When Your Dua Is Delayed so You Can Get There Faster

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being able to achieve a dream in a timely manner, even if it may not be possible. They give examples of how the success of a dream can be measured and how it can be addressed by setting up a dream and communicating with others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles and avoiding infection.
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Sometimes we may want something really, really badly. And we see that this moment is our one opportunity to acquire it. And if that moment passes us by as my cat passes me by here, we are devastated.

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But it could very well be that in Allah subhana data allowing for the opportunity to pass you by that he is preparing you and positioning you to achieve it in a more perfect way down the line. And I want to pinpoint an example very quickly. In Salt use, if it is set up where use if he's got one shot to get out of prison, he's interpreted the dream of two prisoners, he knows that one of them is going to have an audience with the King. And so he says to him, go to the end robic remember me with your Lord. And that man who had one job, forgets, he forgets and so use his prison stay is extended. And that could have very well been devastating. But in doing so ALLAH SubhanA that is actually fast

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track and use it to his destiny. Because if the prisoner says to the king, it says, I've got I've got a great guy in prison. Really? What does he do? He interprets dreams? I don't care.

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Does the king need in that moment that dream to be interpreted? No. And so what do you do with a business card that someone gives you when you have zero interest in zero need a bit? Exactly. But by use if being delayed in that moment, until the King has a dream that he is obsessing over that he is speaking to everybody to get interpreted when that guy then says, Oh, I've got to guide us or you have to lead us if common and interpret not only is usually going to he's going to have an immediate audience with the kink. And all of his demands are going to be met. No, y'all gotta clear my name. First you have to you have to ask those ladies. Ask them about what happened. And so use if it is

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set up and then the king, the king is so impressed with usif he's so impressed. And so here

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this is just a reminder. He's so impressed, of course that he makes him he makes him the Minister he makes use of it said I'm the Minister is and so that delay actually pushed usif further in a way that would not have happened if he had gotten out earlier. And so let's just become let us take comfort in Allah subhanaw taala knowing that the Lord of usif is our Lord as well and He is Allah thief then and he's a Latif now and he's mad, then and he's mad now and he is alive then and he is alive now.

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