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Hamedan abdomen rasuluh

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Yeah, you're Latina taco la haka to cardi he oughta termo tuna Illa and to musli Moon

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for inositol HEVC keytab ALLAH SubhanA wa ala or higher al Hadi Eddie Mohamed in sallallahu alayhi wa salam or shall Ohmori more data to our coolabah data in vida, que la vida Adela Akula Bala that infinite a Madonna

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but yours brothers and sisters, the Quran reminds us kulula have seen the cartoon notes, whatever you come, we'll hire you a shattered refits, where you lay in total Gerawan Allah the Almighty says every single soul will taste death and we will test you with goodness with Fortune and with misfortune. And to us is your final return.

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This verse is often quoted during the janazah

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coolness in the control mode every soul will taste death.

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But this the wording in this verse Hala first is very interesting Allah the Almighty says every soul will taste death evoke, instead of saying every soul will experience death or will feel death, which seems to be the more logical way to say it. And some of the scholars they say this is also the case when Allah spoke about punishment. Vocal either but how do you Allah says, and taste the blazing fire taste the blazing Fire?

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And the scholars they say perhaps one of the wisdoms is that from all the senses that Allah has given us from feeling from seeing from hearing, taste, is the sharpest taste elicits the biggest reaction. If you ever tasted something extremely salty, it is difficult to pretend as though it is not salty. Why? Because the taste buds, the sensation is very strong. And perhaps that is the reason why they say Allah said, taste, death, taste the punishment, to express the shock with which we will experience death, Allahu Hassan, and how it will be something

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that we will experience a nothing before it ever been like that.

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And though when you think about death, it is something that saddens you, and it's something that you'd rather not think about. Our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said at FIU, the Kalahari Mandela that he said, Remember, a lot, the destroyer of pleasures, a lot. Think about it a lot. He said, why not? Because he wants us to be people that are sad and gloomy. But because in the remembrance of death,

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we find inspiration in the remembrance of our own personal death.

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Do we find the motivation to be better people?

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Just the other day, I have a very good friend of mine, he phoned me. He said, You know, I have some sad news to share with you just last week.

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My cousin passed away. May Allah have mercy upon him. He said he was only 54 years old, somebody who was very close to and he said, I've grown up with him all my life.

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And his death has really shocked me. And he then he told me exactly how he found out about the death of his cousin. He's the first to my cousin. He was at work.

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He was being interviewed by HR about something to do with his job. And the lady was asking questions. And then the lady noticed that his head had dropped down like this, and he wasn't responding.

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So she asked him, What is the matter what is the matter?

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And then he raised his head up,

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and his head fell backwards and his eyes closed.

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This is at work.

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This woman was in shock. She called the ambulance the ambulance arrived. Later on, they said this person has died. Person has been dead for a while.

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And then what happened is that people obviously, the workplace found his family.

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And then the news began to spread and this person lives up north. And my friend is here in London. And he said, I received a call from my mother and us at work. He works in the pharmacy.

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He said the day before my mother said to me that you know when you go to work, remember to get my toothpaste. So when I saw the phone ringing, I thought my mum has phoned me to remind me.

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So he picked up the phone

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and his mum said to him, remember to get the two

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And then she said, you know your cousin who's had a major heart attack? And he said, What? What do you mean? Who she said? And then he said, Is he okay?

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And she said, No, he's dead. And she started crying, and she put up and she hung up the phone.

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Now his mother was in so much shock, that she didn't know how to break the news to her son, that this is what's happened to your cousin. She couldn't find the words. This is what happens when you are in shock. You cannot speak properly, you lose the power of speech. But for my friend, this was the worst way to find out. He said, As soon as she pulled up, hung up the phone. He said, I started to scream

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Then he said, I started pacing up and down the pharmacy thinking what has happened? What is happening to you that maybe it's not true? Maybe my mother has misunderstood.

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So he picked up the phone and he found his niece, the daughter of his cousin.

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And he said,

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Is it true what they're saying? She said, It is true. I'm in the hospital. I'm looking at him right now. He has gotten along.

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He said in that moment, he hung up the phone, he started began to cry uncontrollably. How? How could it be gone? Like this

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total shock.

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And he said he began to think

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about how he can make sense of this.

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And he said the first thing I thought about when I was in the state of panic

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is how Allah the Almighty says in the Quran about us Hubballi Amin people who will be given the book on the right hand.

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While young Kalibo either early he must Aurora, that they will one day return to their families happy and smiling Allahu Akbar.

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And he said I saw comfort in the idea that I will see him again.

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And then he started to tell himself that this person even though he is gone, look at what he has left behind.

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He's married, he has four daughters. SubhanAllah. Just last October, he got his eldest daughter married.

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For sure this person never thought he was going to leave this worldly life this soon, just like every single one of us.

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But my friend started to think about how his cousin used to pray five times a day. He used to force a month of Ramadan, he said even he used to help the brothers set up a dowel stall outside to give her arms to non Muslims.

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And he said, I started to think about this and this made me feel at peace. Those still upset. He said, This is what made me feel he said this is what stopped me from going mad. This is what he said.

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And you know what I thought about how he was dealing with this shocking news.

