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AI: Summary © The group discusses the history and importance of shocker, Subhan, and the Sh Tower in Islam. They explore the importance of avoiding things and leaving things on the ground, as well as a woman who wanted to be replaced by a man with a certain name. They also discuss the importance of gratitude and thanking people for their accomplishments. The shocker is a woman who wants to be replaced by a man with a certain name.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. I'm gonna get Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda Marian fauna. One fan of Yuma alum Tana was at nine min Yeah, Hamra he mean,

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Lama radiculopathy Jimena Harada with the gentleman Monokuma are out to federal court and the Federal konasana what additional fina what are they in Anna Shakti and what am I Roma I mean you're a bit I mean, a lot with Barack and this gathering and make us from the people who will be told como mcphedran lacunae, Cuthbert de la say Adhikam has an amine.

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Tonight in sha Allah Tala we have

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one of the great names of Allah azza wa jal, a name that we all should

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study and understand

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and use in our dua in sha Allah and that name is this Mala as Azerbaijan, a Shaka this Mala a Shaka

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linguistically Shaka means to increase,

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appreciate and recognize good

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and shampoo in Arabic is used as well to describe an animal that is fed with little but gives much back.

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when it comes to Allah azza wa jal

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the name a shocker

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is the one who is most

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who appreciate the most, the most appreciated

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the most grateful

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and very warder of good work.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala the name of Allah Sheikh who is mentioned in the Quran,

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how many times

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it's hard to guess any

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zero to 10

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Four times name Ishaku is mentioned four times let me mention you know what since all four are mentioned all four of them and Sora thought we were three of them Joe rotten way as he doesn't mean fugly in now Gaafu Ron Shaco and in also sort of father in Arab Diana lack of food on Shakira and in surah Turabian.

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We have Phil lecan wala who shellcode on Haleem

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and there is one more in the Shura. When a year could tell if Hassan attend Nasod Lo Fi ha ha SNA in Allah or food on Shaka and if we notice, in three out of four, Allah subhanho wa Taala put this name shackled with reform

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Subhanallah now

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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the name Asha code

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is the one who gives abundantly for a little work.

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This is what the share code means. He gives a lot for a little work

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you get up a little cuddle. Sincerely, amen. And what is seven, all your sins are forgiven and it's worth over 83 years of a bad

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is this for real? You fast on Ashura, you get one year of sins forgiven. This is a shocker. You'll face them out Have you got two years forgiven? This is a shocker. Small thing small action, a lot of appreciation and a lot of reward. Even in general, like I mentioned before, if I live 6070 years

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and I was a good habit righteous.

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If you want to be just then you send me to Jana 5060 years, right? It will be good for 50 We give you 50 This is just went through another 50 by 50 Get 5300 But to be forever. a shocker is the only one who does something like this. Allah subhanho wa Taala a shortcode now coddled by hair and by hockey rahamallah Listen to this.

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Who a lady Yash Kuru

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Alia see men of PA for you see what I let you heal Kathy here. Mina Salhab he is the one who give a little of TA Allah free world. A little of TA a lot of reward.

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This hadith this name is mentioned in a form

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In a hadith in a different form, Rasul Allah says Allah we all know the Hadith by Raju yam, she, before he was watch at the Hudson Shulk Allah three

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fascia fascia Cara hula

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Farfalla a man was walking on the street and he saw a branch laying on the street that could

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harm people could maybe be an obstacle for people to move. So he removed it. It says the Hadith he removed it for Shaka Allah hula

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hear, if you translate it linguistically, it means like Allah thanked him. But no, that's not the way Allah subhanho wa Taala Shikara exactly Hindi word him and that is not stop here.

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For for Allah. Excellent. So by this small action of removing something on the street, the reward was all your sins are forgiven.

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You say Alhamdulillah Allah the atomic Anna Heather of harmony. Heather, what was your kidney mean? Really? How will a mini Well, after I eat what happened? All your sins are forgiven. If I finish this Allah Subhan Allah 33 Al Hamdulillah 33 Allahu Akbar 33 And I finished it with La la la la,

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la la and we'll call it we'll handle a coalition Kadir.

