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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting individuals against evil behavior and providing protection for those who have been incorrectly treated. They emphasize the need for individuals to be aware of the consequences of their actions and not share negative experiences. The speakers also emphasize the importance of acceptance of Muslims as carriers of Islam, particularly in peace and acceptance of others. The segment touches on the history of Afghanistan and the importance of peace and justice in establishing Islam, as well as the need for people to practice their own religion and address root causes of headaches.
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Villa randidly Even hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Shara philam behavour, mousseline, Mohamed Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa ala he was able to sell them to Sullivan cathedral cathedra from Mombasa and brothers sisters are hungry.

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We are at the point where we are looking at the another third important thing that also aligns a lot is Adam did which was to create the contract the covenant

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it is called the first constitution of the world recorded call it whatever you want. This was the agreement, the contract and the covenant between the Mojave road and the answer the people who came from Makkah and elsewhere who migrated to Medina in order to be with Rasulillah Salam, and the answer who are their hosts, as well as a covenant between

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the five major groups of people in Medina, there were three Jewish tribes, one on Quora, Monica Anoka and Bonneville. And there were two Arab tribes, the House and the hundreds. So, this this was a the, the entire gamut of people who are in Medina, as you can see, this was a very diverse group, it was not just one set of people, the very diverse group and this was the covenant between them, it may suck. The historian and Monday theorize this, in his, in his book, he says, he

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writes the call the contract that as well as a seller made.

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He said that

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the contract was that

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in the Name of Allah, the benefits and, and the Merciful. This is a document from Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, WA alumi, the unlettered prophet between the believers and Muslims of courage. And yesterday, so Muslim in accordance with the MaHA Jerome came from Makkah and Yathrib was the name of Medina, and their followers, allies and supporters establishing that they are one nation apart from all others. So the first part of the covenant is going through the same thing which we talked about earlier, which was the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood,

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which was based not on anything else, but the

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days of

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days of, of fit in and not the days of any other kind, which is the usual ties of family and

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drive and so on and so forth. So, let's go back to this thing.

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In the Name of Allah subhanho wa Taala the benefits and and merciful This is a document from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the unlettered prophet interviewed me between the believers and Muslims of courage and yesterday. So the first group of people the Muslims have Mahajan and the answer, both are Muslim that is the best. That is the the thing that keeps them together.

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent and merciful. This is a document from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the view lumi the unlettered prophet between the believers and Muslims operation yesterday and their followers, allies and supporters, establishing that they are one nation apart from all others.

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The immigrants from for age will maintain their current practice and will honor Blood Money contracts between themselves and will treat their weaker members with kindness and justice. The man who vows

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shall maintain their current practice and honor the former Blood Money contracts, each party treating their weaker members with kindness and justice among all believers. And he mentioned all the clans of the answer and all the families from them. The believers shall not leave anyone among them burdened by debts without giving to him in kindness, and paying for him any ransom money or blood money that he owes. A believer shall not ally with any freed man of a second believer against that man. Bias believers act against any of their own who practice evil or seek to bring harm, sin, aggression or corruption.

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among believers,

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believers will unite against anyone doing this even if he may be one of their own sons. No believer shall kill any believer for any non believer nor shall he help any non believer against a believer. Allah subhanho data as protection is all one, the least of them can offer protection to others. Believers are allies to one another, excluding others. Whoever from among the Jews follows us shall receive help and equality, they should not be maltreated, nor shall help be afforded to others against them. No peace shall be accepted from any one believer to the exclusion of others. When the battle is for Allah subhanaw taala has cause

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among them equality and justice must prevail. In any expedition we engage in riders will take turns on their mouths.

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Believers shall arrange one another for blood shed in Allah's Cause believers who are pious are well guided on the straightest of paths. Nobody theist shall be allowed to offer protection for the body for the property of people of Koresh, nor try to interfere with any believer, anyone who has clearly aggressed and caused the death of any believers shall be subject to retaliation, unless the dead person's executor can be satisfied. Believers as a whole shall take action against him and no excuse for them not doing so shall be acceptable. It shall not be permissible for any believer who accepts what is in this document, and who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment, to give help or shelter

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to any wrongdoer. Any believer who does so will be the object of Allah subhanho wa Taala scars and anger on the day of judgment and neither compensation nor excuse will be accepted from him.

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Any matter in which you disagree must be referred to Allah subhanaw taala and to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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The Jews shall pay expenses along with the Muslims so long as they are allied in warfare. The Jews of bunny house are one nation with the believers, the Jews shall have their religion and the Muslims their own.

