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The Quran is a guide to shaping one's life and provides guidance on finding happiness and achieving success. It is essential to not feel hopeless or overwhelmed and to focus on finding ways to achieve success. The Quran is also used to inform one's purpose and direction and is crucial for personal success. It is also important to practice and not criticize the Quran, as it provides a way to achieve success in life.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah wa ala early he will be one then Well, first of all my dearest sisters as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh hamdulillah one of my

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one of the greatest sources of happiness every week is just to come here and see a beautiful faces honestly, you probably feel happy to come but I feel happier and hamdulillah so inshallah Beadalon the topic I've chosen to speak about today is the importance of the Quran in your life. Because until now many of us do not understand just how important it is to have the Quran in your life. To many of us Subhan Allah unfortunately, we only really pay enough attention to the Quran when it comes to Ramadan. And Ramadan comes we suddenly pick up the Quran, we start to read it but other than that, we find ourselves very busy making excuses, and we don't really have enough attachment to

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the Quran. And what is the reason why we don't have that attachment because we don't realize what is this Quran in the first place we don't realize the significance of this Quran. And what this Quran is doing is it can do for you, if you if you really hold tight to it in this life. That's what I want to speak about and Sharla because you don't realize how much you're in need for this Quran. You we are all in the greatest need for this Quran daily, it's not something that you can afford to not be with.

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So I'm going to just speak first of all about some of the benefits that the Quran brings to your life. And I'm going to talk about three awards for reciting the Quran and give you some ideas lastly on how you can implement it in sha Allah in your in your life.

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So first of all my dear sisters, there's certain characteristics of the Quran we need to be aware of and from those characteristics is that the Quran has been described as the hub dilla the hub Lula like as in the rope of Allah, okay, so from the characteristics of the Quran is the Quran is the rope of Allah. So you have to understand that that rope is your connection to Allah.

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The Quran is your connection to Allah, besides your prayers, your greatest connection to Allah is through the Quran. And so he sent this lifeline down to you, to help you get through this life. You know, when Allah Allah, Allah created us, and he created the Jannah, and he created the NAR, and he knew there's going to be trials in this life, he's knew there's going to be hardships, he knew it's going to be very hard to stay upon this right almost of him. But he didn't leave you alone. He didn't leave you alone, he sent the prophets to guide us and he sent the books and from the greatest books, which is the sale of the books and that you know, the the completion of all of those books is

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the Quran. You know, the perfect words of Allahu Taala the word you know that the Quran that abrogates all of the previous revelations, okay, so we have to realize that the whoever wants to truly be close to Allah in this life, okay, who is a truly wants to be close to Allah, Allah in this life

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ever, you know, truly wants to feel the love of Allah in their heart, then you cannot afford to be away from the book of Allah. You cannot afford to be away from the Quran because it is your actual, like your literal lifeline to Allah subhanaw taala and so if you're not close to the Quran, you're basically cutting yourself off from Allah, you're cutting your connection between you and Allah azza wa jal

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I guess that's the first of the things and then the second thing is too that the Quran is Huda. It is an Huda. It is the guidance it is your guide in this life. Like how are you supposed to know which way to go in this life without the Quran like, and it's not just the clear verses, my dear sisters that the Quran guides you like you've got the commands in there, you've got the prohibitions, yes, but Subhanallah each time you pick up the Quran, if your heart is really sincere and open to the words of ALLAH and you're really seeking the answers to your problems you're going through right now, you'll find that you'll start reading the verses And subhanAllah Allah will put

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in your heart the answer to your to your to your problems, he'll put the answer in into your heart of the guidance of what you're worried about right now, through the words in a way I can't explain it because every time you read the Quran, it has different meanings. That's the miracle of the Quran. It's not like an ordinary book, ordinary books, like let's say, you know, ordinary books that people read like for the say, Harry Potter or something like that. How many times can you read a book like that? Even if you're a total addict, maybe maximum you can read 20 times maybe there's a Guinness Book, Guinness Book of World Records for the maximum amount of times don't read it but

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eventually it's there's nothing new in it like it collapse you only you read everyone

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Word there's nothing new to take. But that's not that's how the Quran is different than any other book in this world. That no matter how many times you read it, you'll always find something new. There's always something new that Allah Tala is telling you through those words, and it's not necessarily you can read the tough see, it's because it's something Allah is putting in your heart through those words. That is the miracle of the Quran. You read the air, it'll mean something to you. I'll read the idea. It means something different to me. I'm not saying it but I'm not talking about interpreting the crime for ourselves. I'm not saying that I'm talking about when you're

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looking for life solutions when you're looking for the answers to your problems. And you turn to the Quran with sincerity with an open heart asking Allah Ya Allah guide me through your words to find the answers to what I'm what I'm struggling with Subhan Allah you will find if you do that, Allah subhanaw taala will place the answer somehow into your heart. This is what we're missing out on by not being close to the Quran, my dear sisters. So especially in these times of confusion in these times of confusion, when it's so hard to tell what is the what is right and wrong and it's gonna get worse sisters. It's gonna get even worse the fitna is gonna increase. Like already we know about

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this thing called liberalism. It is spreading. It is spreading, it has contaminated many Muslims in the USA.

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The thought the Arpita, and the thought systems of Muslims have been come contaminated through liberalism. They said I was reading an article yesterday, they said that Muslims in America have accepted LGBT faster than Christian groups.

