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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of individuals discussing evil crimes and their consequences, including a "backbiting and slandering" incident. They emphasize the importance of avoiding false assumptions and avoiding false predictions. The group also mentions a "has been a lie" incident. They emphasize the importance of avoiding false assumptions and avoiding false predictions.
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So yeah, support no matter what the other opinion

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is that this is a question from a boss who had no more data to such a person. In other words, am I saying if someone,

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does he assume that his wife is going to give him a long life? So it's a question from a position that's in the second opinion. So

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does he assume that his wealth is going to give him this good life? And this one life? Does he assume that his wealth is going to carry his name in positive mentioned among the people after his death? Because if that's what he thinks, then almost

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straight after

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Obama can no not at all. This is a response with a harsh and tough and heavy word from Hannah Montana. Allah is responding to this corrupt evil person with a threatening tough word. And he's saying, No, no, no, your assumption is wrong. And everything that you do in life is all wrong from your home or

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from your insulting and mocking of the people to get to your collecting of the money and compiling it and stacking it for yourself and not giving any of those who only deserve a right of this world, you're not giving them any of their rights. And then you're assuming that this money is going to give you a long life. All of this in one word or more response to it by Kela. Alonso just doesn't even say lead. He can learn a button and he can learn this is one of the harshest words and if you were to look into the hole and you will find that the word color is found in the poem 33 times, and it does not appear in the first half of the poem, the entire first half there is no combat it only

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begins to come in the second half specifically, the first time it comes in the poet is in solid Malian, which is passed on offline, and we're almost done calahorra dialysis, can you

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remember, and the word cannot when you see it in the Quran? Yeah, and he pretty much that Sula is a monkey saw. The word killer only came in mid console, it did not come in motherless world. Why? Because when I saw that were revealed before the usual muscle of modeling or some obviously the the before the massage and and he lived in Mecca. And you know, you're dealing with tough, stubborn, arrogant, wishy washy and and disbelievers that a lot of the ayat would be recited unto them and they're still mocking another social and they still insulting and punishing and torturing the believers. so harsh and tough words are used against them like when you learn like this word can

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that fat yeah Anaconda has a deep tough threading Eonni implies that threatening tone inside of it. So this is how it muscle panel data response to such a person at Gallup Yeah, and you know, you're wealthy won't give you that eternity. What will give you an eternity? The what would give your name eternity after you die? Obviously it is the good deeds that one does, that will carry his name we think positive good mentioned among the people long after he's gone. And then the good deeds that you do to the people, your character and your manner, your email, right. These are the manners that will keep your name in the books of history with a positive mention, just like any normal mom, up

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until now, only we still mentioned them we still share their works was still research into their work. Why because they left that of a good trace in this life. So a boss would have

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to go home. He made the mention eternal until the Day of Judgment so that every time you mentioned one of them and you say law all the above I know he's being rewarded a river of hustler is following him in his grave and he is long dead, but he was named has lived forever This is what will make your name live on not what this person assumed that his money would make him live an eternal life can allow

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Obama now begins to mention the punishment who was to have a wobble is very interesting is that you find Uranus who have about five crimes at the beginning have been mentioned homosassa yamasa Gemma Bella

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Bella five crimes and now in six also have a more data would describe exactly five punishments for there is any submit it's symmetrical basically five crimes with five punishments can let loose upon this land that is found on the word loomba. It's called an Arabic level person. In other words, the level of both in other words,

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you will be looking and

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it comes from the word none of this

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comes from the word whenever it is a verb that is used when something insignificant when something worthless is thrown out. Any for example, they say in Arabic

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that no one

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You know when you eat the date and then the seat the pit comes out, and then you grab it and you throw it yummy. There's no value to it. There is no significant store they just, we don't even care where it lands and where it goes. That is the action. When you do that that's called nothing in Arabic that's called another. Allah subhana wa tada when he spoke about Pharaoh and his army, and you know they were 2 million on the day they all drowned in the Red Sea they were 2 million. Allah subhana wa tada describes that even though getting over 2 million people dropping one day, Allah Xhosa describes the entire event, he says, was good, although further.

