If Allah helps you, none can overcome you

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all the characteristics of success are internal, or intrinsic or more men can do what non believer can't ever do.

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If Allah helps you, no one can overcome you.

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And Allah forsakes you there is none to hold your hands after that.

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So Allah Allah Azza sent Islam and through this Allah gave them purpose. So they every moment became about achieving the purpose, which is the reward of the Lord and His Jana, you would watch them wake up in the middle of the night and stand in long sessions of prayer. Very productive. Why? Because I'm trying to earn the pleasure of God and don't think they used to sleep all day the next day, you know, I have done tahajjud habibi. Don't wake me up, you know.

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Here beautiful case of Abu Bakr Siddiq, the process of Salah Abu Huraira, Anna writes the Rasool cam to the Sahaba and asked

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man us Bahaman Camileo Messiah Emma, who amongst you woke up today fasting, who is fasting today. So Boubacar says, I am fasting. So he said,

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which one amidst you has gone to a funeral procession today.

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Like who's helped out another human being and taken part in the funeral procession, you know, with the digging in the burying and all of that. And he said, I have a prophet of Allah. So the Rasool said mana, Oxfam Amin, Kamali, OMA Myskina which one amidst you, has gone, found some poor person and given him food to eat, you know,

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given him sadaqa so he said, I have a prophet.

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And then he the prasad said, who has visited a sick person today, you know, to see how he is

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I have today, and the scholars say this was by the time of Doha, like it was in the morning, still, he had already done all these things. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Why is he doing it? to please Allah, Allah Azza. And through that attain Jana, you know, in Islamic history, there's a there's a scholar, one of his books is at volumes or 800 volumes I get I get that mixed. And they say about him in his biography, he started to think, is it better for me to have bread to it? And then drink water, you know, and kind of eat that away? Or should I just get it in flour form and bake it like that, and then just put it in my mouth so I don't have to chew and stuff, because

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chewing to him was a waste of time. So I can just process it straight. Do you know what type of person thinks like that? The one for whom every second matters. So I told you, they became people of purpose driven to maximize their impact in their productivity and every second so

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they used to look for opportunities and Subhanallah like and

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if I look at any segment of the community, fascinating so here, off man have now fun, all man, a Khalifa running the whole state and there were problems in the time of us man Radi Allahu Anhu your nation has spread from East West.

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You know, and you would expect that he's a very busy man. I don't have time I have to fix the problems of state. You guys do worship, I don't have time. But I was not a fan of the Allahu Anhu Allah is you know, statements about him in history. He used to get a slave to hold the Quran for him the most have for him at night. He used to read the whole Quran and Salah in one night and then the morning released the slave that go you're emancipated you're free. Do you understand? at old age like in his 70s, fraud, productivity increased, output increased and through that you saw them conquer you know, Eastern ones, because everyone else was just normal human and these were super

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So the ones for our time, let me just NP and summarize for you Inshallah, tada.

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All the characteristics of success are internal, or intrinsic. They're inside of you. You need to change that successes, not resources. I looked at the European country that doesn't have access to water. Because in it doesn't have an ocean touching it yet. It has the biggest fleet of ships and you would think Why do you do you understand

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Enemy, no ocean, no fleet, and there are nations that have oceans and no fleets.

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Do you understand? Like if it was based on resources and situations, the ones with the oceans should have had large, big fleets but no, this one does. You look at a country like Japan, Singapore, very rich, wealthy countries, but almost no resources. They even buy the water from another country. So success doesn't come from resources, nor does it come from climate. No does it come from opportunities and situations and success comes from inside of you.

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And it comes with the following. The first one, Eman.

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Work on your Eman develop that

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men can do what non believer can't ever do like just the fact that you can fast from morning till night in itself as a miracle. And we have little kids you don't have to increase the stronger your Eman becomes the more active proactive productive individual you will become

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number one through that EMA and build a strong connection with Allah Allah Azza cause trust me if Allah helps you, no one can overcome you.

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And if Allah forsakes you there is none to hold your hands after that. And history is filled with examples of of great men. And who Syed Allah Allah azza wa jal you know if I start from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is one day sitting under a tree he's hanging his sword off the tree. A man can disbelieve a took the sword put it on the neck of the prophets of Allah Allah was set up and swords on blades you know, it was just a cutter to cut the jugular veins off you know, so he puts a smile on his neck as to who will save you from me today. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam without thinking or Allah. So the man's hand

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froze, started to shake, the sword fell. So the Rasool took the sword, put it on his neck says Who will save you from me today?

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Because I have an Allah and you don't have an you understand? So if Allah or Buddha says on your coat on your side, you have nothing to worry about. The moving down from the prophet to the time of honorable hubbub. One of the you know I told you about the general that they had tied up from the Romans that they brought to Omar from the Persians they brought him to Omar so they can looking for Mirwaiz the Khalifa of the Muslim because he's expecting there'll be a royal court, there will be guards you know they will patch you down to make sure you don't have any weapons then there'll be a clearance then you will go you sit in so many yards away from the Khalifa and with this finger he

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will motion this why he's expecting that so he comes you know where they found Omar the head of this of the Muslim world some of the kids in the streets of Medina they go Where is he? You know he goes you can sleep in there under the tree next to the masjid so he can saw him and they sit a little away. So just you know the man can can sleep because you don't want to wake a person up sleeping.

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But the man is fascinated. So under his breath, he says you believed in did justice and people were satisfied so you were safe so you could sleep? Do you understand that be and he is happy? First of all, Allah was with me Nothing can harm me. Secondly, I have executed the justice of the Lord. Everyone is happy with the justice of the Lord. No one has any intent to harm me. Do you understand that when Allah Allah is with you, and there are people in our times who have you know $100,000 beds and can't sleep without sleeping pills,

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because the head doesn't have the piece that it wants. So have Allah or Buddha on your side dear ones have a strong relationship with Allah Bourassa unshackle yourself from the fears that shaitan has shackled you with because shaitan makes you afraid he makes you afraid of poverty. He encourages you towards indecency. All those are tricks of shaitan released yourselves from it your risk as with Allah Bourassa. And lastly, follow for your body, the physical program of the soul and the physical guidance of the like for your body's follow the rules that Allah or Buddha has set for it.

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And including in your interactions with one another. This is what created this society against all odds. And they extended as I say in my speeches from Granada in Spain on one side to New Delhi and India on the other end. It wasn't a society like other societies that come you know Jungus

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Han cam and others can, ruling by the sword and cutting off next and making big monuments of skulls. It was a society an organization and nation growing with five glowing with knowledge glowing with goodness, glowing with higher and Baraka. So my Allah Allah Azza Pryce baraka and goodness and higher and Afia in your lives and may Allah bless you and your families and Allah make your a tendency or a cause of higher for you in this life and in the next for your time and patience I thank you, My Allah guide and God you are salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh