Adnan Rashid – Did Praise Mirza Qadiani or His Book Conversation with Ex-Ahmadi.

Adnan Rashid
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field that you want to pursue,

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you know, get some advice from them directly. So in sha Allah we wish you all the best and may Allah reward you for your efforts and give us the karma and keep you firm on the deen and yeah if you've got any questions you can reach out to product owner sheet or email us inshallah and we should be able to help you out privately in Charlottesville

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okay, brother boss is your next

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Yeah, bring him in. Sound like him brothers.

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How are you? I'm doing all right. So I'm not sure if you guys know or remember. But, uh, some like, brother Adnan. I just watched your videos. I'm an ex Qadiani I'm Muslim now. Alhumdulillah.

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You know, we watched it with great attention, taking notes, finding all the references, you know, and etc. But I did have some questions about that. And, you know, Muslims, like the general Muslim scholar isn't isn't versed in Qadiani arguments and excetera. So, but, um, you had mentioned that the Rohingya media was an excellent book.

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And that's simply not the case. It was it's, it's in that book, he makes one argument he promised 300 arguments, but he makes one and the one argument is he's a prophet. So it's like the Obama immediately did the fear on him. Only one person defended him and that's what a quote that says like a school fellow is friend. But reveal, yeah. And Briony Ahmadi, I didn't make the argument there is a profit. Now it was published in 1887. In Amritsar, he was nowhere near claiming to be a prophet at that time. He claimed to be a prophet or he declared his alleged Prophet toad in 1902 19. Barbara Hina, Medea basically was a defense of Islam. It was supposed to be as you rightly pointed out, that

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they were they were supposed to be many, many, many more arguments, but he came up with this and he spent a lot of money he raised money from the Muslims. Okay, well, praise the book when I praise the book. I didn't mean the book is perfect. There is no perfect book, okay.

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It is very nicely published, it is a very nice print I can I can even pull it out from my library right now. I have the first edition in my library, okay. And there are certain things there are two places that he makes good arguments, but at the same time, when Qadiani or Ahmadis tried to use my Statement of Claim, as if I am praising Mirza Ghulam, Muhammad Qadiani. They don't know what they're doing. They are very inconsistent. They are experts. To my experience, they are experts of cutting and pasting and ignoring the context. For example, now, if I was to praise Hitler, let's say, as a as an absolutely mesmerizing orator, am I endorsing his actions? No.

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Anyone who knows oratory, and public speaking in the history of humanity, you will put Hitler somewhere in Top 20 Top 10 as a speaker, as a public speaker, but he was an evil man. He was an evil man, despite the fact that he had these abilities that he used for evil and doesn't make his entire life

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worthy of praise. So likewise, I mean, let's give you let's give you more controversial example, Salman Rushdie, Salman Rushdie. Okay. Are you going to tell me that the guy doesn't know how to write?

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Are you going to tell me that his English is not good? He doesn't have a good command on the English language? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. The guy has a good command on the English language, but he's used his command to do evil things. Okay. Likewise, Mirza Ghulam, Muhammad Qadiani had done some good work, no doubt. Okay. But at the same time, he's used his good works.

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To claim something he had no right to claim. He's used his fame he had gained from debating Arya Samaj, you know, and also some Christians, he got some gain. I mean, like nowadays if you start debating Christians on a major on a major level, okay. Naturally, Muslims will get to know you. They will you will go around the world you will debate people you will raise questions you will respond to their attacks, you will become somewhat like a hero of Islam. Okay. People will start to see you as someone in positive light or you will they will start to look up to you. This is what happened in Resolve Allah

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Qadiani he was initially defending Islam against the attacks of audio Samad and from Christian missionaries who were backed by the British government and run. But then he himself did something worse than what those people were doing. He right I can. Sorry to interrupt you. But so so I research this like so there's new information that's came out about Mirza Ghulam mammoth. So, a for example, in that book, Briony Hamodia, it's in English. It wasn't in English until like 10 years ago, or like seven years ago, brother, he's claiming verses of the Quran about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for example, chapter 61 940-820-8933. This is where

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he says he is is

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the same as Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam asked for a lot but in that book he said that and brother in fact the other mile India I think almost a lot of people did at the fear on him immediately after the fourth publishing of briny Ryan Yeah, media, which was an 18 a bore. So he only got defended by one guy and they bring that up, but Yeah, no worries. I understand it and all sensible Muslims understand it, but they've been cutting that from I think Dr. SRM has a

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has a piece of his speech where he says that also and, and Okay, so about the Christians this, this is the problem, they always do this. Now, you see, in my three hour conversation with this gentleman called Ibrahim. Okay.

