Why Some Shaykhs Can Chill Hard

Ammar Alshukry


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A beautiful avenue of taking advantage of your youth is in seeking knowledge.

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You know, I've met a lot of Chu, who really just chill really hard.

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Like you would think if you if you saw them, you would think that they studied all day. Like these lectures that they're giving you think that they studied all day, and that they prepared for hours and hours and all that that was tough. And you'll find that they're just

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the most relaxed people. They're taking care of their families, and so many people are taking off from their time and things like that, and they're able to teach and they're able, and they're just mountains. And I found that those people what they did, if there's one thing that you can point to is the fact that they really, really took advantage of their teenage years and their youthful years. They really buckled down on those years. And because they did what they learned at that period of time in their life, it just stayed with them for the rest of their life. And you guys all know that you've seen that the saw the chapters of the Quran that you memorize as a young person, it just

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stays with you. You don't need to review it for that much