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This applies

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to their freedmen and to themselves, except to those who commit sins and are unjust says people only harm themselves in their families. What applies to Barney house shall also apply to the Jews of banana jar. Manohar is Minosa Manu Shan bunkhouse, mono Saliba,

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mono Giovanna and banjos with Ava with all the different clans in Medea, the close associates of the Jews shall be viewed as themselves. None of them shall go to war without Muhammad Salah Allison has permission. However, he is not thereby constrained from taking revenge for injury, whoever attacks and other shall do so to protect himself and his family and not act unjustly

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for Allah subhanaw taala condemns such acts, meaning acts of injustice, the Jews shall bear their own expenses the Muslims dares each must help one another. Against those who fight those who adopt this document. They must give one another advice and consultation and do good and avoid evil. A man is not held blameworthy on behalf of his ally. Help must be given to those who are wronged.

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The center the center of rape shall be a sanctuary. For those who agree to this document. one's neighbor shall be treated as oneself without being harmed or sinned against. And notice here it says never does not say Muslim neighbor.

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No property shall be entered upon without the permission of its owner. In the case of any dispute or incident occurring between those agreeing to this document and involving consequences likely to be harmful, the matter must be referred to Allah and to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rasul Allah, who is the Messenger of Allah, Allah subhanaw. Taala acknowledges what is very good and very pious in this document. Courage and those who help them shall receive no protection. Those accepting this document must help one another against anyone attacking ie a threat

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They are called upon to make peace and do so and keep to it, they will be making peace. If they make a similar demand, it is up to the Muslims to agree except if warfare is over faith is participants shall receive whatever portion is due to him from his own sides winnings. This document will not provide protection for anyone sinful or unjust, whoever goes to war will be saved and whoever stays in the town will be saved except those who have sinned or been unjust, Allah subhanaw taala provides protection for those who are good and pious. Now, as you can see,

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this is a very detailed

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very detailed document and very detailed

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you know,

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covenant, which takes into account all the different people, the tribes and so on in Medina and ensures

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that the rights of everyone are protected. And that one does not act against the interest of the other. Now, many times people have raised this question, then we'll come to that Inshallah, of why the Jews, the Jewish tribes were expelled from Medina.

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And the answer to that question is in looking at this covenant, because here is a covenant, which clearly states the responsibility of each tribe, and each person, individual as well as collective towards others, and it says very clearly, that each will protect the other each will be just and

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you know, kind to I do to the other and that they will not,

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they will not align themselves with anybody else.

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And that they will not, you know, join with anybody else,

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in this whole thing against the others against the people of Medina and against the other tribes. Therefore,

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they will not be

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heard if they do so, if they join up against other outsiders against the people of Medina, then they are in violation of this contract. So, when this is what exactly happened with the Jewish tribes, were they aligned with the coresh after signing the document, the Ranikhet, and they went against it against their own side, what they had, what they had agreed and what they had signed, signed on, they went against that, and the result was that they were expelled, they will come to that in detention. Now, let's look at some of the lessons from this,

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from this whole document,

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which are quite, quite amazing. And it shows the farsightedness and the wisdom of Rasul Allah Hutterite. Salem in starting off his stay and his role because he was the ruler in Medina, with this kind of document. Now, several lessons. So the first one,

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the lawmaker is the leader. So anywhere, wherever it is, if it's a lawmaker, that is the leader, the leader is a lawmaker. So as soon as a result I'm wrote a document to regulate relationships. And so his own authority was established and he became the judge. And as you can see, in this document, it says, if there's a dispute, it will be referred to Allah and His Messenger, Salah Salem. So therefore, all disagreements were and all disputes were to be referred to Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger Muhammad Salah Salem. So Rasulillah Salam became the the judge and he became the ruler

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of Medina, and this document acknowledged that this document stated that and whoever signed this document was more witness to that and accepted his his authority and his rulership. The relationship of Roswaal, Salah Salem,

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala also is clearly defined in this and so is the fact that the authority of Rasulullah Selim comes, came directly from Allah subhanaw taala. And so, it is the rule of Allah subhanaw taala which is being established in Medina to this is a very important part. It was not a

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a monarchy was not being established. Rasulullah Salah was not saying that this is now a monarchy and I and my family have special status. And after me, my family, my children, whoever are going to be the rulers of this place. There's no mention of any of that. He is the judge. He is the leader. He is

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The one you'll be referred to, because he is the messenger of Allah subhanaw taala This is a place in which the rule of Allah subhanaw taala is being established and therefore, in this place

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Allah is supreme and Allah subhanaw taala has rule is supreme and therefore, we are for whatever is happening here is happening as a consequence of that,

