How To Get Your Degree in Islamic Studies

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dears. I name is Doris worry. And I'm coming in from Tampa, Florida, to invite all of you to a brand new program to this community, Islamic University of Minnesota is coming to Tampa, Florida. And we are bringing an AA degree, an associate's degree in Islamic studies to your community. Now, what's amazing about this, is that it for everyone who is going to be live, especially for the community, for the Tampa Bay community, it's going to be there. Now you may be thinking well, so I don't know by university, because University is very expensive, and I don't have that much money. What if I

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told you it's only $100 a month? You may be saying, well, so I don't have time in university so much. After that studying. What if I told you you only attend classes one day, a week? What? And you may be thinking, Well, okay, you got the time you got the money. But what about, you know, you may be thinking, Well, what do I need a degree for anyways, to have, you don't have an associate's degree in any field raises your income, tremendous inertia. And this is another reason you'd like to have a degree and a lot of people are 10 Palaka classes most automatically, every week, people have been telling me for years. And at the end, you know, their knowledge is scattered. We've got some

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information here some information there. A little bit of stories here a little bit of *in What if we can get an actual foundation of all of that you can get Vic and Hadith, or Anik studies and all of it together, I key that and learn your knowledge from the foundation up, like building up hope you got a strong foundation and then you build up. So you're thinking, Okay, it's once a week, it's only $100 a month. It's going to be a degree, Associate's degree. And now you're thinking, Alright,

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is this really for me? I'm going to ask you a question. Are you ready to meet Allah? subhanaw? taala? Are you ready to meet? The majority of time when I asked this question the majority people say no. And the reason that a lot of us are not ready to the lesson is because we don't know why the end we're not practicing.

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Right? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that those who seek the path of knowledge those who followed the path and this is knowledge of the deen and we go and we strive to learn it. Eliza Joe will make the path of gym easy first. Why? Because the more we learn the knowledge of the deen the more we correct ourselves, the more we live in a way that Allah is pleased with us, the easier is Sharla that alone will give us an gratis, Jennifer Piper, Jennifer for that. I mean, so that being said, I just want to tell you guys that, you know, when we go after the regards to the knowledge of the when we go to obey Eliza, when we go to understand our deen we have a more peaceful dunya we

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have a better connection with Allah. We accept all the tests that Allah xojo gives us and we're able to understand it and we're able to, you know, handle it in just a much, much better ways than the majority of people because of that connection with Allah Isa, which he allows us to handle it much better. Why would we want that? Why would we want a more peaceful life? A better life? Why would we want the best in this world and the best and the after we make this through our everyday in salon. So why not go for the shower. Now for everyone who's not in the Tampa Bay area, Florida. You can actually watch this online, you can watch it live on zoo, or you can get the recordings the

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following day. And you can subpoena assignments. The best part of this is inshallah Allah, it's going to be an open book OpenNotes final. The reason for that is so that everyone passes my class, everyone learns the material, and more than anything, everyone's able to apply it in their lives. That's the ultimate goal. We want to learn the knowledge of ID, we want to be able to find our lives and we want to be able to be close to Allah and be able to be ready to meet Him whatever that data does that go ahead. And for more information, please go ahead and email me at the email below or go ahead and register at the link coming up on the next page.