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The concept of"the weight of sugar" is used to increase one's ability to receive the weight of sugar, and it is used to indicate gratitude and appreciation. The "by the grace of God" concept is discussed, as it is a way to achieve a specific goal and is linked to the " eye of the beast" concept. The speakers stress the importance of showing gratitude towards Allah for blessings that he loves, and emphasize the need to show gratitude towards others to build relationships and worship. The segment ends with a reminder to attend a seminar and a two-hour lunch.

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That's a pleasure to be here at Islam in Spanish as we go over one of the names of the last panel, dad and may Allah subhana data reward all of you for joining us tonight. Today, the name that we're going to go over is a beautiful name from the name Zola and that is the appreciative a shackle and

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you know, studying the names of Allah is a very, very spiritual endeavor. It's something that Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Quran that he created the heavens and the earth for us to know Him. So the final verse of Sudha Talaq, ALLAH SubhanA data says Allah who led the Halacha serve Asamoah too, I mean, a lot of the Mithila when he attended Amruta in rodina Han, Allah says, Allah created the heavens and the earth, He created seven heavens and earths that are equal to it. And then he says, Yeah, xs Amruta. In 100 command descends between the heavens and the earth. Well, the question then becomes why Why did Allah create the heavens in the earth? And why did the command come down between

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revelation why all of this um, Allah says, We tie them all, and Malahide, Aquila che in Kadir, when a Maha health will be equally shaken. And he says that you may come to know that Allah is Able to do all things, and that Allah has encompassed everything with his knowledge so that you can come to know about Allah its attributes. And so learning about Allah subhana data is incredibly important. And really a lot of the distance that people feel from ALLAH SubhanA that and I'm talking about, you're talking about millions of people, millions of Muslims, is because they don't know who Allah Subhana Allah is. And they feel that Allah is reflected in the mercy or the lack of mercy that they

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find in Allah's servants in the Muslim community. And so when they see judgment from the Muslim community, they assume that that's speaking about the reflective of the judgments of Allah subhana data when they see the lack of empathy, when they see the lack of appreciation and lack of gratitude, when they see the lack of love. They think that that is reflective of Allah Subhana Allah and when you learn about who Allah is, you realize that that couldn't be further from the truth and learning about Allah subhana data only increases a person in their love of Allah, it only increases a person in their hope. And Allah, it only increases them in their, in their desire to worship Allah

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subhana data. And so that's part of

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why we're here tonight. And by studying His names, and so the first name

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or this name, rather, actually breaks off into two names, this concept of gratitude, this concept of sugar, and those two names are a base form and an exaggerated story form. The base form is the name of Allah, a shackle and a shack, it means the one who responds with more, because the question can be asked, How does Allah appreciate what does that even mean? When you say Allah shows gratitude? What does that even mean when we use the term sugar for human beings shook, it indicates gratitude, appreciation, but when it's used regarding ALLAH SubhanA data, it means that he responds with more, whatever the input is that you do, no matter what the offering is that you do, ALLAH SubhanA data

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will always give you back more, a lot will always return much more than what you've given. If you do a good deed a lot returns it back 10 times more with regards to the reward, or 700 times more or even more than that. If a person seeks forgiveness for or a person does a good deed, Allah Subhana Allah data might forgive all of their sins, or Allah may enter that person into Jannah forever and ever and ever for a moment that they did, or, you know, even the most seemingly insignificant action. And that is all from this concept of sugar. And so sugar in Arabic, it means zyada it means linguistically, it means increase, at least it means increase to give back more. And so the Arabs

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they used to call if an animal if there was an animal that used to be fed a little vegetation, but it would become really, really fat, they would call that dub the shellcode they would call that animal shellcode it's something that is it gives you back a lot more than what you put into it or if it a little vegetation, but it gave back a lot of milk. They would call that also shellcode. And so when you're talking about Allah Subhana Allah being shellcode, you're talking about

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the one who gives back way more than what he receives. And so we have two forms. The first form is

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The base form which is Shakira, and that's mentioned twice in the Quran. And then you have Shaco, which is mentioned four times in the Quran and shellcode is the exact Dettori form the one who is at a high level of sugar. And so, when you look at the actual passages in the Quran in which this concept of ALLAH SubhanA data being shampooed, as mentioned, it's really breathtaking. And so, one of my favorite passages, for example, where this concept of sugar is explained, or illustrated rather, is in salt and incense. Allah subhanaw taala he divides mankind into two camps at the beginning of sort of aliens that he says in NA Dana, who Sevilla in my Shakira, were in Makkah fora.

