Ammar Alshukry – Poetic Tafsir of Surat Al-Nas with Sh Ahmed Mabrook

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video featuring a musician's whispers and comments on people's minds. The musician's actions are not restricted to a specific time or place, and they can be used as a tool for war or excuse. The video also includes a brief advertisement for a product called Miss Mila Manuel Rafi.
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He will show you on your muddy Miss Mila Hill, manual nahi all the way up

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say I seek refuge in the lord of mankind.

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Rob is the master Sustainer nourisher creator developer maintainer, the one who takes you from one stage until the next.

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is the king of mankind. And Allah's kingship is unlike any other not restricted to a time or place. It's a reign that does the end.

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is the deity of mankind. And holla is your Lord and your king, that he's the only one worthy of your heart and your being your love, fear, hope, worship and your submission and the humbling of your heart, your hearing and your vision.

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Musician was was fun.

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from the evil of the whispering retreat her keep in mind that you and sort of the Philip seek refuge in one attribute of God from the evil of four of his creation, you seek refuge in the lord of Daybreak from the evil of his creation, the Night Magic and envy, but in for the nuts, you seek refuge in three attributes of God from the evil of one the whisper the accursed the devil, the very worst enemy of mankind. And the Quran will warn so many times, to take him as an enemy and to take him as an enemy means to be prepared for war, and to know the outcome of each battle waiting to be keeping score and to be occupied daily with this task at hand, knowing that he won't rest until

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you're destroyed to the last man of her NASA is the one who retrieved because he whispers in your heart and stays at that post. But if you remember the name of God, he's gone. He's ghost.

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He was with Soufeel sudo who

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is the one who whispers in the chests of mankind on flows in our veins like the flowing of blood constantly whispering and inviting, encouraging and exciting but his whispers for the believer are a metric that they can use because he only whispers in your heart things that you might approve. I mean, he wouldn't whisper married to someone who would never harm a mouse and he won't whisper drugs to someone if that's not what they're about. He only whispers in your heart ideas that may gain some traction where he may get a positive reaction. So if he whispers into your heart major things that you should be having alarms of danger ring Meenal Jean

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from the jinn and mankind some devils are from the gym but some are from the human race they might come from your own Town Country your own place my speak your own tongue like you're staring into your own face. Just remember that lest you fall for their dark embrace.

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Miss Mila Manuel Rafi

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Isla I

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mean, she was

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lady who was with Sophie also know the

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last minute

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that he won

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