Where Exactly Is Taqwa

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In a famous Hadith, the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim, he said, a taco Hoonah. And he pointed like this, he said, turquoise here, and he pointed to his chest three times. And that's why I'm doing it so that you see what the prophets allies had him do, and a little visual to the statement, because he could have just said a turquoise in the heart. And that would have been it. But he pointed to his chest three times to illustrate where Taqwa is. And what we learned from that is that Dukkha is not simply something that you know, it's not just about the the actions that we do. So it's not just about fasting and withholding from eat and eating and drinking and sexual intimacy. And it's not

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about the prayers that we pray just starting from this, it could be it and doing these particular movements until it's asleep. No, what is intended from these actions that we do is the presence of the consciousness of Allah azza wa jal, it's the all that we have a lot of the reverence that we have Allah, it's the fear that we have from Allah azza wa jal, while we are offering these acts of worship, and hence the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he says, millennia that koalas zoo when I'm gonna be Felisa de la hija and Yoda, Kurama Warszawa. He says that whoever doesn't leave while they're fasting, whoever doesn't leave false speech and false actions, it doesn't stop them from

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cursing. It doesn't stop them from backbiting. It doesn't stop them from doing evil things. Then Allah Azza it has no need for that person to withhold themselves from eating and drinking, because they're not they're not fulfilling the higher purpose of fasting, right, the presence of the feeling the presence of Allah azza wa jal, the consciousness of Allah. Similarly, Allah as I just says, In the Quran, Allah says laying it laying out Allah Lahoma what are the MaHA alakina Who Taqwa Minco? Allah says with regards to the, the offering of sacrifice, he says that Allah azza wa jal, the blood of these animals and its meat doesn't reach the Eliza yet, but what reaches Allah Who ascends to

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Allah azza wa jal is that Taqwa is that reverence is that fear of Allah, that consciousness of Allah Azza din and so we have to place extra effort that when we're performing these actions, that we're not simply performing the skeletons. Without the spirit of these actions and that we, we conceptualize and we remember the spirit of these actions, the Taqwa of Allah so yet while we are offering these actions that Allah as a human may accept of us, and may we be able to look it up