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Smell lotion gorilla stopper semele so less than mid light Allah wa barakato

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This is rehabbers as you were coming up to the stories of the prophets and today we are with Episode Number 58 Mashallah 58 lessons so far talking about the profits and we're not done yet we still have quite a few more profits to

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to cover in Charlottetown Alright, so welcome back sisters and brothers from Facebook from Instagram,

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Zack maka for joining again.

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Again, one more time. This is Riyadh, Rosie, and we are with Episode 5858. The stories of the prophets. Alrighty. So, just to

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give a chance for more people to join. I quickly give you a you know, like a quick recapitulation of what we talked about. Last week we were talking about Souleymane how do you set up? So they might have a Sadam

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after he inherited, that, you know that that knowledge and the you know, from from his father that Oh daddy Salaam and we talked about the Oh daddy Sam and, and the how Allah blessed though that he said them with so many blessings, the very first nubby medic, the very first nebby medic, the very first king Prophet was dealt with any setup, right? And one of the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala bless the world with he will, he would, like allies, those that has made Steel's so soft for him, that he would, you know, mold it with his hand. And he was the first to invent something called cheese, you know? Yes, these profits, they were nation builders, they were inventors. So they would

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actually sell them he invented, you know, that shield that armor and imagine how many lives that were saved, just because of this invention. And we talked about the death of the Oh, that he said them and then how so the man, you know,

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came to be at a sermon, we talked about that very famous story, you know, with his army and then when he becomes allies, and again, like a father, like a son, Allah blessed him with another, you know, so many great blessings, in fact, something that he has not blessed any profits with, because he made that for Allah zildjian, to gift him with, with with, with the huge inner kingdom and Sulaiman arisa them he used to rule the whole world, out of his setup. And then he was also able to, to understand the language of the fire, the language of the birds and the language of the animals. And Leah was made subjugated for him, and he sent me the wind, you know, a travel that would take a

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month for Sunday man, it would take him only from morning till noon, at 8am. So we talked about all that. And then we talked about that other story of Solomon with the Queen of Sheba, right, the queen of seven will face when

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a man wrote to her a letter, you know, that was dropped by that Hood Hood. And then it says, in the home in Sulaiman, we know Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Allah what 20 Muslim mean, you know, it is from Solomon Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, don't exalt on me and come to me as Muslims and you submit to Allah subhana wa Tada. And then how she came back before she came, she tried to send him some, you know, gifts, as you know, not to grab him. But so the man said, you don't see their shoes and they're trying to, you know, gift me with with with something that Allah subhanaw taala has gifted me with something much, much more, you know, than this. And

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he ordered one of his servants and remember, so they meant it. So then you had the jinn serving him, he had been serving Him, animals are in him, he had the whole kingdom serving Him at His salon. So one men, you know, from those who as per the Helen m, he had the knowledge of the Greatest Name of Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, was able to get that throne, the throne of that Queen of Sheba from Yemen, you know, and, and to put it right before him before he blinked in a blink of an eye, the throne was there, and then that lady came in. And then she sold the house she saw she saw her throne, and then she says, I know who who when so they might ask her Is this your throne? She says,

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No, hoo hoo. As it is like it, it is it is like it and then so you might ask her to to come into his, you know, palace, and in his palace. Underneath the palace. Harry said that

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To them, he used to have rivers running underneath the rivers running underneath. So she thought it was a pool, but it was a glass, you know, there was a glass you couldn't see the glass, you know? And then she lifted her, her her job thinking that it was that you may she may get wet. And then so they meant told her

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what is the assumption? Oh, that, that you know that the pool theory she thinks it was a pool, but it was not a pool. And she she realized that this man who has this much power can certainly be can certainly be

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profit that he sent him and then she believed in him. So we talked about this last week. But as the sisters remember, there was something that I mentioned last week about the two angels that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the end, how unmodeled there's a lot of things about this Hamilton model. And let me explain here in shallow data. But first and foremost brothers on Instagram, and those on Facebook is facebook, instagram. I just sent him It cannot lie again. All of you. May Allah bless you all. Thank you for joining. I hope you are you guys are all doing great and Sharla

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nazwa and Cena and Yasmin, and for Mayra and Khadija and Lola and Shabnam consumed, those are on Facebook and on Instagram. hope you're all doing great.

