6 Days of Shawwal – Ramadan 2022

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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the entire month of Ester, as fasting is necessary to establish a steady state and avoid backsliding after the transformation of one's behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need for consistency and transformation to improve one's spiritual work.

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One of the virtues of Ramadan is that if you complete you're faster on 29 or 30 days, depending on the moon sighting, and then you follow it up with six days from the following month show well, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us that it's as if you fasted continuously

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the whole year. It's like you're constantly fast, which is interesting because the profit or these parts of Sudan, used to instruct people to not fast every single day, right? There are stories of companions that would try to go super hard, above and beyond fast every single day, pray at night, every single night the whole night. And he would tell them

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calm down, let's let's bring it back. This is too extreme. But then he tells us that if we follow up, Ramadan was six days and show out it's as if

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we fast

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as if we fasted continuously.

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And that's because Ramadan is the time where we are reorienting ourselves reestablishing our habits. Everybody even no matter how hard you go during Ramadan, we are at risk of backsliding after Ramadan, right. And if you are fasting is like a switch. It's just like you flick it on and then you flick it off. Once Ramadan is over, you flip that switch, you go back to your life, your likelihood of backsliding is much, much more and much higher than if you take those six days from the following month, the month of Showa and you fast six days out of that month six out of 30 That's not very much because that will follow up on all of the transformative spiritual work that you've been doing the

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whole month of Ramadan that will stamp it that will make sure that it is set in your nature, and that the transformations the things that you've achieved are going to last and so if you fast the month of Ramadan, and then you fast six days of the next month,

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you can pretty much be certain that you're going to be a better person than you were before that period. So it is about continuity constants consistency, and that's what we're going for fasting the entire month of Ramadan and then six after