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They go because this is what's happening because why How could this happen? My dear sisters, how could this happen? It because Muslims are not connected to Allah and they're not connected to the Quran. What is allowed Balcatta Allah say in the Quran in hell Khurana. Yes, Deely. Let me hear up one. Verily, this Quran guides to what is upright, it guides to what is upright, it separates between the false the falsehood and the truth. And if you're not close to it, you will lose sight of what is falsehood and truth and to everything else, everything becomes a mix. And so there's no more there's no more models, and there's no mama, no mama cow for you anymore. You don't see any

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difference between the halal and haram. Why? Because you became so desensitized. This is the this is the danger of the times we live in because we're so surrounded by Mocha, we're so surrounded by for sand that we no longer have the sensitivity. We don't even have you know, it's obligatory limit. Let me explain something to you very important principle. It's not always obligatory to forbid the moon car because sometimes it's not in our ability to forbid the moon car. But do you know that it's a word you want every single one of us My dear sisters to at least hate that minecart in your hearts. And if you don't hate it in your heart, then know that there is something very, very, very wrong

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with your Eman that you need to use. There's a there's some sort of disease that you need to ask Allah puntata to remove it from your heart, there's something wrong, there's something wrong, you need to quickly start doing some, you know, you need to do resuscitation on your Amen. Because you're going into a dangerous you're going to a dangerous stage with your Eman if you no longer feel any hatred towards the Mukarat around you anymore. Okay, so we're gonna understand something very clearly, there is a difference between giving people respect

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and not having love for it. We're not saying like, we know that people have got different lifestyles and we can't go and force our lifestyle and others. We're not saying that. But when you know that this is more cart and you have to hate it in your heart. You cannot accept that and say, Yes, that's fine. And let's praise it and let's go along with it. That's a different story. But doesn't mean we don't also have we don't go the other extreme of thinking that it's okay if we go and transgress on other people just like that, because we don't we don't like their lifestyle. That's a different story. Okay, so we have to not confuse between the issues.

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Alright, so what I'm trying to say to you, my dear sisters, the only way that this could happen to Muslims is because it's not connected with the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Because when you're connected to the book of Allah Subhana Allah it's this is what you know, the Quran is alpha on it is the criterion that sets up the you know, the difference between the falsehood and the truth. And without that in your life, you're not going to be distinguished, you're going to start getting confused. People use their emotions, they're nice words, and all of these things to confuse you start to get your Why shouldn't I just accept and you know, that's what starts happening to

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yourself, you start reasoning with your mind, rather than looking to what Allah loves and is pleased with. Okay, so as long as you open up your heart sincerely to book of Allah, the Quran

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I will be your guide in times of darkness. And they and these are times definitely We live in times of darkness in these times, definitely, you know, this is probably one of the darkest times as far as trying to find faith. As far as faith is concerned, it's probably one of the hardest and darkest times we're going through because there's so many, there's so much more influence in you on you than then in the past, in the past, you just, you know, lived in your little village not exposed to what's happening in the rest of the world. But, but in this time, we are exposed to everything that's happening in the world, you know, and everybody out there with any type of platform is able

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to get into your home and influence your mind and influence your heart. Okay, so that's, that's one of the things and then also we have to realize that the Quran is your greatest is from your greatest motivators to strive in this world. Okay? The Quran is from the greatest motivators, to strive in this world, because you have to realize that in this dunya everything is pulling you backwards, everything, all of the attachments in this dunya

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pull you backwards and make you forget about Allah in the next life, everything that you know, is probably you're exposed to, but what the Quran does is it awakens your soul, it awakens your heart and it takes you out of this world of heedlessness and Hoffler. Right, it makes you wake up to the reality of what is this life? And what are you here for? And so it puts you in a state of being constantly aware of what is the purpose of this life and what is the reality of this life. So and that's why my desistance the more you read the Quran, the more you stuck to the words of Allah subhanaw taala you'll find that you're you're constantly recharging your Eman, you're constantly

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recharging your Eman. And that's why the closer a person is to the Quran, the stronger you'll find that Eman is that is the reality. And so if we're lacking in our humanity, if we feel we're weak, have a look at how close we are with the Quran. How much are we implementing in our lives, how much we're learning its meanings, or we enrolled in a Koran class to learn the Quran and to hear it and to understand it. So we have what measures have we taken to be close to the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So you have to realize that what is the reason why those who are struggling, you know, close to the Quran, their Eman is strong, because they constantly plugging their heart into a source. They

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constantly plugging their hearts into a source. Just like your phone. Right? This is this is this is our life now our life revolves around our phone. But let me ask you what happens when you don't charge your phone?

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Your Yeah, or like me, I'm always going out my phone's on 20% My phone's on 10%. You know, it's always like I rarely get to, you know, charge it properly. But that's the same thing diseases with our hearts. If we're not constantly plugging our heart into the greatest source that Allah has sent us to motivate ourselves and to recharge our Eman then how can we expect to be how can we expect to be so motivated to strive for the next life?

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This is what we have to be aware of. And

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we have to realize that Allahu Taala did not send the Quran just for the purpose of reciting and memorizing it. It goes far beyond that. Yes, reciting and memorizing it is the first step. But it goes far beyond that because a lot of Tyler sent the Quran to motivate us. He's in it as a constant motivator for us. So that we can constantly be pushing ourselves towards change towards positive change in our lives and in this world.