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Allah says that he's divided mankind into two camps. They are either Shakir or they are before. They're either Shatkin or they aren't before now. Shaq it means grateful. Gafford means ungrateful. That's what they mean. Shaq, it means grateful and Gafford means ungrateful. Now, ALLAH SubhanA data divided mankind into two camps, he said, they are either shackled, or they are Kahoolawe. And it's interesting that he didn't say caffeine because caffeine is the base form. As if Allah is telling us that mankind is either the default with regards to humanity is that they are either basic in their thankfulness to Allah, or they are excessive in their ingratitude. They are not he didn't say shack

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up and cafe and he said that they are shackled or go full wrong, they are excessive, and they're ingratitude to Allah subhanaw taala. Well, then the question then becomes, what is a basic level of gratitude? And what is a higher level than that? And the basic level of gratitude for a person to be shocked at the scholar said, the basic level of gratitude is that a person does the obligations.

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If a person does what's obligated on them, then they become someone who is shackled. So, a person who is shacket basic level is that a person prays their five prayers that a person fast the month of Ramadan, and what have you, but then from there, a person will continue to ascend by doing that which is voluntary, out of appreciation and gratitude to Allah subhana data until they reached the level of being shockula. And hence, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when he used to pray in the night until his feet would swell. And they asked him they said, O Messenger of Allah, why is it that you pray until your feet swell even though ALLAH has forgiven you your sins? He said, If Allah Hakuna

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then shakoora He said, Should I not be a slave who has reached this high level of gratitude and appreciation to ALLAH SubhanA data and so Allah and sort of alien son, he mentioned that mankind is divided into two these two camps but then this concept of shackled comes again in the Surah. Allah mentions a group of people who they serve humanity. And he says, Well, you put him on a farm, and I hope the mosquito team and I see that they feed out of love, even though they have love for this food, they need it. They give it away. Nonetheless, you'll put him on a farm, and I hope he Miskin. We're a team and they give it to who they give it to the poor. And they give it to the orphans. And

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they give it to those who are imprisoned. And so they give these three categories of groups. They're serving these people. And even as they are serving these people they are saying in the monitoring, committee wedgie law are only fearing feeding you for the sake of Allah land read, I mean, come on, well, I should call that we do not want from you any reward. And we do not want from you any gratitude or appreciation, pay attention to these two things. They say even you know, a person's at a soup kitchen, they're distributing food, maybe project downtown or feeding the homeless or what have you. And they are giving it to these people. They're distributing the food to these people. And

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they're saying to them, even if you don't say thank you, while you're standing in the in the food line, no problem. I don't want you to say thank you, I'm gonna hold the door open for this person. And as they walk by me, and they don't even acknowledge the fact that I'm holding the door open for them. I'm not going to yell behind them and say, You're welcome. I'm not going to do that. I'm simply going to why because I'm not doing it for them learn to read. I mean, come on, well, I should call I do not want from them any reward and I do not want any appreciation. You don't need to pay me and you don't even need to say thank you to me. But then Allah Subhana Allah, why are they doing

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that? Because they say, in an awful mirror, I've been a human I bought some company, right? We fear from our Lord a Day, that is very, very trying very scary day, the day of judgment. And so ALLAH SubhanA data then says, For whom Allah insha Allah that

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Allah protected them from the evil of this day. And he begins to describe some of the most vivid descriptions of paradise that you'll find that they're going to be reclining on couches, and they're going to be wearing bracelets and being served by people of eternal youth and they'll be drinking from sensibility.

