Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Month of Zul Hijjah

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
AI: Summary © The upcoming month of the hederry is a celebration of the completion of the month ofiroj, which is a celebration of the achievement of the goddess's achievement. The success of the goddess's performance in the month of the hederry is also highlighted, as it is the significant success of the goddess's achievement. The importance of Islam's historical teachings and worship during the month of hedger is discussed, along with the theory of total submission to the commandments and the holy eye. The worship of the holy eye is based on total submission, and forgiveness and rejectance are also discussed.
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Somebody left of the island without

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further ado, Sarah Mara Sabina, Mohammed Radha earlier he was a Jew nine, Allahu Allah and so now and finally Muslims and I was in

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your hula hoop

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for Connie Hamid

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in Edina and Islam the harlot Anna Melinda

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Beatty Minister for Iraqi Sabina Akala t makani. Leonardo Lucha de feu ha Valentina, Valentina, huzzah.

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Respected brothers and sisters and fellow students surround monokuma avacado.

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As you know that we are very close to the month of will hedger, we are on the doors of a month, which is known as the month of the charger, which comes after the month of the order in which we are right now, which is approximately about eight to nine days away.

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And this month, which is known as in hedger is a very blessed month. There are great virtues attached and related related to it.

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it is a very blessed month. As you know, a lot of handles Allah gave us this month of Ramadan and mobile, the second month of Ramadan and we all know the importance and the significance, the relevance and the verses of the month of Ramadan. And then straightaway rightly after the completion of the month of Ramadan in which we fasted. And in which we performed for Raja terravision pm and Laila. And we worship Allah subhana wa Tada. straightaway after the completion and completion of this month, Allah Subhana Allah gave us the celebration in which we spent a lot of time with Allah we celebrated our achievement, the achievement of keeping the past and the achievements of praying

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for our family and all the various different verses. Similarly of our companion with the other straightaway after the visit after the celebration which Allah subhanaw taala gave us after the number of Ramadan,

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women have had as the fuqaha and Allah and the scholars they say that the month of Hajj they start and they begin directly straightaway after reason. After the month of Ramadan, the next month is known as chawan which if a person wants to put on the aroma, he can put on the Hermitage, so the month of Hajj, begin directly straightaway after the month of Ramadan inshallah, we have chawan then we have the month of powder. And then we have the month of the hedger and this is the month which I'm talking about in which Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed for mentioned, very specific a goddess worship, worship and it is a great relevance and significance for this particular man.

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So this is the month of the hedgehog, which on the roads of which we are

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in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala. And similarly here, as Allah gave us a celebration, as you know, that we have the reason is a celebration thanking Allah Subhana Allah after the personal achievement of the person, the human being the Muslim, he achieved, what was the achievement and that he kept there. And he worshiped a lot longer. Directly after this achievement of our game with celebration you should be able to similarly enable the secondaries of this nominee we have to add the second celebration and the second read which allows enhanced is for the

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the hedge which people performed in the month of

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achievement of heights. Just as in the month of Ramadan, we had the achievement of the owner, the Muslims, the believers themselves, they performed karate and they kept the class and Allah gave them a celebration. Similarly, in the month of your hedger when they carry out this great achievement of performing hajj, Allah gives the celebration to the Muslim the celebrations and it is only when there is the personal achievement of the Muslims oma and even today.

