Zakir Naik – How to Unite the Hindus and Muslims in India

Zakir Naik
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Mera naam Shama sham sunnah Marathi Mahanagara paper MACOM carto Patrika who kiba to summit lab medica shibden a tabula lakyn Imager Lakhta Han

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Kibera Hindu or Muslim, a chronically Krishna Gooch, kona J some Angelica micarta via this virus and say they can opt K Musa sunnah chato ki Bharat may bursty My thoughts are is always government data my marriage politically I am busty, busty major Hindu or Muslim in case they may either gullet Femi head or robe heavy Siamak which took her to Oduor clinically aapke Suja Heike Hindu or Muslim donor community que lo que se could tasek their brother is not a good question.

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But what is the suggestion from me that how can we get the Hindus and Muslims on a common platform? How can we come together? The reply to this is I've given a talk on similarities between Hinduism and Islam. I've given that talk in Bombay, I've been the talk in Chennai, I've given other parts of India and we find there that 10s of 1000s of attended in Bombay about 20,000 in Chennai, a similar number and other parts of India, and many non Muslims have attended. Many Hindus have attended 1000s of them, and many of them told me the brothers arcade, there was a person just to commend that what I did not know about Hinduism, in the past 40 years of my life I've learned in the past for us.

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I follow the guidance of the Quran of Surah Al Imran Chapter three verse 64, which says Tala will occur within Salah in bernadina. Come come to common terms as a new which is the first term Allah Allah Allah that we worship. Number one God, what we realize that I don't believe in interfaith dialogue, we say that Hinduism is the same Islam is the same Christianity is the same. This is just a gimmick. If I asked the Hindu pundit Will he become a Muslim? You say no, if I asked the Muslim, will you become a Christian? He'd say no, if as the prefill you become a Hindu will say no, for the same. It's not same, we have to agree that there are differences, but there are similarities also,

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let us agree at least to follow the commonalities. What is different, keep it aside for what I say that take all the religious scriptures, whether it be the Bhagavad Gita, whether it be the Veda, the Upanishad, the Bible, the Quran, at least what is common, what is different, keep it aside, we can discuss some other time, but at least what is common? Let us agree to follow it. And I've given a talk and I showed so many similarities. So many, so you can refer to my video cassette and what happened many of them are not aware the Muslim not aware of the religion. Similarly, the Hindus out aware of the religion, many of the Muslim objected similarities between Islam and Hindus impossible.

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So many of the people came with the dog to attack. There'll be humbly What nonsense Hindu or Muslim same or anything like that. But when they heard the talk, they were shocked. Those who came to attack they agree with the talk. Similarly, men in the skin for what we realize that what is common we should follow. And number one is Alana with I love that we worship none but one God. That's the most common thing and which you can give conditions. And we can give condition from the Vedas, from the Bhagavad Gita. It is mentioned in the Chandigarh condition, chapter number six. section number two was number one, it comes with a theme God is only one without a second. It's mentioned in the

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Sridhar Upanishad chapter number six was number nine. Not Jessica says Jonathan has a deep off him there are no Lord He has got no parents. This has to condition that with Almighty God has got no parents he has got no Lord. Furthermore, if we analyze, it is mentioned the Punisher chapter number four was summer 19. Notice the potty musty of that, God, there are no images.

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There is no prathima there is no photograph, there is no idol. There is no image. Same thing with Chapter motto, verse number three, notice if it must be of that God, there are no images. So if you go back to your Vedas and religious scriptures, he speaks about Vanguard. So people many times are not aware of the scriptures. And when the question just a couple of days back, I'd given individual Star News. They asked me, but the Zakat what is the view regarding Monday Mottram?

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Can the Muslims say or not?

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I said, what do the Muslims say? I'll come to it afterwards. I'll first tell you what the Scriptures say.

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What do I mean by that?

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I said, If anyone who's a scholar of the Veda, the Veda agrees that God has got no prathima. So when you say one day mataram, that this country is my mother, and you call it God, a person who just called a vandaag, about the normal people who don't know about the Scripture, but you ask a scholar, he will say that when the mantram goes against the Vedas,

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because when they Matra me no less than three places says, I bow down to the

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I worship D. If you see about that,

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idea somehow then you see the various top scholars, they think according to the Vedas, I had never she was not permitted. There are verses in Bhagavad Gita chapter seven verse 20, which says that you should not do idol worship. So your when you go back to the scriptures, unfortunately, they believe in a form of pantheism. So even according to the Vedas, if a good scholar this song Monday Mottram that about on and a worship the other quarter in Sanskrit, about a punisher it's against.

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Even in Islam, there are 12 lines which objectionable three times that is said one day mantra which means I bow down to the advanced it says that this country is my mother. Once it says I will kiss the feet. Once it says about the divine things about the smile, talking about divinity. It calls it Lakshmi just called Durga, all these things objectionable. We Muslims, we love this country, but we will not bond on to anyone but Almighty God.

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Even a mother

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even a mother was born in a womb for nine months, we love or respect her, but we will not vote on grandmother to own mother.

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The number one human being who we love and respect in the world after Allah subhana wa Tala it is no masala Salah we will not bow down to a prophet Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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Is it required that we should think this song Monday Mottram? It is a political gimmick. Politicians, they thought they get the word bank. They even made a gimmick on the date. You know, man, it was it in my bank in Santa pada. In 1876. It was published in 1882. Very thin, cheery, calm now and with them in September, they made a mistake the boring digital political gimmick.

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Furthermore, even a Muslim living in Saudi Arabia, he cannot bow down to this country, Saudi Arabia, even a Muslim living in Pakistan cannot bow down to Pakistan. So to say that the Indian Muslims are not patriotic. It is our religion. Our creator of God with made this country far superior. So we love this country when required for the truth. We're willing to die for this country but we will not hold on to anyone but Almighty God.

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