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alameen wa salam, ala nabina Muhammad wa sahbihi value, America, Santa Monica.

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May Allah reward you for your continued efforts in studying his book and give you the dose to continue to do that for the rest of your life. I mean,

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we have reached a certain heading now verse 21, this verse is considered to be the verse of motivation. Yes, it's designed in order to motivate the leaders us to strive to be great people in our lives. And one of the beauties beautiful things about this verse of motivation is that it's flanked on either side, before and after by verses that speak about the challenges or the reasons why people lack motivation in their life. So before Allah says, race towards the forgiveness of your master, and towards a paradise that is as vast as the sky in the earth, Allah says one of the reasons why you don't try and race is because

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the Buddha is because you're caught up chasing after the worldly life, which I'll explain to you is nothing but again, a distraction, a beautification, as we spoke about last week, but then after this verse, motivation, a law that says another reason why you fail to achieve great things in life is because now sort of impossible, because of the difficulties that afflict you the problems that you face in your life. So on one side, temptation keeps you back. And the other side problems hold you back. And Ally's going to address both of these things. Yes, one by one, but in the middle, a lot. So to inspire us. So the verse is cervical race, all of you unless he's raised towards two things,

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number one, towards the forgiveness of your master, and number two towards a garden, meaning gender, and I'm not described gender as being so vast meaning so wide, that it is as wide as the earth and the sky above.

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him output. He said that what that means is that each man or woman in paradise will have their own garden. That is, as far as I can see, yeah, alcohol can practice how vast it would be.

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So, there are two things. And this one is mentioned that forgiveness of allies mentioned before the reward of Paradise because a person needs to appreciate where they are now. And admit the kind of person that they truly are before a lot and seek His forgiveness before they can aspire to be great people. And that makes sense that before you want to achieve or you can achieve great things in life. You need to ask Allah to forgive you for your past and the mistakes that you have made and even Sulaymaniyah Salaam when he asked a lot that in that famous two hours for a kingdom that will never be rivaled. He began by saying Robbie

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this will lead will happen in Canada in Bolivia hadn't been badly so Oh, my master, forgive me. And then give me a kingdom the likes of which will not be rival is no as mentioned suicide. So the scholars they say when you make the odd always begin before ask Allah for the thing that you want. ask Allah to forgive you for the mistakes that you have made. Because when you are free from those mistakes are you in a better position to

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get what you want in mind. Yes. So there are two things what it means to raise towards the forgiveness of Allah. This was explained, it means to, to repent from the things that you have done in your past, and to do those deeds that will result in the forgiveness of Allah. Allah never mentioned which D to do a lot just left in general race towards the things that if you do them, you will gain the forgiveness of a lot. Now the scholars, they speak about many types of detail that if you do them, it was it would be as if you are racing towards the last few years, and all of them. Number one is to pray in the first half of the song. Yes, the first song of Jana, in the nostril is

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said to be one of those deeds that you will be racing towards.

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For his forgiveness, and other one is to be the first person on the battlefield. Yes, another one is to pray the salon in its first time. So door comes in, let's say at one o'clock and it lasts until four o'clock, that from Serbia who racing is to pray your salon in the earliest time. Of course, if you're praying in the miscue with the Jamaat, that is better, but if you're not there to pray in the beginning time is from that. But the interesting thing is Allah never mentioned these deeds specifically Allah left at Gen Y, why not tell us the one or two things that if we do them, that it will be considered as if we are racing towards a lot because we never know which deed will land us

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in paradise. We never know which could be that we may do in our life that may result in having complete forgiveness a lot game paradise we know in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, the promise of Allah, he told us that once upon a time, in the bottom the day was a woman that like a prostitute. Yes, a woman who lived a life of indecency. Many aside from the Israelites, that she was once by a will, as she saw a dog panting with its tongue

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coming out of his mouth out of you know, strong thirst. And all she did is she removed her shoe or her leather sock, filled it with water and gave it to the panting dog. That soul and the proxr Lama said that Allah He forgave on account of that. Alaska gave her on account of that deeds. What does that show us? It shows us that you never know which deed you do, will get you into paradise, therefore do as many good deeds as possible

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and never trivialize the deeds. That's another lesson never trivialize something small. Maybe Allah, you know, will not appreciate it as much as for example, as you know, making sure that the Quran is true in a general sense, but in your personal circumstance, maybe that deeds is more beloved to abandon another

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servant for Allah. mk Felton below. The word Sabu literally means to race. Now, imagine that you are racing. Imagine you're involved in a race. Okay?