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Because Allah Donna wants us to constantly be trying to better ourselves like we should be always moving forward as believers, striving for the next life. We should be trying to constantly pushing ourselves forward and getting better in our Eman and getting better in our in our steadfastness in sha Allah and asking the Lord to keep us steadfast, right. So once you start reading in this path of being close to the Quran, you'll see how the Quran is going to open up doors for you in wanting to strive more for the earth era. So you'll find that Subhanallah suddenly you'll find yourself wanting to strive and be part of being part you're being part of, say at a charity organization, you know,

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helping towards the athlete or things like this, you find yourself opening up to wanting to do more righteous deeds, getting involved with Dawa, getting involved with charity projects, different different doors of hire different doors of goodness, that you'll find that the Quran will open up to you because you're you've already opened your heart to the Quran, and then you start realizing like, the more you read the verses of Jana, the more you read verses of Jana, the more you realize you need to do something to get there. You can't just have hope, you know, wishful thinking that you're going to reach there. What am I going to do personally to reach a Jana and there's different doors

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of Jannah you know, there's a door there's a door of charity, there's a door of jihad, there's a door of cin, so what's the door that you're going to take because we all have different talents we all have different abilities.

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We all have different

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things that we find easier than others. Some people find prayers easier than others. So they do extra prayers. Some people find sadaqa easy so they do lots of extra sadaqa some people they love fasting so they do lots of extra fasts, some people find reciting and memorizing the Quran is easy for them. So, they they go for that you understand. So, this is what we have to look for each and every one of you have got individual acts of worship that you find easy for you and this is what you need to be trying to find in yourself what is what is the one that really you find easy and through that inshallah This is the delay into your path to jannah inshallah. So this is how, for the one who

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comes to the Quran has since sincerity, that it can make a transformational change in sha Allah upon your life. Then, another thing in regards to the Quran is the Quran is baraka. The words of the Quran are Baraka, and they bring Baraka into your life, okay? They bring Baraka into your life and this was a lot of people do not understand this. You know, you'll find the more you read the Quran, you see the baraka starts to come into your home. You see the baraka in your children. Allah blesses, he paints baraka and blessing in your children. He plays blessing in your family, in your even marriage. Subhan Allah in your risk, I'm not saying gonna be a millionaire. I'm not saying you

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can be a millionaire by reading the Quran. No, but you know, Allah makes the life happy for you. He makes the life content for you, even if you don't have a lot of things. Okay, and this is this is the greatest, this is the greatest source actually, of richness. richness is not through material things. richness is the richness of the soul as the prophets that I'm told us. So, so many people, they say, you know, I'm too busy, and I don't have time to read the Quran. But what they don't realize is that the Quran gives you Baraka in your time, it actually blesses your time. A lot of people you know, they sit down and they write out this.

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They might write out a timetable what they want to achieve, you know, like, goals and plans and everything like that, but they don't realize that if you really wanted to achieve a great deal in your life, then it's through the baraka of the Quran. Huge, you know, a lot of bless your time through being close to the Quran.

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And the other thing is true that the Quran is the way to every happiness the Quran is the way to every happiness. You know Allah Tala, he says in the Quran, in the Quran, the Manitoba Budaya Falaya de Loup, Allah Yeshua, whoever follows My guidance, then they will never go astray, nor shall they ever grieve. They'll never feel sad by following the guidance of Allah who tobacco to Allah. So what is the reason for that? Because every time you recite the Quran, every time you try to ponder over the meanings, you know, and get close to Allah through the Quran, it's nourishing your soul. It's nourishing your soul. And it brings happiness to your heart. It raises your Eman. It brings

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happiness to your heart. And what it does is it takes your mind off your problems. It takes your mind off your problems, like it's even proven that if you want to feel happier, you need to put a block on your thoughts. You need to find ways of putting blockers on your thoughts. Like if you go to a psychologist, and you're going through anxiety or depression, they'll tell you that you need to put blockers on your thoughts because your thoughts keep taking you this way. They keep taking you that way. And the more you go into it, the more negate chemicals start booting up in your body, and you start feeling worse and worse and worse. It's like a downward spiral. But if you put blockers,

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then Subhanallah you'll see how you know you ever step out of that you're at a step at your life for a little while, and focus on something else. And what better way than focusing on the Asherah what better way than focusing on not lighting the outfit up? So that's what the Quran does. It's putting, you know, the best of blockers you know, on your mind. It's filling your heart with hope. It fills your heart with love for Allah and not and feeling like you're not alone. You don't have to deal with all this on your own. And knowing there's agenda in the next life, that everything you're going through is worth it. You know, there's nothing that nothing is, you know, a little Dallas's and so

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it's Maryanne WOMAD can walk Buka Nursia like your Lord is not the forgetful of what you go through my dear sisters, Allah is watching you know, you know allow daluz Shaheed he is a Shaheed your he is witnessing everything you're going through and in Allahu Allah you the original mercy Nene, Allah does not you know cause the the good deeds of of the Mercy need to be lost. So whatever you go through, it's not forgotten by Allah subhanaw taala

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so there's what we have to keep in our mind that's what the Quran reminds you.

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And if you think about the Quran as well, my dear sisters, the Quran is a book of hope.

