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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The importance of performing obligatory baths during exams and exams to prevent bleeding is emphasized. The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding prayer and performing wombs during these experiences. The importance of performing obligatory baths and keeping a shower is also emphasized. The importance of avoiding spraying food and not doing certain exercises is also emphasized. The importance of removing restrictions and rejecting rejection is also emphasized. The programming is about to end soon, but the judge will give his decision on the person.
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200 Allah sallallahu wasallam avacado Julio Mustafa Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi omineca assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons in

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today's chapter deals with menstruation. And we have introduced this chapter last program and talked about some of the issues related to it and inshallah Today we will begin and reading the Hadith Hadith number 118.

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Narrative narrated by insha Allah do lo Ana, that demon in the Abu Habash had a prolonged flow of blood and a loss messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told her, the ministration blood is a dark, recognizable blood. So if they come then avoid fire, and any it is the all the light colored blood they perform will do, meaning ablution and oversaw for ladies blood is for the blood of pain.

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And in the hands of asthma, being obese, for the under reported by a Buddha. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said she should sit in a tub. And when she sees yellow is the color of the surface of the water. He should take a bath once for the zoo, and answer prayer and take another bet for the Maghrib and Isha prayers, and take a bit once for the fudger prayer. And in between these time she should perform volution before performing any acts of worship, which rigorous purification.

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This Hadith deals with menstruation.

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And it deals with it in the sense that lots of the problems caused by menstruation is when a woman has this bleeding.

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And it's mixed with menstruation. If a woman only has menstruation, then she has no problem. The minute she sees the blood, she stops from praying, refrains from praying and the minute that bloods stops, she goes back again. But the problem is with the times that she's not certain whether this is menstruation, or it's just normal. bleeding.

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Fatima bint Abby Habash was one of the female companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, among others, and they say that there were at the time of the Prophet artists or some 10 female companions, who used to have what we call is the hub,

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which is not menstruation,

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but rather

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a short or form of bleeding that makes a person mixed up whether it is or it is not the monthly period. So Fatima came to the Prophet RSR salon and told him about your case. And the Prophet asked her Salah Salem to recognize the bleeding

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because menstruation has certain characteristics to it. The color is black and dark, different than the reddish color of normal bleeding. The smell is not that pleasing

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different to blood and it is usually discharged it comes out accompanied by stomach and back pains while normal bleeding is not. So usually And generally speaking,

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the monthly period is between six to seven days and

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Women are a bit longer than this, others are quite shorter than this. scholars say that there is no limitation for the minimum period, meaning that it can come for just half an hour. And it can come for a day, it could come for six or seven days, there's no minimum period for it. But there is a maximum, they say that it could not exceed 15 days.

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Because it's a monthly period. And if it exceeds 15 days, then it's exceeding most of the time. And it cannot be the case normally, so they say the minimum, there is no minimum, the maximum, they say it's 15 days. And what happens when a woman has this is the harbor. What does she do? If a woman has this bleeding, and she's mixed up, she doesn't know if this is her menstruation, or it is a normal bleeding. scholars say that,

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after looking at all the studies we have, there are three steps

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to be followed. in sequence, one,

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if a woman is used to having her period, in a designated number of days, whether in the beginning in the middle, or in the end of every lunar month, she's she has a fixed

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monthly period, then this is quite easy. For example, if a woman

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since she reached the age of puberty, is used to having the first day of every lunar month, until the sixth day, her monthly period. This is a period of her monthly period. And after she gets married after maybe taking the birth control pills, and with all those things that increase or decrease the hormones and the food we eat and the things that we consume, something happened. And this monthly period or this menstruation was disturbed. And Streep started seeing the blood for about 20 days every month. This is not possible. It cannot be menstruation. So what would she do? scholars say that she will sit by meaning sit, she will not physically sit, she will

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refrain from praying and fasting, her usual monthly period, which starts at the very beginning of every lunar month, and ends on the sixth of that month.

