Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #2 – When the Trumpet Sounds

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When the Trumpet sounds, how will you be raised from your grave? Your actions up until the moment you die determine the very first moments of your resurrection. Were you faithful and charitable, or disobedient and greedy? The good deeds that you did in this world rise up to protect you as you navigate the tribulations that follow.

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To ask Allah for a good ending, is to live a good life and it's to seek a good beginning of the afterlife. The believer doesn't necessarily focus on the realm that they're currently in. They worry about the relationship they have with the Creator of all realms. So he seeks away in it and out of it that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. But that request for a good ending has to be sincere and truthful. And it has to speak to the way that you actually live your life. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told a man who was very specific about how he wanted to die, Shahid will still allow you to still be truthful with Allah, and he will be truthful with you, and we know how to

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model the low tide and who was so specific when he asked Allah not just today Shaheed, but today Shaheed in Medina, which didn't seem likely at the time, but Allah subhanaw taala made it so that he would be stabbed while leading Salah in the masjid of the prophets lie Selim in Medina. And these are not just distance stories of the past. Chef Kiske Rahim Allah who was a famous preacher in Egypt, he used to always make this dua from the minbar from the pulpit. Allah and Eman what a mutiny. Imam? Why should anyone NSR Gs on venia DKR Bananaman, Allah allow me to live as an email, allow me to die as an Imam and resurrect me while I'm making sujood prostrating to you and Allah

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subhanaw taala granted him death in his sujood on a Friday. Imagine being resurrected in such that were imagined being raised up on the Day of Judgment, saying words of wicked words of remembrance. There was this man who was doing Hajj with the Prophet, slice alum, and he fell off of his writing animal and died while he was doing the Tobia while he was saying the baker Allah whom Allah bake here I come Oh ALLAH. Here I come and the prophets lie Selim said, leave him in his ROM. He will be raised on the Day of Judgment saying love bake Allah Humala bake here I come Oh Allah, here I come. So the deed you die upon is the deed you're going to be raised with. And that deed should be a

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prominent feature of your life. Live the way you want to die. Accompany here who you want to accompany their build the home you want to live in there while you're still here. And your very last moments here are your first moments there.

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Were no fee Hafiz story for cycle Memphis Unawatuna Manfield out of the inland and sha Allah. So Manaphy, Kofi Harada, whom pm or younger on the Trumpet will be blown and all those in the heavens and all those on the earth will fall dead, except those Allah subhanaw taala chooses to spare and then it will be blown again and they will rise up again staring in anticipation. The horn blows on the day of judgment. And we're doing and saying exactly what we were when we died. And Allah subhanaw taala says Leia has no one will know

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what to tell a CA one Mullah ICA had young qumola The Quantum to the great shock is not going to frighten the believers. And the angels will greet them saying to them this is your day which you have been promised the same words that were said to you in the great your day that you have been promised. Now how soon do you meet your deeds in this realm? The prophets lie Selim said, when your grave is open, as soon as you look up, you see this bright man and he's reaching out to you and he says hello telephony. Do you know who I am? He said I don't know who you are. I don't recognize you. And he says honestly, he will kill a lady of McDonogh heart aka filho Agia was heard today look, I

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am your companion the Quran, the one who used to keep you thirsty during the day and awake at night while in Akula tagit in minhwa at Java TV, while in Nakayama minhwa, it could lead to Java. Everyone is out there seeking the profit of their trade and you are beyond every trade, meaning you've already got everything that everyone could want for your retirement can be Emini, well hold the Vichy Malhi. And so the Dominion is placed in your right hand. And eternal life is placed in your left, while you will bow see tangible God and he has a crown of nobility placed on his heads panela this is as soon as you're getting out the grave. Now we'll come back to the rest of this because

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this is only the beginning for the companion of the Quran. Allah then says wotja at Kulu nafcillin merasa he can wash the heat and then everyone comes forth. And there's an angel that is taking you to your place and another angel with your records that is walking alongside you. And everyone is going to proceed differently to Allah subhanho wa Taala to the gathering. You shall be gathered walking the profit slice and I'm sad. And the prophets lie some said rook Bannon riding and he says what to do Runa Allah will do he come some

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Some of you will be dragged upon your faces. As for those that are riding the prophets lie, some set. Some of them are multiple people on one animal so you have 234, up to 10 on an animal and then you have some people that are noble enough that they have their own animal to ride, and they're not all moving at the same speed or pace. They're not all the same animal. And the prophets I send them is telling us that it's in accordance with your righteousness. The speed is in accordance with how fast you were to the obedience of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and your good deeds in this life. As for those that are walking on their faces, the Companions ask the prophets I send them How is that even

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possible? You know, you think about the scene of people walking on their faces. And the prophets lie some said isn't the one who made him walk on his feet in this world, able to make him walk on his face in the next it's ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada who decides what you walk on or how you walk, than the prophets lie, Selim says the people are gathered on the day of resurrection on this reddish white lens, like a pure loaf of bread, meaning that this land has no landmarks to guide them. And it has no trees or anything to shade them. Then everyone is gathered naked, barefoot and uncircumcised the way that they were born. And everyone only has their place in that gathering. And I sort of the a

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lot of time on her, she asked the Prophet slice Ellen, aren't people going to be looking at each other. And he said to her, he said all the Aloha, I'm about to shut them in Dalek, liquid Limra and min whom shall know you, honey, that everyone is too concerned with their affair to be thinking about what other people are wearing or not wearing, everyone's focused on the matter at hand, the Day of Judgment, it's that severe for people that they can't even notice their nakedness. And then the prophesy some said the Sun is brought so near that you could reach out and touch the sun, say Akuna Filati be cadre Armani him. And so everyone will be in their sweat in accordance with their

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deeds. Amongst them, the Prophet, slice and M said, are those that will be covered up to their ankles. And then amongst them are those who will be covered up to their knees. And amongst them are those who will be covered up to their waist. And amongst them are those the profit slice and M said who will be drowning in their sweats panela. Now at this point, there are people who are also being consumed by the land. And that's tied to a very specific sin, the sin of wrongfully taking the land of someone else in this world. The prophets lie some said those people will literally sink down the seven layers of land on the day of judgment. And then there's this one who is burdened by the

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property that they didn't pay the cat on and the prophets lie some said that that property is heated and placed on their body. And then there is the unlawfully consumed wealth and that also is a burden on the person on the Day of Judgment. So you're being weighed down by your sins of confiscation, and you are drowning in your sins of disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala the opposite of that is the person who voluntarily gave of their wealth and property extra for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And for that person, not only are they not sinking or boiling, Allah subhanaw taala put shade over them from the sun. The Prophet slicin him said could illuminate in field when the sada had to have

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solid been a nurse that everyone is under the shade of their charity until Allah subhanaw taala judges between the people now this is not referencing the shade of the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala but it's the shade of your spending for his sake, only a select few have the shade of his throne Subhana Allah to Allah but every believer has the shade of their charity and hopefully not the sinking of their theft that we see in the previous situation. So as you're standing there on that day, you have the Quran as your companion, you have your charity as your shade, and now you await the arrival of your Lord and the next stage of that day. That is equivalent to 50,000 years.

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