Ramadan Motivations 22 – Why Sheba Collapsed

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Bismillah Salah monokuma rahmatullah wa barakato

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smithdown hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah he, only he or sahbihi wa Salaam

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen hamdulillah Hamelin Kathy are on three even obiora confy. He made us some it will meet a lot of the omit Mattia I mean, she in bad. We praise Allah azzawajal a plentiful of praise, a praise that fills the heavens and the earth and whatever Allah azza wa jal wishes beyond that, we asked him subhana wa tada to make us of those who are grateful who remember his name and his blessings. And they thank him for it. And because of that, they get multiplied.

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And we asked him subhana wa Taala, to give us as he gives us, gratitude, to give us patience, so that whatever we face in life, whether it is ease or difficulty,

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gifts or hardship, we are ready for it. And we're always with Allah azzawajal with gratitude and with patience, as we will see in sha Allah in today's story,

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and we send salah and Salam upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we ask Allah zoji to forgive our sins, the sins of our parents, our spouses, our children's, our teachers, our students whoever is connected to us, our loved ones May Allah xojo forgive us all. Forgive us in the this Ramadan and beyond protect us from this Ramadan and beyond. And we asked him to pan on whether either to make Jenna our final destination without entry or passage to hellfire. Allah as of Jun satisfice and Jen and protect us in this role from all harm and lead us to Jin amin in deeds and words and in intentions.

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So today's story in sha Allah is the story about cyber and cyber is a tribe in Yemen.

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And there's a surah in the Quran, that is called Seva. And it tells in it the story of silver. And in fact, you encounter them before that in the Quran, if you're reading it in sequence, when Allah speaks about Sulaiman Ali Salaam and the word that goes until Sulayman, that there are found a woman who is a queen over a people who are worshipping the sun.

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And they are described in the Quran, and they describe themselves as people of Might and she had this mighty incredible throne. So we know about setup for I said that from that story, that they are a strong, wealthy, mighty people who lived in Yemen, inhabited Yemen. So do we come also now to the story of Sabah here in Surah setup.

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Allah wants to tell us the story. He's telling the story to oration those who are around but also telling us this story, how a law surgeon can change the fortunes of a people because of what they do. And there's a lot to learn from it. Insha Allah so Allah as it says here, know how to Ghana he said the infamous Kenny him

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said that in their dwelling where they lived,

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that was assigned from a lawsuit. It was assigned because of how incredible and marvelous that place was. So so that is the tribe they lived in a place this place Allah is saying is incredible. It's an area of Allah zodion Allah continues Gen attorney Ania meaning what she meant.

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He says a lot of services to gardens from on the right and on the left.

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Okay, to lush, incredible gardens, fertile gardens on the right. And on the left. Allah says Kudo members may not become eat from the provisions from all our law provides for you create from the provisions of your lot. And thank him but that won't play but it is a good blend a good city a good place, what a boon the food and forgiving are up.

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So this place that Allah talks about, he's saying that this is a sweet, good place to live. Historians and people have tafsir say about Subbu they said that they had mountains and there was this valley. And whenever it would rain, the water would flow to their Valley and they would use it to irrigate the land and you know, grow their vegetables and fruits. But they also had this idea of building it down so they build this dam and they could capture the water and now they can cultivate the land even further. So Allah

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So john, bless them, bless them with that idea. Bless them with that water, bless them with a fruit, high land, fertile soil.

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The weather was good. Okay, they said that they didn't have a lot of insects, they didn't have a lot of rodents. So they could plant and the earth give them a lot back.

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And it was lush gardens. So on the left on the right of the garden on the valley, right to it, and to the left to it, you had lush gardens, a lot of fruits, a lot of trees, they used to eat, they used to sell, they used to trade these are all blessings from Allah zildjian. So the earth was good, the air was good, the sky was good in terms of water.

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They are healthy, these are all net Miss from Allah zildjian. So Allah is telling them,

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Bella to tea, but before that they had these two beautiful things better to play by a good land and a forgiving Lord. And these two things are tied to each other because when Allah xojo is pleased, he blesses and when he is displeased, the blessings go away. So as long as Allah is Forgiving, and you're asking him for forgiveness, Allah continues to bless. Like he's blessing them. And that's he reminds them, okay, Coronavirus giver because kulula eight from what Allah provides for you, and thank him.

