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Study the Quran, learn his words. I like to refer to the Quran his words, because it makes it changes the mindset. The best way to know about an author read their book. And this is the book, but you don't read the book and you don't know what Allah is saying. I'll still be rewarded because again because he's generous, and the most important thing we all should learn and would learn be it Nila. I have no control.

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And this is the opposite of what the day and age we are living. Yes, like I did it. It's mine is how we say it right? Yes. No, I didn't do it. Allah who made it happen?

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I did not study Allah made me study. I didn't pass because many people studied way more than I am. But Allah did for who did not let them pass and he made me pass. And unless I know about Allah, well, then I'm not gonna get frustrated. Why me? It's not fair. You know, I don't say why me when I get the good things. But when I don't get the good things I say why me? So the first thing I'll tell every Muslim and Muslim Allah, listening to me, honesty, learn about your creative

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and everything in life will change. You have everything you will be very grateful. You have nothing you will be very grateful. It's amazing how it will be because you know who you are dealing with.