Power Moves Only – Focus on Your Own

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning from the Prophet's teachings and finding the right people to support them. He also talks about the power of focusing on the benefits of the Prophet's teachings and finding the right people to support them.
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Have the last Salam salam ala Rasulillah. So even Ibis great companion of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he's also his young cousin, the province of licen, and passes away. And maybe an ibis is a young man, very young, you're talking about a teenager, maybe even preteen, when the province of Eliassen passes away, Ben Iboss had learned what he could from the Prophet sallallahu send him at that time. And then even our boss continues on his journey of knowledge, the prophet had prayed for him to be granted the understanding of the religion and to learn the interpretation of the Quran. Even Ibis can continues to study and to learn, and he would, you know, famously stand outside the

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houses of the companions, waiting for them to naturally come out of their houses on an errand or for a prayer, those who are more senior than him elders of the companions, and he would just wait for them to come out so that he can ask them about a hadith or an incident in the life of the prophet. So I said to them, or the interpretation of a verse of the Quran, and they would come out and find this, this young man waiting for them, and they would say, you know, and he's being beaten by the makin son, or the Medini son. And you know, he's he's, he's sitting there covering himself maybe up from the dust. And they will say to him, oh, even ambassador, Oh, cousin of the Prophet similar. I

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said, I'm wanting to just knock, why don't you just let us know that you're waiting for us. But that was the reverence that he had for knowledge and the people and the manners that he had with the people who had knowledge. Now even Ibis had a friend. And his friend wasn't as impressed with what had been Abbas was spending his time doing and he was saying to him, like even my boss, you think anybody cares about your knowledge? Do you think that anybody cares about what you know, the city has? A worker in the city has their own mouth on Earth, mine and it and has all of these great companions, who are filled with knowledge who were more senior than you who spent more time with the

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province of the lightest and him than you did? And even Ibis didn't let his friend negatively affect his goals. You know, you have a friend. I like to call an electron. They're just they're just always negative. Even Ibis did not let him affect him. He says for doctor. I left him alone. I stayed away from him. I didn't include him in my planning. And in my journey, and all of these things I focused on my own goals. And even Ibis continued until even Ibis

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was ready to inherit a uma after a walk on an Earth man and it all passed away. Who is the OMA going to look to they all look towards the sahaba. And they found the young Sahaba, who had been preparing themselves, the EBI buses and the ignoramuses. And it shows a lot the line or the line which mean they were already to take on the the challenge of leading the OMA and teaching the OMA the ways of the Prophet syllabi, there's so definitely a power move is to focus on what benefits you and to stay away from those who had canceled out your dreams.