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I mentioned this passingly just as a side point, that his book has good things in it. It is a good book. Okay. I mean, many people disagree with that. Of course, I understand why they disagree with that, because then there are certain pages that are blank. And there is only one word on one page. I have. I have the actual book with me. So there are there are a lot of stupid things about the book as well. No doubt. Some of them is really big, some of the font and in one it's like it's like the 20 words. Yeah. So So look, when I when I prayed that particular work. I'm not saying every single thing in it is great. I'm not I'm not. I'm saying it has good arguments in it. It would have been

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good book. Otherwise, if he had not claimed to be a prophet. One could, you know say okay, this is a book in defense of Islam. Okay, he's, he's defending Islam against the enemies of Islam. So it could it could stand like a book, you could say, was written in defense of Islam. But later on is later actions and his later claims and his absurdities and his visions, and his absolute madness, you know, right when he's claiming to be alarmist claiming to be Muslim and Islam and Islam to be pregnant. All these things, okay. The guy was not, he was not right in the head. He was right. He was mentally unstable. So I'm gonna go a little deeper. So So in 1891, he claimed to be the Messiah,

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etc, etc. And he denied prophethood for 10 years. He said, I'm not a prophet. I'm Mohammed this. So Noonan had brought up that the first Khalifa is the Mohammed this never that never happened. Never made no. Let me let me add to something there. He actually said that. I send landed upon the one who claims to be a prophet. He did. Yes. Yes. He,

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at this time, the period you're referring to, he actually said that, hum. Shakspere landed based on the work of our Creator. Right, right. Okay. Then all of a sudden, he starts saying, well, so it's a funny story. He says, Anyone can be a prophet. He says a gunjur can even be a prophet. He says just all you got to do is repeat. Chapter one. I think it's verse six or seven. Guide us on the right path. He says, we're asking to be prophets, every us look for Allah. No one can become a prophet. You can't achieve it. You got to be born it right. So So anyhow, Mirza Ghulam mammoth, what he did was really bad. Because if you know about the sister situation with the Hindus and Ron de la Rasul,

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which was written in 1927, that was written in response to the Guardian needs. So the Guardian is we're fighting the Hindus, why are you fighting the Hindus, bro? They're in the situation that we're in. They're on our side for freedom. You know, why are you attacking the Arya Samaj, who are anti government? You know, you shouldn't be attacking them so so that whole thing with the Hindus you don't some people shouldn't try to represent Islam. I mean, you're gonna, you're gonna make an embarrassment of all of us. So you should just not okay so.

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So then, this look, this makes sense when you look at the British tactics to divide and rule. Okay, in India, Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani was one of those tools you can say they tried to use to divide the Muslims and Christians and Hindus so that they don't politically unite put so much hatred between them that they cannot politically unite to do away with the British.

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And as we know, clearly from his works, he praised the British Empire, the British government in particular Queen Victoria with lavish tributes

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the Khalifa the Muslims, and if I if I'm not mistaken, I don't, because this is I read this long time ago, okay? He even he even called the British government or Queen Victoria, a blessing of God. But yeah, he did a blessing of God a blessing of Allah. So imagine this is the most cruel political establishment ever date, date? Okay. The British Empire was the worst empire. You know why? Because it was the most organized in inflicting disasters and catastrophes? Yeah, well, so let me tell you how the British helped them. Um, the British helped them, um, open up a mission in Israel, in Kabul beer and in halfa. They got him into West Africa. They got him into East Africa. They took them

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around the world that they got him into America. When they got into America, it was the British who helped with the visa. So Okay. And what about a say in Amazon? You know, Mirza glomerular took like 90% of his IQ either from say, an AMA Vaughn, who said, there's no angels, there's no de and yet there's none of that risk. Lama took all of that exactly from him. So okay. The Ibn Abbas.

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I just wanted to clarify what that was. Ibn Abbas said that in the Moto fika could mean Mitaka in the future. He said, wha in chapter three, verse 55, is out of sequence. It doesn't imply sequence. It doesn't mean he's gonna die first, and then Rafi Oka. He said, It could happen the other way. So that that was the whole even the boss thing. Mirza Ghulam mammoth did not give context when he quoted even the boss, which is not even in the Sahih Bukhari it's in a Chapter editing. It's literally a chapter and the question I asked.

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The question I asked Is that why even debate this point? It was never debated in the history of Islam, like the anomalies do. Okay? Why? You know why? To prove Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani to be a prophet of God. It is all for him. It is all for him. I mean, if he didn't claim to be a prophet, there would there would be no discussion. Well,

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the lorry animals have to die. They had to kill him right? At Qadiani had to kill it easily salam for him to be the reincarnation or the rebirth of the Messiah from another woman called you out BB but amazingly Amazingly, the Hadith literature repeatedly says that it will be ignored Maria It will be able to Maria Maria will return a unique name. No one else has that name.

