Assim Al-Hakeem – Lessons In Fiqh 15

Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The history and importance of reciting the Hadith in Islam is discussed, along with the use of shait autographed or recitation for privacy reasons. The importance of protecting oneself fromactional behavior and setting rules for bathing and praying is emphasized. The use of water for bathing and toilet paper is also discussed, along with the importance of following regulations and rules for bathing. The speaker emphasizes the need for complete bathing and using toilet paper for better cleaning.
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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah

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behavior their brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons. In fact, we're still studying the chapter that deals with the matters of answering the call of nature. And last time, we talked about Hadeeth number 90, and I think, brother nor Reddit, can you read it again, please. smilla rahmanir rahim narrated by Abu huraira May Allah be pleased with him. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, beware of smearing yourself with urine, because it is the main cause of punishment in the grief.

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Very well. We talked about smearing one selves with urine, and we said that one should try his best not to get any drippings,

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rebounding on his coatings or on his body while urinating. And the prophet in this hadith tells us that

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getting these smearing on one's body and clothed the clothings are the main cause of punishment in the grave.

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And this is something that all I'll assume that you will jamara believe Muslims believe that there is punishment in the grave. And that is why or it's not even I found the third Calif. May Allah be pleased with him. Whenever they buried a person he used to stand, watching them bury that dead person and cry.

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And his companions would come to him and say, oh halifa oh, companionable the Prophet alayhi wa sallam we mentioned heavens, we mentioned *, and you do not cry. Yet when you come to the graves, and you stand on a grave, you cry until you're, you wait until your beard is filled with tears. Why, why is that? He said, he tells them he answers them that the grave is the first step for the hereafter. So on it depends your results in the Hereafter, if it's good, if it's a room of Paradise, then hamdulillah you have a clear way. Or as I say, you have a stairway to heaven, you have no problem. But if there are punishment, this means that you will be punished on the Day of Judgment.

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And we are told by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that there are certain things that make a person

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be make him face the punishment of Allah in His graves. Yet he told us to prevent them

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by avoiding them, such as in this case, if one takes care and while urinating stays away,

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keeps his distance keep his clearance for not smearing his body or clouds with urine, then he's in the clear. Also, there is a surah in the Holy Quran. If a person recites it by heart, he knows it by heart, Allah azza wa jal will prevent him from being punished in the graves. Does anyone of you know this Shura?

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Come again. So what Tabarak What's the name of the shore originally Surah Al mulk. Chapter 67 of the Holy Quran. It is comprised of how many verses

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that's a difficult question, isn't it? No, it's not. It's not because the Hadeeth state says if we study the Hadith of the Prophet Allah salaam, salaam, it's easy for us to know. Lots of things. The Prophet says sallallahu wasallam. I know

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A chapter a surah of the Quran

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comprised of 30 I, whoever knows it my heart, Allah will save him from the punishment of the grave, Seurat Alma Baraka, Lady via the Hallmark. So this is about what couple of pages and a half of the Quran if you recite it, you will be saved from being

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punished in the grave. Now, do Muslims recite it by heart? Do Muslims know it by heart? No. Why? Because they don't see what they're supposed to believe in. So it's because we're living in this world, we only believe in the things that we can feel and see. Otherwise, man, I don't know, I couldn't care less. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. And this is the greatest trick of shaitaan. not believing, except when you see or touch. Now, as Muslims, we know, there's a verse in the Quran, where the Prophet says is awesome. Whoever recites it, after the end of every prayer, nothing will prevent him from entering Jannah paradise except death, which means that the minute he dies, he will

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enter Paradise. What is this verse nor?

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think somebody cheated you. This is not allowed in classrooms.

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Now, I made a survey, and I've asked a group of high school students, and it's about 150 of them. And I've asked him who knows the verse by heart, you will be surprised, only 20% knows this ayah this verse by heart. And he's talking about grown up men, you know, 1819 years old.

