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Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss a video he created for Allah's Day of JFK, which references a large social deal, a donation, and a large investment. The project was designed to give all individuals their necessary money to pursue their projects, and was a result of a proposal made by their father to split their wealth and property among their children. They emphasize the importance of not rushing to achieve goals and not feeling sad or worried after death, and encourage people to take care of their projects and not waste their money. The project aims to encourage people to spread Islam in their communities, attend events like the Day of JFK, and receive reward for their projects.
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Salam Alaikum and over him hamdulillah Hello. Al Ameen are salatu salam ala rasulillah. Allah Allah He Masami, as you may in my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I don't have much time with you. But I just wanted to get straight to my question that I wanted to ask all of you. And indeed, what we saw was a sad and at the same time, a very inspirational video. And I say to you, this is Ali's project. If Alia was asked, What is your project in life, he'll say, this is his project. Now, my question to you is, what is your project in life? What is your project in life? And what I mean by that is, what is this huge project that you present before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of

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Judgment, when he asks you, what is the best thing you did for my sake? What is this huge project you did, and you present it for my sake, when he says to you, I gave you money, and I gave you a health and I gave you wealth, and I gave you children, I gave you cars. And I gave you everything else that you have in your worldly life that you enjoy.

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And then he tells you, you know, what is this project that you came up with in your life? For my sake, let's say you don't have all of this, I gave you an intellect and I gave you a slab and I gave you guidance. What did you do for my sake? What is this huge project that you present to Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment. You know, when you study the lives of the companions of the Allahu taala on home, you'll find that each and every single one of them had a project in their life. Some of them their project was to sacrifice everything for a large social deal. Some of them was to sacrifice their families and their money and their children and their belongings for Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. If you take the case of Albuquerque, Allahu anhu. His project in life was to give all his money for a large donation sake, he'll come on the day of judgment and he presents this before Allah, this is my project. I gave all my money for your sake. I was never the Allahu anhu. One of his many projects was to compile the Quran. That was that was a project he presents it Yeoman gamma before Allah subhanho wa Taala Amaro the Allahu anhu. Just a few examples, his his life his huge project, was to lead an oma for 16 years after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the project of Abu Dhabi, Allahu anhu, was to narrate a howdy from behalf of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he narrates up to 5000 ahaadeeth. That's his fingerprint. That's his legacy that he left in this world, the life, you ask yourself, What are you leaving? What's this huge project they're working on? For a lot of soldiers sake. So at the profits, if you want to take the examples of the profits, each and every single one of the profits, the huge project they had in their life was that every single second was a sacrifice for Allah subhanho wa Taala. All of it, from the moment they were born until the moment they died. They gave all their time for a loss origin, whether it's spreading the deen of Allah, or teaching people the deen or worshipping Allah, all of

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it. This was their project. So this is the question you need to ask yourself, What is your project? What is this project you're going to present before allows origin? to share with you a quick story where this idea came from?

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There was a family, their father had died. And he left behind lots of wealth, lots of love, lots of property, money, investments, businesses accounts, he left millions and billions of dollars. And so one of the children, one of his children, his son, he said that my father died, and we took the money and we split it among our brothers and sisters. And, you know, we had forgotten our father. And maybe we just remembered him in Ramadan or in need, sometimes we go to his grave, and we make drive for him. And then he suddenly said, he said, So one day I sat, and I began to reflect. And you know, my father left us a lot of wealth, and he left us a lot of properties. And just a second

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before he died, he was rich. And the moment he died, he became poor. And he was put in his grave. And now he is wishing for someone for one of his children to come past and give us some work on his behalf, or to do well on his behalf or to sponsor often on his behalf or to make God for him. His point, his grave is wishing one of his children do something for him. So then he suddenly said, he began to reflect even deeper, and he started saying to himself, that tomorrow I'll be like my father, I'll die. They'll wrap me they'll wash me they'll rapido pray and they'll put me in my grave. And then I'll be wishing for my children to come and do some good. So So he said, that, you

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know what, he gets up, and he says, I'm going to build my hereafter with my own hands. I'm alive. I have

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Money, I'm going to start working on my own project. Now, I'm not going to wait for my children. I don't know, maybe my money gets stolen after my death. Maybe my children fight after my death who wants the money and who doesn't. So you know what, I'm just going to build my hereafter with my own hands with my own money as I'm alive. That was his project, Pamela. And, you know, he started building massages, he started building orphanages, he started buying massages, and putting him in massages and distributing them. And so many people are like this, this is their project in life. This is what they'll present before a loss on the Day of Judgment. Not necessarily they worship

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Allah a lot. They're not necessarily people that fast every day or every second day, or prayer tonight, Allah azza wa jal gave them money. And that is what they want to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with on the Day of Judgment with the many projects they had, and there was one famous poet, he said, it's beautiful in Arabic, but let me just translate it for you in English. He said, there is no house you live in after your death, except the house that you built for yourself before your death. If you put lots of care, and you take care of this house, you build now you'll rest after your death. And if you ignore it, and you don't build a house at all, and you don't care about the