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The Quran is a book of hope, full of hope. Think about all the verses for example that led to his No, do not feel sad. I was comforting you through those words. Well

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to harmful, don't, don't fear, don't fear anything Allah is with you will lead to you know, don't feel weak, don't feel overwhelmed by whatever is happening to you in your life. And when they take a soul will lead to a soul do not, you know, do not despair, do not feel hopeless, do not feel helpless, don't feel like there's no hope for you in whatever you're going through. So we have to realize that life is so full of, you know, of trials and hardships and sadness. And as I said earlier, Alon knew when he created you, that you're going to go through this, he knew and it was all written for you 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth, that you're gonna go

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through trials and sadness and hard times in this world. So that's why we are in the greatest need for what fills our heart with hope you need to fill your heart up with hope. And if you're not doing that, then Subhanallah How can you No wonder we feel so hopeless, when we don't take the winner take the means to try to fill our hearts with hope. Okay, so what the Quran does, it comforts your heart, it strengthens your heart, it helps you face the trials that come in your way. It helps you face and become resilient. It gives you resilience in ways that I can't explain it. It's from the baraka of the Quran. It's honestly from the baraka of the Quran. That's why Allahu Taala told the prophets

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that Allah selon Cadair Lika. They knew that BTB he for ADEQ This is how we strengthen your hearts. You have to ask yourself, what was it that making the profit sort of lows and so resilient against all his trials? What was it it's making the sahabi and the Sahaba so resilient in facing their trials? Yes, you could say that they Yes, they were, they were chosen from Allah definitely. But you know, and they had each other, they had each other to make each other resilient. But they were drinking from the fountain that Allah had sent them. They're always drinking from that fountain that Allah subhanaw taala had given them to drink from to make their hearts firm, to make their hearts

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resilient. That's what you have to understand. And because we're not drinking from the same fountain, that's the problem. That's why we're not feeling that strength in our lives, we're not able to overcome our hardships, we're collapsing in the face of our hardships, my dear sisters.

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So, you know, if you think about this time, one of the strangest things we see is despite we living in all of this luxury and comfort, but there's never been a time in history, that people have been so stressed and suffering from so much anxiety and depression and all of these things. And we have to ask, so what is the reason? What is the reason? Because we're becoming so caught up in dunya? You know, when you think about what is what is the reason for closing in the heart, ultimately, what is the greatest reason for frozen in the heart, it's always something from dunya.

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People don't get upset about big things that lead to Jannah. They get upset about dunya things. Okay? Ultimately, it's your own attachment to the dunya that's making you feel sad. So if you can start to realize that it helps you to detach, and not get so worked up about this, whatever it is, it's not worth it. Because Jonnie in the end, when you look back at this life, you'll be thinking to yourself Subhanallah I can't believe I spent all those days and all those years, you know, crying over that, or you're being stressed over that when this is now the reality of this world. It's either Janna or fire. You know, when you see that reality, you'll be thinking Subhan Allah, you

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know, Mel and that's what and that's what the Quran is there for, to remind you of that to bring you back to that that that is what is going to happen. That is the real reality that you should be focusing on. Okay, so that's why none of us can afford to be away from the Quran.

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It's what you need to get that perspective. It's so essential, but besides that, this is as well the Quran is nor the Quran is nor it brings Nora into your life. And it brings Nora into your grace and it brings nor for you and your spirits so that you know that the bridge over the hellfire, and it brings nor for you on your Akiyama so who wouldn't want to be close to the Quran? Who wouldn't want to be too close to the Quran? Subhan Allah, Allah Allah, Allah says are the jackal Mina lahi neuron work keytab Amobi verily, there has come to you from Allah

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and Nora alights and Kitab and will be in an n a clique book that Allah has said. So no matter how dark your life may be, but the Quran is a nor for you in this life, the Quran is a nor for you, and you have to seek that nor this life, you know, it's like, it's like a dark tunnel. You're going through this dark tunnel. You can't see your way. If you don't have something to guide you what's going to happen, you're gonna be banging, you're gonna start hitting yourself on the walls of that tunnel, you're gonna get hurt, you're gonna trip over the rocks that you can't see. But when you're close to the Quran, it's like you got a little LANSON

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Go lanton You're holding Atlantan it's helping you find your way not to bang into that not to trip over that and still inshallah you reach safely to the other side. That's the way you gotta think about the Quran.

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So, you know, as I said to you,

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in so many times when you're feeling lost and confused, you know open sit quietly go take well thought, sit quietly face to Kubler, open up the Quran, ask Allah beforehand make dua to Allah Ya Allah, I ask you to guide me through your words to show me the way what is the way I should take now I'm very confused and read and ponder and keep on making dua as you're reading and ask Allah Allah guide me through your words inshallah. bieden. Allah your sincerity, Allah subhanaw will place it in your heart he will paste the answer in your heart. The other thing my dear sisters, is that the Quran is a rule. It's described also as a war Allah Allah says, what can the DECA oh hey na e Laker

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who Han min Emery na that Verily We have revealed to you a warhammer min Andrina that we have revealed to you like a rule.

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Right? So this allows you to describe the Quran as a rule. And as you know, my dear sisters, what is a body that has no soul in it?

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What is a body with no soul?