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It's just on and on. The imagery is so vivid and sort of that means that and then Allah subhana data concludes that passage by saying, describing their bliss in paradise. He concludes the passage by saying, in the Hanukkah Kwanzaa and what can I say you can mash Cora.

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He says, This is for you a reward. And your journey you're striving was appreciated. And if you remember, at the beginning, when they were talking to human beings, they said they didn't want to do things, they didn't want reward from them, and they didn't want appreciation. And so ALLAH SubhanA died after they're in paradise. He says to them, this is for you your reward. And this is your appreciation. And so this

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concept is really beautiful. Because, in reality, human beings don't have the capacity to perfectly attribute appreciate anybody. They just can't, you know, when you if you put your if you seek out appreciation from human beings, and that's where you want validation from and that's where you want love from and appreciation and all of these types of things, that you're going to be let down time and time again, whether it's mother's seeking, you know, wanting feeling like her children don't appreciate her or a father feeling the same or spouses not feeling appreciated from each other, or what have you. And so, depending on Allah subhana Dasha cool, he himself is the one who shows

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gratitude and expecting that from him. You know, there's a verse in Surah Nisa that I remember when I heard it, it was very, very powerful that experience and the reason why is because sort of the Nyssa has some of the most vivid descriptions of the Hellfire, you know, and I remember listening to the amendment Badawi and it was the fifth night of Ramadan and he was reciting Kula manopoly, the julu the home but then now Angelou then later Heidi colada, ALLAH SubhanA data says every time that their skin is roasted, this isn't sort of the Nyssa every time their skin is roasted, we replaced them with new skin that they may taste the punishment. And and you know, these verses are very, very

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severe. And then later on the same night later on your hearing, and then we're not healthy enough to dedicate less than a minute, not that the hypocrites are in the lowest part of the Hellfire. So I remember thinking in my mind, while I was in the Salah, how severe these verses are.

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But then the last verse that he recited in the night, was actually a response. I felt like it was a response to my thoughts. And that's why it felt like a truck hitting me. And the verse was simply this Allah subhana data says, my if I love who gathered in Chicago to Amman to Allah says What does Allah benefit from punishing you? When does Allah benefit from punish you you know, all of this description of the hellfire and their skins roasted in the hypocrites being in the lowest part of the Hellfire, everything that you read about? What is it benefit Allah? May Allah who can either become one does Allah benefit from punishing, you know,

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my of Allah guy that to come in Chicago to momentum if you simply showed gratitude, and had faith? Mankind like why is it that you're so ungrateful? It doesn't benefit Allah that He will be put it if you were to simply have faith and have gratitude to Allah in Chicago to momentum, what can Allah Who Shackleton Idema and even more how is it that you cannot be grateful when Allah Himself is shackled? He himself

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appreciates and he himself responds to goodness in kind and all of this goodness that you experienced from ALLAH SubhanA data, you can't you can't respond with goodness, you can't worship Allah Allah, you can't appreciate what ALLAH SubhanA data does for you. What kind of low Shakeel and it may Allah Himself is shocking and it and one of the things when we

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study the names of Allah one of the things that we pay attention to is the pairing of names. Because when Allah pairs one name with another the reason why he pairs one name and a lot of times people they you know they simply they pass through it they don't even pay attention to why does Allah mentioned and as he has a lot of fat for example, why does Allah pair a semi it with Aladdin? Why does Allah pair it with an Alim attended by a typical to see like, it's just we kind of just rattle it off, and we kind of hope that we remember what the pairing is. But, you know, I had a, I took a British Literature course in college. And something that stayed with me was that we used to have to

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study like, you know, all of the classics, Wuthering Heights and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and I remember the professors used to make us analyze every aspect of the texts and so if one of the characters one of the main characters there

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Father was a butcher, she would ask us and she would say, Why do you think the main character's father is a butcher? Why did the author choose that occupation? What does that denote? What does that communicate? And I remember raising my hand in that class, and I said to her professor, you know, maybe the author just needed to give this person's father a profession. And she chose butcher, like, maybe it was that there wasn't that much.