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Ian, Mashallah. And all of you guys all because I hope you're doing great.

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May Allah bless you all, may Allah reward you all, I hope you're all staying safe and healthy and sound. Alrighty. So brothers and sisters, let me tell you with regard to those two angels, because at the time of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Islam, he used to talk about, you know, a man had he set up, and the Jews, they used to curse a man and they used to curse, Salafi, then God raised a curse the angels, in fact, they accused so the man that accused a man of teaching people black magic, right? They they, they they in fact accused him of Kufa and I will explain it in the softer bacara allies, as I mentioned, is this right?

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And because Prophet Mohammed used to talk about so the man Ben was slightly at the time of hospital love the hood, they used to curse you know, and so the men accused him of black magic. What happened was there's two narrations Let me tell you this narration that's quite famous, but it's just a myth. It is not reality. It is not true. They said that there were two angels Huddleston modeled Some said angels Some said men, but they said angels who came down to earth but Allah subhanho wa Taala Giada fee Masha? What shall What? Yeah, instead, Allah solution has put this lust into their hearts. Imagine so this is a narration from the Salah yet they're saying that Hamilton modeled these two

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angels they came down to earth, and they had this shanwa you know, they had the lust they so much so that they got seduced by a woman.

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Imagine what they're saying this in this idea, you know, so Elliot, they said that these two angels got seduced by a woman, right?

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And then this and then this woman she learned from them, they're in a suit in a summer. So the the summer which means it she learned from them the knowledge of how to ascend into the heavens, right is what they're saying in this hadith. So as this woman as this woman learned about this knowledge, this m on how to ascend into the heavens.

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She was raised into the heavens with that knowledge that you learn. And Allah Subhana Allah Tada, Masako Have mercy had a lot cursed her into a star. And that star or that that galaxies called Venus, you know Venus, the star, you know, or the the coca, coca Venus. We know when they say women from men from Mars and women from Venus, men from Mars and women from Venus. So this woman they say it's actually Venus she's Venus because she used to be a woman. But she turned into into star but this story brothers and sisters has no authentication in it whatsoever. It is not authentic know this story. It is not authentic. In fact, what it is more authentic. It's what's

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what's narrated by, if not best, or the alone and raw.

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That these two angels you know that you believe in.

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Like the the bonus like they used to curse them they used to curse gibreel and myka he

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They also curse them and accused them of, of sending down and teaching people black magic, teaching people black magic. So what happened is and this is what happens. Bessie narrates this that the time of Solomon it he said him. You said a man used to have a writer by the name of our son. His name is Asad. He used to write, you know, whatever Sulaiman used to recite from the zabu. From the end of the day, man had he said, right, he used to be his writer, he used to write, and then he used to bury the book, his book, under the throne of Solomon had a say, what he had he buried that or hid that book under the tongue of Solomon, but it was written on it. Yeah. And he, whatever. So the man

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used to recite from this eyeball, whatever the teachings of Solomon had a Salah. So what happened to Solomon when he died, he used to go to beta macness. And every time he goes to beta, this, he would see a tree, you know? And then he would ask that tree. What What brought you here, you know, and the tree would respond to him and it said them that day, there was this tree once a day man asked her or asked, you know, what brought you here? She says, I've been brought to destroy this land or to destroy this, this machine. Yeah, of course. You know, final thing, of course, metal, not this. So so they mentally Selim, he chopped her off, chopped off that tree. And then he made a staff or a

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stick from that tree. So he used to lean on that stick used to use it, you know, as like the steak or the staff of Mossad. He said so. So the man also had a stick

