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Muhammad Salah
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa Kapha wa salam O Allah Abed, the Hilah dean of stuff. Let's see Mr. Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, ala Sleeman Kathira My Dear viewers, welcome to another episode in our series best of the best. Today Insha Allah, we're going to learn about another Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the best of places. If you remember, earlier we spoke about the best places on earth ever are and masajid and the worst places on earth ever are the marketplaces. Today the prophets Allah Allah Allah Selim says Hi Ron morality, Elsa, the best place ever to sit in

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are those which provide most room and we will learn the meaning of this hadith insha Allah in a little bit, the hadith is Narrated by Abu Saeed Al Hodari. May Allah be pleased with him. He's such a great companion, pilot semi auto rasool Allah is Allah Allah, Allah your selama cool, how you don't magically see our sarahan

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and the hadith is authenticated Bashar Al Benny, may Allah have mercy on him. So he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him saying the best places to sit are those which provide most room.

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For the first innocent when you read the Hadith, it seemed like what does it mean? That if you have a bigger house, that means it's better than those who have a little house? Of course not. It has nothing to do with how much you possess, and whether your house is bigger or smaller. Obviously, it is better for you if you have a bigger house, if you have a palace, it's good for you. But what matters is how this house been operated, what has been done in this house. The word Majelis, which is mentioned in the hadith is plural of measureless. And mostly it's the first place in which you sit and and it also refers to the gathering.

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So that's why the Arab they say the guest room where people come and the host them they call it the measureless because this is where we host our guests. Okay, the meeting room, Al measureless. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the best of the modalities, the best places to sit, are those which provide most room the roomy ones.

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So I've also eaten for the rear of the Allahu Anh, the narrator of the Hadith once was invited to attend a funeral.

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And he deliberately went late. Why? Because you knew that those people who are waiting for him

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you know, out of appreciation, they will give him precedents No, come sit here, no, come sit there. So let everyone sit in their seats in the measureless. Then he showed up, as he showed up again, some of the people got up and said, Ya Sahiba Rasulullah, please come and sit, you know, you come and sit in my place. I said, Everybody take your seats, sit back while you're sitting, do not stand for anyone. And he said far away where he could see them, they could see him they could hear each other. And he did not lunge in in order to sit between two people and you know, crashing between two people. So he found a place where there is a roomy area and he said May Allah be pleased with him.

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So the meaning of the Hadith can be understood in the light of the following examples. When you enter the Masjid.

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Sometimes a mesh should is not really full.

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And people are sitting here and there and everyone is having you know sitting distance where they can recite Quran or pray on their own. You leave the whole message and your companies take yourself to somebody who's sitting next to you. That bothers me especially there is plenty of room. You don't know the person he doesn't know you. And you're just sitting so close to him while there's plenty of room and you end up raising your voice with their citation and that bothers him. What if the message is Masha Allah full? And there are some gaps in this case the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam ordered us to fill in the gaps, even if it is Umar Allah Almighty said it Aquila, come defesa

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Have you majority FAFSA who use the hula hula? If you're asked to create room to make room for others, do so and comply, Allah will give you room in the dunya. And in Alaska

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and we'll make it spacious for you. So, do we conside between this and that the condition, if you enter and the place is empty, do not take yourself next to somebody to bother him. And if you enter the place the measures or the masjid or the classroom, and the places you might fall, and you can ask people to create room for you. That is permissible, of course, so long as you do not bother people. What doesn't make any sense whatsoever? Is when you see people are sitting tight, and you still insist on would you please just give me a little room I want to pray. Okay, so the thing that you're going to pray to hate on measured or just pray and leave, but is it then you pray then you

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sit down and then people are being crushed? And sitting uncomfortably why because you crush them.

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You put yourself in the middle when there is where there is no room for you. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said hi Rama jealousy, I will sow had the best places to sit are those which have the most room? The prophets Allah Allah Allah Selim taught us a long list of a ticket for the Majelis. How to Set and what if you enter last? What if you enter first and what to say in the sitting in the match list in the meeting, and so on? One of the most important edits that I'd like to share with you is what is Narrated by Abu Hurayrah Radi Allahu Allah. When he said that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said Mandela Sufi measure is in fact caspo Rafi legato.

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If you attended a meeting, and there was lots of, you know, violations, you know, abusive words, errors and mistakes, then you should say, the following dryer before you stand up, and before you're dismissed, it shall erase all of these violations, provided they are neither major sins, nor are they involving backbiting and slandering others who are not there.