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What is the benefit of thinking about racing towards spiritual forgiveness, like you are someone inside a race? See, one of the benefits is that when you're racing, you are racing, and you will leave something behind you. And you're heading into a direction, that direction is towards the goal. But what you left behind in the spiritual sense is what everything else that is going to, is going to take you away from

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like the love of dystonia, like all of the things in life, that they prevent you from acquiring the mercy of Allah, the forgiveness of the body. This is one thing, another benefit of saying this is like a race. It is to make you think that Islam your Islam should not should not be like, you know, let me do the minimum thing. You know, like someone comes to the mom and says, Hey, Mom, what's the one or two things that I need to do? Again, two parents tell me I can write them down a list of five things to pray. Okay, five times a day

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in my life, Ramadan fair enough. God if I cannot pay, so is that is that enough? If I do the minimum, technically, maybe. But is that what Allah expects of you?

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A lot. Expect expect savvy, who for you to race for you not to want the minimum what for you to want to excel and do the most. And the maximum, you see is a big difference between the two. Yes, and if you think about it, we are follows the promise of a la jolla center.

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Does the processor want to achieve the least or does he want to achieve

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if anyone read his life, you

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is like a man on a mission. For the very first day and to his last breath, he is striving to bring as many people into the worship of Allah. And we by extension eyes followers, which means that we must also strive as much as we can to worship upon the best way and to bring people into the fold of Islam as well. Yes, and scholars, they take this AI very seriously. For example, in fact, they discuss a man who has enough money to go and hatch, but he delays it, and to a more convenient time. Is that allowed?

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Yes. Is that an out? What do you think is enough?

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So you've got enough money, okay, you could get home from work, whatever you could go, what do you think to yourself, you know,

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I'll be a better Muslim next year. So because I'll be in a better place next year, next year. Anything wrong with that?

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are divided on this? Yes, those are divided on this. But the scholars that say it is a mistake to do that. They use this, this is a proof because Allah commanded you to race towards good deeds. And you are they are thinking, you know, all procrastinate are delayed for another year. Yes. So generally speaking, if anyone has the means to go and hatch, that they should go and hatch, and they should not delete.

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So I want to describe paradise as being an out and out means vast, yes, as vast as what the sky and the earth means the distance between the earth and the sky. That is how vast it isn't the amount of code to be said, this is speaking about the gender of just one person, or entity in arena. And we'll be learning mostly already prepared for those who have believed in Allah and these messages. Again, the idea that you must have faith in all the messages, it's not enough for you just to have faith in at least the Christians or

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Jews or Mohammed Samana center for a Muslim Rather, he needs to have faith in all of those messages as real messages that came from our last panel.

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One of the benefits of telling us in the past as for a dense disorder to be prepared, is that it creates a sense of excitement in the mind of the listener that is not going to be made later on in the future. It's already prepared. All the palaces all the plans or the fees of Paris is already there, right now existing as it is waiting for your company. It is waiting for you to enter service may

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mean that they don't wanna say is that is from the Dougie Lola, from the father of the law, as if to say that Paradise is something that a lot gifts to you. The difference between adjure and further is that agile is a compensation, you do something you get something in return. I thought that is to be given something you don't deserve.

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semasa Paradise is something you don't actually deserve. No one can do enough deeds to get the proportional water Paradise is disproportional, that much reward for just a few years worth of effort. It doesn't really equate. So Allah says Paradise is the Father. You don't actually deserve but Allah is going to give it to you because he's a white man. He is a hang up man. gives it to him that he wishes while long Luna felden Tao even Allah is the one who possesses great bounty greatfather. Now comes the verse which deals with stress worries and depression. Yes, and inside of this verse, there is a lot for a person who may be going through some kind of depression in their

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life to find confidence strengthened so please listen carefully to this verse.

