Make This Dua After Every Act Of Worship

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The transcript describes a segment of a transcript where a woman recites a passage about Islam and the importance of accepting Islam's teachings. She describes people who recite the passage and try to convince someone to accept it. The woman also talks about people who rush to do good deeds and expresses fear that their good deed may be redefined.

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BlinkFeed YMO Allah He mentions a story

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that will he ignored whenever he used to recite the ayah in salted Bacara

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where if your fire Ibrahim will provide them and bathe what is married or a Betta Taco Bell Mina in the canta semi or an alley

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whenever we're heap ignore used to recite this Aya he used to cry, used to cry. This Aya is speaking about Ibrahim and Ismail building the house of Allah azza wa jal. And at the end, they both said, Our Lord except from us, in the Countess semi or an ally.

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So well hey, Pablo, he used to say hello to Allah, the friend of Allah, which is Ibrahim. He's building the house of Allah, by the command of Allah, and he feels it might be rejected. So he's asking Allah to accept and he used to cry Subhan Allah. So it's very important to ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from you, when you will do when you do a righteous good deed.

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Especially after you continuously ask Allah or better to compel Mina, ask Allah to accept your hunch and to accept the hash of the Muslims that did hash with you as well.

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Law socialism Saltalamacchia known from the quantity of the believers, well Lavina to them at aku, Mozilla to anomala are being brought here. From the quality of the believers. They give what they give, while their hearts are full of a faithful because they will be returning to the Lord. I shall obey Allah who I know she said something incredible concerning this area.

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She said, Yeah, rasool Allah. Is this as speaking about those who drink alcohol and they steal? He said, No, they have been the subject. No. Yeah, he No.

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He said this. He is speaking about people that fast, and they pray and they give zakat and charity. However, they are afraid that Allah azza wa jal does not accept the good deeds. who lie can you say their own offense a lot, such other people that rushed to do good deeds, were whom Allah has said before, and they are always those to fulfill the good deeds first, before any of mankind.

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So the AI is speaking to us about a quality of the believers. They do the good deeds, they do a hash, they do a Salah, they do the cat, they do the good deeds. But the heart is always fearful that the good deed they did might be rejected.

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And so as a result, they ask Allah for acceptance and that gives them motivation to continue to worship Allah azza wa jal. So ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from you