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Sinema and he sent him as he grew in age, he felt that he was dying. He felt that he was about you know, he was dying. So he sat on his throne, leaning on his staff, the Djinn would not be able to enter His dominion his palace, when he is in prayer. When soon a man he's in prayer, nobody could approach him especially the jinn, if the gene were to approach him, they will burn

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they will burn. So, what happened, they used to look out from from, you know, far from like, the opening of his door, and they will find some a man sitting on his, on his throne, leaning on, on his staff or in a holding to his staff to his stick, what medical mode the engine of death came and took the soul of a man and a salon while he was sitting. Why he was sitting, he was still sitting, but as you know, the bodies of the of the profits cannot be devoured by those magnets, right. So he, they he was sitting and he remained like that for 100 years or so, you know, he remained sitting, reclining on, you know, on that stiff. So what happened? those magnets, you know, they only ate the

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stick. And from time to time, the inches, I mean, the gin would look that out from you know, that opening the door open, they will see so a man still sitting and they have to obey His orders. They have to work he made the work. He made them work very hard. So they could not disobey his orders. And again, they could not, you know, approach him because if they were to approach him, they will burn, they will burn. So Sulaiman was holding on to his stick, although he was dead. And then those magnets you know, they started eating slowly, slowly, slowly from that stuff until they ate out that stuff that's that became dust as it became dust. So naman Allah, he said, salam, he fell into the

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ground. And then they realized they realized that so the man was dead years back. They did not know and this is an evidence. This is an evidence to those who say that Jin knows about the unseen. The jinn. They don't know about the unknown. The jinn they don't know about the unseen, the only one who knows about Allah, is Allah.

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The jinn don't know they don't have that knowledge.

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The only one again, who knows about Andre elementary is Allah Subhana Allah with that, unless and until a person says something, right? And then yes, the gym may catch that information, and may be conveyed to another surgeon who conveyed to sad, who conveys to one who practices black magic, right? But the jinn itself for themselves, they don't know about what's to happen in the future. It is only something that is, you know, suddenly known by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what happened was the entered and then they started searching the agenda entered is started searching the past of Sunni men until they found that book, when they found that a book the book had, you know, a lot of

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teachings, you know, holla, holla do this. Do that.

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Then what else the added black magic in it. Those gin, they added Sal in it right in the middle of the book, they added sell and then they stopped giving those books to people to read them. And people when they read the book they saw this book is from Sulaiman. So they started reading that book and inside the book was not only heroin, heroin, but also was the the said that the jinn added to it. So they thought people thought that it was a man who wrote say hell to people, you know, in the book, he wrote said in his book, so people were learning from Solomon, but that was wrong. So they might did not teach you not say to people, and Allah subhana wa Taala says that in the end,

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when he says that he ministry upon your team, whatever will matter, Lucia pain or Allah mukhi Sulaiman Womack I follow

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what I can show your pain, aka follow Sulaiman did not commit kofa it is the schreyer pain who committed cover what I can show your pain aka follow your alimony and say hello Emma your alimony unnecessary and they teach people black magic. So who teaching people black magic. The shopping the devils on the moon in NASA Sam

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Melia cainy babby the hotel. So these two angels they were in Babel Houghton model they were in Babel in Iraq, you know, and they used to they were serving Sulaiman and he said them as well. So Allah subhanho wa Taala feed you know the accusations of better slightly towards so a man had he set up so my brothers and sisters unless is in that area in

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Bukhara. Why do they teach the people to hell?

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Why did he teach people black magic? Your early morning says hello Emma. Was he the idol Molokini bad Billa hotel award winner you're ugly man You mean I had in Illa Ilana color in them and that no fitness fellow duck for further alone. I mean who murmur your family Paul never he may know he was the odd one. All the Navy he had in the evening.