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ID, you're going to be very, very worried you'll be sad and very inconsistently worrying after your death. So my dear brothers and sisters, but is your project in life? What is this thing you're working on that you present before Allah subhanho wa Taala and that you will benefit from after your death, a student of knowledge he once he said, I'm going to record 1000 lectures. That's my project and distributed so people can benefit. That's what I'll present on the Day of Judgment before Laos origin. Another person who said, I'm going to give a poor end for every single day I live. So if I live 20,000 days, that's 20,004 hours at a massage and I'm going to distribute them. That is my

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project in life. That's what will benefit me after my death. And this is what are present before Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you know, this is for people that have knowledge. And maybe this is also for people that have a lot of money. How about the rest of us that maybe don't have enough? Or don't have that much knowledge? How about the mother, the woman that sits at home? You know, what is their project? I think, my dear sister, the mother, your project should be your children. Your project should be your children, you ensure that they memorize the Quran, and you ensure that they are raised upon Islamic morals and conduct upon Islam, so that after your death, they make dua for

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you. That that's your project that is a huge project. That's something you can present on the Day of Judgment before Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, an Imam, Imam, Imam Bukhari and Imam Shafi, Maha Maha Mala. All of these famous scholars that you know of, they were all orphans, they were actually the projects of their mothers, their mother, that was their project. And you know, we say

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we make for him, he benefits from it. At the same time, his mother is benefiting, and she presents her son on the Day of Judgment, that is my project in life. You know, fathers and the husbands that are here, what is your project in life, your project in life, if you don't have any money or anything, your project should be that you take care of your family, and you take care of your children and you take care of your wife, you know, give up those those that night life, give it up, give up that night life in where you're hanging out until 2am. Give it up and give up the the unnecessary travels in the camps in the outings. Give him a prayer Allah subhanho wa Taala say, and

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focus on your family, teach them the Quran and teach them Islam, so that when they grow up, they become righteous, and you will benefit from them after your death, when they make dua for you. You know, this, this is a project. This is something you can present on the Day of Judgment before loss aversion. My project was that I took absolute care of my my family, and I left so many things that I was attached to and inclined to, but I left them off for the sake. So I can say I can give a righteous upbringing for my children, so that every solid they pray, and every word of the Quran they read, you're getting rewarded for it in your grave, and you don't even know where it's coming

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from. This is a project you need to have in your life. You know, perhaps your project could be spreading Islam, in your neighborhood, your neighbor, that's your project every day, or once a week or whatever it is. Your project in life that you're going to present on the Day of Judgment is that you spread Islam in your community or in your environment in your neighborhood. Your project could be buying wheelchairs and putting them in hospitals, so that everyone that uses it after your death and during your life, you get rewarded for it. Your project could be planting a tree

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planting a tree so that if any human or even any animal wants to take shade from this tree, you get rewarded. Even the animal that benefits from what you leave in this life, you get rewarded for it. This is a project, you know, think about it, and ask yourself, What is your project? What is this huge project you're going to work on? And you know, I know someone, I tell you his project, he said to me once his project is to memorize the Quran,

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he said he's an engineer, he is not a scholar is not a student of knowledge, none of that and he doesn't have a lot of money. He said my project in life, inshallah, I'm going to begin to memorize the Quran. So that when I die, I take the Quran with me it's in between my chest, it's in the heart, and I take it with me in my grave. And and hamdulillah is finished almost half, but at least they are smaller than la Milan, in his heart, his memorize them, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that these two sword will come on the day of judgment in the form of a cloud, and from in between them, light will emit, and they will plead, and they'll intercede for the one who has

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memorized them. So my dear brothers and sisters, let me just conclude, you need to have a project in life. If all this is difficult, at least support a project, like the one that we're in now. As I told you, if you were to ask Olli, now, what is your project? Without hesitation? He'll say Muslims around the world, you ask yourself now, do you? Would you hesitate? If you ask yourself, What is your project right now? It's gonna take you some time to think because you might not have anything, you know. And that's the unfortunate case of most of us. So think about it, think deeply about it, go and have a conversation just like Ali had with his wife. And then he came up with this ID and

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Allah azzawajal inspired him, and he gave him the guidance towards this towards this project. Otherwise, otherwise, he would have been very difficult to think about this. You think about it, someone is being told you have cancer and you're going to die very soon. You become depressed, you become sad, you sit down, you didn't care about anyone. But Allah azza wa jal, he guided him through this time of trial and tribulation, to get up and do a project as big as this in sha Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal places inside of it the Baraka mighty brothers and sisters, my last comment, this life is not about you living on. It's not about you living on. It's about what are you going to

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leave behind that lives on? That is, well, it's what it's about. What are you going to leave behind that will live on what is going to be your fingerprint your legacy in this life, so that there becomes a river of hustler inside of your grave and you're not depending on anyone? We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us all we ask Allah to bless this project, and to police the buck in this project, we ask Allah to forgive our sins, and to cure our brother Ali. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us people of the poor and people who benefit from the reminders of the Quran. In A Whole New Delhi, Kolkata, Ronnie was on the Lahore Salama ala Vina Mohammed Ali. He was married.

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