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goofier a Dhruva. Who well on cannot miss La

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cemetery. All the sins are forgiven, even if they were as much as the form of the see who does that a shocker. Because this is really

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for us, especially in these days this is unbelievable.

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Yanni from salatu salam, sins are forgiven from genre to genre sins are forgiven from Ramadan. Ramadan sins are forgiven from ombre ombre sins are forgiven. Allahu Akbar.

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This is a shocker as

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the one who multiplies now listen to this if you do the calculation according to this

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if ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala multiplies every Hasina with 10, and up to 700, okay.

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And this a year is only one

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and after all this, you see someone going to help

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you do the calculation? I did 10 Hassan. Okay, let's say it was multiplied. 700 That's 7000 Right. And if I still go to hell, how many say yeah, do I have?

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The point is because this question comes a lot especially from non Muslims and sometimes from Muslims also, how come ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is so forgiving and so merciful, and he's still throw people in hell Pebeo Habibi is human if he multiplies that by 700 and this is only one and this guy his say yet is still more than his Hassanal for why he deserves to go to hell.

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Then you can imagine how many say you add this man or this person have

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this is the shirt cool. Subhana who was the one who multiplies from

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his shocker.

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And this is probably the most important thing tonight. Listen carefully I heard from his shocker is that if you leave something for his sake, he will replace it with something but

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logically, I'm supposed to leave

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the bad things. This is normal. As a Muslim as a believer, I'm supposed to stay away from this haram that job that whatever it is haram, Allah subhanho wa Taala either Tarak che Lilla if you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will replace it was something much better. Think about it.

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Think about it on a on a daily on a on a Dunia scale. If I work for a king. And he told me

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I want to go somewhere.

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And then

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he noticed that it's my day off.

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And I said you know what?

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I'm not gonna take the day off. Sure, Your Majesty. No problem. I'll do it.

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You think he's gonna just let it go?

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He's gonna do something very nice to me. Right? Because I know I did this favor to a kink.

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I did this out.

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Action to a king. So you think the King of Kings when you leave something for his sake, how he's gonna treat you?

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Allah clan because you see

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when we are especially when we are involved in a job that is haram.

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The Shaitan comes from every aspect

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like Allah said, yeah, it's a common factor. He promises you're gonna leave this job. Are you crazy? 150 $200,000 a year there are people making fairy? Are you crazy? In Allah for Rahim? What's the big deal, it's not a it's not a it's not a big sin. It's just the Shabiha maybe a small, not major.

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It's a big deal.

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Hamdulillah you pray, you fast, you donate

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to the masjid. You give a lot of stuff. And he starts reminding you of every house in order not to leave that job.

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And he will never let this hadith come to mind. That if you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah will replace it.

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She had on top of your hammer Allah.

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He said the beautiful story in Sharla will mention the story quickly. He said there was a very, very, very righteous man who used to be a student of knowledge.

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And he was extremely poor, very poor.

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And one time, things were not working, he did not find the job for a couple of days, he was two days without any food, no food, and he's sitting with the chef, he hardly can understand what the chef is saying, out of hunger. So on the third day, still no food, you know, so he said, You know, I'm starving, I have to get something, at least to make me able to survive. So on those days, you know, from the house, you could walk under on the roof from one from one house from one building to another, you remember in the old days. So he looked the next door. He saw that next door they having there's a food on the on the on the oven on the stove. So he went long story short, and he got there

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he opened

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out of hunger. He did not even notice that the eggplant is even boiling. So he took a bite. He took a bite. And then he recognized that I am a student of knowledge I'm a person that fear Allah, how could I do something like this? He put it back he closed it and went back and make a lot of stuff out. How could I do something like this and time for the class came? So he went down to sit down with the with the teacher and he is famished, literally starving.

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As it's the the chef was giving the class.

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A woman came and whispered something in the ears of the chef.

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So the chef looked at the crowd. He looked at him.

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You want to get married?