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And then she said, she said, we have to give the great authors of literature more credit than that. She said, we have to give the authors of literature of the great authors of literature more credit than that it was more deliberate. That's what she's communicating. And she said, But when she said that, to me,

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it didn't stick with me because of the literature. It stuck with me because I reflected on the Quran. And I thought, if that's the case, then we have to give the Quran way more credit than that. Every single lecture of the Quran is there for a purpose, every single name, and why it's there is there for a particular purpose. And many times people they don't understand that actually, the purpose of the verse is the name that's being mentioned at the end.

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And so when ALLAH SubhanA data, he says, What can Allah Who Shakeel and Idema talking about? What does Allah benefit from punishing you, if you simply had faith and if you had gratitude, and Allah Himself is shot here, and Idema. Now these two pair together, bring a lot of comfort, it means knowledgeable and Shaq, it means grateful or appreciative, right?

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When these two are paired together, that is someone that you would love to deal with. Because there are many people who are shocking, but they're not ready. There are many people who are very appreciative, but they don't notice things. And so you can have a wife, her husband comes home, and she says to him the dreaded question, she says, Do you notice anything different? And now he's looking around the apartment, and he's looking at her and he's looking outside, and he doesn't know. He doesn't know what is different, right? I mean, he might be a very appreciative guy, he might really, really appreciate a lot of things, but he doesn't notice what she did. And so he says to

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her, like, Did you do something different with your hair? And she's like, No, I did something different with the living room, the curtains are a different color. Now. He's like, Oh, that's very nice, right? But she doesn't notice. And so

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Allah subhanaw taala says that he is shackled and Alima he's appreciative and at the same time, and then there are people who are very Addy mother, very little notice everything, they'll walk into a room and they'll scan everything, they'll notice that you change that pot. And they'll notice that you change this and that you change the curtains. But they're not shakin, they don't appreciate anything that you do. There are some people who this word Thank you does not come from them easily. They don't smile, they don't say just knucklehead, they don't do any of that. They just assume that it's, it's something that should be part of their transaction, or they they deserve everything in

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this world, all of the goodness. And so they never think anybody, right. And we might work with people like that. And we might even you know, volunteer with people like that, or we might live with people like that. And so ALLAH SubhanA died when he says that he is shackled, and Idema ALLAH SubhanA data is showing us that there's nothing that you can do, except that ALLAH is aware of it. And what this one of the main fruits of this name of allah being a shakin and a shackle these two names is that a person does not belittle the smallest deed.

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You don't know what action will bring you to Paradise, it could be that you're at a traffic light. And you know what, there's a person holding a cup there. And they're asking you for some soda or some charity, and you are embarrassed to give them a quarter because you're like, man, they're not going to appreciate the quarter. But if you realize that you're actually dealing with ALLAH SubhanA data, you're not dealing with this person, they might throw the quarter back at you, but you know what you're dealing with Allah and Allah is a shock or he might reward you with that quarter something something, something beyond what you ever imagined. The Prophet sallallaahu Sam tells us

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and this is the famous Hadith

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there was a prostitute from Venezuela. And this woman had went to drink some water and she saw a dog that was panting she realized that the dog was suffering from the same thirst that she had previously been suffering from. And so she went back into the well where she had gotten the water and she gave that dog water and so the Prophet saw the lights and then settled law forgave her since now you're dealing with a shackle. So you're dealing with

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if we had lined up 1000 People 1000, beards and hijabs and religious people and all of that, then you gave them the option or you gave them the the yardsticks here, the measurements and you said, here's the scale. You have a person who has a however long she's been practicing this particular act or this particular occupation.

