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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of living in a new country and the challenges of death. They emphasize the need to reflect on the rules and regulations of the new country and the importance of learning common sense things to avoid death. The speaker also mentions a warning about death and the need to be mindful of one's actions.
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Have some big news over there with the Prince Philip, in your neck of the woods and UK, did you want to you to fill us in on what's going on with this?

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Well, as you know, I think everyone has seen the news that he was buried, okay yesterday, and see it is really, you know, his life and everything around him is full of lessons. And just maybe again because of time, let us focus on some of the key lessons, you know, if I did not watch the whole funeral services that was carried out yesterday, but it was like, you know, state of art and everyone was moving in a particular way. Of course, they did not have a big gathering, they did not have, they did not have a big gathering because of that COVID-19 restrictions, and they want to set an example of one model, which is really good and amazing. But see, Prince Phillip, how long did he

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live? For almost a century? Actually, according to the Hydra calendar, he lived for 102 or three years. This is amazing. Amazing. And

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but one lesson, how long are you going to live? Yeah, more than that, no one lives more than that, at the end, you will die. As simple as this, this is the reality of this life. And my point is, I was I saw very few pictures of the queen of

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the other princess and, and are they thinking about their future, when they are going to walk in the funeral? when other people will walk in their generals or funeral? now forget about them. What about the US as Muslims? Are we reflecting upon this, or people are thinking that they are going to live forever? See, I'm sure he was observing the best quality of life because he's like a king. Yeah. And one of the very richest families and and he was also looking after his health, because it is impossible that you live for this long live and without taking care of your health. Yeah.

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You name it. And he was one of he lived with the Queen for they said 70 something 73 years. Yeah. So, he been living this as like a king for 73 years. And he had everything he wanted

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just like this is got finished. So the second blessing, which is now are we

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preparing for this moment,

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I would like non Muslims and higness Muslims in particular, to think about this, I would like to say that death is not the end of a human beings This is a misconception that people think that once they die, they are finished No. Once you are there, once you as a human being once you are living, you will not come to an end you will be living forever

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Do you notice reality? Do we are we reflecting upon this reality that we will be living forever. The point is and instead of living in America, we will be living in another country. And the rules for that country are different from the rules in America or in the UK or the rules. Prince Philip was living they are different from the rules he is now living he is living now in another abode. So, this is another lesson that we need to reflect upon, especially non Muslims, especially here with Muslims, what are the rules that are there? Okay, you claim that you are not going to you are still living, you are not going to finish. So what are the new rules and the regulations in the new

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country that I'm going to live in? This is something that we need to think of. Also Subhanallah brother

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Abu Hamza, yeah. See, death is the biggest challenge. I call it the biggest challenge for the human beings, for liberals, for feminists, for all these kind of ideologies.

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Because for liberals for example, you ask them, yeah, okay, you want to live a liberal life? Okay, fair enough. Tell me what will happen to me after I die. They say we don't care. I said, Come on. This is the most worrying thing. It is the biggest challenge. See, I haven't mentioned verses from the Quran, but even if we want to mention verses from the Quran, Allah Allah, Allah says, Only Phaedra oh and unfortunate Kemal No, in condemned soderling deterred, run away from death, if you are truthful. Yeah, if you are sincere and truthful and you have power, etc, then protect yourself from death. You want to be able to do that. Okay, so now telling me if I live as a liberal person,

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then what will happen to me after death? Now, if I live a liberal as a liberal person, am I going to be saved from death? No, no, no. Even other methodology, the only system or the only way of life that provides you with the correct answers to live by is what is Islam? because Islam is telling you Yeah.

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Clear in rafina a warning and Fujairah left us alone, Ohio muddied

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up, the righteous people will go to Paradise, the evil people will go to hell fire, and they will get this on the Day of Resurrection. Very simple.

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So, Islam provides us with all the answers, the key answers related to this big challenge, which is death. Young people, all people healthy people,

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kings or queens, Prince Philip, later on the Queen Elizabeth, all of them will die. Yes or no? Yeah, sure, all dying before that. Everyone died before that. And where are they? any sane person will be busy to think they annoyed with this question. This is just a very simple, massive, you know, about the death of course, there are so many things to to learn, but some of them are like, you know, not useful to be mentioned in this blessed month. Some great gems from the death of Prince Philip that we can take with us is a lot of common sense things you mentioned, but it's a shame that common sense is not always common practice and the main thing that we can go ahead and remind ourselves

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that it's not YOLO it's not you only live one so enjoy. No, you made that fact. You know, you hit home that you live in this life and what you do in this lives and determine your abode in the next either paradise or to Hellfire, my God Almighty Allah, help us to get to the everlasting bliss and Jana in sha Allah