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We seized him we grabbed him in his army, and we threw them in the ocean just like on another level, we gave them no significance, no value, because obviously of the crimes, and the only the rebellion against the loss of Hannah was the loss of Hannah Montana when he described when he saw him and what they did with the book that he sent down to them. He said, number one, mira Lavina, Muto. Kita, kita, Allahu Allah, Who do you need the word? Alonzo, again, when he described what led to the book, this word is perfect, an accurate description. He said they never they grabbed the book, Allah give them a book. And they were supposed to hold on to its laws, and they were supposed to implement its

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laws in their life. What did they do? They didn't just put it on the side. They thought behind their backs giving it no words, no, no significance. This is what the word nada means. Now, why does a Marshall Hannah Montana use this word, as opposed to other words that could have been used in this allows origin could have said

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opener can lay your slur and hope Allah these words have been used before in the plan. So what's the difference between them and the word union Bananarama chooses to use your mother in law as opposed to anything else. This is why. And this is going to teach us the relationship between the crime and the punishment of a lot of social gifts. You know, at the beginning of the solo. It was about the person who spent most of his time mocking, insulting, belittling the people who was doing an anonymous, anonymous, that's what he was doing. He humiliated and ashamed the people, he sold them inferior to him. So most of what I learned on the Day of Judgment, humiliates him and gives him

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known significance and gives him no value on the Day of Judgment, because that's how you dealt with the people.

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His crime was what was his crime, his crime is that he did not give the people value. As a result, he began to mock and stand back by so Allah subhanho wa Taala. Another way throws him in the Hellfire is in a way where there is no value and no worth and no significance given things. Pamela, and the essence in relationship and dealing with a human being is that you're supposed to respect and honor the human being,

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Adam, indeed, we gave honor to the elders. So since a lot of soldiers gave Benny Adam honor than you and I are supposed to uphold that another law surgeon gave us and we're supposed to, therefore, honor and respect that esteemed each other. And when you go against that, that is exactly what the crime that I'm that the punishment that I'm most proud about. It gives such a poser. He throws him in Janda like one throws a date from his mouth and just throws it out in the in the open land, giving it no word unknown significance. Can you notice something else? Yes, we can a lot in terms of the insignificance of a loss of habitat and gives this person you know, what was this person's dream

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just an hour before he told us his dream. And his dream was several and

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he was living in a dream. His dream was he wanted to live a long life. He wanted to live forever, a long life of sin and transgression. And he assumed his wealth will do that. However, he didn't live forever. What happened? He died. He was washed. He was buried. his dreams were shattered. He was resurrected. He was the last panel

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in the judgment. And that's all over. And now he's at the gates of a copper mine. He said john. So in other words, Allah subhanaw taala. He mentions he is dreaming the higher before his desire, he wants to live forever, then allows origin fast forward until he is fake on the Day of Judgment. And now he's standing. He's standing right before the gates of the alpha. In other words, his life wasn't even worth mentioning. So one day, he's living happy days. Yeah, someone

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wants to live his dream.

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sharmin going to live that long, beautiful life with this world. And all of a sudden, the next day which is literally the next level. Obama, all of us

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So, how quick was that he's at Obama. So last question mentions his life and what he desired in his life. And then a lot of surgeons didn't even speak about what happened after the sun went out of District now he's in for the gates of Ghana. And how quick was that? And remember, the previous solar was about an hour or so. And one of the meanings of it also was time being squeezed from your hand. And look at this person. You had to look this this was real. This was the reality. how short was his life? One day he was with a dream. Literally the next day he's standing at the door. So Shannon, adultery fraud given no value, and no significance. Can

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they see they can button meaning he and his wife will be thrown in a coma, not just him because there are other karate in which they said

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Obama that both of them will be thrown in Jana, what is both of them him and his man Oh, and his wealth and everything that he collected in his life. When

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he was seven, he says, Man or woman in front of you

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be better. You bow piano TV

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sallam, he says nahi whosoever Allah Subhana Allah gave well, and this person did not pay the Zakat of his wealth. Then on the Day of Judgment, his mouth will become a poisonous neon snake that has two black spots on its head over its eyes and the snake will wrap around his neck like a collar and it will begin to bite his cheeks and it will say on a man who got an annual of annual treasure and then and the reason why they decided to pony to Allah is look at Mr. Singh. udon Louis Omen piano

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means that the world would become a snake and it'll wrap around their neck as a collar and it will begin to bind on his face and that is his punishment before he even enters Jani Janda for him and his wealth now in the form of a snake. You are fluent in Janda, Allah subhanaw taala uses the president obama flown in and hakama fluent in the crusher and use the word hope Allah, it rhymes. This this punishment, it rhymes with his crime. His crime was Mazda, new Mazda.