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And now you have the good deed of giving water to a dog which one outweighs the other, I would be surprised if one person said that the deed of giving water to a dog outweighs the sin of prostitution. And yet ALLAH SubhanA data forgave her sins because of that. So when you're dealing with Allah, then you never, ever belittle any good deed, if that's the case with bringing water to a dog, what happens to you and I, when we click on a GoFundMe page for $2, to bring water to somebody somewhere on this earth,

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and you don't you don't think about it. But again, when you're dealing with ALLAH SubhanA, that and when you're dealing with these attributes, then a person

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won't belittle a smile that they cast in the face of a person. Yes, you'll say Saddam identical to that sister, and she won't respond to you, she'll just walk by you like she didn't even hear you, but you're not doing it for her, you're doing it for Allah, you are going to smile, and you are going to encourage that person and you are going to say something kind about them. And then the next time, they have the opportunity to respond in kind, they don't do the same. And in fact, they do the opposite. But you're not dealing with them and their lack of gratitude. You're dealing with ALLAH SubhanA data, who is a shacket, and he's a *hole. And so one of the lessons one of the main

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lessons is that we want to show chakra to Allah, we want to be people who are grateful, and how do we show show Kota to Allah. Number one, like we mentioned is that a person goes beyond just the obligations, the basic level, and the most important level is the obligations that a person praise their five basic gratitude that a person be shackled. But beyond that a person wants to ascend, attend, ascend, to being shackled, that they ascend to the level where they are worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, out of love, and, you know, an appreciation and one of the, the beautiful concepts that we have in this religion is that it just means you can sit at home and that a person will be

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rewarded in kind for the action that they did, whether it's good or bad, that a person is always rewarded in kind. And so the scholars they said, even with regards to your own, sort of own when he boasted about his rule over Egypt, and he says, he said he will commensal isn't the dominion of Egypt, Egypt belonging to me, why the and how to take him into it. And these rivers flow underneath my feet because of his arrogance with regards. And his declaration about these rivers running underneath his feet was that he drowned in it.

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And his reward was in kind with regards to his actions and of the examples of that is membrane at layer he beaten whoever builds for ALLAH SubhanA data house and in this world of loss of habitat, it builds for him a house in paradise. So this concept comes again and again and again and again. And yet.

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When a person does voluntary actions, when a person does voluntary actions, ALLAH SubhanA diaeresis and diesel footsy he says mazzucato Bailey Abdi be che in a heartbeat lamb masala to Allah. He says a person never comes close to me with anything that's more beloved to me than what I've obligated on them. That is the thing that is most beloved to Allah the obligations always and then he says when I Azaria Takara boo la RDB. Now if it had Toshiba, he says a person will continue to come close to me with voluntary actions until I love them. And so the question then becomes asked why do voluntary actions garner the love of Allah? Why do voluntary actions garner the love of Allah? And one of the

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wisdoms behind it because Allah says a person will continue to do voluntary actions until I love them. One of the the reasons or one of the wisdoms may be that the motive for voluntary actions is love. It's not like the obligations, the obligations, the person may pray isha. And they might have predicted it because of the level of law true, but they might have also predicted because of fear. I don't want to go to jahannam and so I'm gonna pray Malaysia. However, when a person is praying the Toorak eyes after Is there any fear involved in that? Is there any fear when a person prays for luck as a whole, it's, it's motivated by something different, it's motivated by love and as such, the

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reward of that is that they receive the love of Allah subhana, Allah to Allah. And so of the things through which we show gratitude is by doing the obligations and then sending it to do the,

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the recommended acts. And then after that a person shows gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala by acting in a way in which Allah loves with the blessings that He has given them.

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And so for example, a person shows gratitude to Allah for the wealth that they have been given by spending it in a way that Allah loves. A person shows gratitude to Allah for the talents that they have been given by using them in a way that Allah Subhana Allah loves. A person shows gratitude to Allah for the beauty they've been given is by not showing it off to people that Allah does not love for them to show it off to and by showing it off to the people whom Allah Allah has for them to show it off to that's the idea and so

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Have a person uses the talents and the blessings that Allah has given them in the way that Allah lives. This is this is implementing shortcut and gratitude. And the good news is, is that Allah subhana wa Tada announced that in Shackleton last either know that if you are grateful, I am going to increase you. And so one of the reasons or one of the ways that we've been taught that a person maintains blessings because people always are concerned about that everybody is always very, very concerned about blessings, and they're always worried about hazards. They're always worried about people envying them. And so they're like, Don't post this online. I don't want people to

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I don't want people to give me hazard right? I don't want them to envy me Don't do this. And don't do that. And that's fine. But has said in his in Islam is defined as too many Zoa Nigma

