Why You Should Freestyle

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how writing and releasing one's mind can lead to feeling like nothing at all. They give two examples of examples of how they have written about their feelings and surrounding their surrounding around their body. The speaker advises the audience to use the examples and enjoy making a mess of their writing.
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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah why you should freestyle, I remember reading a number of years ago about the importance of just writing every day and releasing your mind not worrying about making anything sense making sense of anything at this particular time. But just letting your mind go free, and writing and writing and writing and letting your thoughts just translate to paper. And it doesn't matter if it's jumbled and doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense. And doesn't matter any of these things. If it's grammatically incorrect, if it doesn't rhyme, just right. And I started doing that. And when I would do that, I would come up with sentences and paragraphs of just jargon

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looks like it doesn't, it doesn't lead to anything. But then when you revisit it, you might find a word or a phrase or a sentence that you would want to extract something from, that you want to be able to, to to expand on. And so a number of pieces, at least for me have come out from that. So I wanted to give you two examples. One time I looked at a freestyle, and I didn't find anything

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that appealed to me, except for one sentence, and it said, you were talking from your heart, you were talking from your heart. So I expanded on that. And I wrote, when the scholars of Hadith left no effort, so that your words they could perfectly impart I'm sorry, I was listening from my ears when you were talking from your heart. So I was able to address that to the progress of life and love another poem that I found or another, like mass of words that I found, I found in it. I wonder if my angels hate me, for being searched for surrounding me.

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They probably don't like even my presence or something like that. If something really crude, it didn't rhyme in anything. So then I took that line, and I wrote, I wonder if my angels hate me for being anchored by my sides, surrounding a body where truth barely resides, more sins, more lies, wicked tongue and evil eyes more observers than spies do they wish for my demise. Neither earth nor skies nor Angel ever cries. When an oppressor dice. So from that hamdulillah short piece came out, and this happens all the time. Make sure I'm sure all the data that you write, and I hope that you enjoy making a mess of your Microsoft Word. Sit on it, come on, I have to love I got