Why You May Not Be Single Even If Youre Not Married

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fearing Allah and not letting the delay of risk in achieving wealth. They emphasize the need to be prepared for the worst scenarios and not let the risk come to them. The speaker also warns against being married by 21 years old and suggests that the risk is not a source of stress for them.
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There's a beautiful Hadith that I want to share with you in the province of Elijah is and he says

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in a row hell kudos never Pharaoh A, that the Holy Spirit cast into my essence. And now we'll enter moot enough soon had that a stack mela Angela or is that no social pass away until it completes its lifespan and it's a risk you and I are not going to leave this earth until we complete every last breath that we were destined to have. And every last cent that we were destined to get, we're not going to leave this earth until we we exhaust these two things. So that is the information what is the instruction to come with this information the Prophet saw the light so let me then says for Takala, who at middle fifth pull up So fear Allah and seek it beautifully. And do not let the delay

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of that at least

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do not let the delay of that is make you seek it out in a way that Allah has prohibited for my end Allah He allow you now to elaborate on it. Because what is with Allah cannot be acquired except through his obedience.

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You and I this hadith is is you know, the first time I learned this hadith It was introduced to me in the in the field of transactions, we are going to learn buying and selling and the fifth with regards to that. And so the chef wanted to present this hadith as something that will lay out the foundation and something that will set and give us a right perspective with regards to buying and selling that you if it's destined for you to make a lot of money, you will get it what you are required to do is to fear Allah and seek it beautifully. Don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal, right? Don't Don't abuse. Seek out that it's beautifully it will come to you if it's destined for you. What

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you and I are required to do is to seek it beautifully. I remember however, when I when I learned that hadith

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I mean, I was a lot younger I was I was single at the time. And I interpreted this hadith as talking about relationships. And I found that it applied the prophets of Allah they said I'm saying to you, that your risk is written for you. And your spouse is from your from your risk. You know, I had a friend of mine, he's a philosopher. And so every time we have any conversation anywhere, he just always pulls me into the deep end, we're never allowed to have like a shallow conversation. He just doesn't. And we're sitting in the masjid one time.

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And he's looking up towards the sky, even though we're indoors but he's a philosopher. That's what they do. They're looking up towards the sky. And he says to me,

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if your spouse was written 50,000 years before the heavens and earth

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are any of us ever really single?

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And I said to him, like what do you what are you gonna go around saying, like, people are asking, Are you married us? And you're gonna say like, well,

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I don't really, you know, I expect that I am married but I haven't really met her yet. If that's what you're asking, like, technically, like, what are you going to do? Just tell people that you're single Matt.

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But this notion that it's been written for you, if it's interviewed, then it's gonna come to pass. What are you and I are required to do? We are required to fear Allah and seek it beautifully.

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And do not let the delay of risk. Oh my God, I want it to be married by 21 years old. I'm 22 Do not let the delay of risk make you seek it out in a way that Allah has prohibited. Why? Because what is with Allah cannot be acquired accepted His obedience. What is with Allah at the end of the day, we don't want money for money. We don't want money because we want to be we want money because of what money facilitates of luxury of security of stability of but don't we all know people who have a lot of money but that money is a source of conflict for them. It is a source of stress for them. It is a source of of animosity amongst the family for them.

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And don't we know people who are in relationships Allah azza wa jal might have provided them with a spouse but that spouse is not satisfactory to them.

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It has not stopped them the halal has not stopped them from entertaining the Haram there's everything from emotional infidelity, the physical infidelity, and there's all sorts of i that when as a biller.

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If a person has sought out what is with Allah, the province of license says what is with Allah to not be acquired except for his obedience. And so what we are required to do is to seek our risk beautifully