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It has no life. The body with no soul has no life. And similarly, this life without the Quran in it is like a body without a soul. That's the reality. This life is like an empty life. It's just like a caucus or it's just like a, you know, an empty body with no soul in it if you don't have Christ in your life, because the Quran is what makes a person taste the sweetness in this life despite its bitterness. This life has got so much bitterness in it. But the Quran helps you taste the sweetness because the sweetness will only come through the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala through the remembrance of Allah who to Allah and the earth era and that's why without the Quran your life, you

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can't taste the true taste of this life because you've turned away from this connection that you need to have with Allah Subhana Allah. That's why the prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam he told us about the person with no Quran in them is like the destroyed ruined house. A person with no Quran in them is like a destroyed ruined house in a levee lay Sufi JioFi che on mineral Quran, calvey Till Hadith, that very the person who has nothing in their chest from the Quran is like the ruins house. That's why I strongly advise my sister's to memorize as much as you can from the book of Allah.

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Memorizing the Quran my desistance is different than just reciting the Quran when you have memorized verses and a yet and sores from the Quran, and you start to recite them from memory, it has a whole different effect on your heart than than just reciting it for the most half. Let me tell you, for example, sort of gaff on Fridays, if you recite sort of gas from memory from your hearts on Fridays, you will see it has a whole different effect on you than if you just want to recite it from the most half. Okay, so it's like a strengthening of the heart when you memorize the Quran. So that's why you know why, you know, don't you know, when you feel your heart up with the Quran, you leave, you don't

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leave space for Shaitan to come into it. Okay, you feel your heart up with the words of the Quran, that you don't leave space for emptiness to come in your heart or sadness or discontentment. You block it out through your, through the words of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why we have to ask ourselves as well, my dear sisters, why is it so much shaped on in the households of the Muslims today? Why is there so much Shaitan in the household of the Muslims today? Go and look at the state of the households of the Muslims to start off with how often do they how often do they recite the Quran? In those households? How often do they play the Quran in those households? You know, how

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often does the mother the children of that household hear the mother reciting the Quran in that household? Right? So instead, what are those households filled with my dear sisters, music, the voice of shaitan you know, movies

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you know, all these

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noises, arguing and screaming and swearing and all of the stuff that's going on inside the houses instead of bringing the Malayaka into the houses. We do all these haram things that the Malay can run away from our houses and so we leave it for the shaitan

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Okay, so this is what we have to ask ourselves and this is what I'm saying to you that that if a person doesn't have Quran in their house, you will leaving it open for Shaitan to come into your house. Okay, but when you bring

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Quran into your house, you're blocking the doors for Shaitan to be able to enter into your house, you will see Inshallah, that if you adopt Quran in your life reciting it every day reciting in front of your children, you'll see how Sakina comes down your house, your children, their behavior becomes inshallah better, they are flat becomes better, they become better in their, you know, in a practice of this then all these things because it has an effect, it has an effect through them, you know, seeing the Quran and witnessing and hearing the Quran always in the house. Okay, another thing the Quran is a Shiva, the Quran is she fat, it is a healing. It's a healing from every type of disease,

00:30:42--> 00:30:56

whether we're talking about spiritual diseases, or whether we're even talking about physical diseases, the Quran is actually fat for every type of disease. You know, but especially one of the greatest ways that the Quran is issue fat, is she fat from

00:30:57--> 00:30:58

doubts and confusion.

00:31:00--> 00:31:13

Okay, because other things, to be tested with other things to be tested with physical things, is a lesser test than to be tested in one's Dean. There's no greater test. And no matter if Tila

00:31:15--> 00:31:57

or trial, then to be tested in one's Dean. So even some of Salas if they got tested in something in their body or something in their wealth. That would say hamdulillah it wasn't I wasn't tested in my Deen because to be tested in your deen is a far greater trial. Okay, so, we are living in times of confusion. We are living in times of doubts. People now they doubt their Deen they doubt even about their own selves. They're confused about what direction to take in their lives that confused about their identity and who they are like people now whilst below there are people on this earth can you believe that even doubt with it, they might be even a cat's

00:32:00--> 00:32:23

as crazy as that sounds, I saw a man he's 50 he thinks he's a seven year old girl. Like that's the level we're reaching now. That's how much shaitan is overtaking that people can actually believe that they could actually be real in reality a cat and not a human being, like La hawla wala Quwata illa, like we think we're going to hit as society but

00:32:25--> 00:32:30

I don't think anybody in the past ever got to these depths, you know.

00:32:32--> 00:32:41

Subhanallah, we have to realize in all this state of confusion and craziness, yeah, we have to realize that if you don't truly know Allah,

00:32:43--> 00:33:22

then you can never truly know your purpose and direction in this life. That's what it comes down to. If you don't truly know Allah, you can never know your true purpose and direction that you need to be taking. And the only way to truly know oneself and to truly know one's purpose in his world is by firstly knowing Allah when you know Allah, then you can know about your own self. Right? So the only way to know Allah is how, through the Quran, how else can you about Allah, except for the Quran. So this is the first step to knowing about our lives through the Quran. So that's why Sisters, we need to realize that the Quran is like a medicine that you need to take every single day. It's not just

00:33:22--> 00:33:42

it's not really a choice anymore. Like, maybe in the past, when they had better environments, they could have maybe had a bit more of a choice, but in our situation that we're going through, we're going to have a choice. And so realize that even if you don't even feel like you're in the mood for it, you still need to take it as a duet, take it as a medicine. And never

00:33:45--> 00:34:07

you know, and you know, someone asked Shakib and I say men recommend law for example, they said to him, why isn't there in the Quran any AR about medicine? Why isn't there in the Quran any idea about medicine? He said, Because the whole Quran is medicine. There's no need to put an AI back to medicine in the Quran. Because the whole the whole Quran itself isn't medicine.

