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The transcript describes a character named Jesus who is considered the greatest man in history. Jesus's actions are not discussed, and his name is not mentioned. The transcript describes Jesus as the father of god, the great man who hated humanity and wanted everyone to worship him.

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So this is the piece that I wrote. When a man has a billion and a half followers. His status in history isn't debated. Why is the greatest man then when great men are rated? The one that you don't know? His name is the most popular in the world. His fame encompasses the globe. His message was to worship God alone. His method was mercy to friend and foe. Why is it then, that you don't know? He was the orphan prophet at Shepherd Center revival hearts lifeless, desert size of kinship that was severed his forbearance could not be measured, and he is so loved.

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You would love him to if you only knew he was the father, whose face lit up when his daughter entered the room with Stan and see her where he was seated. He was the husband who sent an army ahead so he could foot raise his wife, and smile charmingly. When defeated. He was the prophet who told us that paradise lies at the feet of our mother and to love for ourselves, we would love for our brothers. His companions were Persian, Roman, Jewish, Arab and black. He told us we're all the same for we all come from Adam. In fact, if there was any difference in us, it would simply be the one closer in the sight of God is the one with more piety. He is the most documented figure in

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history, his walk, his talk, his statements, his thoughts, how he loved and fought, what he wasn't, was not everything that he taught, is there for you to read. He is the man who had the world at his feet. And we'd go days without food to eat, he loved the boar and the meat. God was all that he would seek.

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Enrich your heart

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and find out about the best man that you don't know