Tom Facchine – Don’t Make THIS Mistake – Surah At-Tahrim

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being sincere in giving advice to oneself, especially when it comes to the Prophet's guidance. The speaker gives examples of how Allah gives advice to his followers, including his advice to the Prophet's wife, his advice to the people of Coco, and his advice to the people of faith. The speaker emphasizes that individual responsibility is not enough to guarantee guidance and that actions and principles should be taken with sincerity.
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Two important points about sorta Hareem Allah's found the other addresses the believers. He says, Yeah, hey the avenue tubal Illa Toba, tena Suha. And it's an amazing if this word in a Suha is related to the word that everybody knows from the Hadith the prophesy said, I'm gonna say Ha, but it's really, really important that a law says it here because it expands most of our understanding of what Nestle is most of us and you know, translations can be to blame. We think that Nestle Ha is advice that doesn't make sense. If you look at the Hadith itself, or this ayah of the Quran, he says, Oh, you who have believed repent to Allah with a repentance that is not so Ha, right? And in

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the Hadith, he says, nicely, honey, Allah, he says, he says, you know, this sort of nnessee Ha, for Allah, and for the Prophet and for his book, etc, etc. So it doesn't make sense to translate it as as advice because how do you give advice to Allah subhanaw taala How do you give advice to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, how do you give advice to the Quran? You know, what does advice have to do with your repentance? No Sohar or Nestle? Hmm and the Hadith not so high in this ayah has to do with sincerity has to do with sincerity. And so a lot of times Allah and is asking us for a sincere repentance, right repentance, where you humble yourself, you register the gravity of the mistake

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that you made because you made it and I made it. Everybody makes mistakes. We all do things wrong, or whether it's delusional or the poor intention. Sometimes we don't have a bad intention. Sometimes we're just deluded. We thought something was going to be good. And it really wasn't right. And when it comes to being sincere, being sincere to Allah sincere to His Messengers sincere to the Koran, right, loyalty and sincerity, that's what it's about. And so then Allah subhanaw taala promises us if we're able to muster that sincerity, that sincere repentance, what's he going to do? He says that he's going to cover he's going to cover your sins, He's going to get rid of them, right, and he's

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going to cause you to enter into Jannah and Paradise. That's the first thing. The second thing and sort of definitely, that I want to point out. And it's really, really important to the last part of the surah where Allah spawns Allah gives a couple examples that of Allah who methodology Medina Cafaro. So he gives one example for the people of Coco, and then gives another example for the people of faith. And these examples are really, really fascinating because the first example that he gives are the wives have no, and Lord, and ALLAH SubhanA. Allah is pointing out here that your proximity to those who are guided does not guarantee your guidance. We know the story of Noah and

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his son, right and his son, you know, climbs the mountain and thinks he's safe. And then he gets swept up in the flood. And we know the story of Luke or a Salaam and his wife and his wife is actually helping their people commit the sort of immoral evil deeds that they're committing. And so she's actually ending end up being punished with that group of people, right, she doesn't follow loot to safety. And so Allah subhanaw taala saying, look, it doesn't matter how close you are in some sort of lineage sense or some sort of, you know, it's like well, I'm descended from so and so I'm, I'm a sighted I'm in this I'm a that, does that mean that you're saved? Now you have to choose

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it for yourself? Well, that's about the auto brings us point quite clearly. And then he flips the script and he goes the opposite scenario, because then he says, Okay, remember the wife of Alan, right? Remember, she was a very pious person, and he was like the worst dude on Earth. Right? And so Allah subhanaw taala is trying to demonstrate here your individual responsibility is that your lineage isn't going to save you and your connections aren't going to save you and being close to the people of am or the people of guidance, or the people have power or the board and the mess cheat or this or whatever. It's not gonna save you. The only thing that's gonna save you is your actions,

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your principles, your decisions, Your Worship, right, your sincerity, and if you don't have that, then it doesn't matter who's next to you, or you're standing next to

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