00:34:08--> 00:34:53

And I've already given you a lesson before about spiritual healing of the Quran. How even if you're suffering from physical ailments, if you've got some if you're going through a sickness, you should use the Quran, which is called rakia, recite on yourself. Recite the last three stories of the Quran, blow into your hands and wipe over your body and with with the, you know, in your, in your heart, sincerely believing that through these words, Allah can heal you. Because there's Baraka in these words. That's the approach not just because you recite those as are those those sorrows know, in your heart. You have the Tawakkol in Allah, the painting of Allah, that Allah can kill you

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

through these words, he can cure you through these words because these words are Baraka. They are his words kind of watada.

00:35:00--> 00:35:21

So we have to realize that you will never feel truly strong nor stable in this life. Until you hold firmly on to this book, you need to hold firmly onto his book until you reach your growth. It's the only way to get through safely in this world right now. I want to go on and talk a little bit about the rewards for Quran now in sha Allah.

00:35:23--> 00:35:32

So, there's so many rewards for reciting the Quran. I'm not going to go through all of them I'm going to give you some of the some of the you know some of them to keep in mind.

00:35:33--> 00:36:17

But we have to realize that if we want to be close to Allah if we want to be if we want Allah to raise us in status with him in this world and the next then the Quran is from the greatest ways because Allah Tala, the prophets that Allah has and taught us hydrocodone mentaI lEnel Quran why lemma? The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it. So learning the Quran, teaching the Quran so if you go and learn the Quran, you teach it to your children, you will be Inshallah, from this category, even Allah so we should that should be our aim to always be stuck to the Quran until we reach you know, to admit with a loss upon data. Also the profits that are lawyers and told

00:36:17--> 00:37:03

us in any lahaie Lena Mina Ness that he has Allah has you know, chosen amongst people whom Allah Qurani Allah he will ha sir to who that they are, who are those chosen from amongst people? They are the the companions of the Quran, the companions of the Quran, and they are the companions of Allah and they are his chosen May Allah subhanaw taala make us all for amongst them your Apollon Amin. So, you know, we have to realize that we have to always make dua and ask Allah Ya Allah make me from the companions of the Quran make me from the companions of the Quran. Because the Quran is not something you need the Quran is something that Allah and He gives to whom He chooses. So you ask Allah Ya

00:37:03--> 00:37:50

Allah make me from those who you've chosen and to make me from the make me from the Quran your plan Amin How do you know if you're from Allah Quran? How do you know if you're from the company? The Companions of the Quran? Allahu Taala says and levena Tina who will Kitab yet Luna who have Atilla T, Allah ek you may know Nabhi those who recite the verses of the book of Allah, they give it it's right in its tilava Okay, those there is they they are the ones who Allah ek you mean on a beat, they are the ones who believe in it. So the sign of your belief in the Quran is that you constantly recited and that you constantly tried to perfect your recitation and understand it and recite it

00:37:50--> 00:37:54

constantly. That's a sign of your Eman in the Quran.

00:37:57--> 00:38:32

So if you find your heart open to the Quran, you know that you love to recite it that you live life to learn about it and learn its meanings and memorize it and you feel its sweetness and you try to strive to implement its commands in what you know in every aspect of your life. Then inshallah being the lead is a sign be evil and make us make us over amongst them you from the companions of the Quran inshallah. They from also from their words that the Quran is the Quran will intercede for its companions on Yom Okayama. So we know that on Yom Akiyama, the prophets that Allah has sent will intercede for this ummah.

00:38:33--> 00:38:59

The prophets will intercede for the various, you know, on them from their nations, the Malayaka will be given permission to intercede and even and even from amongst those who will be given permission to intercede will be the Quran so those who wish to give it the Quran it's Huck in reciting it the Quran will intercede for them especially those who he is a recite for example. So the Bacara and Ali Imran you know, and that was stuck to those

00:39:00--> 00:39:22

stuck to those stories especially they memorize them. Okay, so this that's some of the rewards for the Quran and the prophets that alone isn't set in Quran Quran for Inaho yet to mill piano Tisha fee on the US heavy recite the Quran for verily it will come on Yom Okayama as an intercessor for its companions

00:39:23--> 00:39:59

also be said to the companion of the Quran, it crop one tepee what what did like it will be set on your piano to the one who used to always recite the Quran, recite and continue reciting and keep continue repeating the ayats cannot quanta to Latino fifth dunya as you used to recite in the dunya that verily your level in Jana will be with the last idea that you recite. So this is from the rewards of reciting the Quran. And so you have to realize my dear sisters that you know, you might not in the beginning when you first go to the Quran

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

You might not really understand it, but you still get the reward of reciting it. So don't give up. Don't give up reciting just because you don't really understand it. And you can, you know, like, what you can do, what I used to do years ago, is you can have the Arabic on one side, you have the English on the other side. And so you can recite the Arabic AR, and you can look across and see what the English is, so that you can get more of an understanding of the eight, okay, so, but just knowing your hearts that even if you don't really understand the verses, it's still purifying you, it's still purifying your it's still raising you in your level. So that's why I don't give up it's

00:40:35--> 00:40:38

still there's still benefits in reciting the Quran.

