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Much Needed Advice about Selfishness and the so called Fashion


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The importance of personal development and human nature in achieving success is emphasized, along with the need for personal choice in pursuing one's dreams. The Prophet's cloak was given as a choice by the Arch principle and instructed to purify oneself from avoiding morality by reciting the Quran and learning the biography of the Prophet. The importance of love for others, including avoiding fashion blindly, is emphasized, along with the benefits of following rules and avoiding wasting time. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following rules and avoiding blindly following.

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hamdulillah alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah kinda AB de su de Nabina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mean,

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our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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told us in an authentic hadith that he was sent to perfect the moral conduct and the beautiful qualities of this had he highlights the fact that throughout time, people had in them good qualities, moral conduct,

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something that we in Arabic called a flop, and the Prophet Allosaurus around when he came, he did not invent something that was new, he came to perfect this. And this came through the Quran, and through the sweetener, as well.

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And among the illnesses of the heart. Among the bad things that Islam came to purify us from, is what is known as selfishness. It's an illness, it's a disease. However, the majority of us one way or the other, have it in them.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us a beautiful example, on how human beings are created, and how these bad qualities in them

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are original, and must be modified, so that they would pass the test the test that Allah azza wa jal has given them, the prophet tells us that it's a lot of students that when you see two hungry wolves,

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extremely hungry, extremely vicious, what would they do when they enter and attack a herd of sheep?

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Definitely, it's going to be chaotic.

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The Prophet is telling us la salatu salam,

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when a person is so keen, and eager to gain money, and to gain honor for himself, he would be as vicious and as devastating.

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So the Prophet is telling us out of his AutoSum, that we should be careful for what we wish for.

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It is human nature that people love themselves.

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It's only natural to love yourself more than anyone else. Otherwise, it would be foolish just to let people step on you, to give people what you have, and stay without anything in your hand. So this is not wrong.

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to love yourself is not wrong at all. What is wrong is to take what is not yours, to take things that others are more worthy of taking than you.

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What's wrong is to take what you have no right in taking at all. Islam came to purify these hearts.

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Islam came to teach us how to love one another, how to care for one another, and how to give and devote without expecting something in return. This is extremely difficult.

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But with training with conditioning, when you know that there is a great reward at the sight of Allah azza wa jal, it becomes very easy.

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Our role model is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if you look at him, and if you try to measure how generous he was, this would be extremely difficult. He was the most generous person ever to have walked the earth, and so a lot more it who it was.

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And he never said no to any request. And to the extent that a woman made the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, a cloak that he was deeply in need of

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profit and So Sam was not rich. He did not have a wardrobe full of clothes. Though he could have. He did not live in a mansion. He did not enjoy what we think

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Is the enjoyment of life. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam lived like a servant of Allah, he was given the choice by the Archangel jabril.

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And he said to him, oh prophet of Allah, Allah is giving you a choice, whether to be a king, and the Prophet,

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or a servant, and a messenger of

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Peace be upon him was a king and a prophet. So it's not something strange. The Prophet said, that is a lot of Salah. I would like to be a messenger and a servant.

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And he told us at a selasa, if I wish it alone, make it come true. If I want the whole area in front of me to turn to gold alone, make it true. Allah would make it happen. But he didn't. He lived a simple life. When this woman made him this cloak, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he wanted because he needed it.

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And once he went out of his house and met his companions, one of them said, What a beautiful cloak, oh prophet of Allah give it to me.

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And the Prophet, it immediately took it off and gave it to him, and went back into his home. The Companions blamed that man.

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They told him, Don't you fear Allah? Don't you see that the Prophet needs this cloak. And he never rejects anyone who asks him for anything. The man said by Allah, I did not ask it, so that I can wear it. I asked for it, so that when I die, it would be my coffin, I will be shrouded in it, and I will be buried in it.

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Shortly afterwards, the man died and he was shrouded in it.