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And now his punishment is coming on the same rhythm and hope Allah would hope it comes from the word help him speak about the word help them help them literally means to crush something, to destroy, to power, something until it's gone, it's crushed. And hopeless, therefore means the crusher, you will be flown. Given no value in significant ways you're going to be thrown in and hope woman in the crusher and this word of hope. And

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interestingly enough, it comes in a heartbeat.

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Muslim in the prophet SAW the love bombing your Southern he says In short,

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and hope Allah

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and he says in Mashallah the worse among the people that are in position, and they like the judge, the teacher, the Father, and so on people that I can position people that have a responsibility that says the worst among them is and what does that mean? Meaning the cruel the harsh, the oppressive person, the one who crushes the people with his words and his actions, right? The one who abuses those underneath him, the ones who hits them, he insults them, he swears at them. Whether it's a father to his child, whether it's the the boss, with his workers, whether it's the master with the slave, the teacher with the student, whatever it is, and the resources that he smelt to this person,

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how did he describe these in Jani is his crime. He called it an Obama, one who literally crushes the people with his words and with his actions, other uses of this word only, for example, in the in the dictionary narratives, they would say, have an insane hope. What does that mean? That means in other words,

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he doesn't leave anything in front of him. Someone like that, you know, there's always that person on the table, but

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nothing is left. After he sits on the table. A person like this in Arabic is known as Obama. And he destroyed everything in front of him, he completely crushed it consumed that left nothing for anyone, but that's how the word is used in context. Also part of its usage. For example, las panatela, he describes a crop in a lab, and he says, For a shadow Obama, Obama also refers to the crop. You know, at the beginning, it's fresh, it's green, it's solid, and then it turns yellow, and it becomes crusty and when you touch it all of a sudden crushes that actually name is called an hakama. So now Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala say that this person is going to be fluent in an

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Obama as a

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Same lady, banana fish, Johanna

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Surya, these words have been used without them before. So why this word notice of excellent question. But I notice this, notice that the punishment is going to be similar to the crime. You see this person? What did you used to do? He used to destroy. And he used to crush the people and the emotion with his words and with his actions. Remember that was a tabula rasa. He would, he would insult you, he would mock you. And as a result, what happens to the people, they become devastated, they become destroyed, I can't believe Why did he mock me in front of everyone like that. And so the guy is, is left bad, feeling bad and sick for a week because he was insulted and mocked in front of

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in front of people. And so he really crushed the emotions. So most of Canada now throws him in the crusher, just like he crushed the emotions of the people with his words and actions. Now, we'll also have rules in the crusher, and you know, have a lot when something is crushed, what do you do to it, you bring it down, and then we apply force on it. And this is exactly what he used to do. He used to bring the people down, he used to belittle the people, he used to bring them down, metaphorically by insulting them and mocking them. So now,

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now what literally brings him down to the last bit of yarn, and he's crushed right then and there. So

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they say that gentleman was called an Obama, because it crushes the booms, until it reaches the heart. And how do we know that it reaches the heart, because a few years later, we're going to read and let the the bullier or other either that the fire reaches the heart, it reaches the heart. And if you have a lot, it was called, also, you must call the homeowner because n hammers and the mass he used to duck by the people. In other words, he used to eat a flesh like a muscle.

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And so now he's in a coma. And on top of that, he's going to eat away his skin and his flesh until it reaches his heart. Yeah, this will count a lot, we have a lot. The other amazing thing here is that, you know, we're never going to have a real imagination of what it is, we're never going to have a real imagination. That's why the next day would be one after the other. But before that, Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to give us an example

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of the closest reality to and hopefully in this life, and this will happen in the next quarter, which is sooner than feed

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more data to due to us having mentioned the story of us having feed but the last is volatile field was what for Jana

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McCool is the is the is the hate the stores that he stole, that the the kettle will eat. And then you know, whatever bits and pieces that come up from his mouth, and that's called an aspirin macoun these giants that Alonzo should refer to at the beginning of how urban feed huge people apologies army that came to destroy the cover at the end of the loss of Hannah, who made them like a chewable chewable skewer. That's exactly what they became at the end. For that Shula, then the next for us, we'll have the V is going to give us the closest example of people in his life, that were punished as a means of the crusher of a loss of more data. And if that was a true result in this life, you

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can just imagine what kind of forceful discussion we have on the day of judgment against those who rebelled and committed these so you can let your co Papa now also have a dialysis one master document Obama won't give you any idea what I'm hoping is

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how this area is perfectly placed in the soil. And I want you to understand the placement of this egg. You know, it's as though someone said

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how can one punishment, which is on hope will not be enough for two crimes this person committed? Or didn't this person commit the two crimes home as a loser? And so

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that's just one punishment. So one might say how can this one punishment of a homeowner be enough for two crimes? Who knows? We were expecting two punishments. And then Allah Subhana Medina, he says, what about the lack of and hope? You don't know what this one punishment is? What is it all about? And this is why this is straight after?