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He said

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I don't have

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food to support myself. How can I support somebody with me? Do you want to get married? I said yes, yes, yes.

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Yes, yes. Yes. He said,

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this woman who just whispered in my ear, her father, her husband died, had this finished and she want to be she doesn't want to be living alone. She wants to be protected by a man, righteous man. And she asked me and I chose you. Do you accept? Here's something give her as her mother.

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He said I accept.

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He went the same day. He went to her house.

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This woman inherited the house from her husband.

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First thing before he thinks about something else the guys.

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So he went

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which house was it? The house

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she opened the

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Allah but and you saw that there was one egg bitten Subhan Allah Who ate this eggplant.

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So when he saw that,

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he started crying.

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And he told her the story. She said because you feel Allah and you left something for the sake of Allah. Allah did not replace with eggplant he replaced you with the eggplant and with the owner of the eggplant and the house of the owner of the eggplant

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Subhanallah and yeah, when and shift and he any he was he was saying the story is 100% it took place. So

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it's all about true Eman.

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What is it for Allah subhanaw taala to replace

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He was something but annoying that you left something for, for his sake. You left a sin that you are so attached to, you know what, I'm not going to look at these things anymore. Start for Allah. That's it. I'm done with that stuff. I'm not going to listen to that stuff anymore. I leave it for your sake Allah That's it. I'm done. Subhanallah even though we are supposed to, Allah will reward us. This is the shocker. You know. And another quick example, the Sahaba left mecca for the sake of Allah to Medina, Allah gave him the word. They conquered the word SubhanAllah. Yusuf Ali Hassan, left the beautiful, attractive wife of the Aziz Allah subhanaw taala replaced him by making him the

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Emir in in in muscle. Now, what is the difference between him and sugar? What's the difference between honey and sugar? Sometimes hamd could be the general and the sugar particular. And sometimes the sugar is the general and the hundreds particular. How come the hump the hump is general when it comes? Because the hand is Anna Sarah, what the raw? The Hunt?

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You say Alhamdulillah if something good happened, and you say Alhamdulillah Allah Cooley heard of something that happened right. So Al Hamdulillah al hunt for both. A shoe could only for good, a sugar only for good. Now this is where Alhambra is more general than the sugar. Where is the sugar is more general than the hand the hand is only by the tongue. The sugar is by the tongue and by the heart and by the actions.

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The sugar there are men who are who the chakra when you pray. You are chakra when you fast you are shockula When you give Saba cart you are shackled when you perform pm you are Shaco you are showing gratitude to Allah azza wa jal This is how we show this is how we become

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Shaco if someone asked me or ask you Yeah, and Abdon choco Are you a shocker

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check where are you from the tide of Allah azza wa jal Where are you from? The CM of the nanofiller The CM the optional cm Where are you from the pm Where are you from? The circuit? Where are you from during validation? Where are you from? Helping others supporting others? Where are you when when you see someone in need of help and money? Where are you to pray to provide some financial help where are you when you hear someone is sick? Where are you?

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This is how you find out if you are a bit chuckle or not.

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No honey has Salam in Ghana Abdun chakra now

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how can we become avid chicken first like I mentioned by doing a lot of optional a Baghdad besides the frog we have no discussion the further is formed it's a must but to do extra this is when you become shackled. Second to remember that Allah said was a ye disallow shocking

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you know when you go

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visit somebody and someone asked you what should I take with me as a gift. There's a saying in Arabic You know, let's say you know

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you give your your Kima

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you give what you are what you are worth

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you don't give because this is a poor guy. I take him you know $5 cake and because this guy is a rich guy, I take him a $50 cake you give what you are doesn't matter where you're going

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and something on the side quickly. Please when you go into people's homes, enter blind and leave dumb.