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So this month as well Allah says in the Quran, for example, in the last Jews of the Quran, Allah says we'll forgive you when you actually worship and we will work for you when maybe there is a loss of Hannah was added takes an oath. He says Well,

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this part regarding the Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath by the 10 910 nine. Now many commentators of the Quran refer to the people of the field, the scholars, Rama, they mentioned that the meaning of these tenders and a lot of hands Island is referring to in these in this particular verse of the Holy Quran to the 10 night and the 10 first 10 days on the first handout. So this shows as well. The other one takes an oath by something in this particular thing because it has a great virtue. It has a great route. It has a great status as a lot of handles Allah has taken both of many things are not it's okay to have a lane and take out what do you

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was the two local receding habitability of

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the city of Makkah, and he could have been anything. So when he takes an oath of something, then this shows and signifies of this particular thing is very, it has a great status, it has a great strength and a great value, according to Allah subhanaw taala. So similarly, these first 10 days and the first 10 nights of the month of the healthcare are very placid and it has great virtues. And there's a hadith mentioned by the non alcoholic

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who in his book as the he mentioned, American by Satan or your loved 100% Allahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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he said that not me and Yemen and Anna roofie of

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Russia Okanagan, but there are no other days in which there is no virtue and more reward for practicing and performing a bad unless your loved ones other than these 10 days in 10 minutes. Similarly, another heavy to the same meaning mentioned by Timothy he his book as soon as he mentioned, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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the first 10 days of the month will hedra and the first 10 years and analysts have been a learning guide and

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a good action a good deed a good act of worship in these 10 days and telling us is better and is more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala than any other days on end of the month or nights of the year. So this also shows an insight that there is a great virtue for this particular man. As you know in this month, there are there is a Jewish worship which we perform which we carry out which is the worship of Hajj and which is one of the five pillars of Islam. Allah says in the Quran when he I don't know if he will do

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that for everybody for the Muslim if he can, if he has the money and the financial you're able to perform husband it is compulsory for all the disciplines to perform has. So we have this great worship of health there are many specific a badass and worship a particular month of hedger just to mention a few inshallah, in the few minutes we have before us,

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one of the

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certificates or one of the specific worship

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connected to this, and as I will mention further along that when we see these ibadah these worship, which are last minute Allah has ordained upon the Muslims and has commanded us to do there is one lesson there is one lesson which we see in all of these worships, especially in this month of will hedger, there is one lesson which the Muslim need to learn from all these great worship and from all the commandments of the loss of hammer data. The lesson which mostly needs to learn and which we will learn and we should the message is time down the left hand side is that submit to the command submit to the outcome, the order the command of Allah subhanaw taala as you know, it's not itself

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means submission. A lot is in the Quran. In English, it's not that V in religion by Allah subhanaw taala Islam, Islam means submission, submitting to the commandment of loved one with Allah, whether we understand the reason the wisdom, the reasoning behind that particular command, or rules given the amount of honey tada we don't understand our work is that we totally submit to the commander of a loss upon God. Similarly, here we see for example, there are certain rituals and sensors and others worship specific ones. In this particular month, for example, it will have it mentioned by many books of many scholars have had in the various books like Mr. Muslim and Amanda's Amazon, etc.

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And there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says that

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when a person sees the moon of the moon when the mantle comes to him, then you should not cut his hair, neither should he cut his nails and say, it's good to sacrifice and sacrifice for loss.

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He should not cut his hair and neither should he.

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This is another order commands Allah subhanaw taala we see now what is the reasoning? The reason one of the reasons behind this is that the people who are performing hajj who who have gone to look for some karma, and

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the people who will go to alpha cetera, and who will who will perform this great worship, who will perform this very bad for them when they are in the state of the harem. As you know, from those things, it is from the word haram which means that unlawful thing, many people think that the clothing should wear which is that another one is the reason why when a person puts on the clothing, and he doesn't make the intention that he can carry on doing all those things which he's not supposed to do. The Haram means those things which are those things which were lawful before now in this particular this particular intention, they have become a normal for example, constitute hair

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another company that is nails another Penny puts any fragrance

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Running perfume on medically have sexual * with his wife etc. There are many great topics of today. But here we see that Allah subhana wa tada has ordered and commanded that in the heading, that you should not cut your nails and your hair, why in order to imitate in order to imitate those people who are performing hedge that they are also in the state, we are in the state of Trump and they will not cut their nails neither will the cut the hair. So just a slight bit of irritation with those people. This also received this in reality, you don't understand the heckler The reason the reason behind this particular show come out of a lot of hands on another command of a lot of data.

