Yasmin Mogahed – What to do of you feel unmotivated in worship?

Yasmin Mogahed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "overcome from" and how it can lead to a "brder's" reaction to sin. They explain that individuals cannot just pursue forgiveness without seeking forgiveness, as it is necessary to clean up their bodies and restore their spiritual state. The speaker also warns that individuals may become "brder's" and become infected from their actions.
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If you find yourself unmotivated to do extra worship, my first and foremost My advice is, is too far. And the reason I say that is that if we find ourselves unmotivated to do extra worship, it is an indication that we have a buildup of sin that has made a

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what is what is referred to in the Quran as Iran on the heart Kela Bell Iran Allah kulu v makan, we act Cebu. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us that what we do, and when we are committing sins without repentance without his default, Now keep in mind, everyone commits sin. So it's not about becoming an angel, it's not the goal is not going to become superhuman, but rather, that we are always turning back to Allah subhanaw taala as much as we can, and seeking His forgiveness, and doing to not repeat these sins, but that we're always you know, kind of constantly in the state of, of repentance. And and because repentance is like taking a shower, right, you have to constantly clean

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your body to keep it healthy. Similarly, we have to be constantly, you know, in a state of pure spiritual purification to keep our hearts healthy. Now, when a person is not doing that, it's like a person who doesn't take a shower for years, what's going to happen to that person is they're going to become very, very dirty, and they're going to become sick as a result of that dirt that that builds up on the on the body. And so what happens spiritually is that when we've committed when we live a life of sin, without repentance, the the, the stain, which is called drawn in the poor, and the stain of those sins, build up on the quarter add on build up on the heart. And so if you can

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imagine it becomes like a heart that is covered with this veil, almost, it's covered with this, this crust of this dark, these dark stains of our sin. And one of the symptoms of that is that we we feel unmotivated to worship God, that's actually one of the most telltale symptoms of having a heart that is covered with the stain of sin, and has not been cleansed. And so my advice to myself and to everyone is is to increase in in is too far to seek forgiveness from Allah to repent to Allah subhanaw taala and to beg Allah to remove the stain of our own sin that is becoming a barrier between us and our worship.

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