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It's like a law. So have you seen what will give you an IUD? What is all about? You know how serious and real and how common is and so now the one who was saying how can one punishment for two crimes sit down?

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Do you know how severe this problem is? If you just knew what it is? Yeah, any whatever crime you committed, it'll still be more than what kind of crime anyone committed.

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I'm a homeowner. And whenever you see this word in a lot, it implies emphasis

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is magnified on the hope Allah is giving an emphasis. What he's about to be mentioned, is something beyond our imagination. Within our past, hopefully a loved one will you said something very interesting. He says that there is nothing in this life that compares to the hereafter. Other than the names of things at all. Yeah, into, you know, an apple here, this same yearning there is an apple as well in the hereafter. But the only similarity between an apple in this life and in the Hereafter is just the name, the texture, the size, the color, the taste, and all that is different. And so same as yada yada. When we see the crusher, we can sort of have a small idea of what the

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crusher is. But the only thing that remains similar in this life to the Hereafter is the names of things. We know what crush, what kind of Yani force and what kind of result it'll do in this life. But this is no way a knee compared to what will happen in the crusher of a loss of data data that he has prepared. A yearning for such criminals, and the longer man hobo man, do you really know what that is? In other words,

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look around for clues, you'll never be able to understand and comprehend how serious an opener is. So now it must have had a dialogue from now until the end of this word, is all clues about

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the rest of the small amount is an explanation of this one powerful word on Obama, and in serious nature. That's why this was called sort of the house from now on, it's just an exploration of the word. And you notice we have about what adds to the seriousness is that this

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is the last tool I mentioned and described the Hellfire and describe the Hereafter, and do that in six. So you can imagine how intense This is because this is the final warning from the last time that you know, when your Father gives you a final warning of something, or when your teacher gives you a final warning on something, but how serious is it? And how afraid and how terrified Are you if you were to come out of line, this is going to act like a final warning about your handle and the scholars they say that there is no severe description given to the fire in Nepal and then the description that is given in the SOA. So he says what about the lack of and hope it begins now the

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lie even more?

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Now will lie he will call that the lit the Kindle Fire of Allah subhanho wa Taala usually in the Quran,

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the fire is ascribed to other than Allah azza wa jal, he says and now we shall handle them many times. And now, for example, this was an honor in the salon to add intensity to the fire alarm so he ascribes it himself, he says, Now the love will come up, what does that mean now will love you know, in smaller ships, when a lot has already been mentioned the story of the moon and he said some way there now Qatar law he was prepared. So they said these people this is the sheet of literature, this is the sheet coming up. What does that mean? It means this is not any kind of camel, this is not normal camel, this is the camel of Allah. In other words, it cannot be compared to any other camel.

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When a lot of storage and analysis now alone, he makes the matter huge and serious. In other words, he's saying you cannot compare this fire to any other fire because this file has been created by loss of Hannah Montana himself by his own hand. Now why it gives us the seriousness and then he adds to that

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means the Kindle, the one that is lit, the fire of a man that is lit. Why see the Kindle? Obviously, obviously a fire is lit. Obviously a fire is Kindle. Man if I said it, there's a fire outside. Why would I say there's a fire Kindle or lit outside? We already understand if I say to you, there's a fire outside. Meaning it's raging. It's on fire. It's lit it's Kindle already Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he says now will allow you more power. Why? Firstly adds intensity to the agenda itself to the fire. And secondly, because there are some people that would assume that ease and E's have gone by on this fire. And that as of Southern Some people think it has extinguished or it has turned into ashes and it's become great and it's no longer live and Kindle so loud social reassures. He says no, this is still burning. From the day I created it until now. It's still burning. I don't remain burning forever. So the Word of God

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and the reason

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he says

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the national anthem

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that the fire was killed for 1000 years until it became red. And then it was Kindle at least for 1000 years until it became white. And then it was kindled 1000 years until it became black. And so he said at the end of the year so I can leave the Muslim. He said it is blacklight the darkness of the night.