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Because obviously when it comes to the rights of others, and hopefully I bet it will not be simply forgiven by saying as Tao Phil law, rather you should see pardon from the people whom you have heard or slandered. So this application is to say Subhanak Allahumma We have Nick Nash, hello Hola. Hola. Hola. And Ness. sulfuryl Corona to work easy, very simple. Every meeting business meeting you attending a class in the college at school, the university,

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any gathering before you stand up before you stand up, just say Subhana Allah who might be handed Glory be to Allah. And All praises be to you know shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, we all bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship. But you know, Estelle Fuuka went to war like, we see your forgiveness and we repent unto you. So brothers and sisters, among the etiquette

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that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us in this regard, is to make room for the people who are just still coming. Yan is sometimes the people

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you know, they're they have gaps between each other. And they see that the messiness is Masha Allah receiving more and more guests and the number is outgrow in the place. So if you seem that there is a chance to give room to another deficit often majority, yes, a high level lack but it is not permitted to ask anyone to leave his place so that you can sit in it.

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Because the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said in the Hadith live came in a hadith AHA no one is permitted to ask somebody to stand up his brother whether you are superior to him or you are his manager or whatever. You're not allowed to ask somebody to stand up and leave the place so that you can sit in his place. Well I can call FC hall but just simply say FC wo nichrome make room there are more people are coming and this is what we do. Whenever we deliver the hotbar we see mashallah a lot of people are standing and those who came early they have been enjoying plenty of room. Maybe one is taking the place of two and three. So when I say def I set off in Majelis make room that too is

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permissible to say def acetyl what our cell

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Abdullah him not a Marathi Allahu Anhu

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Sometimes people will just stand up when you see him to give him their seat, please come and take my seat up the line normally would never do that, and he would not sit in that place. Furthermore, there is a very important etiquette with the gospel and measureless many people are unaware of its importance, which is when somebody is sitting somewhere on the chair in a seat on the couch or sofa and or in the machine on the floor, and he has to stand up to go to answer the call of nature or to make wudu and to come back, if the person is returning back he is more worthy with the place in which he is sitting in. So his seat is reserved is booked and no one has the right to occupy it.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said is their karma Raju min max listen. So, Maharajah Illa II for who what happens if somebody got up for something with his needs to be fulfilled, then once he returns, he is more worthy to sit in the same place. So if you come and you and I pray or sit here and they say the brother just want to make wudu that's it slip away find another place. Sometimes people do book the seats and he didn't go to make wudu he went home like in the case of the Haram especially Allah Madonna and hajj, he went home he wants to have Iftar and he's coming back when

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he skips one or two or three prayers during the day, but his belonging is sitting there in order to book the seat. This is not proper, because this is a nice shirt and you do not interrupt the row. People sit where there is room especially on the machine is very crowded, some more etiquette that we'll be discussing in sha Allah. When we return back from a short break, please stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. A quick reminder brothers and sisters today we're studying the Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hi Ron measure Elysee Azza the best places to sit are those which have the most room and we learned a little bit about the meaning of the Hadith. And the implementation of the Hadith by Abu Saeed Al cadre of the Allah and the narrator of the Hadith. And we've been talking about some of the etiquette of Al measureless. The meeting or the place that we sit in whether it's a business meeting, or Hanukkah, or sitting in the masjid, or somebody is hosting us, Abdullah if number in the last May Allah be

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pleased with him and his father said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbade sit in between two people who are sitting close to each other without their permission, especially if you notice that these guys are either friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, or they are chatting together talking about any matter. So you jump in and you say execute is me and you sit in between there is not permissible the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbid that and he said lay your head Lulu virtually, and you've heard your cabanes Nene inlab is nema. Unless if they permit them and they say come and sit in between that is perfectly okay.