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When I've made a bigger survey, and all kinds of people, you know, employees, merchants and all kind of adults about who recites who knows, sort of tell molk by heart, I got only 3%.

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Which is strange. Because if you ask any of them, who has stocks in the stock market, you get 90%.

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If you ask them about the prices of the euro, or the dollar, if you ask him about politics, if you ask him about real estate, if you ask them about traveling, everybody has knowledge of it. But when you ask them about Islam, when you ask him about the things that saves them from *, or from being punished in the graves, you seldomly find people answering you. And this tells us that one should be really careful in knowing his knowledge. It takes seconds, minutes for you to do what you're supposed to do. But the consequences are far greater than what any of us could imagine. Because you will be at the side of a large that will allow will be pleased with you. And this means that Allah

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will bless everything that you do. Now, you have to be careful not to have what we call which was, which was, this sounds good now fish fish was was, what's what was was, it's the whispering of Satan. Now by saying you should protect yourself from the smearing of urine. This does not mean you have to start to have the you have obsessions that I'm not clean. I'm dripping. I'm doing this. I have to do that. And you stay half an hour or an hour in the toilet trying to relieve yourself. No, this is unintended. And it's not recommended. And it's a sin. It's a natural thing. urinating is a natural thing, everybody does it. No one says that well, but I'm clean. I don't do it. Everybody has

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to do it. It's a natural thing. But don't be obsessed by trying to do things that are not natural things that may cause you to be chronically ill, and it's not a pleasant thing to do. I think we move on to the following Hadith Hadith number 91, I believe,

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narrated by Sirocco Malik YOLO and who almost almost proofread, sort of loneliness to them. As concerning winners of Valhalla. The meaning is place on of answering the call of nature that we should sit on offer live for that we should sit on our left foot and keep erect

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Alright foot. Okay, this hadith is has a weak chain, so it's not authentic. And this means that God hamdulillah I don't have to follow this way of sitting when defecating Well, you don't have to.

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It's a week. Hi, Dave, we will not go through it just

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as part of curiosity

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to the brothers here, do you know who's recovering Americus, do you know anything of this companion? any recollection of him, he did something something was done to him.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam migrated from Mecca to Medina,

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the machete cure, made a bounty, whoever brings the prophet or shows us his direction, we will give him so and so. So Soraka Malik was one of those trying to follow the Prophet is awesome. And he spotted him. He spotted him and abubaker.

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So he was on his horseback riding. And the minute he saw the prophet SAW Selim, and the Prophet looked at him, the legs of the animal went into the stance, and he fell. So he said, Oh, Mohammed, let me go, and I will not follow you.

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So the Prophet, moved on, the guy brought in his horseback again, and follow the prophet and again, the legs of the animal went into the sands, which meant that he was being prevented from falling the profit and loss of center. So the guy knew that the profit was protected by Allah. So he told him that he will let him go, and he will not

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follow him. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the guy

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was, knew that the Prophet was sent by Allah, he was being protected. So he told the prophet or prophet of Allah, give me a sign, I will, I will ask people, I will redirect the people, you know, divert them from your way, I will tell them that I've seen you going somewhere else, so that I would hide your tracks from them. So the Prophet gave him the good tiding. He said, Soraka How would you feel when you wear the bracelets of the

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Tsar of Persia?

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So Soraka thought is this guy say, he is being chased by the non Muslims from everywhere he's hiding in caves in the desert, and he is giving me the good tidings that I am to wear, the bracelet of the Tsar of Persia, the king of Persia, well, let it be. So panela 20 or so years afterwards, the Muslims conquer Persia, and they bring all the Jews of the Tsar to Omar Abdullah hapa, the second Caliph, and he displays it in front of an Omar says Subhan, Allah, the czar of precious treasure is in front of me. Where is Soraka nomadic Shaka comes in

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as a Muslim, and this is where the bracelets of the price of the Tsar, he said, Omar, you know that this is not permissible for me, because these are gold and silver. He says to him, where it because it was a prophecy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They believed in what the prophet said, That is awesome. And they saw it come to reality. And that is why they conquered the whole world, not with their weaponry, they conquered the whole world, with their Islam, with their generosity, and with the belief to share all the goodness with all humanity. I think we got a break here, but we'll be right back.