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and any disputes will be referred to

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Mohamed Salah Salem, in his position as the

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as the representative of Allah subhanaw taala as the Rasul as the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. So, even the Jews who did not believe in Him,

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as the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala, they did not accept him as a messenger, therefore, they were not Muslim, but they signed the document between themselves and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa taala. So, in one way, they also accepted that he was the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala even though the religious leader did not accept that

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the second very important

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thing here is

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the Muslim ummah is one community excluding others. So, the distinct identity of the Muslim is an important part of this. Now,

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thing to understand here, and there is no need to get apologetic about it or to feel, you know, somehow that this is a, this is not justice, very easy way to understand this is to look at yourself and say, You are living in a community. So in your home, it is you and your family, and then you have an extended family around that. So they're your uncles, and your cousin's in your second cousins and your third cousins and whatnot. So, this is extended family, and then there are your neighbors, and then there are the other people in that community, right. So, other than neighbors, you know,

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when you go to a to your to your, see the town and you have the school, the school teacher, then you have the,

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the the school that your children go to the teachers there and so on the school authorities, you might have the

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people in the market and so on. So the bigger bigger set. Now, in all of this, obviously, your family, your personal, immediate family, you your parents, your siblings, and your spouse, your children, these are these take precedence over everything you owe.

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Your loyalty to them and their to you and so on. And this is not considered unjust or, or bad by anybody this is this is this is perfectly normal and natural that this group of mine who to whom I've related by blood, will take precedence over everybody else.

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What Islam did was, it said that the relationship, the reason for relationship was not blood. But fifth, and therefore the Muslim ummah,

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as as people of faith will be together, they will be one and distinct from everybody else. And this does not mean they are enemies, everybody, they know their friends, everybody has their friends of everyone, they love everyone, they will have helped each other so but in terms of anything,

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this group is one, and they will remain one. And if somebody attacks this group, and this group will defend one another against the others, right, but we'll but but if there is somebody who is treating another person who's not from this group, if there is a

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if there is a Jew or a Hindu or a Christian or a Sikh or anyone who is being treated unjustly who's being oppressed, and there is a Muslim there, will that Muslim support the aggressor, or will that Muslim support the one who's being aggressed against very clearly the Muslim will and should support the one who is being oppressed with being aggressive aggressed against even if the aggressor is a Muslim. So when we say the Muslims are together as one group and they will help and support one another that is only in goodness, not in oppression.

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Let's run it Allah mentioned is very clearly in the Quran in total Majda Allah said da No, I'll beauty what Taqwa wala da no idle is me. What are the one let's say help one another in goodness.

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and impiety and do not help one another in rebelliousness and in sin. So very clearly, the support refers to support in all good things not in, in evil too. So we do not support a Muslim.

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Just because

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just because he is

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this because he's Muslim, right, we do not meet him, we do not

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support a Muslim, just because he's a Muslim, we support a Muslim only if he is right. And if the Muslim is wrong, if the Muslim is oppressing another person who is not a Muslim,

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then we do not support the Muslim we support the other person who may not be a Muslim, but

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because that person is being oppressed against and we will support that person and we will stand up against the Muslim even though he's a Muslim, like this is very, very clear in Islam.

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So we come back to the second point, the Muslim ummah, is one community, excluding others. So the distinct real identity of the Muslim is important part of this. And so for example, we have

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Muslims pray with their shoes on and this of course, of course, is the reverse to praying with shoes, the machine must be clean, and you're not talking about taking them into the masjid,

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dyeing the hair and the beard with the henna, fasting on the

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religious practices. Third one, the Jews had equality and permission to practice their religion freely. Again, people talk about, you know, conversion by the sword. The simplest question to ask is why were the Jews in Medina not converted by the sword? I mean by why do we need to go all the way to India or somewhere and say, so and so did this, if so, and so did that, first of all, there is no forcible conversion, you cannot force somebody to convert and change their opinion and change their belief in their heart by force, it is simply not doable, if you want to do that, try and convince somebody to

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to support a different football club from the one that they support, or try to, to get a wig to support the Tories or the Tory to support the wigs or the Democrats to support Republicans and vice versa or a, you know, BJP supporter to vote for Congress and vice versa. That I mean, we cannot even do this with with things which are far, far less serious than religious beliefs. Religious beliefs are the most difficult to change, there's no way of changing the only way a person will change their religious belief is if they are genuinely convinced that the the belief the other belief is better than their own. And then they will convert if they want to convert. If somebody forces there's no

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way you can force you can force somebody to bend their head and to, to act out certain things, but in the heart, the set whatever they believe in, remains in the heart, there is no way anybody can change that. And if anyone wants to believe this complete rubbish, it's up to them.