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Allah says now Saba MC will see that in front of the man Fusco elaphiti kita de Mille, caudalie and Nevada.

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They are no calamities.

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They are no calamities that afflict a person either on this earth or inside they own cells, except that Allah wrote it before he created a lot of robotic before he created. What does that mean? It means that whatever difficulty you go through in your life

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it was already written it was going to happen before you were even brought into this court. Where was it written? It was written in a lotion backboard that preserved

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now that statement is somehow designed to make you feel some reassurance when you go through your difficulties. How so? How does knowing that Allah wrote that that was going to happen to you before you were even created? help you to struggle through that difficulty?

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Okay, very good. So when you go through a difficulty, you don't

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It is a man this is just bad luck or swords though or whatever people like to say is something that was already meant to happen. But you decided it was going to happen?

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Was it fate? Was it stars? Was it his universe? Was it Mother Nature boom?

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Exactly. It makes you reflect about who wrote that would happen. The one who wrote that will happen is none other than you're making, you're creating a sustainable, long legacy.

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So knowing that can help you through your difficulty, isn't it? Another benefit is the way Allah spoke about calamity. He called it a masiva. This word needs to be unraveled a little bit the word we'll see where it comes from the root word, swab, and swab is something that is correct. Something that is right on point. And from this word you get the word is Saba, which means to strike a target, a saw been killed boss means he shot the arrow, and they hit them up. So Allah said, a calamity is actually a masiva, meaning something that a lot targeted you with. And it was correct for you meaning was tailored to your potential. So your difficulties that you face in your lives are not

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randomness. In fact, they have been accurately designed for you to cope with. And that is one law says another.

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law you can live for long enough son in law was our law says no soul will be burdened with more than it can bear. Even if you're going through some tragedy in your life, you should know that number one, a law he pinpointed it to come to you.

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Number two, that calamity is designed to fit with your potential. You have the ability to see it through you have the ability to have faith in those times. Now another linguistic you know, benefit in this verse is the word min publican, Nirvana.

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The word Naga means nothing. Before you will create it all before the calamity happens. Yes, but Allah never said new company and Allah said, poverty and Nevada, the word Nevada, very interesting. The route from this route, yes, you get the word buddy, which means to be free from some blame. So Ibrahim would say to his either worship people in the body or be mad.

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I have nothing to do with the ship that you are engaged and use the word bury the same as the word being used here. So the linguistic meaning is to be free from some kind of blame, or free from some kind of shortcoming. Allow use that word to describe the creation of your calamity. Why? Because the calamity is designed to remove some kind of blame on your part is designed to distance you from some of your own shortcomings. How does that make sense, the promise of nominalism you told us that a believer is not touched by sickness, by grief, even the printing of a phone except that it explains for some of these scenes mistakes. So allow us the word number to show you that the reason is coming

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to is not to make you suffer, it is coming in order to free you from some things you've done wrong in your life, to remove some of the sins from your life, and that again reassures you, that doesn't matter how bad it is, even though I'm hurting inside. The fact is that if I can keep faith in this time, then it means that I have left behind some of my own mistakes. And I returned to Allah as a person pure and free from the blameworthy things that have done in my lives. Give us understanding

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in our law, you see, and then Allah says, indeed, that is easy for Allah, I think about this, what is easy for law, number one, to create you, number two to write every single thing that is going to happen to you in your life, even before you were born. I think about that when you think about humanity, a lightsaber that knows about you, but every single person, I mean, that amount of data, how many gigabytes of data is that? How many gigabytes of data does it take to record everything that will happen to you in your lab?

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Seriously, is there a supercomputer in this world that can handle that amount of data to record everything that happened to your life, never mind the whole of humanity Never mind since the beginning of creation to the end, along with the law say in Nevada law you see, easy for law, nothing for law effortless for laws.

