Whoever Is Afraid Will Journey Through the Night

Ammar Alshukry


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Really beautiful Hadith the Prophet sallallahu this and it says that whoever is afraid will journey through the night. And whoever journeys through the night will reach their destination rarely the commodity of Allah is expensive. Verily, the commodity of Allah is paradise. If you had the greatest opportunity of your life in a city that's four hours away, and it's at 10am Would you wake up at six or five? And just hope that when you drive that there's no traffic or your car doesn't break down? Or there's some sort of obstacle along the way you hope that it's just smooth and you get there by the skin of your teeth? Or would you be too afraid to risk it all? And so you journey the night

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before you journey through the night. The life that we have is the opportunity and the price is gender. It is expensive. And so journeying through the night means that I start the journey now I don't wait I don't wait till I'm older to like perform had yours. I have to start right now. Because the price is too high.