Mufti Menk – The Ease of Fasting

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting as a fundamental part of Islam, and how it can be difficult for individuals to sit and pray. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of fulfilling past obligations and giving a certain type of charity, such as Vidya, to those who missed important events or have terminal illnesses.
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Remember my brothers and sisters. Fasting is a pillar of Islam, we have five pillars. Praying is also a pillar of Islam, we must pray. Allah subhanahu wa taala tells us if you are unable to pray because of sickness, or if you are traveling, then we can change for you a few things to make it easy for you. Because you and I know that traveling is very, very difficult at times. So Allah says, Well, if it's more than a certain amount of, you know, meterage more than a certain distance, or if it is difficult, then your prayer, you may do it in a slightly different way. You may shorten it, etc. So Allah is making it easy for us. Similarly, if you're unwell and you cannot stand in prayer,

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he says to us through the blessed lips of Muhammad, peace be upon him, that you can sit and pray no problem. My aim is not to make things difficult for you, but you fulfill your duty. If you cannot sit and pray, you may lie down and pray. Amazing, but you always do that which you are able to do in the best possible way that you can do. These verses of fasting, show us that if you're unwell or you're on a journey, you have an option of not fasting and making it up later on when you're okay or when you're no longer on a journey. Imagine the blessing of the Almighty. He is giving us comfort. In times of crisis. What is the crisis? The crisis is I can't fast if I'm not well, and I'm sickly

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or perhaps I am diagnosed with this virus. And I'm concerned about my immune system because I have an underlying condition. Allah says the aim was never to make it difficult on you. Listen to what Allah says after he says you must fast he says

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woman Ghana marry one hour Allah has fit in very that I'm in a year I mean, are you ready? Do Allahu be como usara while you read will be como surah. Allah says whoever is unwell,

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sickly, incapable or on a journey can make the fast up later on after the month of Ramadan. Because Allah says he wants ease for you. He does not want to make things difficult for you. He knows your condition. Don't stress. So this is why people who have some excuse and they know they cannot manage. Allah says no problem. You can make it up later on at another time. What about those who really cannot because of their age or because they have a terminal illness and may never be able to make it up? Well, in that case, he tells us that you can actually give a charity, a certain type of charity known as a Vidya on for every facet that you have missed, and the Almighty will accept it

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