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And as long as you keep thanking Allah, what happens? Allah keeps doing what giving you

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as long as you keep thanking Allah, Allah keeps giving you and you keep thanking Allah, Allah keeps giving you

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it's only that when you turn away from Allah, that that the opposite happens. And so Allah says favourable, but they turned away, turned away from Allah is that after all these blessings and these reminders

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and by the way of blessing of Allah as that doesn't only need to be that something unexpected without your intervention know that Allah guided them to the fact that they could build this dam and they could capture this water that they could use it. All this is a NEMA. But sometimes we don't look at the things that we do and are successful as a NEMA. We think only as pure gift that's an EMI meaning somebody knocks on your door, gives you food for thought the cinema from Allah zildjian we think that that's an M, because it's unexpected. And we don't we haven't done anything to earn it. Whereas we don't think of the fact that I bought the food I cooked the food I served the food, that

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that also is an error.

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Because a lot of us that have could easily not have provided for you so you couldn't buy it. Now I've given you money so you couldn't find the money to buy it could not have given you the ability to cook so you have the food but you cannot cook it right. You can't cook it.

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it spoils right or just sitting there and you can't do anything with it. But it's even when you intervene and you get something out of your intervention. That in itself is anathema. It's not you're in my power, Allah zildjian is involved in giving all of this to us. So Allah says, Allah so what happens to them when they turned away from our cell now Allah him see that I think we've sent upon them a flood, a mighty flood that destroyed the down, destroyed their town, destroyed their crops, destroyed, their gardens destroyed what they had, they didn't die, but destroyed all of these blessings of Allah as Odin says, and he says, well, that girl now homie Janata him jannetty and we

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replaced them replaced that gardens that those lush, beautiful gardens that they had with other gardens, but gardens of little fruit, that trees would grow, but they would not bear fruit. They would bear thorns and a little bit of fluids, not enough for them, not enough to sustain them. So what happened to them after this? Allah xojo says,

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Oh, vatika Just so you know, humpy Miko we rewarded them as such because of their disbelief.

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We rewarded them or we punish them as such because of their ingratitude and their disbelief. And do we punish only, or do we only punish like this except those who are disbelievers are ungrateful. That is such a punishment from Allah comes only to such people who are ungrateful and disbelievers of allies of the non believers, not those who are thankful, but the opposite. They are the ones who get punished like that.

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Then Allah azza wa jal says,

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Would you have a novena Potala t Baraka Thea Purim VA He'll open the mafia say what is a lie saying Allah is also reminding them of another NEMA. I said that they used to trade right and they were in Yemen.

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Let's say that they want to travel and they used to travel all the way to Palestine and Syria, it's a long way to go on foot or on camels.

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Yet Allah azza wa jal gave them an AMA. So Allah we made between them we created between them. And those destinations of those in Syria in Palestine, villages and towns, all along their way of journey.

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That Valhalla, they could see it can't be seen it can be reached. So that it is said that if they wanted to travel, they didn't really have to carry a lot of food and water with them, they will travel half a day, they will reach a village, they could sleep there. And then after half a day, they could reach another town or village and so on, and so on, and so on. For travel, especially right, relative to that time that travel of theirs was easy.

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Imagine Subhan Allah like for today, if you're traveling, even though we're driving, you get tired. If you have rest areas, you could stop, you can tell us stretch your legs, you can buy something and eat it. Imagine you don't have to buy any food. You don't have I mean to the I don't have to pack any food. He simply started these rest areas, buy whatever you want, and keep traveling. And if you want you can just there's a lodging there. You could sleep that is there traveled. It was easy. That's another net I met that is where they dwelled, where they lived, it was a blessing. If they wanted to travel, it was also easy if they wanted to train.