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For example, in this particular one

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is that some given sacrifice, which is known in Arabic as an overseer, or as some people call it as Coronavirus, the proper Arabic term

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in which a person should sacrifice for a loss of animal data and you see while Allah has ordained upon us commanded and voted to give sacrifice, many, many verses of the Quran relate to this. There are many habits of the personal Allahu alayhi wa sallam many narrations which relate to this particular fear and sacrificing for love. And you'll be all known the reason the storage took place behind this particular rule.

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You'll know that the great pocket of a loss of hundreds eila even Ebrahim and ecological cinema was ordered by Allah subhanaw taala is a rough acronym, to sacrifice his own son, it's not even it's so Ibrahim is around when he saw his dream and As you may be aware, or you should know that the dream of the puppets or the prophets are a source of Revelation, one of the sources of the many sources of Revelation. So he told me from the Salah near

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me as a banker,

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oh my son, I have seen in a dream meaning a revelation given to me by Allah subhanaw taala that absolutely meaning a lot of Allah has already to sacrifice.

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take a knife and push on your throat. Now to what somebody like us allows you to do something it doesn't make sense. What is the heckler What was the reason why is allowed me to show my own son, please my own beloved Son, what is the reason? It Rahim Allah has for us was around the Prophet of Allah who was known as honey to LA, the friend of Allah subhanaw taala? Neither really question as a did he ask why? How? What? No question when Allah subhanaw taala said to him that

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slaughter and sacrifice isn't immediately and directly he took his turn. And he said to also Allah has ordered me and commanded me that I have to sacrifice you.

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salon, what did you do? When his father informed him the commander of Allah subhanaw taala and told him that a lot of family needed What? He did not say that oh, my God, that you're gonna kill me even it's totally your own product. He said, No, he said,

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welcome in forbidding that, oh, my beloved father, you will find that I am from those people who have patience, and patience. And this is the order under command of Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah has ordered you to slow 20 and 35 for his sake, then you have to show to me, and you have to put the knife on my throat and you have to cut my throat. And in some aerations it has been mentioned that he's not really phenomenal. He was lying on his back, he said his father, oh God, even if I'm lying on my back, you'll see my face. And you might you might have some mercy in your heart, and you might feel merciful. So and you might obtain and refrain from slaughtering me and sacrificing me,

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therefore, I don't want to lie on my back and I will lie on my forehead, and then you turn around and then it was enough for the night and

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this is the father without asking any questions, the sigma, the reason the wisdom behind the Kokomo Command of Allah. Similarly the sun, both prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. When Allah mentioned this during the Quran, after mentioning and relating this particular incident of the Quran, Allah says in the Quran, Allah, Allah will intervene. And I mentioned this whole episode without incident, his whole story. And then he say

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that when they both became Muslim,

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one transition could be when they both became Muslim, they may have to work and

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of course, he was

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married. And of course, he was a prophet of Allah, the translation of the correct translation here and the correct meaning of karma lemma, when they both submitted to the will and to the commander of a loss of Allah. This is the command which I gave my coffee, my two prophets, the father and the son Ibrahim.

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And they both willingly accepted my command and I hook up my audio, my notes, and they both submitted to my canal. This is the reason why

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Slava doesn't they both submitted to the amount of a lot this is what Islam in total submission.

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Without asking the wise man what etc. And as you know, we briefly mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala when a person becomes a Muslim, when a person takes the shadow

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when he plays the feminine

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and accepts Islam when he comes into the fold of Islam this person he is directly he is actually signing the contract for submission with a lot of data. When he says I am a Muslim, then he has to accept each and every command and focus of the Quran and Sunnah, whether he understands the wisdom behind it or not. This is received in many of the hands of Sharia and the rules and commands of Islam.

