Common Errors in Salaah – Salaah without a Headgear

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Now in as far as the common errors that we commit in Salah is concerned, yesterday we wrapped up our discussion in as far as being considerate or not being considerate is concerned. We explained yesterday that if there is a short announcement that the Imam is making, or if this is short point of education immediately after Salah, or if, for example, the Jamaat brothers are giving an alarm, it hardly takes a minute, a minute and a half, then to unnecessarily when there is no need to stand up and walk out is against etiquette. If these are justified need different method but to do it regularly, almost as if you displaying a kind of

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what you call it making a statement, do you not I refuse to listen to this. While it's not compulsory to listen, it's also not haram to listen, there is a position that Allah has given to the Imam is a position that Allah has given to them. If there is an announcement taking place from there, if there's a point of education being communicated Remember, the mustard is not only for Sara, it is primarily for Salah, but even in the time of Nabi sallallahu sallam, it was the center of learning. When you come to mistake, Donna may have written your intention was not only to perform you perform salah and read Quran and do your individual ibadah, it must also be to learn. So all of

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those things we discussed in the in the days that have passed, if you want to reach for and while the talk is on, don't sit right in front of the speaker. If you come in on a Friday, and you still have to read your students, read it at the back then come to the front don't come into the line of the person. And then these are all things that have to do with etiquette. Now moving on today I want to talk about another thing which unfortunately is becoming very common and many times is this due to negligence. People don't do it intentionally, is that and that is performing Salah without the headgear. Again, whilst the Salah may be discharged, technically, it's against the etiquette and

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it's against what has been the tradition in Islam. It's part of the appropriate dress and it's part of respect and humility, that when you come to the house of Allah Baraka with Allah, and when you are standing in Salah that you keep your head covered, it's not about everything in life is all about what is permissible and what is not permissible. So as long as it's as long as my Salah is valid, Why must it be an issue, because when it comes to matters of dunya we don't, we don't suffice with the bare minimum. So when we standing before laughter Baraka with Allah as well, we must make sure that we abide by these things. So a very common error that we make is that we perform Salah

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beheaded, and that if you read all the books and if you read all the the commentary of the fuqaha in the Judas they say some of classified it as mcru others if classified it is inappropriate that it is not correct to perform Salah whether you performing Salaam congregation in the masjid, or whether you performing Salah individually at home or in any other place. It is incorrect to perform Salah beheaded May Allah Baraka with Allah grant us the understanding. So Hannah law had become these