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So here point number three Jews had equality, they had permission to practice their religion freely and had the protection of the Muslims they had to support the Muslims and give them advice and counsel obviously, the the the the point of being equal was that you were equal and therefore you treated one another as friends.

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Nobody could leave Medina without the permission of Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, just as you can't leave your country your country today without a passport. So it's a similar kind of order was created. Number four Medina was made

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the made the hara Medina del haram, which means that this was a place which was

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which was sanctuary, central Medina therefore, there is no hunting or cutting of trees are fighting in the center of Medina and today this refers to Mercy the WH Sharif and the area surrounding mercy the Navi

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this was the purpose of the Covenant was to establish

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you know, what was to establish

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the the,

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the establish the the

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established Islam in in Medina and to begin the establishment of that the obviously you had to have

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you had to have peace and harmony and the sort of person therefore so

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that with

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creating a an agreement whereby this would happen, because this is another one of the very important thing that I want to

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want to mention to you and

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emphasize is that all peace and harmony and so on is the result of justice. And this is something that today we forget, we like to talk about these things, but we, we forget these things. Peace is a piece is an effect think about this there are there are things which are causes and things which are affected, right, this is the world of cause and effect. If you want to change and effect you must address the cause.

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Right? Say for example, a headache is an effect. If you have persistent headaches, it just goes on. You always have them, what do you do you go to the doctor, the doctor says, Let's go to the cause. What what is causing this effect? He wants him to say, well now eat Tylenol for the rest of your life, right? Take a handful of Tylenol. It's a pretty useless thing in any case, but you know, you might say, well take a handful of it don't take one or two, they will not tell you this, this is nonsense. So they will say let's go to the root cause of that. What is the reason? Why are you getting headaches? Is it because of allergies? Are you are you allergic to certain things? Is it

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because of lack of sleep? Right?

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May Allah protect you and me? Is it because of a brain tumor? This could also cause headaches. Now, each each cause differs, in your seriousness. If it's just an allergy is very simple. I stop eating chocolate or whatever it is, whatever it is, that is causing the headache, it goes away. If it is lack of sleep, well, it's a little more serious, but I will make sure that I changed my schedule in such a way that I get enough sleep. But if it's a brain tumor, then what do I do? Right, I need to get treated and we don't know. Is it treatable? not treatable, does it require surgery or radiation or whatnot. So the thing the point I'm making here is that if you want to change in effect, you have

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to look at the cause. Now people want peace, everybody talks about peace, oh, we should have peace. And this is very important and blah, blah. Peace is not a cause peace is the effect.

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What causes peace? What is the reason for peace? It is justice. Now this is the beauty of Islam. This is the beauty of the wisdom of Rasulullah Salah that he addresses the causes. He says now if you want to have peace in Medina, if you want to have these diverse bunch of people, you got the one who kind of the man who Pereda, the one who live the three Jewish tribes, you got the house and the husband's the FBI, the Arab tribes, then you got a sixth one in the in the, in the mix, and that is the module these are the operations and the others, people from other tribes of Makkah and hijas, who came to Medina, so you got six different diverse people in a society that

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was based on tribal alliances and tribal allegiance, a society which was characterized by strife by fighting by

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event data by revenge.

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So this was a lot of simple, you know, bunch of nice, peaceful people. In any case, they know these were highly

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antagonistic, highly, people who are very quarrelsome, right, people were very quick to take offense and carried grudges for literally for generations, very, very, very prone to pulling out their swords and chopping each other's heads off and so on. Such people as soon as Salam is has the task of making them into people who are focused on justice and being being peaceful. So what does he do, he focuses on justice, and he says, justice as important as establish justice, once you establish justice, peace is the automatic result. And that is why this covenant and the covenant made it very clear that the everyone will have the freedom to practice their own religion everyone will have the

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freedom to live according to their own culture and so on and so forth. And everyone must come together to help everyone else.

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The the the Jews and the Christians and the no Christians they have to the Jews and the Muslims, and the Muslims from Medina and the Muslims are outside. We're all going to be brothers and sisters to one another. The Muslim would form a individual group in that with their or with loyalty to each other, as distinct from the others, but all of them together, were loyal to one another were to be loyal to one another, and distinct from any

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You want outside of Medina. So the people of Medina would would live together peacefully with the people of Medina and would defend each other against aggression aggressors from outside. Now we will go in in the future classes we will see did this actually happened it did not happen did somebody break the covenant? What happened? Inshallah we talk about that later so Allah Allah will carry while he was iwade member Africa