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of the Navy he had in Ellerbee is Neil,

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what did they teach people to help you find a coupon or Beanie Baby baby mama Xhosa, they separate between husband and wife between spouses. They teach in people black magic, for what reason? The most important the main reason is you have a counter flick is to you know split is to split between spouses between husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, there's a lot of different types of black magic. And this is not our topic today because if you want to know about you know, gin and sand and whatnot, you can always go back to YouTube I have a very long you know,

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it's a long lecture bunch of you know, series about the the world of gin and in the ice explained, you know, the different types of black magic there are different types, but mostly to cause split between spouses, husbands and wives. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the same in the end

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what may your alimony mean I had in Illa Allah in fitna attack for further alimony he may your hairy man from your corner he been unmarked he was oj,

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widow of the Navy HeMan 111 nilah and they have no power to cause harm except with the wit of Allah.

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These remember this. They have no power to cause harm, except with the permission of Allah. Yeah, I need the jinn, they cannot harm. Nobody can harm you. Nobody can cause no harm to you except if Allah Subhana Allah Allah wills for something to happen to you. So my brothers and sisters, this is brings us into the topic of telecon put your trust in Allah subhana wa tada really put your trust because the Prophet Mohammed Hassan says, if the entire mankind from its engine, they get together to harm you. And Allah does not want to harm you, you should not be harmed. And if the incident gene, they get together to benefit you, and Allah does not want to benefit you, you shall not be

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benefited. So whatever happens at the end, it happens with the will and permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala put your trust in Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yes, said does exist. Yes, magic and black magic does exist yet it is from the second it is from the shaker bean. It is from the gym, but it can only harm with the will on permission of Allah Subhana Allah to have Yes, Prophet Mohammed

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happened to him as well. Prophet Mohammed was was hit by the session that was done by this Jewish woman. So, you know, it was done by a Jewish woman and he used to, he used to the effect that happened to the Prophet Muhammad, he was under the impression of seeing things. So this is what Sam does to a person, you know, it makes it hell it hits the eyes and that person sometimes, you know, themes that they see something or that they can hear something because they are under the effect of Sam of black magic, right? So when that happened to the Prophet Mohammed gibreel came down to us with the law and told him where to say he was a prophet Mohammed said and you know, the Allah who I

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know too well, because that lady who had the cell she you know, she tried to hit it, you know, to hide it in a well so Prophet Mohammed son, Adam de Allahu, he pulled out the sale and the Prophet Burnet, Allah has sought to sue them. So again, coming back to the story of Sulayman or SLM, they are who they used to accuse a man of teaching people sell, but it was not a man who taught people said it was the jinn it was the jinn with the will and permission of Allah subhana wa tada and so the man died it he sent out another prophet that was sent to the new slot he had passed away My dear brothers and sisters

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one second here, let me check something here

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All right, well, this sisters those of you on Facebook and also Mr. Graham, before I move to another profit, how are you guys doing?

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Those on Instagram Are you okay?

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And those of you on Facebook Are you okay? Because we're done with today. My name is Salim, and we want to move to another prophet but I want to I want to ask you guys in sha Allah tala I hope you're doing fine masala Begum and yes mean and hamdulillah are You doing okay? How about those on Facebook? How are you? Okay, so now how are you guys Long time no here. So not a long time no see Maddie. And I hope you guys are doing okay. And what do you say she is there for? Mashallah. manisa What a surprise visit Chanel is Gabby, Sadie and Howard and Holly. I hope you're doing fine. Hello Salah for those silent silent windows.

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And hamdulillah Okay, I'm just Khadija elisabete hamdulillah Northern hanbali Alhamdulillah masala quwata illa Allah, hope you guys doing okay?

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Happy to

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not see you not to hear you not to, but to feel you. Happy to feel you that you're there. And then Shabnam consumed, then center and then all of you all right. So brothers and sisters Sulaiman, Elisa Lam

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has passed away, has died has tasted death, as per you know, our Prophet Mohammed who tasted death, as, as per all the prophets and and as for all mankind, you know, they will all at some point, you know, have to leave and depart from this. You're not from this world. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala kept on sending profits to business law again, when Elena Allah Noah Yamaha by Yamaha by Yamaha, vanilla and Karima I don't know if laziness well, The Three Musketeers might have been become, we could not have been we could not have been nowhere.