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You enter people's homes blind and you leave the house is dumb. You whatever you see inside, you did not see anything you're blind and whenever you saw inside, you do not talk about it when you leave. Okay, so when you remember what he said allow *reen Allah has gonna give this to the one who is grateful to the *reen. So Allah subhanaw taala is going to give something that befits His Majesty. Just like when you go somewhere you give something that befits you. Allah subhanaw taala and he says will say it is the law who shall Karim Allah subhanaw taala will reward you with something immense

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Carla Musa alayhis salaam yah rub in enter beloved Teresa Femina. Indic when and isolate feminine Indic well enough al Qaeda worker feminine Indic for Khalifa ash Cook, pardon Anna Shackleton. Musa alayhis salam, he said, Yeah, Allah, if I became a prophet, it's because of you. And if I prayed, it's because of you. And if I fasted, it's because of you. And if I did anything, it's because of you. So how can I thank you, you

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He said now you thank me

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Elijah's and sugar man sugar

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alleges and sugar. What a shocker. When you feel like you cannot thank someone enough that is the perfect Shaka. You know when you think about what Allah has blessed us with Allah if I give everybody piece of paper and say, Please start writing the noun that you have, Fisher will go to her will go, we will miss Juma Arthur will go and we still writing Allah He and what do we do in return? We still miss Salawat we still miss silhouette, we still lie sometimes we still backbite and we still do things that are upsetting to Allah azza wa jal that will ruin our life. Subhan Allah and he has a smuggler alaykum Niyama violet and without you know, he has given us so much numb

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so much Nam. Now, Allah, Allah say salam, he told us, one of the ways to become a shortcode is not to belittle any, any good deed.

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You know says good doing good deeds as a form of sugar. Do not belittle the smile, do not belittle. If someone tells you can you please intercede for me? Do not belittle anything. Everything counts with Allah azza wa jal, Miyama myth con is Allah Subhan. Allah Zahra Vera and the Hadith conservative spend the Tambora Allah will save if it becomes a mountain. So you are not dealing with me. You're dealing with Allah azza wa jal smile intercession. Good word Salam Jaquan This is so beautiful. This is way to become a shackle but some of our Salah Salem, he told us whoever really is from the believer, some grief to this pertaining to this word, Allah when relief from him some grief

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pertaining to the to the akhirah and also ever concealed. concealed. Yeah, one please. Yeah, when I beg you for the sake of Allah my brothers, my sisters, conceal your brother's false hide his fault. Hide your sisters false. Do not when you see something you cannot wait to tell everybody in the world. And I'm going to tell you something. Don't tell anybody. Allah I feel Allah. Fear Allah hide your brother's false. Hide your brother's false. Allah will hide your false on that day when you really need it. Subhan Allah. And finally, one of the ways to become a code is not to expect anything in return.

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When you do it when you do when you do something to someone, do not wait for something in return. And this is going to be the topic I'll be the hot theme tomorrow shall on the first football. This is part of our hotbar tomorrow is Subhan Allah is not to expect something in return. How can we use this and you know one of my favorite dua in the Quran, like I mentioned all the time. There is no dua that is better than the dua of the Quran because it's by Allah Himself. And one of my favorite, Lakoff as well number 46 Iron number 15 When Allah subhanaw taala said we gave up about it a bit zany, an ash Cora, Metallica, Letty and Anta la Wila Valley they were and then a slightly titled la

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wa slowly Fievel Reethi in need took to alayka we're in the middle Muslim, Allah helped me to thank you for all the time that you blessed me, and you blessed my parents

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and helped me Allah to do righteous deeds that are pleasing to you. And ya Allah make all my offsprings not only my children, all my offsprings

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Salim ya Allah I am a sinner. So I repent you and your Allah, I am from the Muslim. Allah was unlimited share Korean, Allah was eliminated by the Akasha Korean alone was eliminated. bedika Korean Allah more *ing Halima headwater got alumna of Lima to hit both of the hablan I mean, as far as you know, whether he attina Kurata Iam

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lil cane Imam Alana

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was nativa Killa Bell chillin or zoek Nash Tina are some a lot of you Namaste hunted by early hillside village marine Subhan Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and the stockbroker on a tour. Please come early to jump out tomorrow and come to Fraser in sha Allah to Allah at 630 Zacco locker Salaam Alaikum.