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AI: Summary © The speaker describes how a person goes through various stages of their life, including turmoil, permanent disability, and then the rise of their child. They also describe how this experience leads to a "hasn't been met" attitude, where the person is fearful of the future and wants to get married. The speaker emphasizes that this experience is not a permanent "hasn't been met" attitude, but rather a "hasn't been met" attitude.
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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah more money, more problems. Allah azza wa jal says The Kahala canal in Santa Fe cupboard, we have created mankind to be in a state of constant turmoil, constant difficulty in order to be in his commentary on this verse, he says our scholars said that the first difficulty that a person goes through when they enter into this world is the cutting of their umbilical cord. And then after that, they go through the difficulty of being wrapped up in a towel wrapped up in a blanket, they go through the difficulty of constriction and fatigue. And then after this baby continues to grow, they go through the difficulty of nursing, the difficulty of

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teething, and then they go through the difficulty of entering school. So you can imagine on the first day of school, the child is crying, the mother is crying, everybody's sad or fearful about this new adventure. And then after that the child goes through the years of school and modeling way better. The the fear of the teacher, the fear of the muda be the person who instructs in manners and etiquette, and they go through this entire educational process for years. And then they go through the difficulty of seeking employment, of getting married. And then after they get married, they then go through the difficulty of raising children and building osore building palaces and building homes

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and dealing with servants and dealing with staff and dealing with dealing with all of these things. Mankind continues to transfer from one problem to another, and you see this in your own life when a person is single, their their main goal and their main stress is just to get married, and then when they get married, they look back on the days when they were single, when a person doesn't have money. They're only concerned they think that when they get money that all their problems are gonna go away. And then everybody who has money knows that more money just leads to more problems. And then he mama B says, then after that after the advanced in age, they go through the difficulty of

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their bones becoming weak, their knees becoming fatigued, the pain of their teeth, and then at motiva radical Kulu that is after all of that. And then they go through the difficulty of the darkness of the grave, and it's squeezing and it's constriction. They go through the difficulty of the the questioning of the angels. Then after that is the day of judgment and it's tears the Day of Judgment and it's a while the Day of Judgment of its events. And then he goes through difficulty she goes through a difficulty had testicular he'll cut off in mirfield JANA will imagine not until they finally enter into an abode for eternal residence, either in paradise, or either in the hellfire. So

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if you feel that you are going through difficulty, you feel like you're going through problems, recognize that it's all part of the human experience. There is no one on this earth who is problem free. There is a place that is problem free, but inshallah to Allah we have to work until we get their Gardens underneath which rivers flow. So now microts