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And the minute the sixth day is over, she should shower and start to pray slow, she is still bleeding. Because this bleeding from sixth day until the 20th of that month, we consider this spirit to be is the harbor. So this is number one, which is that she should refer back to her monthly period that she is used to. Because she knows that for the past six 710 years, it's always been coming on the same time.

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Now if she doesn't have a fixed monthly period, meaning that when she reached the age of puberty, and she started to administrate three, four years, she had would have it at the beginning of the month, in the middle of the month. At the end of the month. It's mixed sometimes she has it for two months. She doesn't have anything. And sometimes it comes 10 days in a row. So now she's faced with 20 days a month bleeding. Of course it cannot be her menstruation as we said that the maximum is 15 show so watch what she do. She doesn't know when to begin and when to end.

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As in the Hadith of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told her that she should look at the signs. He told her that the menstruation blood is a dark, recognizable blood. So if it comes, then avoid prayer and if it is the other light colored blood, then perform a womb. So the Prophet is asking her to distinguish and as I said there are three signs usually accompany menstruation blood, which is the color, the smell and the pains accompanying it. And women have a feeling they know. So if a woman does not know when her period starts, then she should recognize and try to distinguish

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which is which. And the minute she distinguishes this is the beginning, this is the end, then afterwards, she may perform, perform will do for every Salah. And it doesn't matter what comes out because this bleeding is just a vein.

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But what happens? And this is the third step, what happens if the woman does not know when her period starts or ends, and is unable to recognize she's bleeding 20 days, every month. And simply, she cannot tell they all the blood from day one to day 20 is the same looks the same whether it's thick and black throughout the whole period, or it's light throughout the whole period. What does she do scholar say that she must refer to her relatives, she must look at those who are related to her in the sense that she looks at her sisters. She looks at her mother. And she sits or she refrains from praying at the same time they're doing because usually speaking families, you know,

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girls and women in the same family share mostly the same period of day they have the same period. Maybe it's because of the genes maybe because of this or that regardless, they usually have the same periods, but the family the females in the family share the same period in time. So if this woman does not, is not able to recognize which is which, then she should look at her sisters, if she doesn't have a sister, her mother's if her mother's mother's too old, she looks at her aunts or cousins and accordingly, because she cannot recognize or distinguish, she has to stick with them and presume that this is the period that she should refrain from fasting and consider herself to be

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Mr. Waiting and afterwards she can easily perform a solution and pray. Now.

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In the hadith of

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a smart meter maze, the prophet SAW Selim is telling her to have a obligatory bath for every two prayers for an answer, one bath, Magnum in Asia, one bath fudger one bath, scholars say such as Abu hanifa Malik and the Shafi that is not obligatory, and that this Hadith, this order was either obligated or the Hadith is not authentic, but to say what some scholars also say that such as an Imam Ahmed, he says that this is preferable is recommendable Why? Because she is not certain if this is a period or not, so she may perform a total bath for everything two prayers and this is what we call a Gemma sorry, joining on the surface because one delays the her just before as a prayer and

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she performs also totally bath total bath and she prefer performs the her prayer. Exactly just before the exam for us prayer is called and then she prays pastoral prayer as if they were joined together similarly is with Margaret Venetia, and fudger is my itself stands alone. But again, asking a woman to perform obligatory bath three times a day is asking too much, though it's better for her veins, though is better for her bleeding because water helps her bleeding and decreases it nevertheless, we cannot make it as obligatory the scholars say it is preferable. I think we have a short break, we will stop inshallah. Stay tuned and we will be right back.

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comment to that and to give me How can I answer listening to the repeat and after the more than is similarly highly recommended act of worship. So how does he reply to her This is what we'll call it an invalid analogy.

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Because simply there is no comparison between answering four out of five in any exam and skipping a three oboe such as or a pillar such as a prayer.