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So Allah says travel days and nights safely. That's another Nana. They were not afraid. What did they say for hon opener of cargo phipa. Venus 30 and older, more enforceable. Forget unelma Hadees. woman's as of now I'm calling them a Muslim. So they said in encountering this name and receiving this NEMA, they said, or Allah increase our travel, increase the distance between our travel, and it said Willow island that they've said this verbally

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how they got so bored that they said this travel is so easy,

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you know, make it make it more difficult for us. Why? Because this is some said, they just simply got bored with it. And it's just so easy that they wanted to challenge so they said what increase the distance between our travels make it harder. And others maybe said the base said all of this because because of that travel was so easy. The merchandise or whatever they were selling the fruits or whatever their lands were producing was not as expensive as they wished. But if the travel was more difficult, it couldn't be more expensive. So they asked the travel would be harder. So Allah azzawajal says he answered and said because they wronged themselves by disbelief and by ingratitude

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that they received the name of Allah azza wa jal with Allah says for Jana, Heidi, we made them into tales to be told when this is up now hum cooler moments is up, we scattered them and we disperse them after Subbu. And the children This is the tribe and they said they weren't the best are the kings of Yemen, after all of them were in one place, in that blessed place. After the flood after that, blessings of Allah zoodle were taken away from them. They were dispersed in the lands, they moved across Arabia, some to Northern Arabia, some Southern Arabia, some to this town, some to that town, they were one people they were dispersed all over. And Allah that's why Allah says, Well, this

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is up now home Kula moments, until they became a proverb, a proverb among the Arabs that you are dispersed like the children of Serbia, or like Seva, look at what happened to them. So they know very well what's happened to them.

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Allah says in the Phoenix area, St. Nicholas of Barrie, Chicago, this is a sign for every patient grateful person.

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Now, let's go back and shout out to the beginning of the IOP so that we can extract the lessons from all of that for us today. It's not simply a lesson for the Arabs then or a lesson for the people have said that a person could look at this and says, Well, this is this is common, it happens. nations rise and raise nations fall, right? Muslims rose and most Muslim fellow Western civilization's now they're strong, and what they want, they they will come and they will fall again, it's just this is a pattern. This is just a habit. This is

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But there's something way beyond all of this. There's an interpretation that lies beyond all of this, which is why is it that this happens? Why is it that the Muslim rose and then decline? Why is it that the West rose and then as it is rising in the way that we see right now, it is reacting to Allah reacting to the demos of Allah by denying Allah and His demos and his favors and saying, this is all US

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This is all science, this is all what we've discovered, and denying Allah azzawajal how we can expect, predict what's going to happen, to the way that we're living, and to the blessings that we are having and how they all will go away, if we don't think a lot of times, so it's not just simply a pattern, that this is life, no Allah zone is behind all of this. So when Allah has been saying that I've given you all of these numbers, whether these numbers are directly from Allah or happen through your own discovery and work, they are still in Atma, from Allah, you know, the 77, it is said Subhana Allah, you know, part of their Nemesis is that if a woman or a man would carry a basket

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on top of their head, and they would just walk in their gardens, by the time that they finished that what they would carry, they would look at their basket, and it's full of fruits. They don't have to pick it, it just falls on the on their heads, and they carried on the baskets. That's the extent

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of what's called the luxury of the order, the blessings of Allah that the enjoyed. If that produces in gratitude, boredom, that this is all us. Then Allah as a general take all that away, and Allah will send upon us, either individually or collectively, like what He has sent upon them, a flood that took all these blessings away. And now after all, the food that they used to eat the water, the clear water that they had the beautiful land, the fresh, crisp air that they had, the security that they enjoyed having each other's company, one family, one tribe, all of them next to each other, they're dispersed, they don't know each other anymore. And they become what this is what happened to

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such and such, don't be like such and such an example a cautionary tale of how not to be. So if we thank Allah zodion Allah blesses,

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even the little bit that Allah gives us, becomes plentiful and multiplied and Allah blesses it and continues to do this. If you don't think it

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and we turn to Allah with gratitude, what could happen is Allah could give us even more. Why? Because we deserve it. No, to increase in in gratitude, to go ahead and disbelieve even more so the lucky tickets all the way at once. So if you see and I want him sha Allah this to be in the back of our head, if you see are you rich person, or a rich group of people or nation who are displeasing to Allah and Allah is giving them more numbers, know that Allah is hastening their destruction. Because the more that Allah gives them, the faster that Allah is going to destroy them. So understand that Allah is marching them toward their own destruction, if Allah gives them more despite their

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ingratitude, but in they are being ungrateful and Allah azza wa jal takes away some of these blessings, it's a reminder, meaning wake up before the final hour comes, and all of this is going to be taken away from you.