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The Prophet was so generous, hallahan salatu salam, though he was in need. Yet his generosity was overwhelming. After the Battle of her name, and the beauty of the war was gathered. He was standing on a hill. And next to him was a bedroom. I know Matt, is someone of no great importance to the Arabs or to the Muslims. And the man's jaw almost touch the ground. Because he was looking at a herd of sheep that filled a valley that filled an area between two mountains. So you can imagine the number and the man was shocked

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by this view,

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here's a bedroom. This is what we live

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for and after.

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So the Prophet looked at him and said, that is a lot of stuff. Do you like it?

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And the man looked at the Prophet astonish Lee and said, Yes. And the Prophet said, It's yours.

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The man could not believe his eyes or ears. So he went running to his tribe, saying, oh, people, accept Islam, come and join

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this great religion because Muhammad peace be upon him, gives like a person who does not feel poverty. And the Prophet never feared poverty Allah salatu salam.

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Therefore, if you look at the companions of the Prophet, Allah is sort of known as an unsolved

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they are the people of Medina who accepted the immigrants coming from all over the world to stay in their city. Medina, Allah azza wa jal praise them the Quran by saying that they love to give more than they love to keep

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complete selflessness

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and opposite to the selfishness that we have. So how can I get to this stage of purity and loving to others without love to myself? Well, this is one part of a man.

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Imagine that part of your belief is to love for others, what you love for yourself. So if I love money, I would love others also to get money if I'd love a righteous wife, I would love to get the up for the others to get righteous wives as well. This is selfishness. And the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up as Allah commanded him in the Quran was instructed to take the pool you from the rich and give it back to the poor. And Allah azzawajal told them in the Quran that this is a beautiful

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of the soul. Allah says, Take sadaqa that is arms from their wealth in order to purify them, and Sanctify them with it. So you want to purify yourself, give to the poor, you want to purify yourself from selfishness, recite the Quran, learn the biography of the Prophet alayhi salatu was

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doing this makes you a humble servant of Allah. And no matter how much you give a lie xojo will give you much, much more than what you have given clothes

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are a blessing and favor from Allah azza wa jal

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with them, we cover what needs to be covered. And it protects us from cold or hot weather. So it is a blessing of Eliza, would you imagine our lives without clothes.

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Islam does not reject people wearing beautiful clothes. It's a misconception.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam addressed the companions once and said, by unlock He who has an atom weight, or an ant weight of arrogance in his heart would not be admitted to gentlemen would not be admitted to paradise. And one of the companions now liberties with them stood up and said, Oh prophet of Allah, I like to have a beautiful,

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so beautiful dress, and I'd love my shoes to be beautiful as well. So is this part of arrogance? And the Prophet said? No, Allah is beautiful and Allah azza wa jal loves beauty. So the Prophet approved Salah how to sell and the fact that people wear beautiful clothes. There's nothing wrong in that in Islam.

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Yet the internal beauty is far superior. However, why do we see people following fashion

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blindly. Nowadays, there are a number of reasons. Among them is peer pressure.

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When I am with my friends, and each and every one of them is boasting

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of his watch his car, the way he's dressed, and they look down at me, I feel that I have to excel, weather invalid and good, I have to do something, so that I could be like them. So this is peer pressure. Not only that, so many times you find people blindly following fashion, because they love celebrities. So if I love an actor, or an actress, if I love pop star, if I love a footballer, I would like to wear the things he wears. And that is why they pay millions of dollars to get the royalties to have

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an athlete wear a certain brand because they know the impact on the viewers on an on the fan fans of that athlete. So they're willing to pay millions of dollars just for him to wear their logo. And

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among the reasons that people follow fashion blindly

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is that people have a defect. They have weakness in their personalities. And they would like to hide these shortcomings by following the fashion so that people would think they are cool or sophisticated, not knowing that people are not impressed by the outer show. They are impressed by the content

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by what's inside. A proper Muslim

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is not impressed by fashion. And he does not follow fashion blindly. A proper Muslim, wears good clothes, wear clean clothes, wears decent clothes, that protects his identity. And the identity for a Muslim is extremely important.