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Something that you have to point out to the to them in the Bible, something which is I think, very rarely needed by the youth, which is staying firm. On the truth. This is just one of the greatest examples for me of how to control your anger within the framework of being the cleanest religion, the cleanest jurisprudence, and in the meantime,

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the kindest religion to animals.

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Let's talk with Helene amanat as he interviews guests and discusses a variety of topics, everything from youth issues, to religious issues. Join us here on houda TV

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah and welcome back. The following Hadith is hadith of Isa Ebony's dat, or br that they have.

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They're not sure of the how it's pronounced. And why is that?

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The day of the companions when they used to read the words in Arabic, they input the points on that statue, right? They did not dot the letters, at the very beginning of the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you could have one word that is pronounced in two or three different ways depending on the dotting of the letters themselves. So Hadith number 92.

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Narrated by a 70 as dead from his father, may Allah be pleased with them. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when one of you passes urine, he should forcefully push any urine remaining in his penis three times. Now, this Hadith, again is not authentic. So we don't have to elaborate a lot on it. But what is pushing it forcefully? How does one push urine forcefully three times. Now, here in the Arabic Version says natto.

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There's a another word that is Celt one, which is Nutter is done, without touching your private parts by internally squeezing yourself. So this Hadith, if it were to be authentic, it meant that after urinating, you should squeeze yourself, the muscles of the batter or whatever, you should squeeze yourself internally three times so that you ensure that there's no urine left.

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And Celtx is doing it with your hand by squeezing it so that the passage is cleared out from urine. Both methodology. Both methodologies are not accepted. Though, if you read few of the books on in some of the schools of thought you would find this mentioned, they tell you that you should do it from the answers to the top. And others tell you you should do this. And you should do that.

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Now, if we look at the sooner we find no mentioning of this, so it's okay to do it. Even taymiyah may Allah have mercy on his soul says it's not okay to do. Neither natural nor Celt, you neither squeeze yourself push it

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internally, or externally, you don't do this, you just simply urinate. And even though I am his student, he said that I've asked my chef, even taymiyah so many times about natural itself every time I go, sure. And I go on and on. He says No, do not do it. And he said that finally he said, you're in and your private parts is like the milk and the breast of a feeding mother. If you squeeze it, it comes out. And if you leave it, it remains inside. So you're in is the same thing. You could keep on squeezing and pushing it and it comes out and out and dripping. And this makes you chronically ill. This harms your organs and your private parts. And it would cause you to have a

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disease that doctors know about. I'm not a physician, so I can't even I can't even mention the profession that deals with

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these private parts and so on. Nevertheless, it is logical.

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It's a human thing to do to urinate. So don't make it a surgical operation. It's a human thing. So let it come and I urinate naturally. And then all you have to do is just sprinkle water, put some water on your private parts and move on. Live your life Don't be obsessed of well, I feel that there's a drop came out. I feel that I did this or that I have a string feeling inside. Don't listen to the whispers of shaytaan just sprinkle your private parts with water and go on with your life. The following Hadith

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narrated by nobis May Allah be pleased with him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the residents of Tibet what had earned them the praise of Allah. He sallallahu Sallam said, Indeed, Allah praises you, they replied with

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use water after cleaning the private parts with stones.

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Brother Mohammed.

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Do you recall few programs ago we mentioned that cleaning oneself after urinating or defecating has three steps or stages? Do you remember them? Either with the first one, we'll start with the lowest of all stones, stones or heart matters, stones then water then with water, water alone. And then with stones then then with both stones first water that follow. And this Hadith, though again, it is not authentic. The Hadith is weak. But it tells us that this is the highest of all because it ensures the amount of cleanliness to be 100%. But again, it is the same thing if you do this, or if you do that. Mostafa, what do you think is best

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to wash

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or to wipe with fried stuff? Or to do both?