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So I want to stop at an area here just to explain something easy when Allah zodat says, What New Jersey ilca for do we punish only or accept the disbelievers on the ungrateful? What is the difference? Because some people ask if something bad happens to me is this Allah punishing me or reminding me is this Allah punishing me or this Allah elevating me and purifying me of sin?

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We say that whether you are a Muslim or a non Muslim, a faithful person or you like faith, bad things aren't going to happen to you. Now the difference is that if you are a faithful believing person, the bad things that happened to you which only and always are a consequence of our own sins are not or are not intended to punish

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or not to the same extent of the sin that we have committed, but they're always less than the sin that we've committed.

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And they are there to purify and elevate and remind. So Muslims at the top of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the battle such a battle of bed on the beginning of the battle of TuneIn, or other instances when the lost men and lost women and lost children.

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hardship, Allah as everyone was not sending these things upon them because Allah hated them, or because they were ungrateful or because Subhana Allah of their mounting sense, know all of us have sins and we afflictions visit us because of our sins. But afflictions came too early Muslims around them helmets have a lot of us in them, not because Allah hated them or wanted to punish them. But a lot wanted to take sins away from them from their hearts and bodies, to remind them to purify them and elevate them. Whereas Allah zoodle when he sends bad things to bad people, he sends devastating things at a level that

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Money that parallels their bad deeds, not less than it but parallels that is more jazz up. Because Allah says, what a new jazzy do we punish?

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Except Alka for the one who is gathered at a level that is at them the extent of their crimes, and Allah sends it to destroy, sends it to eliminate takes all these blessings away. And if you are, if you wonder if something bad happens to me, is it a punishment? Or is it a reminder from Allah as a bit, look at yourself?

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Were you pleasing to Allah before that or not?

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And do you take this bad thing that happens to you and use it to be more pleasing to Allah to ask for his forgiveness or you turn against Allah, ask yourself these two things. And then that will tell you whether this thing was a punishment, or was this thing a reminder, because if it's a reminder, then it means that before that you're trying to be close to Allah and after it, you use this to remind you and to be close to Allah.

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And if it's the opposite, before that your rebellious, doing all sorts of sins, and you don't care about Allah, then Allah sends you something to take your business awake, because you used to deal with interest and you used to cheat and you used to hurt people with it. And people reminded you and reminded you, and you did not listen, then of Allah takes your business away, that's a punishment.

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That's punishment, because what because you are not close to Allah before it, and you were rebelling, and hurting people with it. So a lot to get away.

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And yet, you can still benefit from all of that if you use it as a reminder.

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That is if Allah still keeps your health and family, it means that Allah is giving you another chance. So don't worry so much about if this is happening to me, is it Allah zoton

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punishing me or reminding me make it a reminder, make it you make it a reminder by saying this has happened because of me.

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And if I ask Allah to forgive me, he'll take that away,

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will replace whatever I've gone through something that is good by the will of Allah as his origin. And Allah is reminding me so that I don't end up in hell, on punishment in this life is better than punishment in the Hereafter, that I lose something right now when wake up, is better than I wake up in the hereafter when it is too late when I will say I wish that Allah would have told me otherwise in the dunya. So if something bad happens, don't think that it's necessarily bad if Allah is telling you to wake up, Allah as though God is telling us to wake up before it is too late. So listen to the story of Subbu as allies have been wanting us to listen to it. When Allah gives you something

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beautiful, a blessing of Allah, He wants you to thank it and Allah gave it to you so that you could think it so that you could use it to be close to Allah as a symptom. If it causes you on the other hand, the opposite rebellion and the displeasure and the displeasing of Allah as in Acts and deeds and lifestyle, the know that you are endangering the name of Allah endangering the net of health, security, family, wealth, good house, good dwelling, all of that could go away. If Allah sees that, no matter what he gives us, we still are using it against him subpanel with that, so Allah has made he make us thankful and mean and patient, I mean, Allah is saying that these numbers or these