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Well, the word is a noun. And you know, we've always said that nouns imply permanence. So in other words, this is an endless fire. Yeah, and that will never ever extinguish it keeps on burning and it keeps on burning up like the fires in this life that you and I know of. As long as it turned on, how long is it gonna last eventually will turn off if it was a bushfire and it was reaching for a month or two months, eventually it's going to stop eventually we'll be put off by john now a lot more permanent it remains on so that you do not think that it extinguish the flame and turn off all of a sudden it turns off later, it doesn't continues to vote. Now a lot of you will either unlucky to

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have either three. To describe this Obama unlucky portfolio of either associates says it is the fire that climbs upon the heart. That is what the bullier it is a word used to describe the sunrises that he received from shops. And you know, when the sun rises, it rises progressively and slowly.

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And the word here The bullier is a present tense, in other words, implies continually. In other words, the flames of the fire will continuously arise upon the people in the Hellfire, who, slowly but surely, and progressively it keeps on eating on their flesh and on their skin until it reaches wait until it reaches Island, either. Not only that, it reaches the EDA and everything else. And more specifically, he allows origin he says that he rises and the fire climbs until he reaches the heart. Now what does it mean that the fire rises and reaches the heart?

00:27:10--> 00:27:28

You know, usually, when someone is burning, the fire starts by burning the body, the outer limbs, the skin, the head, the feet, whatever it is, however, this guy is telling us that he reaches the heart. In other words, the eye implies emphasis concerning the Yani the

00:27:30--> 00:27:46

furiosus, and the wildness of the spiral, that he reached the hub. That means that he bought everything on the outside, it burnt the skin, the meat, the bone, the nerves, and now it's reached the heart. When a lot of surgeon says and nothing

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either implied within that you should already understand that, for it to reach the heart. It burned everything else before that's all implied in the word. So have a look at why and

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why the heart specifically, as opposed to the other limbs. Why that allows origin minis to mention other limbs, two reasons.

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Number one, they mentioned number one, to give us a feel of how intense the fire is what is happening, you know that a lot of division has protected the most viable Mogens with the toughest of bullets in the heart is protected with some of the toughest bones in the body. And that is the ribcage. And the brain, which is the other vital organ is protected by the skull, which is also another really tough mode. So if the fire does reach the heart, one could only imagine what hasn't done to the other limbs and organs that are protected as much as the heart is protected. That's one. The other thing is

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so that the punishment fits the crime. Mr. Sargent specifically says that the fire reaches the heart so that the punishment fits the crime that this person you know, the soul of it begins by mentioning the crime of homeless or lomasa.

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Getting the wolf

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and these crimes. They only happen because of arrogance and filthy evil intentions and arrogance and fulfill evil intentions. Where are they situated? They're located in the heart and houmas luminosa. For example, the one who mocked and backwards the others. Why does he do that? Because he thinks he's above them. And that's called what that's called arrogance. When there is a law of honor, he was something he says in the Hadith and kibou

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Baba will help your humbleness. He says that arrogance is to reject the truth and ridicule belittle the people. That is what arrogance is for this person, only people who was a loser because of arrogance and arrogance is in the heart. So now the heart has been mentioned as as the final reach toward the other thing is Gemma Ananda, when the person gathered the wealth, and he collected it, and he compiled it, why do you do that? We use

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Said implies because you love them. And love is where love is found in the heart. So

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because his crime was involved with the heart, and then the last thing was of his crimes, someone

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he assumed and he believed, and believe happens way, believe happens in the heart, he assumed and believe that his wealth was good, we'll give him a life of eternity. And so as a result, his punishment was that there was a focus on the heart, and the fire would reach the heart. For supernova, what happens is that almost half of what the answer would inform the fire of the crop out, and as a result, the fire would reach their hearts at all, and go for it. The other thing, the last thing with the word and after getting here, the word when Lazarus is allotted Napoleon Allen, either the Lord

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this word, it sends shockwaves in the ears of the listener, you know what, because the body

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to a certain degree can handle the fire. If you put your hand in a flame, you can hand you're gonna die and you can handle it, you can handle it. But you know, what cannot handle one second of a fire

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a cow.

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The heart cannot handle one second of the flame. This is why it's deep inside and predicted inside all the all the limbs, they can handle a few seconds of the fire, maybe one minute of the fire that doesn't feel extreme pain, but you will die. But the heart can handle a second for when the last soldier says and let you to either supposed to keep getting what you've reached the heart to everything before that.