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has said is when has said is not when a person looks at someone with a nice car and says, Man, I wish I had a nice car like that. It's not when a person sees your picture on on, on, on Instagram, and as you know, it's you and your spouse traveling, they're like, Wow, I wish that, you know, I got married, and I could travel like that that's not what has said this has said is defined as wanting for a blessing to be taken away from somebody, not you wanting a blessing that someone has, but wanting for a blessing to be taken away from somebody, and there's a difference. And so you don't want to ascend to where that person is, you want them to come down. And there's a big difference

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between the two. And so, if that is the case, Allah Subhana Allah says that if you are thankful, not only will your blessings not be taken away, but I will increase you. And so what that teaches us is that gratitude, sugar is actually a fortress that protects from acid.

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Because when I am grateful to Allah for my blessings, and I show gratitude, and I exercise gratitude, then he has promised that he will increase me and if Allah has promised that he will increase me, that doesn't matter, who is envying me, and who is showing enmity towards me, or animosity towards me? Because Allah has promised that he's going to increase me, then the question becomes, how do you show gratitude? How do you implement gratitude. And a lot of times what people don't pay attention to is not just

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the importance of showing gratitude for your physical blessings, but showing gratitude for your spiritual blessings. And so many times people will look, especially when they're at a particular time in their life, where they are just really at a at a spiritual high, it could be in their college years when they're in their MSA. And then all of a sudden, they, they,

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they graduate, and now they're caught up in corporate America and what have you, and they just feel over the years as they go by that they're no longer in a place where they're reading Quran or they look back, and they see that their worship is not there, they look back and they see that they're there. Even their acts of service are not there. They're kind of just all caught up in in the real world, so to speak, right? They're caught up in the hamster race. And so one of the ways that a person maintains their spiritual blessings is by showing gratitude towards towards Allah, because the province of allied is sending them Well, number one, because Allah says so he says, if you are

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grateful, I will increase you but also the province that Elias and then he taught us after every, every prayer that we say Allah Who magnetically Kosha cricket has never had that. He says, Oh Allah assist me in remembering you, and thanking you and worshipping you properly. And it is as if each one leads to the other that your remembrance of Allah leads you to thank him and when you thank Allah, it leads to you to worshiping him properly and beautifully. Because Allah subhana data, when you thank Him will continue to increase you and so many people, they might have stopped memorizing Quran 10 years ago or five years ago or what have you. And if they look back, they'll find that they

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might not have passed with a bucket up because they never, you know, they didn't show gratitude. Once they complete a sword or buckler. They didn't respond with gratitude. And as such, they never went on to it and move on. Or they might have memorized, you know, half of Jama back in the day and they never completed it or they never went to visit the Baltic because they didn't show proper gratitude when they had actually completed it. And so they went to Hajj 10 years ago, and they never even went to Ramallah since since then. And it might have been an issue of gratitude. Why

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then, our How then do we show gratitude? One of the most beautiful examples I've seen,

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was actually something that I experienced. As a teenager, I was 17 years old, probably at the time and I had an older friend of mine who was just a couple of months older, but he was like 80 and he had a he had a car.

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And so he would go and pick up everybody and take them to select their fit and slots and fidget. And this was like the first time we had a person

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will take us to some other figures and stuff. He didn't take me but he would take people who lived around them. And, you know, massages were pretty weren't as popular as they are now. I'm talking like, I'm 60 years old, but he was,

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you know, it's changed a lot. And so he,

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he, I remember he would pray Fudger and then he would talk to us. We were at a youth halacha on Friday night, and he was talking to everybody about how

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he was like, you know, I went to bed this morning. And I had went to, I had went somewhere. I was driving somewhere later on that day, and I turned on the radio, and I was listening to music and then I turned it off because I was like, Man, you pray fidget in the masjid today. And then he was like, I was talking to somebody and I started cursing. And then I told him, I talked to my eyes. So I stopped myself. And I said, Man, how are you going to curse you pray fidgeting the mister today. But, and I remember commenting, and I was like, Wow, you got a lot out of praying Fetchit in the masjid. But the idea was, is that he was he wanted to show Shaka, he wanted to act Schuco for the