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lessons are only available if you are thankful and patient, because if you're not thankful and patient, you look at what happened and you say, well, that happens to everybody, that loss is just a loss, and they'll just recover I will just regain Corona is just Corona COVID-19 is just a COVID-19 and infectious disease will have a vaccine, we'll get over it, we'll go back to our normal life. It says if it's not a reminder from Allah xojo that hey, humanity, this is a taste of what is to come, you're not going to change and wait for what's going to happen after COVID 90 it's not going to be as pleasant or as easy as COVID-19 so we can change or we can say this is life and if that's the

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case, we don't have patience we don't have a gratitude the things that are going to happen and with everything happened and we're not going to learn any lesson from it being a laza the teachers the lessons from what is happening around us and make us people who are have suffered and shocked me

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so we seem to only have one question have the lesson that's not difficult for today. So how many other countries in turn are we

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so tada we are pm both are synonymous. The best is the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that is what we recommend that the prophets of audio cinema according to Ayesha in the authentic hadith, not did not pray in Ramadan and outside Ramadan, more

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that you love and rock has

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did not replay in Ramadan or outside of Ramadan more than 11 records so we say since this is the sooner of Rasulullah sallallahu he said that this is the best to do. So pray 11 and I will tell you that there is another opinion I'll discuss that with you inshallah. So pray 11 so that means you pray to a rock house, and then you give

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the door like as and you give salah and then to like as in the given other Salaam and then Torah cazinou gives another set, um, how many is are these eight?

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And then you pray your tele your waiter. Okay, then you put your Witter. That's it. And you can make these long. And in fact that Tara we had the TM of the profits a lot It was in them were indeed long. And his son, I was long, why was it long, because he would recite at length salon he was selling them, right, not just one page or two pages, he will recite some lohani, you are sending them right.

00:26:01--> 00:26:45

And we said before, you know at one at one night, it was until the 1/3 of the night, another night, that was a half of the night. I mean, it went all the way until half of the night. The last one it until you know that even close to Federalists was even close to federal. So it does not need to be in for us today as long as that. But it could be long. So you could read you know, two pages, three pages of the Quran and each Raka 50 is so kind of whatever you can. So that will make that pm longer in sha Allah. And also when you go into the court, you could make that longer. When you go into your schedule, you can also make that longer as long as possible as physically possible for all of us. So

00:26:45--> 00:26:48

Muslims later on, I don't know exactly when that started.

00:26:49--> 00:26:59

Because they couldn't keep up or continue to make their turn on Wi Fi and long. So they divided the number of ions upon longer records, or

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Yeah, I mean, longer number of records or more records. So instead of praying 11, they made it into 20. But a lot of people would pray today, or in some areas, instead of 20, they pray 30, or maybe even more. So that's the origin or the genesis of where 20 came from, which is that they wanted to maintain the same number of areas in telawi. But they didn't want it to be each faculty as long so they divided it upon

00:27:31--> 00:27:59

more Rockers, so this is where it came from. So some scholars, they love that and some scholars, they said that there is no limit to the number of records at night. Night side, our pa has no limits. You can pray as many as you want, according to some scholars. So that means that you can pray 20 3040 100 whatever you want, right that there's it's limitless. So we'll have another that is one opinion and you want to follow that you can follow that in sha Allah, what I'm saying is that

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the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this is his habit, which he did not let go of is that he loved and rock us so we can try that. And stay with that if you find it hard that you want to read more of the Quran. It's hard for you to stand up maybe you can sit down. If you don't like that you just want to be standing up and you feel like you want to free a lot more records. You have other scholars who say you can free more in shut alone that it's not forbidden, right? But my preference is for 11 Records because that's the son of the prophet SAW your center but now I'm going but I'm not going to tell you that if you pray more that this is not accepted no insha Allah

00:28:35--> 00:28:45

scholars, some scholars allow now I can sit out from the lower workato can one do morning I've got before fetcher and then while waiting for the event as it's be

