Applying the Test of Science to the Quran and the Bible

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There may be many human beings

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who may not be knowing or having a knowledge of the Quran or the Bible. So how can we decipher which of the two is right? Or who has copied from whom

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the best test is a test of science. If we put these two scriptures to the desktop science, we will know the difference of chalk and cheese. When we read superficially, we come to know that the Bible and the Quran are the same. But if we do our research, we analyze it, we come to know the difference of chalk and cheese. When we read the Bible, it's mentioned the first book of the Bible Book of Genesis chapter number one.

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That Almighty God, He created the heavens and the earth in six days. And these six days or 24 hours days,

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mentioned the Bible.

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The Quran to speaks about the creation of the universe, and faith. Almighty God has created the heavens and the earth in six Iams.

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A Yam is proud of Yom one of the meaning of Yom is a 24 day, but the other Arabic meaning of Yom is a long period and epoch. Today, scientists they say that our universe was created in billions of years. So to say it was created in 624 days is wrong.

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But the scientists have got no objection with the Quran. When the Quran says, The heavens and the earth were created in six AIIMS, that is six long periods, without defining them to restate ready for us.

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Furthermore, as mentioned the Bible in the first book of Genesis, chapter number one was the material five, that Almighty God, He created the day and the night, on the first day, and he created the light on the first day.

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It later says in Genesis chapter number one, verse 14 to 19, the source of light, that is, the stars and the sun, they were created on

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the fourth day. Imagine, the effect is created on the first day and the cause of the effect. On the fourth day, the sun was created, and the stars on the fourth day, and the light from the sun and the star was killed on the fourth day, it's illogical. How can they affect come before the source Quran to speaks about the creation of heaven and the earth, but does not give this unscientific sequence. Further, we'll mention the first book of the Bible Book of Genesis, chapter number one was from nine to 13, that the Earth was created on the third day. And Genesis chapter number one was the 14th 19, that the sun and the moon was created on the fourth day.

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We know from science, that the Earth and the Moon are the part of the parent body, that is the sun. So to say

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that the Earth was created before the parent body, the sun is unscientific.

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The Quran two speaks about creation of the heavens, the sun, the moon and the earth, but it says it was killed simultaneously. Imagine, Prophet Muhammad Salah Salam copied from the Bible, and he changed the sequence.

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He says no, both are great together.

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Bible further says in the book of Genesis, chapter number one was from nine to 13, that Almighty God created the vegetables and the vegetations on the third day,

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and Genesis chapter number one, verse 1419, he created the sun on the fourth day, scientifically, it's not possible that the vegetation can survive without sunlight.

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It's totally unscientific.

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Furthermore, the Bible says

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in Genesis, step number one

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verse number 16, that Almighty God created two great lights, the greater light the sun, through the day, and the lesser light the moon

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through the night, the Bible says, the light of the sun, as well as the light of the moon is its own light.

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The Bible says the light of the moon has its own light. But the Quran says in Surah Furqan, chapter number 25, verse number 61, the light of the moon is not its own light, it's the reflected light. So imagine the Prophet copied from the Bible, and he made connections, not the own light into the reflected light.

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It's not humanly possible,

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only one who has this knowledge of Almighty God

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there are several examples we're gonna give a talk only on this.

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And I had a debate with Dr. William Campbell on the topic, the Quran and the Bible in the light of science.

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And there, I've mentioned many unscientific points mentioned the Bible. Time does not permit me to go into details.

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The various unscientific things mentioned the Bible, which is not mentioned the Quran. For example, according the Bible, Adam peace be upon him. He came into existence about 5800 years before.

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Science tells us that human beings came into existence millions of years before the Quran to speak superadmin Salam, but does not give a date.

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The Bible says in Genesis, chapter number six, seven, I will admit about Noah and the flood, and it says that the full world was submerged underwater

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at the time of Noah, that is approximately 21st 22nd century BC. Quran to speaks about Noah salaam,

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but it does not give it a date.

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It even speaks about the flood, but it says it was a localized flood only it flooded the Ummah, the people of New Orleans salaam, not the full world. Today archaeological evidence shows us that the Lemond the dynasty of Egypt, as well as the third dynasty of Babylon, they existed without interruption since 21st 22nd century BC.

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Psychological evident phase that was mentioned in the Bible is totally wrong.

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There are various examples are going to give hundreds time does not permit. So surely, this Quran has not been copied from the Bible need that has been forged.

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As mentioned the Quran in surah says the chaplain with it was number one and two. It says that do they say he forged it? Knee? It is a truth from the Lord, so that he may give admonition to the people to whom no one has come in the past.

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So surely, we can undoubtedly say that neither prophet Muhammad peace be upon the altar of the Quran. Neither did he copy or plagiarize or learned from any other source