00:31:06--> 00:31:36

blessings that he's been received. I mean, praying if I did in the missions is a great blessing the province of the licen and told us that whoever prays for it did in the masjid, that person is under the protection of Allah until the evening. It's a great blessing. You know, you know, you're under the protection of Allah. You know, that feeling you get when you travel overseas, and you're walking around and doesn't matter, because you're like, I've got an American passport. You know, that feeling? You know, doesn't matter what happens to me because I got an American passport, like, everybody's got to respect me, I'll talk all out at that airport or whatever.

00:31:38--> 00:31:43

That feeling because you're under the, because you're basically thinking to yourself, I'm under the protection of the United States of America.

00:31:46--> 00:32:22

Now what about the person who's walking around all day, and they're under the protection of Allah because they prayed for it in the midst of the progress on the lightest, and them says, Whoever does so that they're under the protection of Allah until the evening. And so this brother of mine, he was he, you know, he felt amazing. And he felt that he felt that blessing of something, and he wanted to keep it, he didn't want to act as if he never received it in the first place and respond with ingratitude. You have to change your behavior when you experience these spiritual blessings. And so showing gratitude and in fact, a person will be so thankful to Allah. And this is the last point

00:32:22--> 00:32:33

that I want to share. A person will be so thankful to Allah subhanaw taala, that they will begin to see Allah's hand behind every good that they experience.

00:32:34--> 00:32:40

You know, there was a man who was told he was he was dying. He was an older man, he was a Bedouin, he was told you're going to die?

00:32:41--> 00:32:46

And then he said to him, he said to them, and then what? And then they said, and then it's to Allah.

00:32:47--> 00:32:58

Because he had asked them, and then where am I going? They said, you're going to Allah? And he said, so how can I be upset that I am going to the one who I've never experienced any good except that it's from him?

00:32:59--> 00:33:04

Like do you want me to be, that's like you're being told you're going home. And so this,

00:33:05--> 00:33:49

when a person comes to the realization that every goodness that they see is actually from Allah subhanaw taala. And so normally were other people would just be grateful to an individual. And it just stops there or be amazed at an individual, and it just stops there. That behind the greatness of that individual, they see the greatness of Allah all the time. And so a person, for example, to have a friend of mine who on Facebook, every time he shares something amazing, anytime it could be, you know, an amazing dunk. Or it could be, you know, some crazy feat that some people are able to do or just an amazing act of service that someone does, you know, those videos that go viral because of

00:33:49--> 00:34:03

this special person somewhere doing something amazing, right? He will always share the video and he will always have the same status. And his status as a lot is amazing exclamation point, exclamation point. And I remember the first time I saw it, it was just like,

00:34:05--> 00:34:06

like, there's a disconnect.

00:34:08--> 00:34:47

And then I saw it the second time, and then I saw it the third time and then I'm like, Oh my this is because behind all of this amazing stuff that's happening is What is Allah subhana data. And so you learn to show gratitude to Allah for the amazing things that you're able to see people do because the one who gave that person the talent to be able to dunk is Allah and the one who made that person have the ability or the dough fib to become a billionaire at 22 years old, is Allah subhanaw taala. And so you learn to show gratitude to Allah for all of this and where do we see this? We see this actually in the Quran. The story of suit a man bringing the throne of the Queen of Sheba.

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

The Queen of Sheba is in Yemen. Saudi man is in Jerusalem, to long distance. And so soon a man says, who is going to be able to bring me her throne before they come to

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

means submission. And so a djinn one of the jinn in the courts have sued a man he says Enter Attica being a couple enter quote my mechanic, I am going to bring it to you before you get up from your seat.