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Yes. And then Allah says, explaining further, why do I make difficulties come into your life? Two reasons I give. Next verse is leaky tap. So Allah satakam wha hoo. Number one, in order that you don't despair about that which you lost. Number two, you want to be methodical, and you don't become overly excited with things coming to you. That's very interesting. Am I saying the reason why I make difficulty come into your life is that number one, that when things do leave you, you lose things, money, or children, or anything belongs to you that in those moments, you don't lose it, and you don't become overly frustrated. This is one of the benefits of testing, that when difficulty comes

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to you that you become a person who is strong enough to deal with those things without becoming overly frustrated, this happens. Sometimes a person is struck with difficulty and he loses it. And he asked why we and he becomes he loses era, you know, a lot of saying that that shouldn't be the case, believer, you should know that I wrote everything down. And I'm telling you, I wrote everything down. So that when difficulty comes to you, you don't become overly frustrated. And the other way the other extreme was also important

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that you don't become overly excited. Yes. You know, when people they find fortune in life is one of the reactions is in order to go crazy. Okay, so somebody

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buy some treasure or

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somebody, you know, he find his gift to somebody or get some inheritances just fine as well with business, martial law. Okay, makes a turn for the best and he becomes a multimillionaire overnight. It happens. Once I remember, one of my friends, he went to Saudi Arabia he met.

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He met a Saudi who said his father used to live as a Bedouin in the desert. And that's how they grew up until some businessman approached him and said, this land here, underneath it is an oil reserve. And we work to start digging. And in, in, you know, in a payment, you receive this much money. Okay? And what happened is that overnight, that man and his family became millionaires,

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millionaires. So he goes, you know, we went from living in the desert to living in a palace, literally overnight, because it wasn't good for us. Because we lost basically, we didn't know how to appreciate that money, and many of our family members they lost, it's not because of it.

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And that's what happens. Yes, am I saying that? The reason I'm telling you that everything has been decreed is so that when things do come to you, you find it in your heart to be grateful to me, and you find it in your heart, not to go crazy without money, that wealth is low. So some of the scholars they discuss, like Hamza Marshall, he said, is a law prohibiting us from being sad, in difficult times, and for being happy in good times. No, what Allah is prohibiting us from is that when difficult times come, you don't become so unhappy, that you end up doing hard things, or saying things and allies prohibiting us from becoming so happy in good times, that you stopped doing fun

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things or you start seeing things or does that make sense? So you can be sad, you can be happy, but you must be controlled and measured. And this was the process that he taught us, he said, and what are we hiring?

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He said, that a strong believer, strong meaning mentally, you know, physically, emotionally, is better and more beloved to Allah than a week,

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though in both of them are in order that they some goodness in the sight of Allah. Yes.

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And then Allah says, will long leather shampoo

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and a lot is not love. Every bottle and two descriptions are given to people. The first one was done. From Moscow, the rootworker car comes higher means imagination. Even

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some must say a lot of people have imagination. Yes, there has been a lot of smart, creative people, it means that a lot of them like the people that they think so much of themselves in their imagination.

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Yes. And usually in the Quran. The pasta refers to a person who like to show off his wealth to other people. Yes. So a lot of the like the people who are deluded and think very highly of themselves have their own imagination and a lot of sunlight for who

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The word fun which means prime is the more it's the more intense spelling people that are very proud of themselves, people that look down on others. And that fits in with the verse because a lot of saying that, you know, calamity comes for a reason. So when you see other people less fortunate than you don't think that you're better than don't think they may be better than you. Yes, there's a saying amongst a lot is that level of down on the elderly, because they've worship a lot more than you never look down on the youth, because they've seen less than you. Yes, amazing, isn't it? So about perspectives of Allah. And Allah is telling us that he doesn't like people that look down on

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us, or people that are full of pride. For some of the lessons we learn from these verses, brothers, is number one that a Muslim, he should live with a vision. A Muslim should not live day to day life, he should have high aspirations for himself, especially in his relationship with the last panel. And part of having a vision is having a plan for yourself. Yes, and that plan can be to do with, for example, your salon, or the art. Let's take these two examples. If you're a person who struggles with their prints, like let's say that you only pray once a day, which is obviously very disappointing, but let's say you struggle, just praying once a day, you should have a plan that in