00:28:47--> 00:28:50

or if it has to be after praying federal after after federal

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system it has to be after failure so if you can upgrade the car right it's after federal and after your setup. So I've got when we say it's between Fedor and sunrise so morning think of Allah azza wa jal right that sooner the prophets a lot even send them the morning Vicar is from when you pray fudger till sunrise that's that's the window when you read it not before the than the for the ad then the morning has not started yet. So it's morning as God right it's morning if God before the morning before the agenda for the morning hasn't started yet so you cannot recite the earth card yet. right but just delayed inshallah you have you have about an hour more than an hour each Allah

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for that. So I hope it's not difficult. Insha Allah for you. And the guard for the evening. They are from also tomorrow. Also tomorrow.

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Yeah, so I've answered that. It's better to do this sooner of 11 I do think that it's better to do this sooner by 11. Yes, I do think that because that's the common practice of the prophets. A lot of you send them increasing the record comes after him somebody was sent. I don't know at what point

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In time, it wasn't at the time of or at the time of Homer they still freed 11 I don't know at what exact time they multiplied that into 20 or 30 right but that came later. But the sooner the profits on a system and the sooner at the time the whole effort is still was 11

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Can we do a make do and every sujood are only last two Jude every shoot. The Prophet Salim send them does not limited to any particular suit in the Salah. So any suju you can make it long, especially right when you're praying, praying alone if you're leading somehow By the way, and this is just something to keep in mind if you're the Imam at home and you have your wife or your parents or your children behind you. And I said make it make yourself along, make it as long as they can tolerate inshallah, if you're the email.

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If you're the email just like an Imam in the masjid like if I'm in the masjid and I'm young and I'm healthy and I can inshallah pray a very long prayer, but I have to inshallah, remember that I have the week behind me and I have the sick behind me and I have people will have to go to work behind me. If I'm in a moment, the misty same thing at home. You have your children, you have your elderly parents, you have your wife.

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So insha Allah make it moderate, to a level where they can insha Allah pray and still have for sure. If you're praying by yourself, you can make it as long as you wish you can knit because you will know when you have to stop when you cannot take it anymore when you are tired so you can stop. But you have nothing no such perception when it comes to the people behind you. So just in sha Allah, if you're the Imam be considered if you're just praying by yourself, you can make it as long as you want. And this is what we say is you can make to add in, in all this. And you can make it very long if you wish that's up to you in sha Allah. So insha Allah Just a quick reminder, we have Neela xojo

00:31:58--> 00:32:42

that tonight for us, if you are in this time zone, this area of the world, this is the 23rd it will be the night of the 23rd so it is one of the likeliest night, what it might be later to Qatar May Allah as if it is me Allah has legit inject a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm and our hearts and energy and health in our body so that we can do a lot in it be a ninja. So remember Allah inaka who want to hit bull's eye for fat for a knee here Allah you are full of love to forgive, so that Forgive me remember this. Remember to make a lot of data for you for your loved ones for all Muslims. Remember, insha Allah for to make a lot of default to make this a lot of this. Pray, read

00:32:42--> 00:33:23

the Quran. If you can stay up the whole night and hamdulillah This is beautiful. If you cannot you can rest. You can now you can take an A you can sleep for an hour two and three whatever it is, but worship Allah azza wa jal and make it amen and YT Saba out of ina our love for him Subhana Allah asking for forgiveness know that you can just pray for an hour pray for two hours and that could be the thing that you need for Allah to save you. From Hellfire for Allah to give you agenda for Allah to answer your data for Allah to answer your data for your children, for your parents who have alive or have passed away for what to save you from evil, then that next coming here, nobody knows what's

00:33:23--> 00:34:00

coming there. May Allah Allah make save yourself from some evil in it. Or if Allah sends a hardship, Allah makes it What more tolerable. He gives you patience with it. You just you don't know what's going to happen for the next year. And we know that a lot of other is a nightmare. Allah decrees what's going to happen for the next year. So you can say Allah, whatever you have decreed, give me the best of it. Save me from the worst of it. Make me patient make me grateful. So Subhana light in a sense, you'd be ready for what's going to come in sha Allah for the next year. And you will feel that Allah will be with you. If it's good, Allah is with you to remind you that it's good use it in

