Zakir Naik – Islamic International School – The Demand Should be More than the Supply

Zakir Naik
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And if we see in our school, we have all types of Muslim taking admission. Hanafi Shafi Weatherby Salafi Ella did the math Islamic wg Deobandi bravely, but we say in our schools, we follow for our in Santa.

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And we take indicting that. We will teach what is mentioned in Quran and Hadith and we make it very clear.

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We do not believe in dividing Muslims into different sects. Islam is against that Quran is against that, for answers in Sudan, chapter six was the 159 that if anyone makes sections of Islam, it is haram prophet of Allah, we have nothing to do with him. So in spite of this, we have the children of the heads of the different Jamaat

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e Islami Tablighi Jamaat are wanting admission Mashallah. So we really feel and you see a cross section of the Muslim Ummah, the rich class, the middle class, the poor class, the different people, and people come from far away areas where they even have to travel two and a half hours. They come from length and breadth of Bombay. The school is in center Bombay, people come from Mira road from Mombasa, they tell two and a half hours up and down. And some of the parents when the child is very young, they have to travel eight hours to up and down to drop to up and down to pick up.

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So here we find that once we give quality people are bound to come to you. One thing is the Muslim oma wants Islamic education, but I believe me, I would not put my son in any of the Muslim schools in Bombay if my school wasn't there.

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Not that I hate Muslims, I like them, but I want my child to get proper education.

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The only option I had was to start a school.

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So you have to realize that there should be demand and whatever activity we do, we always say there should be 10 times minimum, more number of people wanting to take part than the number of seats we have.

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Always if there is a demand, then Mashallah, you can provide quality, and you can get the best out of the people, because they know they have got admission out of a great difficulty. So what we say they follow, if you get easy if it's a walkthrough, then they take it for granted. And to have this model somewhere else. There are many people who copied all our syllabuses. Absolutely anyone can copy it free, no problem, but many people copied hardly anyone came even close to 5% of what we're doing. But the main thing is not the syllabus. Main thing is the management.

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copying the syllabus is very easy. You can take a syllabus from a good American or British school and think you can match it. Main thing is how well you control it. How will you handle it? The management is that important. The management, the teachers, the parents all put together, they should be a combination of everything. Everyone should have faith in each other, then not only will you really be able to make a difference, and once you have the confidence of the parents, inshallah, you can do wonders.

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So many times introduced many things Mashallah always has been cooperation. So unless you don't have quality, you will not be able to achieve what you're paying for. And this is the principle of Islam, that we believe in quality, anything. We do.

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