The Diwan in Sudanese Culture

Ammar Alshukry


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One of the symbols of rural Sudan is the day one, you have to remember that in these towns and villages, a family's house is literally a single room. That's the house, that's the entire house. It's just that room. So they needed to have a place where they could entertain guests where they could host them if they need to spend the night or a couple of nights and there aren't any hotels out here. So a place where large social events can occur, such as the Accepting of condolences, or a place where the men could gather and break bread together. And that's what the deadline is. So where do female guests they will they stay in the homes themselves. And so each extended family will chip

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in and build themselves a day one, and every day they will gather for two meals, breakfast and lunch. They're each family bringing in their trays like clockwork, the word they want an Arabic means to preserve and to collect. And that's why a collection of poetry is called the day one and here. What's preserved our family relationships and beautiful britches