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Either in the masala Yani the fire is especially upon the MCU. Or the, the word alchemy comes from the word Allah, Allah needs to be above something. In other words, this word implies that the fire has complete control over them. It has complete authority over them, the fire does with them, whatever it wants to do, you're not in control. Now the fire is in control of you. In this life, you are control of the fire, you would Kindle it and you would turn it off, you turn on the oven and you turn it off whenever you want. But now, in Jannah, those who ended up in the fire has complete control and authority over them a lot. So again, he said it is upon them, the fire is upon them.

00:32:22--> 00:33:01

The fire is sealed and it's closed upon them. What does that imply? If the fire is closed, then that means there is no escape? Yeah, and it gives the idea that they wanted to escape. But now there is no escape because there's locks and there's doors on the Hellfire and it's closed, and the fire will burn intentionally and severely when it's sealed and closed up. And if for example, now there's another How would you cook your food faster, keep the oven the door of the oven open or close it. Obviously if you close it, if you close the lid, for example, in your steaming rice does it close the lid so that it cooks probably or if you're cooking something in the oven clothes and whatever

00:33:01--> 00:33:26

you could close it always seal it, put it in a foil close it it cooks easier, it gets really hot and the temperature inside would increase dramatically. Now imagine this observation has already mentioned the intensity of data and he now adds another intensity seal Yeah, I mean the the the the inside of it, the steam has no escape the steam of Yama has no escape.

00:33:28--> 00:33:28

So that

00:33:29--> 00:34:11

the fact that the Hellfire has doors is both a mercy from Allah from the believers. And it is also a punishment from a lot upon the disbelievers. How is it a mercy of Allah upon the believers, because the sinners from among the immortal soul loss of a loved one would eventually come out of Jannah from the doors. So when they know there's doors, they know that one day they will walk out of those doors after they have been closed on Sunday. And it is a punishment against the disbeliever. Because each and every single time he sees the door of your hand, they think of freedom, they hope to escape and they come out and do or muscle or whatever he described it like this in the blood. He says

00:34:11--> 00:34:51

Allah, Allah do you hold your hand or he each and every single time time they try to come out? The employees that they get close, they get to the doors, what does a lot to do? Or even fear they flown back in? And what kind of mental psychological torture is this for them? You see a door and you know, your hope is behind the door and you just cannot reach it and you know, cannot leave it. So this adds to their punishment. double punishment from Pamela you know, they say just like the prisoner, the prisoner in prison, each time he sees the door, he thinks of freedom. When is the D when is the day going to come in where I'm behind this door. And not only that, if he's the door

00:34:51--> 00:34:53

knocking or some sort of sound on the door, and

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

there's some hope someone's gonna open the door. This is what the door does. The door is a punishment that

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Dory is a punishment. So this is why Jani

00:35:04--> 00:35:30

gave jahannam adore and the Ariana basically is a prison and when I was a dialysis cat named Nikki Devin Fisher Luffy CG and he called it CG and comes from one decision which means prison now I want you to notice the relationship between the crime and the punishment this punishment in the alley masala Well, this punishment is a punishment but the agenda assumed by what crime doesn't suit you don't

00:35:32--> 00:36:15

have the crime was the previous layer that this person gathered his money right. And he began to counter and not only normal counting a lot did not say why. Why did the who double down double down implied emphasis and counting day or night and it also implies that he made sure it's stored properly in the safe and that no one has access to it and he sealed and he closed the lock and who and he made sure no one could get there and he did not give any charity not even security man. So as a result what happens is punishment is at a loss seals him and he used to steal his money in his life. So allows him in Ghana and he does not allow him to leave just like he did not allow any of

00:36:15--> 00:36:19

his wealth and treasures to leave that box or that safe he had it now.

00:36:20--> 00:36:29

Last in discussion fee honor the moment data extended in stretched out long pillars and columns now.

00:36:30--> 00:36:53

It comes from the plural. It is a plural of the word I moved. When I moved to it obviously, the word I'm looking at refers to any pillar that is made from steel or iron. And it is used as foundations for building the pillars and foundations. That is what they are movies with a word woman whether it comes from the word muda muda means want to stretch something

00:36:54--> 00:37:03

he did not say Fiamma din mood that he said Fiamma V, da da da da Yani just like a Dada.

00:37:06--> 00:37:21

Meaning is saying that these pillars are really, really stretched out to as far as they can stretch out. Now what does this mean? Here, there are several interpretations as what it means for the pillars to be stretched out no more.

00:37:22--> 00:37:33

So the doors of the Hellfire have finally closed and they are locked, and they are locked, Fiamma the moment data in long latches the size of pillars.