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As you know as human beings in the world,

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he needs knowledge, Allah subhanaw taala has given the human beings various different sources of knowledge, he has given him various sources to acquire knowledge, the first source of knowledge which a human being has, is his five, five senses, you see, the five senses, you have the sense of smelling, with a nose, drifting with our ear, seeing with our eyes, tasting with our tongue and touching, now, there are certain things that they can the knowledge of which can be acquired by these five senses. So five senses, the five senses, which are lots of hands on has given us the knowledge of many things can be acquired by the five senses, which Allah subhanaw taala has given

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us. So this is the first source of knowledge for example, this position is Mila, which I feel personally that confusion is that the color is brown with the brown accuracy,

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okay, or the copy key is that these are the things which I can see with my eyes. Then, similarly, I can hear with my ears, I can say, with my tongue, my mouth. So there are certain knowledge is which allows $1, which can be acquired by these five senses, senses which Allah subhanaw taala has given us, but you should remember that these senses at a certain degree at a certain stage, they stop functioning, they are limited, the knowledge of these five senses are limited beyond this limit, they do not have any they don't function, they don't have a role to take meaning after the five senses, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us another source of knowledge, which is the brain which

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is the intellect, which is the reasoning of the person. And this is also limited, for example, when I see the color of this river, and this is, now I can see with my eyes that the color is beach, but I will not able to understand or know or have an acquire a machine and obtain the knowledge of who made this country

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who made it, I wouldn't know with my own eyes or with my five senses. So the limit and the functioning of these five senses, they end at a particular particular stage, where they stop functioning, they stop playing, after which the reason the brain the intellect, understanding comes into play, and many things those things which cannot be acquired the knowledge of which cannot be acquired with your senses, the knowledge of that will be acquired with your own brain with your reasoning with understanding your thinking. And similarly, the limit the limit of the brain and the intellect and the reasoning and your understanding also is not limitless, it is limited, they stop

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functioning at a certain stage, when the brain and the intellect stops functioning, this is one this is one of us nano data gives us the third source of knowledge. This is known as washy divine revelation. For example,

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with our own understanding, we cannot require we cannot acquire the knowledge of the hereafter when a person dies, we know we can see with our eyes, you can understand that our brain is dead, you know even the woman happened to him after death. We don't know we cannot understand you cannot acquire the knowledge of the hereafter the gentleman the gentleman there * and the paradise and about the angels and about the day of judgment and normal Fianna all these things are known only by the third source of knowledge which Allah subhanaw taala revealed to the Prophet, which is known as on Rafi and Revelation. And this shows and this implies that the outcome of Sharia the rules and regulations

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of Sharia of the phenomena and the commandments of Allah subhanaw taala are those which normally the understanding of them cannot be acquired with their own intellect with the only reason because revelation only comes when, when a person cannot acquire the knowledge in his own brain. If it can acquire the knowledge of the source of his brain and his intellect and his reasoning and understanding, then then there will be no need for Revelation. Revelation on command of Allah only comes when you don't understand. So this shows that that karma Sharia total submission. In conclusion, total submission, you see in this particular man, the sacrifice was worth the sacrifice

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Allah subhanaw taala. When we do

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the sacrifice, similarly doesn't make sense of time, but we accept it. This is a command of a law we totally submissive. Similarly, we see the whole

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By the worship of one of the five pillars of Islam, the holy worship is based on total submission. We see people running between middle and upper, the two mountains. in Makkah, we see them running without no reason why are they running for no apparent reason for it, they both

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are the oldest of all the people who perform hajj and will go for pilgrimage, they go on to the famous era furniture, and then they go to Milan and they take stones and there are plenty people are painting a big stone in the train of Milan. If somebody asks, well, what are these people doing? There is no there is no reason there is apparently there is no treatment or wisdom behind it. So this shows all the commands of the hedge all of it that implies that this whole worship this whole saga is that to teach you that submit to the command to the will of the last one which is there are commands given that Allah and His blackened Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then do not ask why