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And I felt so inspired. It reminded me of the verse Allah the Almighty says when other people wonder can be che in middle hope he will do or anyone across the middle and while he will foresee whatsoever out were best, she saw it in

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what best she was sobbing Allah says, We will certainly we will certainly test you with failure, with hunger, with loss in terms of money, lives and crops, but glad tidings to those who are steadfast Allahu Akbar.

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You see, my brothers and sisters, Allah has already told us clearly that this life is designed to be a test. This is this life has been designed to be full of tribulation.

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And just knowing that from the get go makes those difficulties easier.

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Have you ever asked someone for directions and they say to you, oh, he's just over there.

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And then as you are walking towards that place, you realize it is not just over there. It is very far away.

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Now that journey seems so much longer had the person said to which is gonna take you about 10 minutes. As you're walking now you have told yourself it's going to be a bit of a walk. Now it doesn't seem that long.

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Allah the Almighty tells us in so many places this life is going to be a test is going to have difficulty.

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Well, this shoot is Psalm 18. So be patient, be steadfast.

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But one of the ways in which a person can be steadfast and can have sovereign

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is by looking at the example of my friend

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because in that moment

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Whether he was in the eye of the storm, feelings, emotions are running wild.

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Most people out situation would start to say why why did this happen for how unfair it is? What is going to happen to his children? What has been adapted to his kids? What is going to who's gonna look after his wife?

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What was he thinking about? He was thinking about the promises of Allah Subhan. Allah

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is thinking about how Allah the Almighty has promised,

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who Allah will learn that he is our protector, our guardian.

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Pilot, one point in the conversation, we were talking about the children. And then somebody said maybe

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that these children will be looked after even better without their father.

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Because if you think about it, who was looking after them with their father, it was Allah then they will be Allah after that Allahu Akbar. But we don't think about this. Why? Because we don't

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have knowledge of the Quran. We don't have knowledge of the teachings of the prophets of Allah. So if we were to educate ourselves, about what Allah says about what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam tells us,

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we will not have the knowledge required to get through those difficult tests in life. Trust me, the people that you see who thrive through tests, who do not lose their minds through calamity, it is because they are clinging on to the promises of Allah subhanaw taala law you can live Allahu nevsun Illa

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Allah doesn't burden the soul more than it can be the Promise of Allah. In other hilariously you saw, certainly after hardship will come is the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala these are the thoughts that enter the mind of a person in those difficult moments that give them hope. They give them strength, and they allow them to get through those tests and in fact become closer to Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah subhana wa COVID wa portfolio start for Allah he will ask only salesmen for stuff through it never will afford rushing.

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Laura mother Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala sugarfina Mia mousseline, Amina Muhammad Anwar, the early he was so happy he is married a mother

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in 10 years time,

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some people in this room will no longer be here. Maybe I will be one of those people.

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In 30 years time, many of us will not be here.

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In 60 years time, not only will many of us not be here.

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But many of those who have died, will be forgotten. Yes, you will be forgotten, no one will remember you. No one will say your name.

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Except perhaps the dua of a righteous son or daughter. Will Allah grant us that

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the one will think of us

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but there is something that if you do,

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it will live forever.

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Something that if you were to do now,

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they will not be forgotten.

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They will be recorded, registered and rewarded for

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Allah will balloon Xena to hire to dunya Allah Subhan Allah says, wealth, children, they are the adornments of this worldly life while back here to saw your hair too high you don't and

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but the everlasting good deeds that you do. Far better in the sight of Allah. So Allah Abell, heighten Amira in terms of reward and in terms of placing your hopes in Allahu Akbar.

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That is what Allah says. That if you want this life to mean something to count,

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what do you have to do? You have to do good deeds.

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You have to work in this life. You have to worship Allah.

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sacrifice for Allah. Say no to haram for the sake of Allah. You have to spend time praying to Allah. Spend time fasting for the sake of Allah spend time opening the book of Allah subhanaw taala reading the Quran, these are the good deeds that start to

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increase on your record. And then when you die

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those good deeds keep living.

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And then on the Day of Judgment, when you are asked what did you do, your book will be presented.

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And on that book, it will have everything you did have good written down. Allah will not forget a single thing.

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Since the news, my friend,

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he said, you know, it affected me deeply. I said how he said, Now,

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I tried to do more good deeds.

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I tried to spend longer and the list said I tried to wake up in the morning he said, I started to work less.

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Because in the morning, I want to have a routine I go to pray Fudger I make my liquor. So I read my Quran, and then I take my children to school, I want to spend time with them. I said Subhanallah see how this news has brought you closer to Allah.

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This news has made you into a better person.

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And this is how the reminder of death should affect every single one of us. It should increase us in our good deeds, and it should make us more mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah the Almighty

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to grant us his Kadima, the best ending, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us a death. Upon learn EULA in the law. We ask Allah subhana wa to allow us to use every moment of life he has given

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to work towards the final meeting with Allah subhanho wa taala. Alumna and fusina Wilden. filled an hour have not an akuna nominal ha serene la Bonilla to Zulu manabadi 38 and our habarana Milan Kurama in Agra until herb Robina you know if you don't dunya Hassan Warfield for Euro two has been working on other than not working