00:37:37--> 00:38:18

Fi means biometric data beyond the moment. In other words, it's locked with pillows, the size of latches, you know how like there's the gate latch, you make a piece of metal that is long, and then you raise it and you put it inside, once you've locked the so people do have until now once they've locked this door, they lift it and they put it in and then they put a padlock on it. That is that there is a line that is considered Fiamma de MoMA data. And in other words, once the agenda and the doors are locked, the latches also put in place, and they seal in there forever. That's one of the interpretations. The other interpretation is that the people of Hong Kong are literally in long

00:38:18--> 00:39:00

pillars. You know, like the meat on a skewer and it be barbecued. They are literally on pillars in long strips out pillars, and that's how they're burning in Ghana. That's a second interpretation. A third interpretation is that it can refer to the strip long flaming Jana that burns like a stretch long column and a pillow, you know, like a jet flame, a jet flame, or a Bunsen burner. If you've seen the flame on it, it's very concentrated and extreme doesn't go left and right. That's what's meant by Fiamma the Montana that they're in Ghana, and the fire underneath each and every single one of them is a straight pillar that is stretched out urinated is concentrated on even goes doesn't go

00:39:00--> 00:39:29

left or right. That is one of the meanings of the armor the moment the fourth meaning is that the disbelievers in the Hellfire are placed inside columns that are hidden from the inside. Each and every single disbeliever is inside of a column. This is what it implies fiandre the more data and so what does that mean? What does it imply? It implies three things number one tightness, that tight, confined, restricted space, a loss of data what data says

00:39:30--> 00:39:33

he forgot, he says what is the old

00:39:35--> 00:39:35


00:39:39--> 00:39:48

he says and when they Freund in Ghana, they will be thrown into a narrow, tight, confined place and they're chained up down.

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

That will begin to screen out for war yarny destruction, destruction or cause death upon us. For this becomes their wish for one of the meanings of America.

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

Moment data is that each and every single disbeliever is placed inside a long stretch column. And it implies tightness. It also implies intensity. But you're in the fire. And it's close, that is already intense flame, and you're inside something inside, how intense is this going to get right now. And then the third thing that it implies is loneliness. He doesn't have anyone to talk to, he can sit anywhere, because if you tried to lean on the pillar, you can imagine how intense the pillar is going to be as a result of it being on fire and yearning to have a lot how long it is. Yeah, you should have a lot. And the fifth interpretation of the AMA at the moment

00:40:41--> 00:41:24

is that they are chained to long pillars. They are literally chained to long pillars. And the answer is how long that means. I'll just tell you give you a worldly example of this as a woman they gave, they said that the people that are in prison, sometimes they're in prison, and the door of the prison is locked, and the door of his cell is locked. And he the prisoner is in his cell and is not and is chained up to a pillar inside the cell. So walk upon walk upon locked fiama the moment data implies that kind of meanings. And at the end, only a loss of data exactly knows best what is actually meant by Fiamma the moment. But notice the relationship between the crime and the

00:41:24--> 00:41:28

punishment once again. His crime was someone

00:41:29--> 00:42:13

he assumed that he's wonderful, he can live forever. He hoped for a long life, not to do good, but rather to continue this evil of aluminum, aluminum. So he wanted What did he want, he wanted a long stretched out life to continue to sin and rebellion and transmission and collection of both. So a lot of Zoysia polishes in with the exact same crime and in places in the fire and stretched out long pillars also have a lot at the end. And he this person, he ends up getting his wish. Remember he wanted he wanted eternity. Allah gives him his wish. He gives him eternity out of the locked in this life. He gives him eternity in an Obama in the hellfire. Anyone brothers and sisters in Islam

00:42:15--> 00:42:24

must have a data. He didn't mention these eight in the plan, so that we only recite them on our homes. And we get to know what the fire is all about.

00:42:25--> 00:42:41

This is obviously you do that. But the main purpose of the app is to warn each and every single one of us from these evil crimes, these horrible crimes these ceilings, you know, Hamza, last one, I'm seeing a man

00:42:43--> 00:42:46

with a beard analysis as mentioned in

00:42:48--> 00:42:58

this morning's warning is from backbiting the people falling into the honor of the people and in the dignity of mocking them. Even if it was for fun, as

00:42:59--> 00:43:04

I mentioned earlier, what the comedians do, and going to that and watching it and supporting it all this is from