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will depend if there's a specific text that says, Well, we've just mentioned this, we've we've said that this is a text, but it is a weak one. Yet the scholars all agree that the best stage of all is both to use both. But what if you had the choice to use both? And you wanted to use only one?

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So can we say that you have to use water? For example, if I have water, and I have toilet paper?

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And I don't want to use water? Is it okay for me to use toilet paper? though? I can use water?

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Does anybody has the answer?

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Yes. Yes, yes. You have the answer or Yes. You know, yes. The question. The answer is yes. You could use toilet paper if you have water. Yes. Okay. This is the authentic and accepted. Answer. A lot of Muslims think, how do we use, Mr. Jamal? How do we use toilet paper? When we have water? It's very simple because Allah azza wa jal tells us it's, it's either you choose this or that. And that some of the companions did not see it suitable for them to use water. They used to say that how do I wash was myself with with water, this can can't be, I would still have the filter in my hand.

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I only use stones. But the profit solar cell I'm doing the prophet SAW Selim sooner is to use either and hamdulillah The choice is yours to choose from. Of course, water is more of a cleansing

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agent than stones because it can clean and remove filth and dirt. We move on to the following chapter. The chapter that deals with also and the ruling regarding the sexual impurities or impurities. This chapter deals with listen.

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What is the translation of ocean

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Fadi taking a bath, taking a bath? Actually, it's more than that. And we will come to explain this insha Allah reversal

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is removing the state of sexual impurity by taking the total bath. So a dip in the water does the job providing that do have an intention, the NEA and we will come in Sharla to explain more and more of this. But before we go into this chapter, there are things that

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require also

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it's a must. If you are in this state, that you perform Awesome, so that you can pray, perform tawaf read the Quran, do any of the other rituals. So can you give me an example.

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Other examples where doulas know what a wholesaler is required for

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when is also required? permit

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Okay, that's very good, and it's a disputable, disputed issue. When you enter Islam when you revert to Islam, you should have a total bath. And we will come to that explain that inshallah, in details. Another reason Friday, before Friday prayer before Friday prayer, and an

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Then this is again disputed upon a third reason for performing also after * after * can be specific, more specific because this is one issue * when you inject him with *, okay in the case of *, then you have to perform total bath, whether you do it while sleeping, whether you * whether, whatever you are in the state of a major sexual *.

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Fadi also performed

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without a lack of faith had * without * also, oh yes, that's just completely true. If the * takes place without *, the minute it takes place, then the ocean is becomes obligatory. Man Do you have anything

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from after the periods excellent for women that have finished their menstruation

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or for women that gave birth and the bleeding that comes after the birth has

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finished then in order for them to pray, they should have the total bath. So, these are all issues that are that govern a lotion having the total bath and there are a few things that are not agreed upon scholars, such as Friday

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total bath, such as an ad in the festivals they eat.

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such as when you have cupping pajama. When you extract blood from the back of your neck or shoulders, do I have to perform muscle or or not? We mentioned

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few programs ago if you recall that at the beginning of time of Islam, it was obligatory to perform muscle when you

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know what this is it's still

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it still exists. Fadi, when if you have if you have performed vaccine for that, if you wash a dirt person so that's that was at the beginning of Islam. Whenever you watch a dead person, it's a must for you to take a bath complete also and if you carry a dead person, it is a must that you from evolution perform evolution and there are many aspects that govern the book or the chapter that deals with Watson.

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We will go into details inshallah. We will explain the Sunnah and the thing that does the job without following the Sunnah. And inshallah all of this issues. All of these issues will be cleared in the following programs, but I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. And until we meet next time for Manila, with Santa Maria calm

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