00:40:40--> 00:40:45

Okay, so I just want to give some advice before we finish, give some advice.

00:40:47--> 00:41:28

Because we have in sha Allah, two months, two weeks, and approximately two days before Ramadan is about to start. So this is the best time now is the best time more than ever, that if we're not in a routine of of the Quran, that we need to start from now because, you know, preparing for Ramadan, if you want to be successful in our bond, you don't wait to the first day of Ramadan, you start early. Okay, you start early. Like if you're gonna go to hutch, or you're gonna go on a journey, do you pack your stuff the day before, we'll actually have to meet for some journeys, I do. But most of us when we go on a holiday, like especially it's a big one, you're going to start a few months before

00:41:28--> 00:41:40

preparing, you're not going to just wait till the you know the night before and start doing something you don't I'm trying to say otherwise you're gonna get there and oh my god, I forgot everything, you know what I mean? You're gonna regret so. So it's the same thing.

00:41:43--> 00:42:09

Ramadan is coming in, we need to prepare ourselves. And one of the best ways for preparing ourselves is getting in a good cron routine from now. So we might not have, we might have been forgetting to do that, like, life gets busy and we we get off track. But if that's happened to us, that's, you know, we can we can't change the past, but we can change the future, you know, so we got to think about how we're going to change from now you know, until Ramadan, so

00:42:11--> 00:42:15

So think about how you can start implementing, you know, the Quran into your day.

00:42:16--> 00:42:50

There's always a good time for everybody that you've got to find. So some people it might be first thing in the morning after budget after budget, one of the best times, especially if you're if you have a busy day, you got to go work, you got to go to uni, you're going to need to use that time after budget, you know, pay your budget prayer, recite the Quran at that time, maybe your kids will wake up and disturb you. Or it could be after taking your children to school. So that after they've gone to school, dropped them off the house is quiet, you know, before you go start attacking the house with all the stuff you're gonna do. You sit down and make one hour of crime time for yourself.

00:42:50--> 00:43:24

That could be your time, or maybe your your time is you'd like to do everything over and done with first and then have to get it all done. You sit down quietly in the afternoon, and you have your grand time in the afternoon. Like everyone's gonna have their own individual time because our timetables are all different. But the most important thing is we've making some time somewhere in the day and it could also be for some people before they go to bed. They might just sit in bed and recite some Quran. Have it next to your bed if you're like that, have it next to either your prayer mat or have it next to your bed so that you sit down in bed and you think I haven't written the

00:43:24--> 00:43:38

Quran today. So you reach across and you get it up and you start reading Okay, all next your prayer mat like you recite you pray and then you know it's right there. So you think you know what I'll just get? I'll just read a few eights. Okay, so you have you have some

00:43:40--> 00:44:19

you have no so long thing you need to have goals as well like now we're all going to be on different stages with the Quran. Okay, so some people already through in Arabic, they're already fluent in Arabic so they can maybe had like a routine of saying reciting a juice every day or half a juice every day something like that. Okay, or maybe they're memorizing the brand so they can revise the juice or revise half the juice or whatever they're doing okay, but other people that they're not very fluent in Arabic they might be just starting out so like for example maybe you can only recite Dhamma I'm gonna I'm gonna go down and different has different stages right? So maybe you can only

00:44:19--> 00:44:55

recite does ama so in your case, just focus like say yourself alright, you know what I know how recite does I'm not I'm not very good at it. But my goal is going to be I'm going to recite, do sometimes Ramadan and then we try to make this you know, strong and make it more fluid. Okay, and you can you will be working on that. Or maybe, you know, you're a new reefer, you've just started just just starting out. So you know, your routine could be alright, I've memorized a class. You know, I'm going to memorize suits and further NAS because they very much have amazing stories. You can do so much work, especially when it comes to it and working on yourself, like I said before, and

00:44:55--> 00:45:00

you use them as part of your car as well. And it's what he's done.

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

memorizing the short stories in the back of the Bronco three easy ones short ones, because then it's like, you know, you know, I asked him had children now, you know your kids were the middle. And they're really proud of that, but it does make you feel good, even if you only know Mr. Caltha. And even if you know and he said last, and so that your class and low Susan last, you know, there's really short service, but it makes you feel satisfied that you do know that many servers and you start adding them up and wow. Now 15 Sir is different is on her nose super bother, but doesn't matter, you donate. So that's the way you can start your approach. So start thinking about how you

00:45:36--> 00:46:15

can start, you know, memorizing short stories. And also, you know, you can memorize these stories and get them ready for Amazon so that when you along comes, maybe you can't always go to 10 a week and then ask maybe you're not able to go into a week when you've got children, very big hustle to make tasks very hard to get all the kids ready to go to the mosque every night. Okay, if that's if your wants even has has facilities for kids, but some do handle um, you do have some mosques around that actually do have facilities for kids, they have babysitting and stuff during Ramadan 100 it up. But let's say you can't go, at least you have those theories that you've been working on to recite

00:46:15--> 00:46:38

in your total week. And even if you don't have memorized them yet, you'll be able to read them because you know them because you've been reading them so many times from now, until then, you can pick up your massage and you can recite, for example jism Ma, you know, in your prayers for tunnelbear. For example, we could do that. All right. So that's some ideas of ways that we can start getting close to the Quran from now into Ramadan.