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No one

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is exempt from crying except women during the menses system. Sara also wants to know if a woman has to cover her feet when she's spraying the food for perhaps, and hanifa or Malik O'Shea. The ghost representatives of the schools are in agreement. It is hot on

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set rahmatullah wa barakato and welcome back.

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The following Hadith was narrated by Hannah bin Josh, who will read this for us.

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It is 119

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narrated by Hamza bin to Josh my prolonged leading flowed

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abundantly and settling. So I came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to ask for his religious opinion he said this is the result of a stroke or stabbed by the devil. Therefore, you must observe your

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men's have for six or seven days you should observe your menses, menses for six or seven days, then take a bath

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and then take a bath when you see that you are purified and quick clean, praise and quite clean. Oh wait I'm sorry. Okay. And quite clean.

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Pray for for 23 or 24 days and fast and praying for that will indeed

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I'm sorry sending my glasses. Okay. Indeed suffice you suffice you and do like this every month, just as the order women

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ministry I'm sorry

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and are purified. But if you are strong enough to delay the repair, and advance the answer prayer, then take a bath and combine the endorse repair. Then delay the melody, prayer and advanced Dasha prayer. Then take a bath and combine the two prayers. do so and take a bath at federal meaning dawn and perform the dawn prayer. Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam said these two opinions, this one at these two options.

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Okay, these two options, this one appeals more to, to my liking. Meaning taking a bath at these three times daily. Okay, does that go ahead? It's difficult reading without glasses. As it's difficult reading with glasses, I have problems and in looking at this to small letters. Nevertheless, we got the information we need it. And this is exactly what we mentioned before. The break is the same thing. Just as a reminder have not been Josh was one of the companions of the Prophet that is awesome. It is said that there are three sisters, old Daughters of Josh Hammond and Josh, Zainab and Josh, another one. And they all had this is the harbor among one of the 10

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companions, female companions that had this and have not been Joshua. She's a well known companion. She was punished for saying something that was not true and lawful.

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of Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her and pleased with her, too, and she was punished for that.

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She is well known her sister is the wife of the Prophet, Zainab bint jahsh.

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And again, I don't think we have to go through the Hadith as it explains, what we have mentioned just before the break. Nevertheless, we say that it is not obligatory for a woman to have a total bath three times a day, if she has this is the hub of this running, bleeding. But the Prophet says are some that this option is preferred to me he wants he likes this a prophet is that though it's not obligatory, so if a woman has the power to have obligatory bath, also, three times a day, this is good because the Prophet preferred this and it's also it's good for her bleeding, it helps stop the bleeding and inshallah it would be considered as a form of

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cure and medication. The following Hadith narrated by omo Habiba been jash so this

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is a third sister. There's Xena mindjack hana mindjet. I'm Habiba min Josh. This Hadith was read by Aisha Excuse me. Hadith 120

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I think it's ready. All right. Narrative eyes are the Allahu and her mo Habiba. Binti just complained to Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the blood, which flows beyond the menstruation period. He said, Keep away from prayer, the length of time that your man sees prevented you then take a bath, and over and over and over prayers and see us to take a bath for every prayer. Okay? Just had it was reported by a Muslim. So it's an authentic hadith. And it tells us that

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um, Habib and jash did not perform three obligatory prayers, three obligatory baths for during the day, she performed, how many, five that shows you how strong she was, because she didn't even want to have any slight doubt that her prayer was not acceptable. And it tells us also that a menstruating woman must not pray. And this is not mentioned in the Quran, right?

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Does it say that demonstrating a woman must not pray in the Quran?

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No, no, it doesn't. And again, this is very important. Nowadays, we have

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Satan doing so many things to divert us from our right path. And one of the oldest trick in his book is to not accept Hadith. So you find a lot of people you know, showing that they are people of knowledge and they're pious and when you tell them that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said so and so said, Well, excuse me. I did not hear this from the Prophet so I will not accept it. only talk to me with the Quran.