00:34:00--> 00:34:19

good ways. And if it's bad Allah is with you to carry some of that pain and remind you that Allah xojo is always with you. Is it okay to read the Quran in English? Do you mean translation? It's okay to read it in translation, but it's not like reading it in Arabic. So if you can read the Arabic You know,

00:34:21--> 00:34:47

even if it's hard if you can read the Arabic do that. And right next to it, have the translation read it. I mean, I'm saying out outside of Salah review Arabic though it's maybe not easy. Then read the English read the Arabic Read English. Here you will have a dramatic Urbino. Christine, you're going to combine two good things you read in the Arabic and you're reading the translation, the Arabic and the translation. In the Salah, only Arabic

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

insert select, you can read English. If you're a person who have just accepted Islam. Let's see today. You wouldn't really be really reading English, you'll be reading instead. sapan a lot handling that Allahu Akbar.

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

Later in life until you learn in fact the high in Arabic so in the Sunnah only Arabic outside the Salah Arabic and English because why we want also what that count for you as what as I'm reading Arabic as well this is how the Quran was revealed. But if you can read Arabic at all in English

00:35:21--> 00:35:24

okay if you can read Arabic I can't read read the Arabic text

00:35:25--> 00:35:44

then hamdulillah This is what is available to you and me then only read English hamdulillah rewards you for that. But if you have the ability don't find yourself in sha Allah of reading the Arabic in whatever way you can read it even if it's really difficult just read it insha Allah and then read the English with it so that you will have the tongue of

00:35:45--> 00:36:17

speaking Arabic and in the in the in and I'm sorry reciting the Quran in the Arabic that it was revealed. And were the prophets a lot he was in them said that you will have with every word or every letter, a good deed and if lamb mean right so when you're reading it in the alphabet, the Arabic alphabet you're reading in the way that the prophets Allah does allow us to read it. So it allows you to make this miss this easy on all of us and benefit us with the Quran that we are reading so that we are reading it with tongue but we're also feeling it inside and learning the lessons from it to me.

00:36:18--> 00:36:27

So I got this here from you. Is it okay to read the Quran in English I answered that is memorizing protonic words better than memorizing the Quran itself in Arabic.

00:36:30--> 00:36:46

memorizing Quranic words, do you mean like words in Arabic right words in Arabic that are in the Koran, better than memorizing the Quran itself in Arabic, I would say that it's the same, it's kind of part of memorizing the Quran in Arabic, right.

00:36:51--> 00:36:57

therma means this, okay? In a sense, also you're studying the Quran.

00:36:58--> 00:37:37

That is when you're learning these things, right? When you're learning these things, if so means this a lot of means that it means this. So you're learning that organic vocabulary, or you're learning Arabic, but also you're learning the Iranian vocabulary so that when you are reading the Quran, you understand what you're reading. So that's part of the study of the Quran. And that is really beneficial. Because now after you learn these things, when you memorize or when even you read, you understand part of what you're reading, and that is really valuable, by the way. So when you just memorize you don't know what you will remember arising that's beneficial by the way just to

00:37:37--> 00:38:17

memorize because you can read it, but a step ahead or a step beyond is a lunda elements of what a memorizing the structure of the sentence. This means this, this means that so it now when I'm reading later half of the sentence, half of this I can understand I can comprehend what I'm joining the moment so that I can get what a part of what he's saying. And that's really valuable. So I say not continue in sha Allah memorizing these four ionic words and divide your time between memorizing these Quranic words and then memorizing some of the Quran. But in Shall I would encourage you invest in Charlottetown and memorizing these four words because you will find its effect when you start

00:38:17--> 00:38:28

understanding the idea, you'll feel a lot of satisfaction and also a sense of accomplishment, and the benefits of the Quran will be closer to you. So kudos to you inshallah, keep doing that or coffee.