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six months time usually increase that one salon to Tucson, and then in one year's time, that salon can become free. And maybe in five years time, if it takes that long, that you become committed to leading to pray five times, obviously, lowering the bar a lot in this example, but for some people, that's what they need. But this verse is telling you to race, which needs to be someone who has visions in life. Yes. I remember reading about the day in the life of the five top CEOs in this world. Okay, so a day in the life of the CEO, guru of Apple, etc, etc.

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And one of the common themes of their daily life is that every one of them wakes up early in the morning. Number two, every one of them. They jump out of bed when they get on this one.

00:27:16--> 00:27:23

It's like opposite for most of us, isn't it? Wake up late? No, we do Wake up, wake up. Oh my god, you have to wake up. Why is it that they like to jump up?

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Because the day excites them. The plan they have for that day excites them so much, that they can't wait to start the day when they start the day they jump out to this. These are people that are serving who racing towards the dunya.

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We are supposed to keep an eye raised towards that.

00:27:46--> 00:27:56

And if that is the case, and it should show in our daily habits in our daily life. Yes, with the Quran, we should have a vision. For many of us. We haven't memorized the Quran.

00:27:57--> 00:28:05

But why not? Why don't have vision that you know what, in the next 15 years that I inshallah will memorize.

00:28:06--> 00:28:22

And I will start today with a plan. Maybe in the next six months, I'll just memorize one juice. And when I get used to it, the next six months I've memorized frejus and the list plan milestones year after year after year. Why not? You know, I remember once

00:28:24--> 00:28:39

a 78 year old man came up to me. And he said, Can I speak to you in private? As soon as we went to the site, we sat down and he said, You know what? Make the offer me? I said of course. He said, I said what is the door he said a door that allows me to memorize.

00:28:41--> 00:28:54

But then he started to cry. He said, You know, for the last three years, I've tried to memorize a parameter in the morning, I memorize it in the evening, I forgotten it. He said that makes me so sad and sad. Please make

00:28:55--> 00:28:56

us so proud of

00:28:57--> 00:29:42

this man. He has a vision in his life and his towards the end of his life. This is the power of vision that it spurs you on to try to unlock your potential and versus like this, they are speaking to us on that level that Muslims do not go for the minimum rather to go to the maximum. Another benefit from these verses is realize that if you are going through a difficult time, then a law he wants something good to come through that difficulty. Yes. And the best thing that can happen to you through that difficulty is that you distance yourself from some mistakes you have made in your own past or that you draw close to home or through some reward or through your rank. These difficulties.

00:29:42--> 00:29:48

They're not designed to break you. They're designed to build you. Yes, this is one of the benefits. This was another benefit

00:29:50--> 00:29:52

from this verse is to

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

help us to want to be stronger people to be tougher people. You know, I believe

00:30:00--> 00:30:27

Is someone who is meant to be able to overcome whatever challenges that comes his way. And the proof of that is that our leaders are prophets. They were people that had to face so many difficulties in their life, just incredible how many difficulties our province that along with us had to face in his life. Why? Even if you think about one aspect, that he was orphaned twice over, and his father passed away before he was born, and his mother passed away when he was six years old, you know that?

00:30:28--> 00:31:13

Why is it that a lot decided that the greatest man in history would have such a rough beginning? Surely having parents and having a good upbringing is part of being a great person. No. Bala said No, he's not going to have a father and his mother is going to pass away but he's just six years old. Why? Because being an orphan, and living the tough life, made him a tough person. Allah was training him, preparing him for great things that are going to come into his future. And if he doesn't, toughen up now and develop a strong heart, he may falter later on down the line. Yes. And so this is how we should see our online. online testing used with some difficulty. It is only

00:31:13--> 00:31:19

prepare you for something great must have inspired us to be great people in our lives and our children and the

00:31:20--> 00:31:21

discipline of him.