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As of now, Maria guardian, how come? How come and how did how come and heard in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim I was reading from the book, right? I mean, he had this Hadith from a Muslim in his book using it against us as if this proves the case. But if you read it carefully, every single word dismantles the claims of

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when I'm at Qadiani for example, the first thing is it says he will descend instead of saying he will be born it says he will descend and who will defend a blue Maria not in blue baby not in Rocky rock baby Okay, so So when this point is raised, I don't know why are Ahmadi friends cannot understand this. There is a huge distinction when Allah calls him Ibrahim. William you cannot mess with his return.

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Because it was still the matter. Calling me bloomery means the one owner of like a born of Maria, you're the one who was born in cardijn of giraffe BB, right.

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means it will be normally I'm coming down not the son of giraffe baby. Right. Right. Right. Well, yeah, they don't agree on the birth of ESA last long either.

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They say you know us the court of law that Meriam was a hermaphrodite for a while,

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you know, and the other sect, the Lahore Yemenis, who denied the profit of the government, they say that ESA last law must look for the law had a biological father.

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So both of these sets of guardian ism are all messed up. I grew up in it. We had no idea what any of it was. I grew up in California. I'm like 44 years old. The books didn't come into English to like 10 years ago, 15 years ago. So So hey, I also want to talk about that quote, Zurich by Gaia. So that isn't

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A book that is or do but you know, sometimes they add two books into one. They master Arabic Book, his first ever Arabic book into this order book. And in that Arabic book which was meant for the Arabic world Arab speaking world, which is not really British India, he was telling them, hey, look, everyone's accepting me except the worst people, etc etc. So okay,

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let me see what else so look I I am I am willing to entertain any one of them at speakers corner on Sunday. I've already put comments out on my video that anyone who is willing to take me up on these quotes, or challenge me on this court or the veracity of our translation or the translation we have chosen. Okay, I will substantiate every single one of them. Whether the quotes are in Arabic or do this is the game a lot of them play because there are plenty of the quotes, let's say okay, this one, Laurie, rebuttal. Balaiah. It is in Arabic, but I will show them plenty. I will do quotes where Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani was obsessed with calling people bastard children. You know he he

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called the Arya Samaj foster children use this term one of the Haram against them. What are the Haram literally? I mean, let's say Arabic, let's say Arabic. Okay. laureato Bala they can play games with that term. Okay, because the term Baia

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can be translated in a number of ways. Okay. But what are you going to do with the term one of the Haram okay, what are the Haram means? a foster child? a foster child, right? So

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that term has been used repeatedly by him in Arabic and also in Urdu. Right You know, the writings and he's not using it against one group. He's used it against ARIA Samad is used it against Christians. He's used it against Muslims who did not accept his claims. Okay, so this man was obsessed with accusing chase a woman of an chastity Islamically speaking, when you accuse a woman of an chastity, okay, of being

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a buddy, or let's say, a prostitute or country, whatever you want to call her right? You will be taken to the party, and you will be asked to produce for witnesses and if you can't, then they will be had punishment against you. And your testimony will never be accepted for the rest of your life. So on that, by that virtue, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani loses his credibility completely, by the fact that he accused chaste woman of fantastically. Now how do I know these women were chased? Because many of them had died before he claimed to be a prophet. Okay, he's cursing the children, right? He's cursing the Arya Samaj, the Christians and the Muslims don't accept him. He's cursing the children

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by cursing the mother that you are all one or two haram. You are children of basically haram illicit relationships. So you're calling them mothers basically prostitutes or or illicit, you know, women. So, now you have to prove your case in a court and if you can't, your testimony is rejected. So right, how can you even be a noble moral trustworthy Muslim, let alone a profit, let alone a profit. This is a very important point. Families have to, you know, grapple with, how can you prove Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani to be a moral Muslim man, let alone a prophet of God. This The point I'm making, right? They bring these references from the Quran and the Sunnah and they say, Oh, the

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Prophet said this Abu Bakr said this, Allah said this, we are talking about specifically Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani calling the mothers of many people

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prostitutes, his calling them Billy or Baba, for example. Okay, so there is no escape. There is no escape. There is no way out of this. Yeah, they they've actually said that to me.

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They've said that to me on live streams. My brother said it I like we got the audio. It's crazy situation. Brother, please pray for me. I tell all Muslims that I've come into contact with you know, I got a lot going on, you know. So okay.