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Now on the surface this looks like a good argument because yeah, okay, the Quran is the word of Allah, Hadith we have weak Hadith, strong Hadith viiv. authentic and authentic is a lot of hassle. And this is not the case at all. Because the Holy Quran is a general book, that is explained to us by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, by his actions, by his deeds, and by his words, otherwise, it would have been efficient, sufficient and enough for Allah azza wa jal to reveal the Koran and have everyone has a copy. That's it. There's no need for a messenger or prophet. This is not the case. If you look in the Quran, you will find that there are hundreds, literally hundreds of issues that the

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Quran did not mention to us. And without the sooner you're in trouble. So whether you take it all, or leave it all, whether you take Islam, all of it or an Asana, or don't try to make up a new religion, because in the Quran, it doesn't tell you that you have to pray five prayers in the day and night doesn't tell you when to start and when to end. It doesn't tell you that February is to Raka mother is three and the rest are for rockers. It doesn't tell you what, how to do them, how to prostrate how to bow, it doesn't tell you what to read. And what the recite does it tell you about Zika how what's the percentage to pay on your gold and silver and what's what's the percentage to be

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on currency or on the products that come from the ground, you know, your crops and, and fruits and vegetables. It doesn't tell you what you pay for your cattle for sheep or for cows, camels, how much it doesn't tell you all of these things. There are so many things that it doesn't tell you. And it doesn't tell you that a menstruating woman must not pray. Only the only the sinner tells you so so you cannot separate them. And that is why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam warned us and said, Be aware. I don't want I do not want to hear that. A man sitting you know on his couch, leaning down on it and saying listen, listen. Whatever is in the Quran, we accept whatever is not in the Quran we

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reject. This is unacceptable prophet warned and said Salam Salam I have been given to the Quran and similar to

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ate with it, which is the revelation of

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the Prophet does not talk anything except in accordance to the revelation of sooner. The Quran is different. And Allah tells him to say something, but then the Sunnah, he makes his own judgment. He says what Allah tells him or he thinks is right, if it's wrong immediately Allah will correct him. As we've mentioned this before brothers, do you have a question? Okay, so we find few of people that reject sooner, because they believe that our current is revealed by our current is protect by Allah. So there's no change inside it. But can we say to the people who rejected the sooner cafe or not? Well, this, this is a very important thing. It is not our job to label people. It's now this is the

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top of the hour. If you begin looking around and labeling people, you'll end up in isolation. So this guy rejects his coffee. This guy does not put his right hand on his left hand while praying he's coffered. This is different with with Put your right hand on your left hand. I mean, that in hologram this many firsts that are left on automatic Omarosa

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from Santo

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Domingo. Yeah, all what you say first is completely understand what you're saying. But now, to say that a person is a Kaffir or not, there are conditions that have to be fulfilled. And there are restrictions that have to be removed. And you cannot come to a person prostrating to Buddha. He's a Muslim, but he thinks that this is okay. You cannot go and tell him, you're a Kaffir. This is an islamically acceptable, you have to fulfill the conditions that he has knowledge that he knows that this is not acceptable, that he is willing, and that he has the power to choose. And you have to remove the restrictions, which nobody's forcing him to do. So. He has no doubt or so on. So labeling

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people is completely out of the question. And as soon as possible. jamara say that whoever does this is a Kaffir. But we don't say individuals are cafard. Okay, so that is a different story. Now, if a person I tell you, if a person refuses and rejects Santa, completely, he's a Kaffir. Now I know that dick, or Tom rejects and he claims to be a Muslim he it depends only on the Quran. I do not have the right to go and say, well, one plus one equals two whoever rejection is a cafard he rejection and then he's a Kaffir. No, this is wrong. It's just a long process and you have to go through that. It's a scientific process. It's not for you and I, it's for scholars to bring this man show him what

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wrong he did. And to clarify things to him. If he still insist, and he persist on on doing this, the judge will

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give his verdict on him. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's programming. I promise you inshallah, next time we meet we'll try to elaborate a bit on this issue. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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