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All right.

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Then Allah subhana wa tada sent another prophet where he kept on sending prophets, you know, to Venezuela, he, he sent a prophet by the name of Shia, or Isaiah. There's not much about this prophet that we know of, you know, has Hezekiah or she or icea. It's these. These are many names of the same prophet. Jamia is another prophet that was

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that that was sent to Venice for it as well. I mean, yeah. Allah Maya Jamia of Jamia of Armenia Armenia was also said Danielle was also sent was sent to very slowly so unlike if I'm sending you know prophets to Venice for a slum one after another,

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until Allah subhana wa tada sent another prophet who was mentioned in the end, these other prophets, they were not mentioned in the Quran, you know, they were sent to install it as well, but I was just in some Hadeeth But this man was sent to the you know, was sent also to register in my brothers and sisters, what happened, days passed after the death of Sulaiman Harrison, and months and years passed after the death of a man and he said them and then once again, once more beneficial.

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Instead of deviating, as it is the norm of very slowly, you know, they start deviating again and again and again.

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It's been, you know, sometimes Allah would send one prophet to them, sometimes Allah would send two prophets at the same time. Sometimes I would send three prophets at the same time three together at the same time, sometimes they would not believe in these prophets, some times they would kill them. Yeah, there was some prophets that were killed by Venice light, and there was some province that they just did not believe in them, you know, it's just Subhanallah it's been mentioned that there is a rock in phosphene you know, and that rock, you know, near in that rock near rock 70 different profits will give 70 profits will kill, you know, in the rock in philosophy, business law is killing

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you know, these profits

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until Allah subhanho wa tada

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sent a men

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what happened was this book and I saw this book done, I saw that I mentioned this ruler, dictator from Babel from Babylon, you know, he was killing lots of, you know, people from phosphene from Venezuela, he you know, and killing men and women, children, you know, stealing their, you know, their wealth and whatnot. And

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there was this man

00:26:28--> 00:26:31

who was walking with his donkey

00:26:33--> 00:26:33

with his donkey.

00:26:35--> 00:26:37

And then he passed by a farm

00:26:38--> 00:26:54

and he had some rain up in that means grapes. And he had some teen teen means figs. So had some grapes and some teen, you know, some figs

00:26:57--> 00:27:17

and then some dry bread, some dry bread that he was eating. So he would lay this man, he would take the, you know, and then he would just like squeeze the juice of those grapes. And then you know, and then you know, soak it in bread, and he would eat the bread with, you know, with the with,

00:27:18--> 00:27:38

with the with the end and the team, you know, with the team, the team meetings to fix. So he passed by this Musleh he passed by this muscle I need this, this farm. And then he saw masses and masses of people dead corpses everywhere. He saw corpses everywhere, you know, people dead.

00:27:39--> 00:27:42

And then he wondered, What happened here?

00:27:43--> 00:27:44

Why what happened to these people?

00:27:46--> 00:28:07

All these people who are dead. And in fact, the person who killed them was bought by NASA. You know, that that that King guy was talking about, you know, he caused bloodshed, whatever he goes, used to cause lots of bloodshed. So this man was wondering what happened here? Can Allah Xhosa resurrect these people?

00:28:08--> 00:28:30

So he was wondering, as he was walking by this farm, I think you find all these, you know, corpse, they're dead people. He wondered, Can God Almighty can Allah resurrect these people? So as he was eating that bread, you know, with the team, the team means the figs, right? And he was eating, and then he fell asleep. He fell asleep.

00:28:32--> 00:28:34

As he fell asleep.

00:28:36--> 00:28:42

He woke up 100 years later.

00:28:45--> 00:28:48

All those people that were that they were resurrected.

00:28:49--> 00:28:50

They were raised.

00:28:53--> 00:29:03

And then he was asked this question, how long have you been sleeping for? He said, I slept maybe for a day or half of a day.