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when was totally submitted, whether you understand the heckler the wisdom, the reason behind it or not, this is the conclusion of this particular talk. And as you know that the smoke is condensation like people can, first of all, people can

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first of all abstain or refrain from saying, which is the most important thing. And then after that, as much as not necessary by that and worship of a loss of vitality, this person can carry out and you should do also some heavy versions of the personal alarms today, because we mentioned that keeping up on Yamanaka, which is another factor as is mentioned

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in other signals in his book and others

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that say

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that there is so much the fact of the ninth of June, which is the day of alpha, if a person teaches a class then I have hope in Allah subhanaw taala.

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That I hope hoping that he will forgive this one year previous Sales and Use one year futures in the next year. Think of the previous year since all the civil disobedience there should be also the same medium, the minus and negative, they require probate which is repentance,

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which is connected to another seventh of a loss of $100. And of course you have to ask for forgiveness or repentance, whatever it has the legal analysis you should be forgiven. So if people can pass on this particular mother on this particular date, and then we'll have German or German

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which is

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the great point and this is Allah.

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and Hungary learn from Al Hamdulillah 190 100 UEFI ama Who will you cast

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your yarraman helical hungama young vdj Nikolay Avi supone subhanak along the Santa Monica and

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la la, la la la sharika

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Mohammedan not do a pseudo

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de basura

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barakaatuh Mohammed

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work alone and even limited

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data. I'm about to play by the Law

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Center stuff a little Caribbean national overwhelming

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how the shadow will

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carry on in my opinion, as nothing will not affect it.

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Whether a JT and Allah tala Oksana d P.

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mechanic he

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was searching he

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was just a one was driven lady with

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his father to a salon. Few Maharaja Hari Ravi Allahu Allahu feasts until you deny eating at birth.

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And then the beautiful Allahu alayhi wa sallam upon when he had a yummy of Bologna has a shampoo Barack Obama as well. To the movie tsunami sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and

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amaru anomala Frawley who have been learning how to kill a young a young man hija

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de la is duly heard and he had a shadow Mubarak raha second and I

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want to move to miaka kumbhakarna be useful Allahu Allah. He was sent on FEMA javelina, TV up tsunami, and then a DSL Allahu alayhi wa sallam upon

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me Allah.

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Allah wa here you Nuka

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Cola who was certainly about how the shower coup Mubarak

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Aviva to work he

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did Islam

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in University Minnesota in a study a co founder

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and handling and handling 970

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I shadow Allah.

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Allah Allah Mohammed in Abu rasuluh

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Allah and Allah, Allah, Allah Amara, Michelle in Fiji dynasty

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in Arima, in Lahore.

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He was sending with a free non Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa.

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Rashid in Abuja. Mr. Rosner, nobody

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heard that you have been a woman.

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Mina, when muslimeen

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in Nakasone, on curry, boo boo Java, Allah, Elena, when you

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are the man, what are

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you doing

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robina in Nicaragua for a long,

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long enough he must

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have been a Filipina very, very mature in a very,

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very dreamy and creamy. I mean, we're hungry Nairobi. I mean, Mr. de la, la, la la

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la quinta Kuru.

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A long way away but I genuinely don't know.

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Mohammad Rasool Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, hot corner

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But let

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me go straight also.

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To see the support from in the Knowledge Center.

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From the completion of the prayer is making a go

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Alhamdulillah you're being me.

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Man you're walking money to meet the young xR

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Atlanta story. Dino Photo

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Sunni walk on

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our football on a girl

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eat and we'll see

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Hannah Rita who

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Audrina loves

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to have

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a while

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whoa whoa rover Hana

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at aloha

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send me Allah hamidah

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and handling law you have been heard me all Russian and you're watching Manny god yes and Abu

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Dhabi stopping for

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for now

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for a hula hula

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je de

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la liga via de de nada de you

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