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I can recognize a Muslim, even if I see him in

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Siberia, or in the jungles of Africa or in New York or Tokyo. I can tell if he is a true practicing Muslim that he is a Muslim. But if he is not you

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If he has lost his identity, I could not make him out from a Judeo Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist etc. Because they all look alike,

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a Muslim always protects his identity through how he looks in through how he acts

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blindly following fashion, as dire impact and negative effects on the Muslims. Among the bad effects, it causes people to waste money extravagantly.

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How is that people keep on following fashion and fashion keeps on changing. So every week, every month, they keep on buying new clothes. They keep on buying new gadgets, because this is fashion. And that is why it's a billion dollar industry. You have catwalks, you have designers, you have special magazines, you have special channels, TV channels, supporting the fashion so that they would keep the people Muslims and non Muslims alike. They will keep them in this vicious circle going round and round blinding not knowing what to do. Just following what they say. Today, the fashion is you wear miniskirts? All women wear miniskirts, whether it is permissible in their religion or not.

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Tomorrow, the fashion is that they wear long dresses with long sleeves and a headscarf. Okay, we follow the fashion. Men are like movie stars are clean shaven, we shave our beards. Tomorrow, a movie star comes with a thick and big beard, everybody's doing it.

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Because they are like sheep, they just follow their masters and they follow their shepherds. Following fashion is a waste of time.

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Because you keep on wasting a portion of your life changing learning and visiting shops and asking about prices so that you can see what fits you and what does not. And this is not what a proper Muslim should do.

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Among the shortcomings of following fashion, is that you end up doing things that and there's Allah, the Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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Why? I'll tell you why.

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A lie soldier, for bait for us men to imitate women, and forbade women from anything thing men, and he cursed those who do this. How many times you've seen fashion that resembles the dress of the opposite sex. You have women wearing suits, ties, you have women wearing men's clothes. And on the opposite, you find some men wearing something that resembles women clothings. And you so many times be shocked of the things that men could wear with following fashion blinding,

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ignites arrogance in the heart. It makes people want to show off and boast about what they're doing. Because they want to satisfy themselves internally. So they start to show off. And each and every one of us look at what the other is wearing. And how can I

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imitate? or How can I criticize? So if I'm unable to imitate him and wear like he's wearing, I will then criticize him and look down at him. Why is that? Because we are blindly pursuing and following

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what is known as fashion.

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Why was Adam and Eve

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thrown out of Paradise

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because they ate from the forbidden tree, which caused them to realize their nakedness.

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So they were descended to earth. And Allah gave them the blessing in favor of clothes. And a Muslim is always covered, is always protective of his body. Now look at how shaitan works. It was shaped on who deceived our parents to eat from the forbidden tree and this is what caused their nakedness to be a patent. So nakedness is part of a trade on what the devil lives on. And if you

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Look at the fashion, you will find that it is based on nakedness, expose as much as possible from a woman's body.

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And this is why you have this passion

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of those who are not Muslim, to towards nakedness, they love to go to strip clubs, to nude beaches, to watch, nudity.

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And this shows you that this level of civilization they claim to have reached is not civilization. Because if you go to the jungles of Africa, you will find people nude there as well. And they don't have any civilization. So it is the shape on it is the devil who is implanting this in our heads, following fashion ignites hatred, enmity in the hearts because I'm envious of what you wear, and that I'm not able to wear it. And it ignites desires and lust. And this is the goal of shape one. The goal of the devil is that he makes people pursue their desires and lust because of what they have seen on the opposite sex. Therefore, I call you not to follow fashion blindly. Follow your

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identity as a Muslim. Be proud of who you are, and never ever think down yourself just because you're not following what the others are blindly following was an American