On Fasting 01 – The Ease

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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting as a source of healing and the need for people to be aware of the importance of fasting. They also discuss the use of the word "taala" in the context of Islam, including its use as a source of healing and the need for people to be aware of its importance. The speaker concludes by discussing the importance of fasting as a source of healing and the need for people to be aware of its importance.

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So now I don't wanna have to lie um the last Allah salam ala Rasulillah. You know, when you look at the verses that talk about fasting and sort of the the Bacara, woven through those verses that are denoting the obligation to fast is so much reference and mention of ease and encouragement to fast and enticement to fast that if you were to count them, they'd be over 10 in the three, four, maybe five verses that talk about fasting as sort of their buckler, so Allah Subhana Allah says, Oh, you who believe and that's number one,

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addressing us by being believers, not addressing us as being humanity or what have you, but this is something that the believers are going to care about. And so that's number one, number two, ALLAH SubhanA data says quotevalet QC and fasting have been prescribed for you and, and prescription I mean, literally, it's, it's been written for you and you could argue that that is a more gentle form of indicating obligation than saying for relied a comb, you know, it has been made obligatory on you. And so that could also be an indication of gentleness, number three, Allah Subhana Allah Dionysus Kamakoti, Bala leadin and publikum like it was prescribed for those people before you and

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so we're getting we're getting consolation by knowing that we're not the only OMA that has to go through fasting that people who lived before us that they also fasted come Ikuti by living in public homes. So that's number three, the constellation and recognizing that we're in this with other owners as well, la La Quinta, taco number four, is that you may gain Taqwa. You know, there are acts of worship, or there are things we're told to do or not do, where we simply say that they are taboo, they they're ritualistic, we don't know the reason why we're supposed to do them. We don't know the reason why we can't do them. We may analyze and the scholars may, you know, debate back and forth as

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to what is the wisdom and what's the effective cause what's the I look for this or that but because Allah did not tell us and because the prophets that I sent him didn't tell us, at the end of the day, we simply say and Allah knows best but with regards to this right from the get go, ALLAH SubhanA data tells us why he says that you may gain Taqwa. And as for how Taqwa is gained through fasting, I mentioned that in another video, the prelude to on fasting, and so you can find that video there. But with regards to fasting, Allah says that you may gain tacos. So that's number four. We're told that we're fasting and we're told why we're fasting asked for number five, it's

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immediately the next verse over Allah Subhana. Allah says, a yam and Madhu that Allah says that they are a a particular number of days, it's not forever, you're not going to be fasting all year, out of an entire calendar out of entire 12 months, you are only fasting for one month, it is a Yemen module that as soon as the race starts, you see the end of the race, you know that it is only 29 or 30 days from now am and my do that? And then so that's number six, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, or I think that's number five. And then Allah subhana data says, What about those who are too sick to fast? Or what about those who are sick period? And what about those who are?

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What about those who are traveling ALLAH SubhanA data says, Whoever Have you is sick or traveling to mean am in Ohio, then so that's number six, and number seven, if you're sick, or if you're traveling. And number eight is that you can do them at any point in time of the year. Whether you make up those days, Allah says A to be made up equally, so you're not making up more days because you miss days of Ramadan. For every day in Ramadan, you have to make up two days and show wider for every day. And oh my god, you have to make up three days in Canada. No, you make up the same exact number of days, but am in Ohio, and any number of other days. And so you can make up those days in

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any way that you like, you can make them up in sequence, you can make them up with broken sequence, you can make up one day every month, you can do it however you want, right. And so that's number eight, for eight the two main aim,

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while letting you take on a whole video on palm skin, and those who aren't able to fast they're their residents, though, that they feed a poor person

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from Anthro Well, I forgive them for what they do not one, two, so Mahananda coming to Thailand, when Allah says, and whoever volunteers more than that, then it's better for them and for you to fast is better for you. If you only knew so Allah mentioning to us that fasting is better for you if you only knew that a statement is our 10th encouragement in this sequence. And then if we go to the next verse onwards, Allah Subhana Allah mentions for example, you read to Allah who become a user or whether you need to become a nurse. Allah says Allah wants for your goodness and he doesn't want for you hardship. So letting us know that this this fast this dehydration and fatigue and exhaustion and

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you suffering at work and you suffering at school and exams on all of this is not because

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Allah subhanaw taala wants difficulty for you, Allah wants goodness for you and Allah wants is for you. When he took me to the editor where he took a robot Am I document that you complete the days and let you glorify Allah subhana data due to what he has guided you to and in the hopes less that you be of those who are thankful. So these are just some of the different ways that Allah Subhana Allah data, we see His gentleness and we see His encouragement in these verses of fasting. And here we are in the month of fasting got him the lock, we've made it may Allah subhanaw taala write for us all of the ease that he has prescribed in this month and all of the mercy that he has bestowed in

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this month and may Allah subhana data make us of those who are successful at the end of this month with solar lights and I'm hammered by that it's like listening to Stephen cathedra