Wael Ibrahim – Finding Peace #08 – Honesty is the best policy

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of honesty and truthfulness in Islam, as it is the cornerstone of Islam. They emphasize the need for practice and continuous learning to become truthful and honest. The speaker also mentions the importance of being a truthful person and being a warahmatull he'll be able to overcome his weaknesses.
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honesty and truthfulness are the best policies in this dunya I always say that and I will insist to say that because Allah subhanaw taala said that this is what's going to benefit you on a day of judgment. Allah parent Allah says in the whole end call Allah who had the Yom Yom fall saw the cleaners to the home, lounger net and dejan even Tatia and how are the Allahu wa Holly vena cava rhodiola Juan humara Guan Valley calafell Zoo Alavi Allah Subhana Allah said that this is the day where the truthfulness will be benefited by their truthfulness by their honesty in this Dhoni on that day, they will see the reward that Allah Subhana Allah had prepared for them. lounger net on 30

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min Dottie Hall and Hall gardens. Underneath rivers are flowing Pamela Holly Vina he habit that he will abide there for forever. Now, whether you like rivers or not, Allah subhanaw taala will give you whatever you wish for or whatever you asked for. Holly even if you have the best part, or only Allah one home world one, Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased with them and they too will be pleased with Allah subhanaw taala and what he had prepared for their likkle foes Alavi This is the ultimate success. This is you know, these are the true winners honesty and truthfulness. You have to practice them day in and day out because this is one of the most important traits of Islam one of

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the most important manners that Allah subhanaw taala and his messengers have emphasized the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah khumba sub for in the soup car, yet the LL bear in the bureau. Yeah, the Elgin, the processor and said, I command you to be truthful. You must be truthful. There is no option here. For in the soup part. Yeah, the truthfulness leads to righteousness Allahu Akbar, and righteousness leads to Jana. Look, if you live in this dunya as a righteous person doing that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala you wouldn't worry when you sleep late at night, and then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam continue we're in the Roger Laos book, while at the heart of Sitka Hata

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Yakubu and the law his vehicle and a person keep on telling the truth and strive to tell the truth even if the truth is against his world. He will keep saying the truth he will not deceive anyone, he will not lie, to get rid of his own problems. No, he will strive to tell the truth had yocto behind the law he saw the power until he is written that particular person, the truthful written with a las pantallas truthful spamela loving imagine rising on the Day of Judgment with that label. A truthful Allahu Akbar, congratulations. What else do you want in this dunya is power if you live with that policy, as I mentioned, how peaceful you will become as an individual, with with the people around

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you within your own selves with your own self knowing that you haven't cheated anybody. You haven't deceived anybody. You haven't lied to anyone. And the same narration the prophets Allah warned us from the opposite of being truthful lies. What year Cornwall Canada and be aware of lying to MLK Viva yeah the lol for Jor el Fujiwara yeah de la now beware of lying for lying leads to wickedness you become a skillful liar. Lies becomes the net second nature for you Elia the villa. We're in alpha dariah and the Elan now and wickedness would ultimately lead you to Hellfire rely on the below me Allah protect us all. And the process and also continue and a man keep on telling the truth and

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strive to tell no man keep on telling lies and strive to tell lies until he is written with Allah subhanaw taala as liars if you wish to attain peaceful life in this dunya my brothers and sisters in Islam the best policy is becoming a truthful person becoming an honest and yes it will take time. And Allah subhanaw taala gave us the solution. The Quran Yeah, you're Latina Amano, la Hauer Khun Omar saw the thing if you wish to become a truthful and honest person, surround yourself among likewise truthful and honest people. That's why the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim emphasized on being among righteous company ullmark Allah Dean Holly, a person will be always inclined to follow the

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religion and the way of life of his friends. So if your friends are truthful and honest, you will definitely become one of them may have lost planet Allah grant us success, truthfulness and honesty in this dunya and May Allah subhanaw taala elevators on the day of judgment in Jannah as a result of being honest and truthful in this dunya amin

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Lack of La higher on a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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