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Also, when you know that a person is sitting with his child, not because he's a child, you think that you can take his seat and say,

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you can just stand up or sit next to your dad, or separate between them the Prophet salallahu Salam also forbade sitting between a man and his child because you are separating them. You know, when you study in detail is the etiquette of and measures you will be very, very impressed. For instance, beginning with the right

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and also greeting people to your right. And if you were to serve food or drink beginning from the right side, and when you enter the messages you should sit where you end up where you find a room first. You know you don't go all the way to the front rows for innocents or sit with people who have been sitting since the beginning and as them to make room for you we have learned No, do not offend people that is a meaning of Hyrule mentality. I will say it is true that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said and commanded us to fill in the gaps in those in the prayer for innocence. But it is also true that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not agree to a person push

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and people in order to carry room so that he can pray in the first row, because that will offend them and will make them feel tight throughout the prayer for in the sitting or in the handcart or the tally, because they're offended because they feel that they are not sitting uncomfortably. They will not gain the same benefit as if they were sitting comfortably. And Sydney Malik Radi Allahu and narrated, showing us how the prophets Allah Allah Salam used to treat people in the merciless

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you know, when the prophets Allah, Allah Salah migrated to Medina and as was 10 years old, and he served him for 10 years. So when he died NSOs, about 20 years old.

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He said once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam visited us, and so we prepare the milk and we had water from our water spring, and we give the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the hospitality. He said, This is what he witnessed. To the right hand of the Prophet Salah Salem there was a bad one. And to his left hand side there was Abu Bakr Salif, Rama them Hatha Radi Allahu Anhu sitting and he notes that normally the Prophet sallallahu Sallam likes to begin with the right the right first

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but Abu Bakr Siddiq, the great companion is sitting to the left. So he said Yeah, Rasul Allah, hand it over to overkill. So,

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by that he was hinting to him to skip the bad one is just a bad one. So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam neglected that and he taught over and above work and everybody else it is not by the end, it is not by the rank rather it is by whose right Is it the one who set into my right hand side so he gave it to him. In a separate incident.

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Abdullah had our best Radi Allahu, on whom I was sitting with the Prophet Salah Salem and he was not even a teenager, he was younger.

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And elders. Were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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when he received a bowl of milk as a gift, so he drank, and he looked, there was a young kid, and after him and to the left hand side of the Prophet, Salah Salem, were the Chieftains, the elders, the great companions. So he said, Yeah, Olam? Would you permit me to pass on the milk to the Elders first, and listen to the reply of Abdullah hip now best? May Allah be pleased with him and his father? He said, Of course not. I would never give precedents and preference to anyone to drink after you over myself. I am more worthy and it is my right because I want to taste the milk after you first. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam happily handed it over to the young boy Abdullah in our

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best Radi Allahu Anhu man.

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In the measureless whether it's a business meeting, as I said, whether it's a classroom or a lecture at college, whatever, people should realize that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commended any imaginisce should always contain some of the remembrance of Allah and its beginning. By its end by the conclusion, it's best to begin to measureless the gathering and the meeting in the name of Allah subhanaw taala and seek refuge with Allah again is the outcasts it then by the end is to recite this application so behind Allah Muhammad now shadow Allah Illa heyland Let's start folk I want to like in case that the meeting had some violations or errors, this application will take care of it. He

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said peace be upon him measureless aka one must listen Let me ask Corolla fee will Amiens Hello Allah and ABBYY him so matter for Rocco Illa como un en dynamin dzifa

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and another narration he said Oh Canada you can mostly swallow him has rotten yarmulke Yama and eating which people attend and gathering a setting. You visit some people you visit by some people you talk about all kinds of things. You don't even say Bismillah once you didn't say Subhan Allah You do remember Allah Almighty you don't send the peace and the blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam such meeting things.

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He will conclude as if it has a foul odor similar to that of a rotten donkey and rotten did donkey and it will be a cause of grief and regret for them on the Day of Judgment. Why we miss this opportunity of drawing near to Allah through celebrating the praise of Allah glorifying him praising him, saying any word of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala also Abu Hurayrah underrated the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a saint, many budget arm of John

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Let me ask you the letter holla fi il Kana Allah He told her Tonio Malkia woman Claude Nakada la musica de la has the origin Luffy in LA Cana Allah He threatened Yamaha piano. What is Tara? Tara is a grief, regret and loss. You know, whoever happened to lie down somewhere or sit anywhere and he just said as long as you want it or lie down then he just got up and left. without remembering Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment, He will definitely regret that. How could a missed opportunity pass some time without celebrating the praise of Allah subhanaw taala My dear respected brothers and sisters, there's actually a long list of etiquette for the Majelis but I would like to

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remind you that the Prophet sallallahu selama said in this hadith, higher measure Allah see our cell where the best places to sit are those which have most room

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until next episode, I leave you own in the care of Allah wa Salam o alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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