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My brothers and sisters, when you make haste towards seeking the forgiveness of Allah, what have you done? you've developed a relationship with Allah. So every time you sin, like we said, human nature immediately turned to Allah, the question might be, how often as often as possible, even if it were to be up to 100 times a day? What if I repeated the same sin after seeking the forgiveness of Allah? The answer is, well, if the conditions of seeking forgiveness were met, and they are for, then you don't need to worry, if you had fallen back into the same sin again, the same four conditions would actually make you sinless and spotless, once again, and again and again. And it is endless. There is

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no limit to that. How comforting is that you committed a sin, you sought forgiveness, committed a sin, you've sought forgiveness, same sin again, sought forgiveness, and it kept going for as long as the last thing you did, before your last breath was seeking forgiveness and you have succeeded, become used to this. This doesn't mean you have a green light to sin. But it's only telling you Allah has asked you to race towards seeking forgiveness. Make sure you make haste. Don't delay. Don't say, I'm going for Hajj and seek forgiveness, do it now. I'm waiting for a little further and seek forgiveness. Do it now. Don't wait for those days, you may never see them. You might go back to

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Allah before that. So Han Allah, what are the four conditions of seeking forgiveness number one, admit your sin to yourself, between you and Allah. Number two, regret it that's also between you and Allah. Number three, seek forgiveness that's also between you and Allah. Number four, promise not to do it again. That's also between you and Allah.

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Once those four conditions are met, you don't need to involve a third party, not an Imam, not a leader, not a person, no one. You have those four conditions you sought the forgiveness of Allah. You admitted you regret it. You asked Allah forgiveness. You promised not to do it again. It's gone. wiped out. But you keep seeking forgiveness again, even for those sins you committed in the past because the more you seek forgiveness, the more your status is elevated.