00:35:12--> 00:35:55

We're in the alley HELOC co Yun I mean, he says and I am very trustworthy and strong in doing so. And then Allah says, cotton leather endo amo mineral Kitabi. And it could be a couple of the elite Qatar folk, the one who's given the knowledge of the books that I am going to bring it to you before you're able to blink. And so say man, all of a sudden sees the throne of the Queen of Sheba in front of his eyes. And before he blinked it was there. It had traveled from Yemen to Jerusalem. But then Allah Subhana Allah says further Mara home stuck around and when a man sees the throne, all of a sudden he doesn't go oh my god, you're so amazing, dude, how'd you do it? He doesn't do that. He

00:35:55--> 00:36:42

says, Carl had them in fugly. Rob Bailey of lawani, Ashkar I'm at fault. He says this is from the favors of my Lord, he automatically like that guy. He automatically sees behind that person's talent or ability or knowledge or what have you. And he sees the favor of his Lord. And he says this is of the favours of my Lord, to test me, am I going to show gratitude or am I going to show gratitude as co uk for women check it off into my ash Curonian FC and whoever shows gratitude and they are simply showing gratitude toward themselves. Woman covered over in Nairobi, Linnaean Korea, and whoever shows in gratitude, my Lord is self sufficient and generous. So they modeled the line who already

00:36:42--> 00:37:23

said I'm rather he sees behind the talents of the individuals in his court, or the knowledge or the abilities of the individual's report. And he sees behind that a Lord who is filled with power omnipotent, self sufficient and generous, benevolent, right. And so you begin to see behind the the beautiful kindness of your parents, and you see a Lord who blessed you with two parents and made them have those qualities. And that is also one of the beautiful aspects of ALLAH SubhanA data being a chef or being the appreciative is that he praises people for the qualities that He Himself gave them. And so Allah made Mary severe, and he praises her for being so delicate for being truthful.

00:37:23--> 00:37:58

And he made Ibrahim aware of someone who often returns to Allah Subhana Allah and he praises him for being a weapon. And so Allah subhanaw taala praises you and I for the qualities that we have, because he brought he praises the believers for their patients. And he believes and praises the believers, for their commanding of the good and forbidding of the evil and all these types of qualities. Allah subhanaw taala praises them for having these qualities when he's the one who gave them in the first place, but that is also from ALLAH SubhanA. That is beautiful attributes of being a shekel. And so to wrap it up of the fruits of this name, like we mentioned is that a person never

00:37:58--> 00:38:35

ever belittle any action that they can do. Because they know that they are dealing with someone who responds and returns much, much more than what they have given. But also one of the major fruits of this name is that we have to become a people who practice gratitude. This is not to say that a person should now ignore the people who do them favors because you're looking behind that and you're seeing Allah know that you show gratitude to Allah for sure. But you also show gratitude to people because the Prophet saw the light is in him says whoever does not show gratitude to people does not show gratitude to Allah. You have to show gratitude to people and have the most basic things that a

00:38:35--> 00:39:11

person can do. If a person says does something good to you that the Prophet saw some say they use a JSOC Allahu hyaluron May Allah subhana data reward them with good because if you say does not allow failure, then you have repaid them for that. And so you appreciate what people do you thank people for what they do, you take the time to appreciate what they've done. Because in doing so you show gratitude to Allah. So this is what we've been able to share with regards to sugar water and we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to make us of His slaves who are shackled into court. And we ask ALLAH SubhanA data that he reward us for our meager efforts with the paradise that he has promised us are still

00:39:11--> 00:39:15

alive is an homage to Allah decided to send him see him and feel a certain way along later on. So I'm I think

00:39:18--> 00:39:44

I will say that there is a sign up sheet in the back. So this is for those of you who don't know, this is a, a preview for a seminar, that's going to be on the names of Allah subhanaw taala, that'll be at the University of Houston, through my mother of Institute, December 15. And so we'll be spending time going over, over that weekend, Inshallah, the plan is to go over some 45 names in sha Allah.

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Anybody can attend. Anybody can attend. It's registration based. But yeah, it's open. Whoever wants to come can come in Sharla.

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Friday night is from seven to 10. And then Saturday and Sunday, it's from 10am

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with a two hour lunch break which was normally from like one to three

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and Charlotte that's the plan

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if there any questions also take them there any questions other questions

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Masha Allah, Zack military guys, Salah lives in Medina Cyprus.