Builders of a Nation #09 Zainab bint Khuzaymah (ra)

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The speaker discusses the importance of being unique and compassionate in achieving a legacy. They mention the struggles of the Swati population during the pandemic and the need for everyone to be well known and popular with Allah's subhanho wa taala. The speaker also mentions the importance of being recognized as a woman in public.

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AsSalam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh today, we're sharing a builder of a nation. That's so interesting. We don't know much about her simply because she lived a short life, but still left a legacy.

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Another lesson for all of us, and the name is Xena, we've been to Hoceima Zayn have been to Hoceima is one of the wives of rasool Allah, he sought out to Sarah. She's actually from, from Irish, she was a widow. She was married to Otto file, who died at the Battle of better as a marketer. So the widows of better they all were looking to get married again, it's very common, and those days see design of the uniqueness about her. Is she not did not want to get married. But she relied on Allah, completely that Allah will take care of her. And subhanAllah what happened or a Swati salatu salam married her uniqueness of her is actually her half sister. Later on also became one of the wives of

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rasool Allah salatu salam Seder, Maimunah What a blessed family, she was known. Now we are coming again, we don't know much about her. Because she lived very short, she lived about less than a year, nine months after the marriage, Torah swla saw to Sara, but she was known as the mother of the poor, and the needy, well known to be very compassionate, takes care of everybody.

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And this is something for all of us to know. Again, we don't know much about her, but only this came to us. And what is this teaching me and what is this telling me? I want to be unique? I want to be a person who will leave legacy after me. Maybe I don't have a lot of what others have. But if I am compassionate, I take care of other people. Whether I have it in me or I'm working on me to change it will lead to a legacy and our Swati saw to a saran said the following Hadith, which teaches me and you is not I have to do a lot a lot of good deeds, which is great. But what about those who lived very short life like she did? And the hadith is actually narrated. By Sade, Aisha

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said they do what arriba while Mo and les yeux de la Haida community Jana Angelou, what a net habla Miley in Allah adore Maha What can I do good deeds properly, as much as you can, and know that your deeds only will not get you to Jana. Don't rely only on the deeds. I need to rely on the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala on his mercy. But what is the message in this hadith, the most beloved de to Allah subhanahu wa taala and warm while waiting on those that we do on constant basis, even if they were little. So here I am. Here we are in this day and age busy. So many things. A rat race running around juggling to do so many things, pick one thing that you can do, I can do constantly. So I

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don't pick up one and leave it and pick one and leave just one that you know you can do it every single day $1 One Pound, one coin, every single day as a charity, very little. But daily, that's very much beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. So see does enter into Hoceima she was known to be constant in what you do in this short time. That's why this hadith is mentioned when she is mentioned because she lived very short life, nine months after she made the Roswaal a solo to a sinner, but this few months of good deed, few months of good deed made her a legendary, probably Allah knows was one of the reasons that Saraswati salatu salam chose her for her compassion for her

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giving Mother of the poor to be known with Allah subhanho wa Taala not necessarily mean I need to be known in this dunya everybody knows me. I am very popular on social media. I have that many followers. She lived only nine months. Didn't have time to do all this. But in a lie you're allowed to Tati Nikhil huffy on last Pantanal loves those who have three characters Knuckey pure, ducky, Allah conscious and Al Hafi the one who was not very well known, hidden. And also even Allah mentioned about the prophets are also an alumna.

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Social Malik. In the chapter the woman Allah says some of the prophets, Allah did not even mention them. They are still prophets at the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this beautiful hurry that we all need to make it will have for us especially in these blessed days. And this is narrated by Surah age. And he said, Allah rasool Allah has Salatu was Salam, either or the labia Abdeen hyaluron has seller, kilo ma Salah en AF to Halawa xojo Allahu Amylin, sila Han, Pablo Moti to my awkward huili When Allah subhanaw taala loves me and you He will make him sweet as salah. Like you put honey on him. So they said Yara so Allah, and he sought out to a Sarah, what is our Salah how our last

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pantalla will sweet and make us more sweet. And he said our seller mean Allah will facilitate to this person before he or she dies, a good deed to do whether once or continuous or a good deed, and then he takes them and we've heard stories about people who accepted Islam and three days later they died or somebody donated that much money. And then two days later they died.

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Say that Zeno only nine months compassionate, took care of the port. But up till today, we're talking about her. Again, we don't need to know to be very well known and popular. We need to be well known and popular with Allah subhanho wa taala. She was the second wife to die at the time of Rasul Allah salatu salam, and he preyed on her. Ali salatu salam. May Allah be pleased with her and with Us All. All.