Nouman Ali Khan – I’m Not Able to Recite the Quran

Nouman Ali Khan
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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah He was

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another what I thought was a really important question that was asked in my tutor was by a young man who had a hard time reading Quran. He said, you know, I'll keep trying to include on and I don't read it that well, and this young man had a really sense like a very sensitive personality. And one time he was listening to the radio somewhere in Pakistan or something and he was listening to children recite Quran, right? And this young boy recited so beautifully. And the teacher said, Subhanallah you have a really pure enough's you have a really pure soul, a really pure person. And that's why Allah gave you the ability to recite the Quran. So, you know, so easily. And this young

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man heard this and got really disturbed because he felt maybe I can't recite hold on because I don't have a good person. I'm not a good person, something missing in my soul, you know, and you really, really took it to heart. Now I'm sure that's not the intention of the teacher who was talking to the child that was a means of encouragement. But let's understand, I might have to call on NASA for a kilometer by Laura when the vehicle Corolla Jolla tatata Fie wahoo, Alisha. Hello, john

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told us the experts in the Quran are among the highest ranked angels. But the ones who stumble in it, keep keep stuttering, they can't pronounce words properly, they can't read properly, and they find it very difficult every time. These are people that could get twice the reward. The people who get twice through or another shorthand that Hadith is different discussion. Is it twice the reward of a regular person? Or is it twice the reward of the expert? And I'm personally inclined to think it's twice the reward of the expert. There's no reason to think otherwise. Because Allah does not value accomplishment. Allah values effort. The thing that Allah values is effort we value

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accomplishment. Human beings are different from Allah, human beings value accomplishment even means value, results, profit gain, you know, how much do you know how much have you memorized? How can you read quantitative stuff? Because we want to be able to see it allows the widget is not concerned with any of these things are less concerned with how much effort did you make put this in perspective, somebody who's a billionaire, they give $1,000 in charity, it's a good amount of money. That's worth something. But you know what, somebody has zero, they have nothing, and they give 50 cents, they only have $1 and they give 50 cents, that 50 cents is worth more to a lead than the

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$1,000 a billionaire.

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It's not about the quantity to Allah, it is about the quality. The same thing with the effort. You can recite Quran you're not a bad person. The fact that you're trying to recite the Quran the fact that you're struggling through every single letter and going through it that struggle Allah put you in a lot had a low wanted he could have made it easier for you had a low wanted Masada Salam would not have a stutter. Had a low wanted for at all would never had a reason to say well, I cuddle up and he can't even talk clearly almost people have disabilities or challenges or difficulties in life. Some people have a physical disability. Some people have, you know, a psychological disability

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challenge in their lives. These challenges are actually given by a lousy religion, and we don't know why we know that that's not because Allah curse them, or they are lesser than us. Maybe that's the reason they're better than us. That those disabilities are actually maybe the reason they are far superior to what we will ever ever be. You know, so we have to be mindful of the fact that our standards, thank Allah, our standards are not the same as the lowest standards. People put other people down. People look down on people that haven't accomplished. You know, I keep telling my Arabic students because you know, Arabic class you judge by accomplishment, right? How would you

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score on the test? How well can you speak? How can you read? You know, how much do you understand grammar? I have this one student man, this guy, he, uh, you know what I like to say about him. I like to say Allah didn't create him for Arabic.

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So I like to say, guy's a genius. He's so smart in this profession. He's so smart at work. He's so smart. And anything he touches turns to gold. guy's a genius. When it came to Arabic, homeboy could not get past a 30 on a test just couldn't do it.

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And this guy is straight. He literally studied more than any other student I've ever met. More than any other students. hours and hours, hours and hours, day after day, day after day. And he's failing the test and anybody else who fails the test gets depressed. They don't study for a few days. This guy goes through all of his mistakes, does review that he does and he was a friend of mine even before he became my student. And every other time I'd be like, call him like, Hey, you want to hang out? No, I gotta study. I must teacher during the day. At night. I just want to hang out with him. And he goes, No, no, I got to study. And you know what, even though he didn't score nearly as much

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as some other students who got hundreds I respect him. When

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And I know Allah azzawajal rewards him way more. Because for some people, it's the struggle. That's that's the thing. That's the that effort. That difficulty is what Allah values and sometimes it will put you in difficulty, because that's how he raises your ranks. That's how he puts you high, you know. So don't let the assumptions that people make about you, or compare you're comparing yourself to others and what little you know or what little you can do. Don't let that deep belittle what Allah thinks of you. You know, this is this is the real value. We know an economical Mandela has the most noble of you are the ones that have the most Aqua, taqwa will never be known by another person.

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It'll just never be known. So I pray that we're not judgmental of others. And especially we are not judgmental of ourselves that we don't think of ourselves constantly in respect to others, in comparison to others. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah Africa.

Ust. Nouman Ali Khan was asked this question during a live lecture on the 2015 Gulf Tour.

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