00:38:29--> 00:38:37

Okay, another question, is it better to read a short surah than we understand in meaning or long surah? that we do not know the meaning Do you want to

00:38:40--> 00:38:55

know practically I don't, I don't know how many times you can keep repeating a short surah and stay connected to it. So follow along. So you read it once, twice, three times, four times, can you still be close

00:38:56--> 00:39:02

to the meaning of that surah after five six times. If you say yes, keep reading that

00:39:04--> 00:39:11

because there are times when the prophets have a lot he was saying them would pause at one area and he'll repeat that till the morning.

00:39:12--> 00:39:14

The Why? One a

00:39:15--> 00:39:51

because he keeps reading it and it keeps touching his heart and He keeps reading and it keeps touching his heart and He cries when he reads it so the low and he was in them and some of the Sahaba would do that the Senate would do that. The whole night it's just one I Yanni I want to say the whole night I mean most of it. When we say the whole night you see me no most of it. So if kohala had is doing that to you at that particular night, keep kuruvilla had till the end. Because if you it find a way to your heart, and as soon as an area or a sewer or an

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

sewer or an area find its way into your heart, grab onto it and keep repeating it because the more that you repeat the more that you

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

react to it, and it changes you because of it. And that is a very beautiful thing and a valuable thing. It's like Allah just giving you a gift.

00:40:08--> 00:40:18

But if European and put a whole lot go ahead and after the fifth time, it's just like repeating the language surah they will say move to the last resort, because you will be reading more of the Koran.

00:40:19--> 00:40:25

Do you follow what I'm saying in sha Allah, so a short surah hold on to it as long as

00:40:27--> 00:40:34

as long as it's you know, speaking to what it stops doing it, then it's just like any longer surah than switch the longest or

00:40:35--> 00:40:41

you can break your fastest is answering this question you can break your fast for medical reason, if you are sick,

00:40:42--> 00:41:22

right so if you're sick, you can break your fast a sickness where you cannot by which you know continue to fast, it's very hard for you to fast, then you can break insha Allah your, your fast. And that could be on the advice of a medical doctor who tells you you know, it's not good for you to continue to fast, it will harm you, it will increase your illness. Or it could be you're not going to the doctor but your headache is so strong you can't you can't take it anymore. So you have to break your fast your stomach resorts so much you can't continue to fast you feel you're gonna think right you feel that you have a particular illness right? And you know that if I continue to fast

00:41:22--> 00:42:01

it's really gonna get bad it's not yet but uh, you know that it's really going to get bad and they know that from practice, from my experience, so we break your fast. So I hope in sha Allah, Allah give she felt to everybody and give you complete health and recovery from your illness and everybody that the who's listening and that we know and that we have Abby so he brought a lot of physical discipline law a lot. We asked Allah zildjian herbal Alinea Allah if the incoming night is leader to other lawmakers of those witnesses pray in it who are accepted in it allow us to worship you in it and make that for your sake Allah but Allah nee purify our intention. Make our a bed according to

00:42:01--> 00:42:39

the tsunami of prophets of Allah Allah he was sent an accepted from us and elevate us because of it The Honorable alameen makers of those who are forgiven, they're all their past sins are forgiven because of that a bad except our do forgive us all of our sins, the major ones and the smaller ones make us of those who when they depart the month of Ramadan, they depart with all of their sins forgiven and make that so for our parents, our spouses, our children, our loved ones, our family, our neighbors, and then Mohammed sort of Maharani he was sitting and we asked you our hammer I mean, to make us of the people of the Quran, the people of the people of Suna the people of gender and

00:42:39--> 00:43:22

other people of Hellfire, protect us from Shrek and Kufa protect us from big data from deviation from doubt, protect us from the temptations of this dunya protect us from those whispers of the shaitaan from our own weaknesses from the temptations of the world around us. Remind us Allah do not make us of those who are heedless. Give us jinn and protect us from hellfire. Forgive us our sins and makers of those who are constantly relying on your close to you and remind remember you in terms of ease in terms of difficulty make us grateful, thankful and patient in our lives the honorable and me just like a law Halo with ninja who will see you at the same time tomorrow bark along with

00:43:22--> 00:43:32

vehicle subhanak Aloma we have the shadow healer and stuff he will go up to Lake haven't even I haven't been out I mean, Santa Monica Mohammed on line