Poetic Tafsir of Surat Alnasr with Adinasir Farah

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses the history of the Church and how it became a major source of pride during the conquest of the Church. They also mention the importance of forgiveness in Islam and how it is emphasized in mass. The speaker notes that many people, including those who have become Muslims, have experienced similar struggles and have experienced similar struggles with their religion.

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We are going to be learning in Asscher you born you already.

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This may learn your raw manual wahi, clean.

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know slow law you only

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when you see the victory of God and the conquest, the prophet lived for 13 years in Makkah and then was forced to flee. And eight years later returned a conqueror, humbled by victory. And he sacrificed everything that could possibly been given his reputation family, your hometown in the service of God's religion, his companions did the same, they gave it all. And so it may seem odd, that this isn't called their victory, but the victory of God. But something that you have to come to understand is that every blessing we experience is because of his command.

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Well, I

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saw your the whole room Fe D, learn the F word.

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And you see the people are entering into Islam in groups, that other Arab tribes are waiting to see who would emerge the victor in the conflict between the Mexicans and the people that they perched. They said his people know him better than we do. But if he were to win, then he's a prophet true. And so after the conquest of Mecca, they accepted Islam so fast on mass at last and more became Muslim in those last two years than the entire 21 that passed.

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First, before we handle Vika was still feel who in who Guernica was.

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Then exalt him with the praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of him. Indeed, he is ever Accepting of repentance. Even I bass was asked what he thought of those verses, and he said that it appears that those verses were telling the prophet that his demise was near, because we seek forgiveness at the conclusion of our deeds at the end of prayer and pilgrimage for our shortcomings and exceeds, and so this command to seek forgiveness was assigned to be comprehended that the last and greatest messenger of God that His mission had been