00:29:05--> 00:29:19

He was told no, he was inspired. He was told no. You slept for 100 years. You step 400 years. Look at your him up. Look at your donkey.

00:29:20--> 00:29:23

And look at your food that you have left.

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

He looked at his donkey the donkey oh you know it's 100 years later the donkey became you know Boone's house dust. And then before his eyes, Allah subhana wa tada started yet any cloth in the you know, skin on the bones of the donkey. And then the donkey before his eyes turned you know the boons the dust turned into a donkey. And then the donkey started making that noise. You know, the noise of a donkey? Yeah, whatever the noise is right? And before these eyes, the donkey got resurrected because he was running

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Can Allah resurrect these people after they are dead? Or can ally raise them? And before his eyes, he saw how Allah subhanho wa Taala raised that, you know this not only those people but also that donkey his donkey, you know, that turned into a dust brothers and sisters, what profit am I talking about here?

00:30:24--> 00:30:29

Those of you on Facebook and those earnings per gram, what profit am I talking about here?

00:30:34--> 00:30:36

What profit am I talking about here? My brothers and sisters?

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I'm waiting. Eva Finn dosa was the first one to answer the call Nam it was Rosie Ali. He said that it was there. Sadie and Holly and Hosea very good and it was there. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the story of Anna Rosa in the end but not by name. Allah says in the Oh girl lady mama Papa to hear how we are to Nana oh she had

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he heard the healer who bad mot ha for amor de la homie Adama some

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garlic can list all the comme la vista Allah Allah these two young woman Oh, Baba, yo, Paula Bella de stemming.

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From inapp amico wasabi Colonia tussen

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Illa Hema nikolina janica Giada tellin

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ya illallah wa MC a phenom. She's

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from Ghana, Honda.

00:32:04--> 00:32:08

Konishi Adi he,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, oh, like the one who passed by a town

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as it had tumbled over. As I mentioned earlier, the whole town was stumbling over love corpses everywhere.

00:32:23--> 00:32:40

And then he wondered how with a lot bring it to life, how to bring it to life. A lot caused him to die for 100 years and then he raised him up. Then Allah subhana wa tada asked him, How long did you remain? He said I remained the day or part of a day.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says no, you have remained 100 years old Look, look at your food and drink. They show no.

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No, no, no change the food and drink. They were there exactly as they were not changed. The team, the figs were there. The bread was there. Everything was there, nothing was changed. And then also my brothers and sisters, the Eliza told him to look at the donkey. Look at your donkey. And before these eyes, the donkey was formed back and then turn back into life.

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What happened after that my brothers and sisters what happened after that to this man to say what people believe in him that he was actually a prophet after 22 years with people believe in Him with with the children of Islam in with Venezuela, he would the Jews believe in him.

00:33:38--> 00:33:40

The Jews when it's likely would they believe in him

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again, after this miracle that happened.

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You know, but when slowly

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but something amazing would happen to this man. What would happen to him? Well, we'll talk about it tomorrow in sha Allah hota it is not enough time here Allah it is not enough time here. So we have to break earlier. But inshallah tomorrow we will complete the story of this man and Hosea, and then we'll move on to another amazing, amazing, amazing nonprofit because now we're paving the road Teresa Teresa them. But before reaching eSATA. He said, we were talking about you know two other prophets that came before Isa and they said them, who are those prophets? What happened to them? who wish it was this woman? Who was this woman who made that doctor Allah to bless her with the sun? She

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this woman who who wanted to dedicate whatever is in her room in the service of Allah subhanho wa Taala Who Is she an old woman? Who is she? How is she related to ERISA? allihies sam, you know, we will talk about that tomorrow in sha Allah. Thank you brothers and sisters. Thank you for joining Metalab Bless you all melody or do is that Kamala Harris, we'll see you tomorrow.

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Six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time same place same time second love hair salon Malika must not lie to Allah. What Bala cattle. So medical is to grab semi local, Facebook salamati