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The segment discusses the horrors of life in the Middle East, including the lack of privacy, sadness, and grief. The segment also touches on the horrors of life in the United States, including the lack of job satisfaction, poor living conditions, and the loss of family members.

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There's a story in reported by Behati.

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The hadith of Javid they've been Somera. He says that Omar Abdullah and who he had Sadiq nebula cos as the governor over al Kufa, sad founded in Kufa is the general aluminum kata, and he founded in Kufa in Iraq. Like he's normally the founder of a city. Normally they would get like,

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you would name the city after him first of all, like, it's like it's done here and they would get all sorts of recognition and an applause and all of that type of stuff.

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sad that people have a Kufa complaint or I'm going to have Bob outside, or he got a number of complaints. He didn't get mass complaints, but he got one or two until the people of Iraq or Kufa in particular, they said had us you know, you suddenly he doesn't even pray well, you're talking about sad, sad, you know, costs.

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One of the 10 who was promised paradise, the first person to cast an arrow in the path of Allah subhanaw taala, the person who the province of Elijah said I'm sad for him what he didn't say for anybody else which is ill to me, I Sachi Dhaka who me the province of Elijah said, I'm sad, sad, cast your arrow in a battle he said, he said, Cast your arrow sighs May my mother and father be sacrificed for you. He never said that for anybody else. Some narration that says that he said that for his wedding and I want but generally what is known as that he only said that for aside the medical cost side is a big, big deal. Great, great companion. And the people of a goof are saying

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he's not even praying, right? So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna sense Muhammad, even a Muslim, he sends a companion to go and investigate this manner. So he sends, even though Allah could have very well set, y'all are crazy.

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I know sad, and he's not what you're describing. But no matter is the Khalifa. And he's in charge of, of, of investigating these matters. So he sends Muhammad de minimis Allah. Muhammad goes to the massage and he's asking people, What do you say about science? What do you say? Everybody Praise, praise, praise, praise praise.

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Except for one guy.

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One guy gets up in the presence of Saudi of new cars, and he says, sad. He says, lie yesterday. Bisaya wala Yuck, the Surya Wallah. Yeah, I didn't feel Kadia

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he says sad, does not go out with the battalion stays at home doesn't go out with the troops.

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And number two, he doesn't distribute evenly.

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And number three, he doesn't judge with justice.

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And side they're gonna go cos side sad. I have to flashback. Back when he was with Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam one time he asked the Prophet he said Yes Will Allah ask ALLAH that I be someone whose dua is always accepted. And Rasulullah sallallahu SNM set aside he says, I'll play by the hammock. He said make your food that you eat that you consume. Sleep pure Khaled wholesome goodly your diet will be accepted. Make sure that your income your sustenance, what you nourish yourself with your body is always had and pure and your diet will be accepted suicide is somebody who thrives accepted he lived that lifestyle. So now we go back to a Kufa this guy is lying about sat and saying

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a little nursery rhyme to suicide said to him.

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I lay it says Jack, he said to him, are you you're rhyming against me.

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So you're making rhymes against me now this is what we're doing. So he said, Okay, I'm making draft for three things.

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Yeah, he brought it out. He said, I'm making you out for three things. Number one, he said Allahumma attain fakra. Number one, oh Allah prolong his poverty.

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Make him always broke.

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Make him always broke.

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And he's either going to be broke or in debt broke or in debt. And both of them are stress and sadness and grief and a headache. He said up in UCLA. And then number two, he says, we'll update and make his lifelong to

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make his life long.

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Let him see because oh my goodness. When you're broke, who do you go to?

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Who do you go to when you're broke?

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family, your friends. But now my man is gonna watch his family pass away. He's gonna watch his friends pass away. Eventually, you're going to look around every elderly person who's who you've seen in your life, your grandparents, great grandparents. There comes a time when

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like, they're just done with the dunya then like all of my friends, they're not there anymore. There's nobody, you know, my grandfather, I am old. I passed away 80 years old. So a couple years back, and I have another great grandmother who is trying to get her eyes fixed.

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And so I was sitting with my grandfather and I was like, you know, so and so she went

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Instead of surgery for our eye, he was just looking at me. He's like he could barely see himself. He's like, Who is he trying to see?

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He's like, who does you want to see? Like, there's like,

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there's nobody left like, okay, we're still here mountain.

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Okay, okay. So

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hello, I guess so he says hit me. He says, he says what? ATHLEAN fakra and make his life long. And then he says number three, he says,

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he says and

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he says and make him experience fitted. Make him experience trials and tribulations in his Deen. So what did that end up happening? A job that he says the narrator he says I saw this man years later.

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And his his eyebrows were drooping over his eyelids because of his old age.

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And he would be

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he would be hitting on girls in the streets of Kufa.

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Old man sitting there teasing girls, young girls, blah, blah, blah. And then whenever he'd be out, they'd be saying to him,

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this is embarrassing. Be ashamed of yourself. You say? I saw Bethany that were too sad. He said I was. It's the dark side. That got me the dry side. Okay, so this idea of

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how ugly it is when you have a person who, okay if you're young. These aren't excuses, but it can be understood. But when a person has lived life, at some point you have to say at a loss. I'm done.