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So so just some of the things about AOL. You never let the prayer you had mentioned that that it said in the DCE that isa last one would tell the Imam Mehdi you lead the prayer. So Mirza glom I'm gonna use that and he never led the prayers of God. Yeah. So, so like that really shocked me. He doesn't lead the prayer. Right. He's never been for Hajj either. It's alright.

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You never want to have I mean, these these are the what do you say?

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pillars of your deen the five pillars. And he didn't complete one of them even though he could have Yeah, and he's sitting around doing nothing and Qadiani I mean, let's be let's be open

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it's not like he's living the lives that we that we live in America where you know, we're you know, we're on the hamster wheel. I'll tell you what, Brother none Why didn't you put

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on your community page on your YouTube a challenge for the cardio needs to come I know you have said it in the videos but most of these figures you know, they probably just goes under the radar.

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But it more prominent on your social media that I'll be there in the Park on Sunday and any Qadiani Ahmadi Imam scholar, a learned man who wants to challenge me on those codes why those quotes? Why okay, why it is not a trivial matter. A man calling the mothers of other people prostitutes, okay? Or you know, lose women to use the polite term, okay? Cannot be a moral Muslim, let alone a prophet of God. That's the argument. That's the argument before you get too much of a fika before you get to the death or life of ESA salaam before you get to all those issues with the love to debate for a reason. Okay, because they know they cannot defend the personal Mullah Muhammad Qadiani they cannot

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defend this person right? Yeah, that's a challenge challenge out on your Instagram on your community page on on Twitter inshallah that should get their attention okay and um final question because I know you guys got a whole show and a lot lot going on one second words on what are your initial thoughts on Jesus in India that Jesus is India theory the US Asif chapter 2350 is what they use what what what are your thoughts on that?

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Okay, well, I you know, I don't know why they came up with this. It doesn't just doesn't make sense, right? There is no evidence for Jesus.

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I mean, look, even to ask for evidence for some something like this. Is this absolutely crazy? I mean, one of the things they always come up with is the Quran shout as well, you know, I don't know if you've come across that. Yeah, that has been shown to be a forgery by most academics. Most historians, they have done carbon dating of it. It dates from the 13th century it's a forgery Okay, the Quran shout guys Do you know what to to shout is a Hashem and nematode.

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Yep. So so they tried to use that and like make, like long discussions to prove a point. Okay, that Jesus was in Kashmir retired in Kashmir and he was buried in Kashmir and why why India? Is it because he was born in India. That's the reason they wanted to make the connection to India. No, I'll let me explain. So So remember, the Portuguese also came up with the Jesus in India theory. The Portuguese were on the west coast of India, they were colonized. And so they built the church. They said St. Thomas, they said, Hey, we've been here for 1000 years, St. Thomas was here. We're not stealing this land. It's our land. They made it all up. Right. So Nicholas Nitobe is some Russian

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guy. It writes a book the unknown life of Jesus and he says no Jesus, in his first 15 years or from like, age eight to like, 23 he was there in that era, and then he came back. So I'm gonna go I'm gonna I'm gonna take that twist chapter 2350 of the Quran, which has the word rub wa in it, and it's about the birth of Isa, alas, salaam, he was taken to a rub well with his mom, and she gave birth, etc, etc. They said no, not just Isa, that they say Murray. Also went to God.

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Because in that verse, it mentioned both of them being there. So Lama Stan, yeah. May Allah guide me.

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We have nothing but sympathy. We have nothing but praise. We don't want to hurt the feelings. We don't want to, to insult them. We don't want to humiliate them. You know, all of these conversations are not to hurt them. We haven't insulted their, their prophet, the one they believe to be a prophet, although we believe he's a false prophet. Okay. So we don't we don't insult him. Many Muslims do and they shouldn't. I like the Quran is very categorical about this that don't insult the false gods of others less they might insult your true God in ignorance. Okay, so I'm paraphrasing the Quran. So, so, we should not insult anyone when having dialogues and discussions. You can, you

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can use sarcasm, to, to get your points across so that people realize how naive they may be or how stupid they are. When they make certain points. Sarcasm is not always bad. As long as it's not insulting. You are hurting the feelings. So we should not insult my advice to all Muslims listening to me right now. Please don't insult them. Don't curse them. Don't swear at

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them because you endorse their perceptions that have been instilled in their minds by them or obese and the teachers. don't confirm and don't endorse those. Those perceptions and conceptions. Please be kind, be gentle, be friendly, be loving, be compassionate and you will see a change in sha Allah to Allah insha Allah Akbar Allah Bashir, just look out for your content so much.

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Hopefully, can have a debate soon.

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