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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of fasting, which is a path to obtaining Islam's goal of praising individuals for their behavior. The fasting process involves abstaining from various activities and setting a specific timeframe for waking up to reality. The process increases one's spiritual well-being and is considered a form of reflection of one's behavior.
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Oh you who believe fasting was prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you that you may shield yourselves from Allah's wrath, a high and lofty goal in which fasting was made a path and obligation, rather a mighty pillar of the faith to abstain from anything that would cause the fast to break with the intention of worship from the time of the sun's rise until it sets on its horizon for its daily demise. And fasting has two pillars in which agreement was acquired. The first is to abstain from to physical desires, desire for food and drink and those of a sexual type. And the second is that the intention must be done in the night to dawn to sunset as the normal timeframe

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observed, but in extreme circumstances, the nearest normal neighbor is preferred and it is a most virtuous act of worship. If you only knew to release yourself from your desires and become a better you because the blessings of fasting are too great to be counted and its reward with Allah is too great to be amounted. But in this short introduction, let it suffice to say that it increases you in taqwa, which we witnessed every day. But in this short introduction, let it suffice to say that it increases you in Tukwila which you witnessed every day during the blessedness of this month, a safeguard from evil protection from shall clean those of the jinn and people and it's an act only

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done for Allah so he's the only one who rewards it and it's gate disarray and only those who fast go towards it. The breath of those who fast is more beloved to Allah than the sense of must and then only United daily in worship from dawn till dusk goddess, gluttony and greed replaced with compassion for those in need and a healthy rest given to bodies that all year we overfeed. So indeed, I could go on and on 11 months is too long, but welcome, welcome to Ramadan.