00:43:06--> 00:43:46

all of it is how our modern our even if they were just mucking around with each other, and we sort of understand each other and he he can handle a heavy duty, they can handle every joke. He's not the one that gives you the permission to joke Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala himself has made this However, because of ours, who knows exactly at the end, how each and every single person is managed in the emotions and feelings. It's not an hour, and insulting with swearing and cursing, the people stay away from all of this, and from among humans, with boomers that happens these days. And I really want to just mention something here. from among this backbiting and slandering and cursing

00:43:46--> 00:44:00

that happens today is against the Mujahideen, a few civilians. And I want to I want to explain to you something, wherever there isn't a problem today. Without getting into anything specific. Be careful, my brothers and sisters, if you have no idea what's happening,

00:44:02--> 00:44:04

then you don't have to say anything in the midst of a bubble. I mean, he was

00:44:07--> 00:44:42

the one who remained silent, is always going to be saved. And he's the successful one at the end of the day. And I'm not suggesting that all of them upon righteousness and upon goodness, there are so upon fullsuit that are fighting for the wrong reasons. And having families of the long run he was in them and teaches us that on the Day of Judgment, the first three people that are thrown in January the third of them is the apparent visibility law that fought for the wrong intention for the wrong reason, ego and arrogance. And as a result, he was polarization began with him in Germany, and at the same time getting the profits on the law.

00:44:44--> 00:44:47

He mentioned and he teaches us that there are those who

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

fight in the path of Mosul Hello data yearning to clean this world from its corruption and injustice. And these kind of Mujahideen we make to our forward basketball team

00:45:00--> 00:45:00

Accept them. And

00:45:01--> 00:45:08

he says in the authentic Huggies, listen to the heartbeat. This is why it's important to understand. He says letters, no point, if

00:45:09--> 00:45:11

you call the Runa, Allen hakuho, he did not

00:45:13--> 00:45:13


00:45:16--> 00:45:45

the resources. And he says he remains from a group that continues to fight for the right cause that when you generalize, and you begin to do who knows what lumas are in these people into what you've generalized, you've put everyone when the resizer is telling you that you're wrong. There is always from now until the day of judgment, there is always a group from my nation that is fighting for the right calls, and they will overcome their opponent until the last one of them would fight

00:45:46--> 00:46:02

the Antichrist. When you don't have no idea what's happening, then keep silent. And don't fall into that because this is part of an houmas a loser. What happens today will never be solvable. I think you're getting with a final Hadith. He says,

00:46:04--> 00:46:21

he says to the Sahaba, shall I not inform you of the best among you? They say, who's the best among us? So he says to him to them, and levena either Oh, looky looky Lama, he says they are the ones who when you see them, they remind you of a boss.

00:46:23--> 00:46:38

Now, then, he says, I fed up with a bill condition article, shall I not inform you of the worst among for the city, also one informers who's the worst among us. So he says, and Michelle, Lima, and even

00:46:40--> 00:47:31

una and Bala, and he says the worst among you are those who go about slandering, cursing, backbiting each other. And those who cause mischeif, between friends that love one another in order to separate between them, the one that separates between two brothers that came above each other for the sake of a boss of Hannah Montana. And the final people in that category, he says, and bear hoonah and other he said, Those who have a desire, and they want to lead the innocent people into action. Yeah, in other words, had another job. They look for the innocent ones, the pious ones, the ones that are fresh and young. And they begin to encourage him and seem to come so for me this still for me, this

00:47:31--> 00:47:46

is not going swear this guy, this guy, go and take this news from one person to another, go and do a sudo and go get me a loan on your name and they are still young, doesn't matter. Go give me a loan and give it to me going drinking alcohol with drugs and all that these

00:47:47--> 00:48:04

dimensions as being the worst of the people and their hoonah. And another for my brothers and sisters is that Be careful from these qualities. And we end our discussion with one final thing and that is the connection between the beginning and the end of war. And there is very simple.

00:48:05--> 00:48:10

The beginning of the soul like it began with what word Wei Wei means what?

00:48:11--> 00:48:22

ultimate destruction. This is the curse from a loss of habitat upon supposedly, what is this way? The end of the solo was a description of this entire way and the Obama

00:48:26--> 00:48:47

era inadi masala, Fiamma de Madonna all of that was basically a description and explanation of what this wave is caused from Allah subhanho wa Taala and this destruction from a lot what does it entail? We stop in Shabbat either next week we continue with the feed. We ask Allah subhanaw taala from among the people before and one of the people

00:48:50--> 00:49:01

and asked him some more data to read us from the ciat in these evil deeds in these evil crimes. According to vertical panel it was a little while ago the vino hammer, wide led or psyche