00:46:39--> 00:47:14

Now, I'm going to just talk about another theme in other advice. And that is me people complain, you know that I read the Quran, but I don't feel anything. I read the Quran, but I don't feel anything. Now, you have to realize that very often, in the beginning, you won't feel anything, it's normal. Like only when I first started, you know, learning the Quran, I didn't really feel that much because I didn't really understand the words. And you know, I was trying to focus on his gear, perfecting the recitation and stuff like that. But what you got to think about in that when you go into that stage, like, realize there's different stages, you're going to need to break through certain

00:47:14--> 00:47:53

barriers, and it's going to come but you've got to be very patient, keep asking Allah and keep trying to move forward. Okay. But when you're in that stage, where you're not really feeling anything, you've just got to keep on reminding yourself that even if you don't feel something, this these words are washing your heart, these words are washing your heart, and they're strengthening your heart, and they're breaking down the shackles in your heart. Like there's a lot of struggles we have in our heart. And so there's breaking those down the woods or breaking those down. And you know, like that's why it was man, even our fan. He once said that if our hearts were really pure, we

00:47:53--> 00:48:32

would never have enough we will never get enough from a sighting Allah's work like the significant boards from reciting the words of Allah subhanaw taala. But don't forget to he's talking from the aspect of someone who understands the words like they understood the word that is the deep meanings of the Quran. So it's very different for them. Obviously, the effect they have they had was was of a different level than the many of us who don't understand the Quran. So you will keep on as I said, moving forward, trying to move towards your understanding more and more. One of the ways they helped me was memorizing, as I said before the shorts or was it the Quran, weekday meanings? Okay, start

00:48:32--> 00:48:47

off with that. And if you're, you know, hundreds, you're able to go to a class where you're good, where you learn the text here as well, that really helps as well because then you're then you recite the Surah, with the understanding of its meaning and so it has a much more powerful effect on your heart.

00:48:48--> 00:49:25

So realize that in order like, it's like you're trying to break through to the secrets of the Quran, you're trying to break through the secret to the grind, you need to in order to reach that you need to keep on struggling. And you know, and by use and see struggling or loss pantalla open its secrets to you. But I believe that even if you didn't understand Arabic, Allah wants to adopt these secrets for you like if you are what you read, you know that like the Arabic or at least read the English translation, even as benefit you in your transcript, the the, you know, the translation of the Quran. Of course, it's never going to be the same level of power powerful words as reading an Arabic

00:49:25--> 00:49:59

but still within the English translation. If you were looking for answers, if you look deep enough inshallah you will find everything laid out. So you'll see how, as you know, you're trying to persevere in this path between the legs, Allah, Allah will open up the doors for you. And you will gain new perspective for your life and see the baraka that inshallah Allah is placing into your life through being close to the Quran. And as I said before, even you know knowing your heart that if you don't, and

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

standard word you're reciting know that Allah is purifying you by your efforts by your recitation, he's raising your level with him. And, and always remind yourself to that when you read his words, Allah is speaking to your heart, he is speaking to your heart through these words. And that reciting these words is an activity badda it's an act of worship, that every single have, every single letter of the Quran is, is equal to take us on a walk, it's you know, it's multiplied by 10 pack on a wall. So, and the more difficult it is, the more struggles you go through to Subhanallah you know, get close to the Quran, the more rewards and the more the gray out, you know, your status will be the

00:50:46--> 00:51:26

worst pantalla because it's not the same. That person who didn't go through many struggles to learn the Quran as the bikery through went through a great deal of struggles and hardships to learn the Quran. Okay, so the most important thing I was saying before, is don't neglect Do not neglect the Quran with the sisters, and don't need the Quran in a way that you only pick it up in Oregon. That is the worst thing we could do. As you can see, from everything we spoke about today, the worst thing we can do in these times in particular, is to put the Quran down on a shelf and leave it there getting dust until the next level bond comes. Because these words alone either revealed to us they

00:51:26--> 00:52:10

are extremely heavy words that if they had been revealed onto a mountain, it would have crumbled out of its hatia out of its fear of Allah do the heaviness of these words. And that is that is the impact that the Quran needs to have on our hearts. And only be shocked by saying, you know that people we see humans we see you know, people that are always running after the expensive thing in this world, they always running after the expensive floppy things. But the sad thing is, they don't run after the most precious thing in this world which is the word of Allah to Allah. Okay, so I asked the Lord to grab into Allah to fill our hearts with a love for the Quran and fill our

00:52:10--> 00:52:56

children's hearts with the love to the Quran and I asked them all to Allah to fill our homes with the Quran and make us from those who recite the Quran day and night. And I asked along to Allah to make the Quran more for us in this in this dunya and nor for us in our grace and nor for us on Iran, and nor unlike for us on your piano and I asked Allahu Taala to elevate us in this life in the next to the Quran and not to not to spend a lot humiliate us through His words and I asked him to make his words a witness for us and your piano and not a witness against us. was so long who was sat down we're betting on the beginner Mohammed already selected for Sudan. We're moving slowly Heather was

00:52:56--> 00:53:05

stopped from law Lee will upon was a panelist Alonzo handy national with that you know how you that just don't feel cocky when a tool like

00:53:06--> 00:53:06