Acts Which Invalidate The Itekaaf

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Acts Which Invalidate The Itekaaf

June 28, 2016

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Perhaps you could enlighten us with some of the things which break it take off some of the acts which are not allowed during it. The thing that

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invalidate the cuff number one is leaving the mosque without a valid reason, as I mentioned in my earlier answer, unless it be for a living oneself, or to go for Call of nature for your nation, or fortification, or for doing Voodoo or having a bath or guzzle, or if it No one can get food and if he has to go to get food, these are the only conditions as a last resort, it's allowed. So unless it's for a valid reason, a person cannot leave the mosque, as I mentioned earlier, but nowadays Alhamdulillah since there are

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toilets and bathrooms attached to the mosque, this requirement itself is rare occasion. So number one is if a person leaves the mosque without a valid reason, the ethical is invalidated. Number two, if a person has sexual intercourse with his life, as Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah. Chapter number two was the mighty seven, that do not associate with your wives while you are in retreat in the mosque while looking at the graph in the mosque associated with your wife. So all the schools unanimously agree that if you have a sexual relationship with your wife, that the coffee's invalidated.

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But if the wife touches you, just normally, maybe she comes to give you food and then it's no problem at all. But if your wife touches with passion, or you touch her with passion,

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or you embrace or kiss,

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all discordance agree that it is macro, it is detestable, some scholars say that it will break detica invalid. So you have the difference of opinion and whether embracing or whether testing with passion in marriage or not. Because this verse of Surah Baqarah, chapter two verse number 187, the word MOBA Shara that do not associate with your wife, your if the specific meaning that so it means only sexual relationship. So those scholars will say that it does not invalidate the calf. They take it in the specific sense only sexual relationship, but touching with passion and kissing and embracing. It is macro detestable, but does not invalidate the calf. For those who take this word as

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general. So they say that besides sexual relationship, even embracing the wife, or touching with passion, it invalidates the ethic of Allah Allah. Allah knows that is the third thing that invalid ethical it is menstruation

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and postnatal bleeding post childbirth, Didi. The fourth thing that invalidate the calf is committing any major sin.

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The fifth is insanity. Whether the insanity is due to madness, due to taking any drugs or medicine, or it is due to alcohol, techniques, and intoxication. Because the ibadah should always be done in sanity. It should be done. When the person is saying if it's done insanity, then they bother is not valid.

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And the last thing which invalidates

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the ethic of Apostasy as Allah says in the Quran, in Surah zomer chapter number 39 was number 52. Sorry, assumer chapter 39 was from 65 that it was revealed to you as it was revealed to people that came before you,

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that if you join in worship God besides Allah, then all your fruits will be useless, it will be fruitless and in the Hereafter, you will not get reward for all your spirituality.

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Therefore, if anyone does check, or turns away the scope or the apostasy, then that the caffeine melded so these are the six things which invalidate